Christmas Bucket List {$400 Minted Giveaway}

Christmas Bucket List

Giveaway provided by Minted.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that makes our family VERY happy! There are SO many fun things to do this month and we don’t want to miss a thing so we created a Christmas Bucket List to make sure we enjoy every second of the holiday season. We also have a special $400 giveaway to Minted, so make sure you keep reading!! This is the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Put up the Christmas tree and hang the stockings.

2. Decorate a gingerbread house.

3. Buy gifts for a secret Santa family.

4. Bake LOTS of cookies. Here are a few that we make every year: snickerdoodles, Mexican wedding cookies, chocolate chip, chocolate kiss, lime coconut snowballs, gingersnaps, and brown butter salted caramel snickerdoodles. Don’t forget your apron and oven mitt!

5. Deliver treats to neighbors and friends. I love making homemade granola and obviously cookies:) Love these cute gift tags!

6. Watch Christmas movies. Our favorite family Christmas movies are this one and this one. I also watch this movie every year.

7. Go for a drive to look at Christmas lights and turn up the Christmas tunes.

8. Donate food items to a local food bank.

Christmas Bucket List

9. Send Christmas cards to friends and family. Minted cards are our favorite! They have SO many to choose from and make it SO easy! They offer free custom envelopes, free recipient addressing, and they even have custom stamps. And don’t forget to display the cards you get in the mail!

10. Host or attend Christmas parties. I love making this for big parties. This and this are great to make and take. Perfect party food!

11. Play in the snow and drink hot chocolate.

13. Write Santa a letter and pay him a visit.

14. Sit around the fireplace and read Christmas stories.

15. Make paper snowflakes.

16. Go Christmas caroling.

17. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater…for a party or just for fun:)

18. Leave a plate of cookies for Santa.

19. Wrap presents.

20. Make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

Christmas Bucket List Ideas

What is on your Christmas Bucket List? Leave a comment on this post and you will have a chance to win $400 to Minted! The giveaway is open until Friday, December 7th. Visit Minted and check out their holiday cards, gifts, art, stationery, and SO much more! I am seriously obsessed with everything on Minted. GIVEAWAY is CLOSED! Congrats to Annie, the winner!

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  1. Maria! I have been waiting for this giveaway! I wasn’t sure if you were going to do it this year, but I’m sure glad you are because I’m obsessed with everything from Minted too! I have 2 little boys and we have the following on our holiday bucket list: hosting a gingerbread house decorating party, making homemade Christmas crafts, baking cookies to give to the local fire station, visiting Santa and daddy’s work, wearing ugly christmas sweaters to Christmas Eve dinner, driving around to see the Christmas lights at night, and just enjoying this time together! Thank you thank you for hosting this giveaway again! 🙂

  2. Our bucket list involves wearing matching family pajamas with our newborn and starting all new traditions with her

  3. Finish decorating, bake cookies, wrap presents, watch White Christmas and Love Actually, read all the Christmas books with my kids.

  4. Last year we decided that this year we would have a night of hot cocoa (or eggnog or cider) and reading our large collection of Christmas picture books. Note: my kids are 27 and 23 and they are onboard! 🙂
    Great giveaway – Minted has the best of everything!

  5. Making the drive to NYC to see the festivities in Manhattan. We moved last year, and the city is now less than two hours away!

  6. A lot of the same things on your list are on mine. I really want to make some cut out cookies with my kids and go caroling around my neighborhood this season!

  7. No holiday bucket list here.  My goal this year is to relax and try to have a stress free holiday season. I want to enjoy the people I love the most and also my surroundings. 

  8. I love Minted, so many neat ideas and products for the holiday and of course their holiday cards are just amazing!

  9. We like to get out and enjoy the snow and go Nordic skiing with our dog. Cocoa tastes even better and the fire even warmer after that!

  10. My bucket list for this Christmas is coming true!  My children and grandchildren are coming from all parts of the country to be together for the holidays!  Nothing could be better!

