Amano Chocolate Tour

Have you tried Amano Chocolate? If not, you are missing out. Amano makes the finest chocolate. They have received world wide recognition and guess what-their factory is in Orem, Utah, only 40 minutes from my house. So guess who got a special tour-ME! I went with my blogging bud, Becky, from Project Domestication. We had a fun filled day!

Amano chose to make their chocolate in Utah because of the high altitude and dry weather.Β  Amano is located at 4,441 feet (1,454 meters) above sea level β€” higher than many of the Swiss chocolate makers, this makes Amano one of the highest-altitude chocolate manufacturers in the world! Very cool!

I was expecting a “Willy Wonka” experience, but boy was I wrong. There were no Oompa Loompas-just four employees. Four employees make the world’s best chocolate-amazing! The factory is very small, I actually drove past it-I bet most people don’t even know the world’s finest chocolate is being made in such a little factory.


Amano makes their chocolate slowly and in very small batches so they can concentrate on developing the finest flavors. They ship in cocoa beans from all over the world. They use “old school” equipment to produce the best quality. They do not use any flavorings,Β  nuts, fruits, etc., only a little vanilla. Their chocolate is good on it’s own.


At the end of the tour we were able to sample some Amano chocolate. Amano is always coming up with new bars-based on where the cocoa beans come from. Every bar is different because the beans are always different. Devon, our wonderful tour guide, described their chocolate like this: It’s like eating an apple. Every time is different. Yes, it tastes like an apple, but every time there is a little something different-flavor, texture, sweetness, etc. I love that each bar is unique. Visit their website for a chocolate tasting guide.


My favorite bar is the Jembrana, 70% Dark Chocolate Bar-the first single origin chocolate made with cocoa from Bali, Indonesia. Beautiful rich chocolate flavor with gentle flavor notes of honey and fig.

The Madagascar, 70% Dark Chocolate Bar was also really good-made from cocoa beans from the Sambirano Valley, Madagascar. Light chocolate flavor with intense flavor notes of citrus and raspberry.


Photo from Amano Chocolate

Click here to view Amano’s entire line of chocolates.

I had a great time touring the factory, learning about the history of their chocolate and cocoa beans, seeing the vintage machines, and of course tasting the chocolate. I love that they really care about the quality of the chocolate and treat each batch and bean with tender care.

Craving chocolate now? Give Amano a try!

*Note-I did not receive any freebies or compensation for this post/tour.*

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