Chicago Metallic Bakeware Giveaway

Update: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Lindsay Merrill (#576). Congratulations. We will email you! Thanks everyone who entered!Β 

Tis’ the season to be baking and today we have a fabulous giveaway from Chicago Metallic. We are giving away a few of our favorite items to make your baking adventures easier.

1. Chicago Metallic Great American Bake Sale Winged Cookie Sheet-you know I love to bake cookies and you can never have too many cookie sheets! I love the “wings” on this cookie sheet. It makes transporting cookies easy to and from the oven. Plus, $5.00 from every cookie sheet sold goes to support Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale.

2. Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Original Muffin Top Pan-I am in love with this pan. It is great for making muffin tops, but I use it to make giant cookies. I recently used it to make giant Chocolate Chip Peppermint Crunch Cookies. They were so good! Everyone needs this pan!

3. Commercial II Non-Stick Mini Loaf Pans, Set of 4-I use my mini loaf pans all of the time for making Banana Bread, Pumpkin Nutella Bread, Apple Cinnamon Bread, etc. I love giving away bread to our friends and family and the mini loaves are the perfect size for gift giving.

To enter to win these fabulous items, please leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite thing to bake is.

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This giveaway is being provided by Chicago Metallic, but our opinions are our own.Β 


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  1. My favorite thing to bake are your chocolate chip cookies. You know, the ones with the vanilla pudding mix? They’re my go-to cookie!

  2. My favorite thin to bake is cake (I love decorating them) and I also love to experiment with different types of cookies! I am IN LOVE with this giveaway!!!

  3. My favorite things to bake are the dozens of cinnamon rolls I make every week for our church and local coffee shop. Everyone loves them, and apparently cream cheese frosting is life-changing! If it makes people happy, I love to make it.

  4. My favorite thing to make is quick breads! So easy and very little mess to clean up. Of course I love tackling more difficult things, but the ease of quick breads is definitely my favorite…plus I can get away with eating them for breakfast. πŸ™‚

  5. Overnight cinnamon rolls. Make them once a year on Christmas Eve, with my husband. It’s the only time all year he helps me bake. Love the memories even more than the rolls.

  6. Cookies are the best because they are easy to grab. I like to make cakes and larger baked goods because they are more impressive looking, but for convenience I come back to cookies.

    Thanks for the chance!

  7. I’m quite partial to baking a good round layer cake, but I’m trying to perfect my cookie decorating technique and could definitely use some new cookie sheets!

  8. I love to bake white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for my boyfriend πŸ™‚ But I would love to try a banana bread with that bread pan!

  9. I love baking cookies! And I love eating cookies. Every time I find a new cookie recipe I have to give it a try even though I have my all time favorites, I just can’t stand not giving the new recipes a shot.

  10. My favorite thing to bake is bailey’s mint chocolate chip layer cake with chocolate buttercream – because baking and frosting a layer cake always feels like a great accomplishment, and this particular one is always a hit!

  11. I love to bake cookies of any kind. But I really hate scooping them out onto the cookie sheet. I’m trying to convince my sister to be my cookie scooper.

  12. My fave thing to bake are cookies – lately, your ginger molasses cookies have been a favorite and I can’t wait to make some Christmas cookies soon – chocolate, caramel with sea salt is topping the list.

    I like you on Twitter too!

  13. Hard to choose one favorite, so today my favorite is quick breads. This time of year I like making cranberry walnut bread to give as gifts.

  14. I love baking….brownies! you can’t go wrong with brownies. brownie fudge sundaes, brownies and milk, brownies as a sneaky snack… πŸ˜€

  15. My favorite thing to bake is cookies, and I love giving them away! Saves my hips and makes people happy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. What isn’t there that I don’t love to bake, I love to bake. period. I think my favorite thing though is cookies, they are so quick to throw together and the kids gobble them down.

  17. I love to bake mini chocolate fondants- yummo! I have been coveting those muffin top pans… oh the delightful cookies I could make if I had one of those!

  18. Right now, I am on a caramel corn/cinnamon corn, etc. kick, which does bake, but if you don’t want to count that, I love to make bars, brownies and cookies. I would love to have more time to get into making bread some day too!

  19. as long as it’s chocolate, i love to bake it….love triple chocolate muffins with toasted walnuts from an old issue of chocolatier magazine!

  20. I love baking homemade zucchini and walnut bread.
    I liked Two peas and Their Pod on Facebook.
    I liked Chicago Metallic Bakeware on Facebook.