  11. Sledding with my kids, snowshoeing with my sister, making homemade rolls with my grandma and reading a good book while the snow falls outside!

  12. A favorite activity this time of year is going to art shows and craft fairs to support local artists this season!

  13. We always love driving around to see the lights as well! Our Hannukah bucket list kicks off this evening too with a big batch of latkes – one traditional and one a little different like sweet potato or zucchini.

  14. its more of a travel list

    ..want to spend christmas in bethlehem, lapaland, iceland and subsequently to places with unique christmas traditions

  15. We always go look at Christmas lights in our jammies and turn the Christmas music up nice and loud. Other things on our Christmas bucket list are baking and decorating sugar cookies, decorating the house, watching Christmas movies, and reading the Children’s Storybook Bible for our advent readings. We’re also excited to have the Lego advent calendar for the first time this year!

  16. Spend a little more time soaking it all in with my kids instead of trying to make everything perfect!! And cookies. Always cookies. 

  17. My bucket list this season is finishing head school and cleaning / organizing my life! I normally work through the holidays, so a few days off will be a nice reprieve.

  18. Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Zoo lights, Illumination at the Arboretum, go see the new Grinch movie, spend as much time with my family as possible.

  19. Spend time with my family, decorate the house and try some new recipes. Oh, and make time to put together a scrapbook from our anniversary trip.

  20. I finally convinced my family to wear matching PJs (even the dog!) this year! And we will be traveling for the first time to Southern California for Christmas.

  21. Visiting Santa, making gingerbread houses, adopt-a-family, driving around looking at lights, and Christmas carols at church!

  22. Decorating the Christmas tree is still my favorite holiday activity. It always brings up memories of being a child and trimming the tree with my mother!

  23. I just got married this year, so I am hoping to actually start sending Christmas cards! Holiday baking, delivering gifts are also on the list.

  24. I do 24 days of Christmas with my girls, so similar to a bucket list. Some events are bigger or more exciting but others are small (ex. wear new Christmas socks) or things we do anyway (ex. get the Christmas tree) but the anticipation of a little surprise every day keeps us all excited. 

  25. See the Christmas lights, snuggle on the couch with my family, take the kids ice skating, and try to make one batch of delicious cookies!

  26. Walking around and looking at lights in our neighborhood and making a gingerbread house. Also, spending the day baking cookie with my Mom 

  27. Nothing I love more than the holidays and a list!

    1. Decorate the house questionably early (like, before thanksgiving early)
    2. Pester my husband to put up the lights
    3. Start compiling my list of holiday baking then set a date for Christmas Baking Day with my friends (and our combined millions of kids)
    4.Remind husband about the lights again
    5. Bundle my kids up in cute holiday clothes and trek them out to get a Christmas tree and see the Christmas lights while I attempt to take decent pictures of them for our holiday card
    6. Watch ALL the Christmas movies (even the cheesy ones)
    6. Enjoy every minute of the whole season with my sweet and silly family!!!

  28. Christmas is all about being with family and friends and smiling and laughing. Oh and good food!! Thanks for sharing so many great recipes. Hard part is picking which one to make. Thanks. Happy Holidays. 

  29. We’d like to drive around to look at the Christmas lights, donate toys, and also get a picture taken with Santa.

  30. My little family is excited to celebrate the Christmas season with our new rescue puppy. We want to find as many family fun activities as possible that ALL of us can enjoy.
    And bake, bake, bake of course 😉

  31. Celebrate with all my family. The decorations are up. Now we need some snow, some baking. I’m taking extended time off to enjoy these holidays. 

  32. I love  making homemade treats for neighbors and friends too!  Sometimes I will add a bag of coffee and a bouquet of flowers.  It really brightens the day of my elderly neighbors♥️

  33. You nailed all of my Christmas favorites! I work Christmas this year, so I am making a huge platter of cookies to take to my coworkers. (I had to search 4 grocery stores to find cinnamon chips for your pumpkin cinnamon chip cookies a couple weeks ago) Thank you for being a great source of go to recipes that never fail!

