Two Peas and Their Pod

The Dream Machine

ice cream maker

Forest and Ivy brought out their Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker…they can’t leave home without it! We made lots of gelato…Lemon, Cookies and Cream, and Hazelnut with a Nutella Swirl. They were all fabulous, but the Hazelnut was my favorite by far, too bad Josh...

One Month to Go!

engagement photo

It seems like we have been counting the days forever…but today is the one month mark! We can’t wait until June 14th. The invitations are out and everything is coming together. Hopefully we will see most of you soon!

California Trip

san fran trip 010

Josh had a couple of Dr’s appointments scheduled for Monday in California so we decided to make a fun trip out of it and went for the weekend. We flew into Oakland and met Ben and Whitney for dinner Friday night. Saturday we got...

Cookie Craze

cookies 017

Here are some pictures from our latest baking adventures. First, we made Lime Macarons. We added lime zest into our usual almond base recipe and filled the cookies with a lime buttercream. The lime juice concentrate really puckered up the flavor. I was in...

Black and White

black and white

Two months and three days until we get married! Last night we practiced making Chocolate Crinkles for the black and white dessert table. I love these cookies! They are soft, chewy, and similar to a brownie. The powdered sugar gives them a nice finishing...

Banana Caramel Cake

banana caramel cake

We thought this week was going to be a bit calmer, but we were wrong. I haven’t had time to bake, sad, but here is a great cake recipe from, Essence Of Chocolate: Recipes for Baking and Cooking with Fine Chocolate. If you are...

Dorie’s Chewy Chunky Blondies


Last night we had some friends over for dessert. It was our first “party” at our new place. I know, I don’t live there yet, but it is already starting to feel like home:) Anyways, Josh volunteered to make Dorie’s Blondies because he got...

Making Macarons!


Saturday Maria and I, along with some help from Aubrey (Maria’s Niece) attempted to make Parisian Macarons. These Macaroons are Maria’s favorite food. If she could she would eat them exclusively with out any other food, just different types of Macaroons. She says “They...

We’re Engaged!


Maria and I are engaged! We went to San Francisco this last weekend and I asked Maria to Marry me. What a great trip we had with everyone. Thanks to everyone who showed us a great time. We love you all and are excited...