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Dole Food & Wellness Blogger Summit

Dole Food & Wellness Blogger Summit

Last week we attended Dole’s inaugural blogger summit at the Four Season’s Westlake Village in California. It was nice to get away from Utah’s cold weather and enjoy some California sunshine! Josh attended the event as well, so everyone finally got to meet the other half of Two Peas and Their Pod.

We started the event with a “Breakfast for Performance” demonstration in the beautiful wellness kitchen. After the demo, we were invited to fill our plates with nutritious and delicious foods. We were also given the recipes to take home, I can’t wait to make a few on my own.

Isn’t this cottage cheese parfait gorgeous? Almost too pretty to eat!

After breakfast we learned about “The Wellness World of Dole” and listened to a panel discussion about “The Latest Food, Nutrition and Wellness Trends.” The discussion was very interesting. I have a degree in Health Promotion and I am very passionate about health and wellness, so I fit right in:)

Next, we were introduced to some of Dole’s latest products. We had a good time sampling them too:)

Next, we were given a tour of the Dole offices and the California Longevity Institute.

After lunch, we were treated to an afternoon at the California Health and Longevity Institute. I chose to have a massage and a nutrition consultation. The hour long massage was the highlight of my day. I have never been so relaxed. It was amazing! I also learned a lot from my nutrition consultation. It was so nice to be pampered.

The spa was so calming. I loved this sitting room.

In the evening, we participated in an “Iron Chef Cooking Challenge.” My team was asked to create an entree with the following ingredients: salmon, lentils, cranberries, and spinach. We had 50 minutes to create a healthy and tasty dish using Dole’s products and our secret ingredients. I was lucky to have Anne, Brooke, Heather, and of course Josh on my team::) We came up with the following meal: Pistachio Encrusted Salmon on a bed of garlic infused lentils, garlic sauteed spinach and green beans, and orange and nutmeg cranberry compote. Anne impressed the judges with her fancy presentation skills and we WON! Yahoo! GO TEAM!

Josh, Brooke, Anne, Me, and Heather

After the challenge we ate dinner and had some time to visit. I loved spending time with my blogging friends. I am so glad Josh was able to meet some of my best buds in real life. Now he knows I really do have friends, they aren’t in my imagination:)

Blogging Buddies-Marla, Rachael, Jenny, Amanda, Susan, and Me

A huge thank you to Dole, The Fours Season’s Westlake Village, and The California Health and Longevity Institute. We had a wonderful time! My take home message for all of you-go eat your fruits and veggies and LOTS of them!

Disclaimer-Dole paid for our all inclusive trip, but our opinions about the event are our own.

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23 Responses to “Dole Food & Wellness Blogger Summit”

  1. the blissful baker — November 23, 2010 @ 7:21 am

    congrats on winning the iron chef cooking challenge! the pistachio encrusted salmon on a with garlic infused lentils, garlic sauteed spinach and green beans, and orange and nutmeg cranberry compote (what a mouthful! :) sounds delicious!

  2. Jenny Flake — November 23, 2010 @ 7:25 am

    So fun Maria! Great re-cap. Loved spending time with you guys!! xoxo Have a great Turkey Day week :)

    • twopeas replied: — November 23rd, 2010 @ 7:55 am

      Miss you already! We have to start planning our next event!

  3. Amy @ The Nifty Foodie — November 23, 2010 @ 7:27 am

    Looks like an awesome time! I would be totally starstruck meeting all of those bloggers (and you). :-)

    • twopeas replied: — November 23rd, 2010 @ 7:55 am

      I would love to meet you as well!

  4. marla {family fresh cooking} — November 23, 2010 @ 7:34 am

    Great re-cap to a super fun time at Dole!! We need to make it a yearly event :)

    • twopeas replied: — November 23rd, 2010 @ 7:54 am

      Yes we do:)

  5. Shaina — November 23, 2010 @ 8:28 am

    It was wonderful seeing you, as always, and I was so excited to get to meet Josh! Hope you had fun at Disney.

  6. Michelle @ Brown Eyed Baker — November 23, 2010 @ 8:54 am

    Looks like so much fun, and great that Josh could join you! Glad you guys had such a good time!

  7. Estela @ Weekly Bite — November 23, 2010 @ 9:00 am

    What a fun time! Thanks for the recap :)

  8. Liz — November 23, 2010 @ 11:41 am

    What a great way to relax before the holidays! Sounds like a great time :)

  9. alison @ Ingredients, Inc. — November 23, 2010 @ 2:27 pm

    this looks like it was a blast! Great photos!

  10. Kristen — November 23, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

    Sounds like it was a very relaxing and enjoyable trip!

  11. Lauren at KeepItSweet — November 23, 2010 @ 5:01 pm

    this looks like so much fun!

  12. Michelle — November 23, 2010 @ 5:35 pm

    Wow what a fun trip! Im glad you enjoyed yourself! It’s so cold here!!!

  13. leslie — November 23, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

    I am so always get to go on such fun foodie trips. I never get invited :(
    Looks like you had a delicious time!!!

  14. Joanne — November 23, 2010 @ 6:00 pm

    Aww this sounds like it was so much fun! And mega congrats on WINNING. that salmon sounds divine.

  15. Barbara Bakes — November 23, 2010 @ 6:50 pm

    What a wonderful trip. How fun to get out of the cold and enjoy CA. I love Dole products too.

  16. Bridgett — November 23, 2010 @ 7:07 pm

    Looks like a lot of fun…even the spa! Glad our weather cooperated for you.

  17. Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer — November 23, 2010 @ 11:03 pm

    Wonderful to see you and Josh. Have a blessed week, Maria!

    • twopeas replied: — November 24th, 2010 @ 9:51 am

      It is always good to see you! I wish we could make it happen more often!

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