  34. One thing on my Christmas bucket list  is to drive around and look at Christmas lights with the kids then come home and drink hot cocoa!

  35. 1. Drive around to see all the best Christmas lights!! 

    2. Watch ELF (favorite Christmas movie) five more times 🙂

    3. Make lots of Christmas goodies! Cookies, brownies, hot chocolate

    4. Buy gifts for a secret Santa family! 

    5. Enjoy & live vicariously through my nephews while they enjoy their “elf on the shelf” and wait for Santa

  36. #1 on my list is to make cut out cookies with my kids this year. My mom always did this with my brothers and me when I was little and now my kids are old enough to do it too!

  37. Looking forward to the Christmas lights ride & we’ve already done a handful of Hallmark Christmas movies we always serve at least a couple of services at our Church home too ♥️

  38. Our Christmas bucket list includes: shopping for gifts, visiting a mall that has a huge tree that the kids love, go see the Christmas lights on the lake, go to the local performance of the Nutcracker, watch allllll the Christmas movies, bake allllllll the Christmas treats, and play in the snow!

  39. The older I get, I find that what is most important is spending precious time with those that you love the most!

  40. I want to try to make a gingerbread house this month . Spend lots of time with family and friends . Candlelight Christmas Eve Service  at church.  

  41. Watching all of the Christmas classic shows like Rudolph, Frosty, etc. with my kids in our jammies! And baking cookies!

  42. Ah I LOVE minted! This was our first year sending Christmas cards. I never thought they were worth the money but we love receiving them so figured this was the year to send them! We just decorated our tree today but I’m looking forward to baking Christmas cookies and cinnamon sugar pecans for gifts this year!

  43. To actually make a bunch of baked goods for gifts. Every years it’s a plan that never I never seem to find the time to do!

  44. Volunteer at local homeless shelter
    Bake Christmas cookies with my kiddos
    Christmas lights and hot chocolate 🙂 

  45. Eat yummy food!

    Create new memories and traditions with my little ones.

    Enjoy the busyness and the slow pace since both are pist of the season and both are fun.

  46. Go cut down a Christmas tree!  It’s a tradition we do every year, and it’s my favorite.  We go out with friends, make hot coco, and some warm things to eat, all while singing Christmas carols, usually in the snow.  

  47. All the things listed and just to simply slow down and enjoy the season! Especially looking forward to this year because our daughter is almost two and is into all the lights, Santa, cookies, etc. So fun!

  48. I love your bucket list! And I’ll be doing a lot of those very same things. We love looking at all the beautiful lights,so we are adding Santa’s Fantastical to our list. It’s an indoor experience in Atlanta and looks amazing!

  49. My bucket list for Christmas:
    1. Enjoy the first Christmas in our new home with our beautiful baby Anjali who will be 3 months at Christmas! 
    2. Bake cookies of course! 
    3. Get pictures with Santa- hopefully Anjali doesn’t cry 😉
    4. Cinnamon rolls and breakfast egg casserole on Christmas morning 
    5. Participate in all the fun Christmas events in Salt Lake City- lights in temple square, Luminaria, breakfast with Santa at Zermatt, driving to see all the lights in the neighborhood, gingerbread house and tea at the Grand America, etc. etc.
    6. Being grateful for all that I have! 

