Two Peas and Their Pod

Thank you!


We want to thank all of our friends and family for helping with our wedding. It really was the perfect day! A lot of work went on behind the scenes and we are so grateful for everyone that helped out. We were able to...

Name Change


On Saturday I will officially become a Lichty…a WHAT??? Yes, a LICHTY!!! Every time I tell people what my new name will be they react the same way…What??? How do you spell that??? Where does that name come from??? Say it again. Lickity??? NO,...

Got Milk?

cereal 009

Everyone should know by now that we LOVE a great deal. Well, Smith’s and Albertson’s both had great cereal sales within the past month so we decided to stock up. Cereal for $1.00 a box, how could we pass this up?? And it was...

Sign In Book

sign in book

One of my best friends, Amber Hansen, made our sign in book for our wedding reception. Amber is amazing!! Not only did she create this beautiful book for us…but she made it while she was 9 months pregnant and chasing around three little kids!...

Cooking Class with Jim

cooking class 001

On Friday night we went to a cooking class with Jim Light, the chef I assist for in my free time. Unfortunately, I have been really busy lately so I haven’t done a class in awhile, but Jim let us be his students on...

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

john treats 008

John, our roommate is leaving us this week. (I call him “our” roomie because I am over at Josh’s all the time.) He is going back to Ohio State for Medical School. I still don’t understand the desire to go to such a school,...

My Bridal Shower

bridal shower 002

I had my bridal shower on Saturday! It was a ton of fun…no chicken salad or games:) Thanks Erin, Jami , and Lisa! We had a good time eating delicious food, chatting, and opening gifts. I got some fun stuff! Thanks everyone! The spread...

The Dream Machine

ice cream maker

Forest and Ivy brought out their Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker…they can’t leave home without it! We made lots of gelato…Lemon, Cookies and Cream, and Hazelnut with a Nutella Swirl. They were all fabulous, but the Hazelnut was my favorite by far, too bad Josh...

One Month to Go!

engagement photo

It seems like we have been counting the days forever…but today is the one month mark! We can’t wait until June 14th. The invitations are out and everything is coming together. Hopefully we will see most of you soon!

California Trip

san fran trip 010

Josh had a couple of Dr’s appointments scheduled for Monday in California so we decided to make a fun trip out of it and went for the weekend. We flew into Oakland and met Ben and Whitney for dinner Friday night. Saturday we got...