  21. I’ve been meaning to “like” you on facebook for a while now, this giveaway was a good reminder to do it. You are now “liked” πŸ™‚

  22. I would love to have the muffin top pan! I would make your chocolate chip peppermint crunch cookies in it! Mini loaf pans would be great for my pumpkin bread with a cream cheese ribbon. I could try my hand at the snickerdoodles on the winged cookie sheet!

  23. I love baking cookies. Especially for special occasions and holidays. They are the perfect gift. They give me pleasure in making them, and they bring pleasure to those who receive them. I can’t think of anything better…I love the item of the baking sheet with the winged sides.

  24. My favorite thing to bake is banana bread. I always seem to have over ripe bananas and banana bread makes the perfect dessert or breakfast treat.

  25. My favorite thing to bake is cinnamon rolls! I love to make them for Christmas breakfast, and it’s really easy to make the dough and assemble them the night before, pop them in the fridge for a long, slow rise, and bake them off in the morning.

  26. I have been trying all sorts of new baking receips since discovering your site- now I’m on my own pumpkin kick! Making the apple pumpkin muffins for Christmas!

  27. Rolls! I love baking rolls, or anything with yeast! I just love watching it rise, the smell and, of course the amazing taste!

  28. My favorite thing to bake at this time of year is pumpkin bread with cranberries. The rest of the year – anything with chocolate – muffins, cookies, bars, etc.

  29. My favorite thing to bake is pretty much everything! from Cookies to Amish friendship bread, to meatloaf. LOOOVE baking! πŸ™‚

  30. It really depends a lot on my mood (because sometimes the idea of having to get up over and over and over again to take out cookies, put them on the cooling rack, put more cookies in the oven, scoop out more cookies is enough to make me never want to bake again), but generally I think I like baking quick breads the most. They are so versatile and easy!

  31. I love to bake quick breads because they are quick, delicious, and usually only need a bowl and a spoon. I love using my mixer, but during my daughter’s naptime the mixer is sometimes a no-no!

  32. I love baking rolls. I’m still learning, but I feel so wonderful every time I make a batch. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  33. I love making bread. It took me a long time to master yeast, so I feel so domestic and AWESOME now that I can make an amazing tasting (and smelling!) loaf of bread.

  34. I love baking my grandma’s 7 layer bars. Since she passed away I’m the one in the family that keeps up the tradition every year. They are so simple to make and always bring back great memories of her to me.

  35. My favorite thing to bake is cookies, would love to try out one of those special cookie sheets. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. I love baking…period. But if I had to choose I would probably pick cookies. I’m excited to try your Snickerdoodle cookies that you recently posted about!

  37. Dang, those look wonderful! I love non-stick and am gradually transitioning over on all my baking stuff. Those mini loaf pans are genius. My very favorite baking thing is yeast bread, and it would be perfect in mini form. Thanks for the great idea!

  38. i love to bake breads, especially banana nut, pumkin bread, zuchinni bread, and the like. warm out of the oven, with a shmear of butter….oh…i just died and went to heaven!!

  39. Hi! I follow you on Facebook and I love your recipes for cookies and bread—well actually everything you guys post! Merry Christmas and thanks to Chicago Metallic!

  40. My favorite thing to bake is bread, although I’m still not very good at it. However, my favorite baked thing to eat is cookies. Mmmm! These pans would be perfect for both!

  41. My favorite thing to bake is oatmeal toffee cookies. I make them every holiday without question! I would love to try baking them in the Chicago muffin top pan to make giant cookies!

  42. My absolute favorite thing to bake is bread. My grandmother taught me when I was in primary school and it is one of my fondest childhood memories. Now I cannot even enter a kitchen without thinking of her!

  43. My favorite thing to bake are hot chocolate lava cakes topped with crushed raspberry sauce. It melts in your mouth! I love the handles on the pan – so great for transporting the tray when filled with yummy cookies waiting to be baked. I love the Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies from your site (and I am NOT a chocolate chip cookie fan!). My friends ate them up so quickly at a friend’s party. I’ll only make chocolate chip cookies this way from now on!

  44. Love baking cookies! Chocolate chip are definitely my favorite but I continue to search for the best recipe and inhave tried many.

  45. I’ve followed you on FB for awhile but didn’t know about your Twitter account! I’m following you there now too! – seragaret

  46. I absolutely love to bake cookies. From family favorite, peanut butter with mini chocolate chip cookies to recipes i have found in my Grandmothers ancient cook books and recipe cards.