  50. My Christmas Bucket List is to…
    1. Make lots of cookies, using your recipes of course.
    2. Eat lots of cookies.
    3. Get one good family picture.
    4. Go see Christmas lights.
    5. Catch up on all my painting projects.
    6. Get lots of baby cuddles

  51. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!! I love your list and will be using some of your ideas.  We live in Southern California so instead of playing in the snow we LOVE to take our boogie boards and “sled” down the sand hills at the beach. Watching Christmas movies while eating popcorn and drinking hot cocoa is almost a nightly ritual for us this time of year too. 
    And of course BAKING! I love having the excuse to bake and when ever you post what you are making I feel the need to try it out. So thank you for your generous gift of  creating masterpieces and sharing them. Xoxo

  52. Making a bunch of cookies, watching Elf, hanging lights, wrapping presents with upcycled mayerials (like magazines and maps) and making blueberry muffins on Christmas morning!

  53. Definitely cookie baking, gettting a name or two off of one of the Giving Trees in town, singing Christmas carols, having a slumber party with the kids around the Christmas tree.

  54. My bucket list is to really enjoy each of our traditions, cutting the tree, making cookies, candies together, watching movies etc. The children are getting older and I want to savor this precious time which goes way too quickly.

  55. It’s my baby’s first Christmas so looking forward to starting lots of traditions with her. First up is meeting Santa!

  56. Make homemade Christmas cards with our one year old for the people who have played such an important role in her life, and mail them unannounced! 

  57. I want to fully enjoy this season with my family- drive around and look at lights, make a snowman, and bake lots of treats!

  58. Watching a few Christmas movie in my cozy onesie is definitely on my Christmas bucket list! We’ve had our tree and decorations up for a few weeks now and I love it!

  59. Spend time with family and make cookies to deliver to all my neighbors! I love Minted they seriously make the best cards! 

  60. That Christmas bucket list is pretty excellent. This year, in addition to everything you mentioned, my bucket list includes getting a couple of grinchy Scrooges in my family to participate in the holidays. They don’t want to receive or give gifts and they don’t seem to want to join us as we celebrate (even though they do observe Christmas!). So, my bucket list this year includes trying to figure out a way to include them that won’t ruffle their feathers or have me tearing what’s left of my hair out! 
    So with that said, Merry Christmas to you and have a Happy New Year! 

  61. Our family traditions include making cookies and suckers and delivering them to our friends and family. Watching all out favorite Christmas movies and while eating homemade caramel popcorn. And of course going to see the Christmas lights.

  62. Chopping down a Christmas tree, making gingerbread houses, Christmas movies and pjs, and driving around Christmas Eve with hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights. 

  63. Enjoying the true meaning of Christmas. Making cookies with my granddaughter. Enjoying time with family! Jesus is the reason for the season.

  64. I just want to feel calm and happy and loved. For some these things are not just waiting there once december 1st hits. I want to enjoy the holiday season and do all the little things like taking walks in nature, writing, reading, seeing friends, decorating, etc.

  65. We’re always sure to listen to the local Christmas radio station while we decorate and again while opening presents!

  66. I love everything about this holiday season! The music and decorations! The smell of holiday fragrances and cookies baking! Family and friends! The joy of the season!

  67. This year has been a tough one for my family and I.  Aftrr experiencing a lot of loss and grief, we plan to make the most of this holiday season by being kinder to each other and honor our loved ones’ memory.  My sister and I will definitely be making your puppy chow, flan, and chocolate chip recipes for dessert after an island-style turkey amd ham dinner.  Our Christmas tree will be decorated this week and we will be attending Christmas Eve church service.  Happy Holidays 🙂

  68. Spending time with my sister and her kids that are coming to visit me from Hawaii! So excited because they get to meet my baby girl that was born in November! 

  69. I want to go to a local candy making shop and watch how candy canes are made. Then I want to walk through downtown holding my husband’s hand and munching on warm candy canes.

  70. Bake gingerbread cookies, Mexican wedding cake cookies, white fruit cake, Scottish shortbread cookies, walnut squares, cowboy cookies, and make cowboy bark. Give away tins of baking, plan Xmas brunch at my elderly dad’s house, wrap presents, and personally call distant friends and family to catch up and wish them a Merry Christmas!

