Caleb {5 Months Old}

Another month has passed and our little pea is 5 months old! We fall in love with Caleb more and more every day. He brings us so much joy and we feel honored and blessed to be his parents. He brings so much laughter and happiness into our home. We love him to pieces! It was a busy month for Caleb, here are a few of the highlights.

  • Caleb is rolling around like crazy and loves to lay on his tummy.
  • He loves to play with is feet. He grabs his feet and puts them in his mouth. He is very flexible:)
  • Caleb loves to look out our big living room window. He loves watching the cars go by. He waves his arms, jumps up and down, and watches them until they are out of site. If a kid or dog walks by, that is an added bonus…and garbage day is his favorite. He loves the big and noisy garbage truck.
  • Feeding time takes a little longer these days because he likes to play and look around instead of focusing on his milk. He also loves to play with his hair while he eats.
  • Caleb loves mama’s blue cup. If I am holding him and pick up my cup to get a drink, he attacks the cup.
  • He loves going on walks with daddy. Josh carries him in our Ergo and Caleb loves it! He gets excited when he sees his coat and the baby carrier.
  • Caleb is a loud little guy. He loves hearing his voice and talks to himself and his toys all of the time.
  • Caleb got his first tooth! Teething is not fun, but he is a trooper.
  • Caleb is already interested in food. Good news for us:) Every time we eat, he tries to grab our food or will stare down our food and start drooling like crazy. We gave him his first rice cereal and he wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I think he liked his bib and spoon more than the cereal, but it’s a start. He was definitely excited to try it.
  • He has been waking up a few times in the night to eat. We are trying to break him of that habit right now. Little stinker:)

Happy 5 months Caleb! We love you!

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