  47. I love baking cupcakes mostly, but also enjoy making cakes, cookies, pies…anything sweet. Would LOOOOOVE (and really need) this baking set:))))

  48. I love baking chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Even more, I love baking these with my son. The last time I made them, we had quite a laugh. The batter was so thick, my rubber spatula broke.
    I also would love to have one of those muffin top pans. He loves the muffin tops from a certain bakery. He would probably really LOVE making his OWN muffin tops…mmm banana chocolate coffee muffins muffin tops!

  49. My favorite thing to bake is cookies, but just baking is a blast. I lOved your red velvet cookies. Totally taking them to my family party. I did use green colored vanilla chocolate to drizzle on the cookies along with the white. They are soo cute!

  50. I love to bake classic chocolate chip cookies. Always satisfying because they smell so good while baking and are a never-fail cookie πŸ™‚

  51. I LOVE baking in general…and would have to say I have three favorite things to bake…apple cinnamon sugar bundt cake, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and any kind of cookies!

  52. My favorite thing to bake is cookies (any kind) followed by Kona Inn banana bread with chocolate chips. Your coconut cookies are very loved at my house! Thanks for this great give away!

  53. It’s a toss up between snickerdoodles and soft sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. Both are easy enough for my 3 year old to help me from beginning to end.

  54. I guess my fav thing to bake would be brownies, since they’re my fav thing to eat! I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  55. I love to make fresh pumpkin cookies with nuts & raisins, finish with maple frosting… always puts everyone in a really good mood!

  56. I like to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and these “toddler muffins” that have oat bran, whole wheat flour, bananas, pumpkin – very healthy!

  57. When my children were young we spent many fun hours decorating gingerbread houses. Each Christmas I now use a extra large cookie cutter in the shape of a house and make mini-gingerbread houses. I decorate the front of the cookies with small candies to mirror a larger gingerbread house. Each year the cookies change depending on the decorations I use. I love to give these to families with small children,but the parents love them as well!!

  58. I love to bake – period. But I have to say my favorite thing to bake are good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Easy and everyone’s all time favorite in my house.

  59. Favorite thing to bake…can I say 2?

    1) H’s favorite “Russian Tea Cakes,” the pecan/walnut melty cookies that people know by different names. When I made them the first time in a baking day w/ friends, he just stopped…”These are like my Armenian grandmother made.” She’s been gone for years – long before I knew him. Unfortunately, though, we can’t make them anymore in our house; little one has a full-on nut allergy.

    2) H’s family is Romanian (and Armenian and Greek), and the Romanians and Greeks have a holiday bread (Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s) that we’ve come to bake together. It’s a 3-rise bread heavy on the eggs and butter, but somehow, together, we manage to make it lighter and fluffier and to-die-for more than his late father ever did. His dad was the designated cozonac baker in the house, and lovingly must have kneaded it to death every time. It apparently tasted phenomenal, but was always hard as a rock. A sweet story for a man I wish I’d known – and is a part of each of our holidays because of it.

  60. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing definitely but I’ve really enjoyed making your pumpkin chocolate chip bars and zuchinni brownies this season too.

  61. My favorite thing to bake has to be cookies. There’s just something so nostalgic to me about baking cookies. And the possibilities are endless.

  62. My favorite thing to bake is cheesecake. I don’t find them difficult at all and if you bake in a water bath, they come out without cracks. They’re so yummy and wonderful and everyone in my family loves them!

  63. I am new to baking and i have been making cookies like crazy, but my favorite is brownies from scratch. Gotta hav that chocolate.

  64. I bake my great grandmothers orange cranberry bread for gift giving during the holidays. I think the mini loaf size is perfect for gift giving also. I would use the muffin top pan to make big chocomint chip cookies for santa.

  65. My favorite thing to bake is cranberry bread and brownies. Those mini-loaf pans would come in handy so I don’t have to cut loaves in half and the muffin top pan would be fun to try making brownies with.

  66. I love trying new things. I started my job back in February and have made a new goodie every week for my officemates. Many of them have come from you, so thanks!!

  67. Like you, I love to bake nearly anything, but lately I’ve been fixated on fluffy dinner rolls. Thank you for this giveaway!

  68. I don’t think i have a favorite thing to bake…. i just love to bake… but i am usually making cookies pretty regularly for my hubs with the sweet tooth!

  69. My all-time favorite cookie to bake is snickerdoodles (we use the Joy of Cooking recipe). My sisters and I have a tradition to bake them together over the holidays πŸ™‚

  70. At Christmas my favorite cookies to make are peanut butter blossoms. The rest of the year I like making ghiradelli chocolate chip bars and snickerdoodles.