  71. I hosted a gingerbread decorating party today so… Go caroling! Haven’t done it since I was a kid. And maybe make new stockings for my family of 4 as mine really need updating. Obsessed with the minted ones!

  72. Our family’s bucket list is driving around to see Christmas lights, family sledding and snowman making, lots of hot chocolate, Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and Christmas Day board games. And always, daily reminders that Jesus is the reason we are celebrating!! 🙂

  73. Finding meaningful ways to enjoy the season which for me, is being of service to others through volunteering of time and gift donations to underprivileged youth.
    Baking , baking and more baking : )
    Walk through the neighborhood to see lights! 
    Watching White Christmas..can that lodge be real please!? Cozy family time, board games and hot cocoa…also not necessarily bucket list but to just give thanks daily to God for he is a good good father. 
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway! 

  74. Bring our one-month old twins home from NICU and then have lots of snuggle time by the fire watching Christmas movies and baking cookies with the older girls!

  75. Excited to be heading to Florida to visit my parents for the holidays! My fiancé and I are excited to be celebrating our first Christmas engaged!! This minted prize would be amazing for wedding invitations!

  76. Bake with my girlies
    Read the Christmas story from the Bible
    Christmas crafts (think popsicle sticks)
    Play in the snow
    Drink hot cocoa
    Snuggle on the sofa

  77. Hi! I have quite a few things on my bucket list for this holiday season. This year in particular, I am really in the spirit of Christmas. So far, my family and I have decorated Our house, decorated gingerbread houses, and We will also be getting and decorating a tree, making lots of cookies, watching many more Christmas cookies, making eggnog and spending time with my family. 

  78. We are getting our first real Christmas tree this year!  We had a small artificial one in our apartment last year but it just wasn’t the same.  Picking it out and decorating are on my bucket list!

  79. We always go to the German Christmas market in Chicago. This year we can’t go so we are making our own at home complete with mulled wine and bratwurst. Gotta keep the bucket list/traditions alive!

  80. I LOVE Minted!  I’ve gotten my Christmas cards from them for years.  I love that they have a plethora of no-photo options.  This year, my bucket list includes looking at lights, watching Christmas movies, and baking treats for those I love and hold dear.  Merry Christmas to your family! 

  81. My goal this holiday is to walk in the joy of the Lord for the whole month of December…make homemade chicken and dumplings and Ginger Cookies…

  82. I am making a few homemade gifts this year, but they should work up fast.  We will be going to my nephews for the holiday so no major cooking for me this year!

  83. Spend time with my son who just finished active duty and is now in the reserves. Slow down and enjoy my daughters.

  84. we just moved about a month ago to start retirement….we are officially empty nesters.  One sone even got married on 11/10…. couldn’t be happier for him.  Our bucket list per say is coming up with some new traditions just for us.  For example, doesn’t seem right putting up the kid’s special ornaments in the tree without them …. first time in 31 years , we were not decorating the tree with them….sillt? 
    So bucket list moving forward this holiday and the ones to follow… traditions 

  85. Love the ideas of making paper snowflakes! We just decorated our tree today and I loved seeing the joy on the kids’ faces.

  86. Our Christmas Bucket List includes: Go to our local tree lighting ceremony, do a nightly advent calendar, make Christmas candy and lots of cookies, make lots of Christmas crafts, gather food for the local food bank.

  87. We ve have a lot of these on our list too! We have 2 daughters and one of them is 10 months so this is her first Christmas! We re taking lots of pictures to capture all her Christmas “firsts”! So fun!! 

  88. So many things we want to do to celebrate with our 3 little ones, but Breakfast with Santa and baking cookies are at the top of the list! 

  89. One of the things on our bucket list is making my husband’s family roll recipe together–we make them into rolls for Christmas Eve dinner and cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

  90. Every year I plan to make snow ice cream, if we get enough fresh snow. When we do, I usually procrastinate until the snow is no longer usable. Maybe this will be the year!

