Artisan Bread in Five Minutes and a GIVEAWAY!

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Artisan Bread in Five Minutes…WHAT??? Yes, you read it correctly. Only 5 minutes a day to enjoy amazing Artisan bread!! I didn’t believe it either, until I tried it.

Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois are the geniuses behind this amazing bread baking method. Their book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, is ideal for anyone who loves fresh baked bread, but struggles to find the time to bake…which is just about everyone! Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh baked bread??? You will love it even more when it takes you no time and effort!!

We recently threw together the master recipe from the book. When I say “threw together” I mean it. We really did nothing…well, we dumped yeast, water, salt and flour together…and then we let it sit in the fridge.

We cut off a hunk of dough the next day and let the bread rest, no kneading is involved! We then baked it for 30 minutes and were smitten by the smell and gorgeous appearance of our loaf. I just kept staring at it. I was skeptical the whole time, but I promise you this method works. We had a beautiful rustic loaf without breaking a sweat! I still can’t believe it worked, but I am SO glad it did:)

We still have the rest of the dough in our refrigerator, you can keep it for 14 days. They say the older the dough, the better the bread gets. I can’t wait to bake more bread this week. This really is a phenomenal way of baking bread. I am a true believer!! If you haven’t read this book, go get it!! You will be amazed.

And GREAT NEWS…Jeff and Zoe are giving our readers a free book!! For a chance to win, please comment on this post by Wednesday, February 25th, 12:00 a.m. (MST). We will pick randomly and announce the winner on Thursday!! Good luck and thanks so much to Jeff and Zoe!! We love your book!

I also recommend going to their website: // There are some errors in the book, so make note of the changes, they are listed on the website.

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  1. I bought the book, I am teaching myself to bake. I had my first successful loaf of bread today, first time, just followed the books directions. I need to tweak the process becuase I am at high altitude-8500ft. Can any one suggest?

  2. I would love to win this book. I have a friend (who doesn’t live close enough to loan me the book) who owns this book and she’s always telling me great things about it!! Please enter me to win! Thanks.

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