  91. Nothing on my bucket list for Christmas but Hanukah starts tonight and would love to see both my kids one of these eight nights.

  92. My favorite things include: decorating Christmas cookies with my boys, watching Elf, going ice-skating, and playing board games.

  93. My Christmas wish is for our new house to be done in time so we can celebrate at home. Even if we are surrounded by boxes. 

  94. Christmas bucket list: 1) visit local coffee shops with family and friends to try their featured hot drinks/goodies 2) try new recipes (including this one) for our annual family Christmas bake-off 3)play Mario cart wii with my sisters because it has been nearly a decade since we’ve last played and that just sounds like fun right now!! 4)spend as much quality time as possible with my mom, sisters and papa and show them how much I appreciate them. 

  95. We always make plates of cookies and candies to deliver to our friends and neighbors, watch Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, buy a new Christmas book each year, and do a special breakfast on Christmas morning.

  96. Watching White Christmas with my family! Although this year my bucket list is really just enjoying the season. I had surgery right before Christmas last year and didn’t get to enjoy my baby’s first Christmas…so we’re making up for it this year!

  97. Enjoy our Christmas Eve service. Also each year I choose a handful of new cookie recipes to make and surprise my husband and daughter with a tin of homemade cookies in their stocking. 

  98. Chanukah list started off with decorate and set up menorahs. First latkes were consumed. Dreidel is still to be played, songs to be sung, more guests to be had, and making jelly doughnuts! We also donate food to the shelter, presents through the fire department, supplies going to Butte County, and enjoy other people’s decorations. And celebrate birthdays on December 24th. (Being Jewish means that your birthday doesn’t get overshadowed by Christmas. )

  99. Our Christmas bucket list is to bake lots of goodies for family, friends and neighbors to enjoy.  Enjoy our Christmas decorations- go to the Walnut Room downtown and do a little shopping at Macy’s afterwards.  This will be the 25th year we will host the family Christmas and I will be getting  trivia games ready for fun!

  100. Such a fun list! Last year, we dressed up like Disney princes/princesses with my husband’s family and sang as part of their Christmas lights display. Hundreds of people came. It was so magical to see how excited the kids got!  Definitely on my Christmas bucket list again this year. 🙂

  101. My bucket list is short. I want to visit my son and my little granddaughter who lives in Kentucky.
    I want to take my partner to see his daughter and granddaughter who he has never met.
    Having all of my family in church we me on Christmas Eve . 

  102. Our list involves having a lot of fun, easy, stress free family time throughout the season. Nutcracker with my mom, matching sweaters with the sibling, crafting (sometimes funny fails :)) and making memories. 

  103. 1. Decorate the tree.
    2. Send holiday letters to my nieces and nephews.
    3. Make eggnog.
    4. Give surprise presents to friends.
    5. Donate to the soup kitchen.

  104. I love Minted! We use them for our Christmas cards every year! We also have a handful of prints around the house. Plus their customer service is great!

  105. My kids and I do a “Secret Santa” tradition every year, and we look forward to Christmas day when everyone’s Secret Santa is revealed.  We put a low limit on our spending for each other, and that way we can also do something for others at the holiday.

  106. On my mom’s side of the family we watch White Christmas. Now we go watch it at the Bing Crosby Christmas Film Festival at Bing Crosby Theater here. He played music there when he was young. At the movie everyone sings along and claps and it’s magical.

  107. Bucket list is food related, what a shock! 
    1. Cook a delicious meal for both sides of my family. 
    2. Bake cookies & decorate with the nieces & nephews 
    3. Enjoy a screen free Christmas morning, away from any electronics 
    4. Just relax with all my family and enjoy the days 

  108. My new bucket list item this year is to take my daughter ice skating! She’s never been and it’s been many years since I’ve gone.

  109. I already accomplished one of my Christmas bucket-list items this year! To see The Nutcracker for the first time!

  110. Love this holiday and all the family traditions that come with it.  Look forward to baking some of your Christmas cookies with my boys

  111. I definitely want to bake a few different types of cookies (and stash some in my freezer!), for some reason cookies are one thing I don’t bake as often as I’d like. 

  112. I definitely want to bake a few different types of cookies (and stash some in my freezer!), for some reason cookies are one thing I don’t bake as often as I’d like. Also I’d love to travel and spend time with loved ones. 

  113. There is so much to enjoy this time of year! We still need to put out our Christmas village, drive around looking at lights, check out the festivity at Dollywood, watch all of our favorite holiday movies, and bake Christmas cookies.

  114. Slow down and enjoy time with my family. Oh, and really enjoy the Hamilton tickets my parents got my husband and I for an early present. 

  115. Our family’s bucket list this year is to do every family Christmas tradition this upcoming week since our daughter is leaving next week to serve a mission and won’t be here for Christmas. Making Christmas candy, Christmas lights, movies and games, and much more!

  116. My Christmas Bucket List:
    1. Go Ice Skating for the first time.
    2. Put up my first Christmas tree in my new place.
    3. Bake Seven different Christmas cookies.
    4. Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th St.”
    5. Make a snowman, if it snows.
    6. Make a traditional Christmas dessert I’ve never made before.

  117. So wonderful!!! Love everything on that website!!! In my list I have to have making cookings for sure,! So relaxing… But my number one is: To chase Daddy! Holidays can be a little complicated in our household because of daddy’s work and sometimes we have to ask Santa to come on a different day or we have celebrated  in hotels before because of most do trips… but we make it work… My goal is to keep my two boys and Daddy together for Christmas 🙂
    Another one in my list is to invite friends over and make cookies with our children! So much fun!
    Happy holidays!!! And Thank you!

  118. I already knocked out the number one thing this year… My fiancee and I went to see Love, Actually (our favorite Christmas movie) played with a live symphony orchestra!

  119. I love minted!!! I need to do some Christmas baking this year, sing Christmas songs, and make time to watch Christmas movies as a family. We just decorated yesterday 😀

  120. I’m a nurse, and this is the first year in 9 years that I don’t have to work Christmas Eve or Christmas.  I’m really excited to enjoy being home with my daughter and enjoy family time, cooking a meal, and sitting by the tree. 

  121. My Christmas bucket list this year is to get our first real tree and start the tradition for my sons first “real” Christmas. (He was only 6 weeks old last year!) To drive through neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights. To bake lots of cookies and treats to deliver to friends and family. Watch all the cheesy (and best) Hallmark Christmas movies, plus the classics of course. And last but not least, I can’t wait to play Santa on Christmas Eve with my wonderful fiancé this year! 

  122. I just got married this year, and we’re excited to send our first Christmas cards out to loved ones! They just came in from Minted after we had a great experience using them for wedding materials. My other big to-do is bake lots of cookies.

  123. Cookie making, playing games, watching our favorite Christmas movies and just hanging out….all of us together!!!

  124. My Christmas Bucket list is short this year – chop down a tree, bake as many cookies as possible and spend time with friends and family!

  125. Enjoying the season with our first grandchild, she is 13 months old!! Driving to look at lights, making cookies, and reading her the same Christmas books we read to her mother as a little girl:)

  126. I can’t wait to have a gingerbread house/cookie decorating parttty! And go driving around looking at all the lights!! And ice skating!!

  127. My only desire for this season is to keep it as simple and low-key as possible. Letting go of perfect and living in the present. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  128. Do lots of fun Christmas activities with the kids and take lots of pictures. This year I intend to PRINT them and put them in my Christmas frames for years to come. ❤️

  129. Every year I tell myself I’m going to get a little tabletop tree for my small single-lady NYC apartment, but never do – maybe this year!

  130. I still have so much to do. Christmas tree, ordering our cards (uhmm..minted ..thanks for a chance), start baking…etc.

  131. Not be too rushed to enjoy the little things, like my son’s eyes light up with joy seeing Christmas lights.

  132. This is a great list! We are watching Christmas movies, looking at lights, and attending a few Christmas parties. So excited for this season!

  133. We try to keep it pretty simple. My toddlers love our Christmas bedtime story countdown where they get to open a new (same books, just rewrapped each year) book every night leading up to Christmas. They also love to decorate cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, and sled with cousins. It really is the best time of year, isn’t it?! Thank you for such a great blog to follow all year long 

  134. My Christmas bucket list almost always includes getting dressed up and seeing some sort of holiday show or play, like The Nutcracker Ballet or A Christmas Carol!

  135. Making our usual tradition of Christmas sugar cookies and peanut butter kisses and spending time with family! 

  136. I definitely am excited to decorate the tree finally (this weekend!) as well as bake lots of Christmas cookies! 🙂

  137. Love your bucket list. On ours is baking cookies, taking our two four year old daughters to the lighted display at our botanical gardens and spending lots of time with family!

  138. Looking at Christmas lights is #1 for me because my girls love them. We listen to Christmas music and drink cocoa and just really love slowing down and taking the time to enjoy something as simple as colorful lights. 

  139. You have some great activities planned! Our Christmas bucket list includes:
    1. Get real tree, decorate it & put up other decorations.
    2. Watch favorite holiday movies: Elf, The Grinch, Love Actually
    3. Go see Christmas lights on houses & listen to Christmas music
    4. Go see the Rockefeller Center tree & store window displays
    5. Write & send Christmas cards
    6. Bake cookies using family recipes
    7. Go to our friends’ annual Chrismakah Party
    8. Go Christmas caroling
    9. Decorate a gingerbread house
    10. Open 1 present on Christmas Eve
    11. Open the other presents & stockings on Christmas morning
    12. Have American bfast on Christmas morning: eggs, potatoes, bacon, OJ, and sweet (like cinnamon rolls or Belgium waffles)

  140. Honestly, the month of December usually leaves me feeling stressed and overwhelmed. My bucket list includes being present in the moment this Christmas. Enjoying the anticipation and the magic the days bring with my family’

  141. I didn’t know about Minted. Thank you for sharing.
    One thing I am hoping to do with my children and grandchildren is go see the lights at the Zoo. Several of them have requested to do so. 🙂

  142. Creating family traditions that incorporates celebrating both Christmas & Hanukkah with our daughter. This year, it’s adding a special interfaith ornament to our tree! 

  143. My bucket list is to be home on Christmas Day To watch my 3 year old open up her gifts. after lots of traveling to visit  family in California, we get home at 11pm the night before Christmas. Along with lots of cookie making and watching movies. 

  144. I also love minted! I recently used them for my daughters wedding invitations and could not have been happier with the look and quality!

  145. Definitely spending more time with family! With life being so busy and going so quickly, I can’t wait to take a moment to enjoy my young children – cookie backing, breakfast with santa, playing in the snow 🙂

  146. Love your website! Wish list is to learn to be a better baker and spend time with all my kids when they get home from college!! Keep up the great work!

  147. My Christmas Bucket List is to ….
    1. Put up and decorate my Christmas Tree
    2. Make Sugar Cookies
    3. Do Shopping
    4. Spend my First Christmas with my Grandson and all my familly.

  148. I love this list and am hoping to incorporate some of the ones that we do not already do to our holiday season this year! Thank you!

  149. First Christmas without any of our parents so holding on to some old traditions and creating some new. Family time is definitely at the top and a trip to the mountains – hoping for a white Christmas.

  150. My Christmas bucket list includes trying to spend quiet cuddling time with our newborn daughter Estelle. Also trying to spend Sunday evenings as a family reflecting on the Advent prayers .

  151. We just moved to a new home and are still in the process of unpacking, so honestly the basics are on my bucket list – put up lights, decorate a tree, hang the stockings. If I get a chance to bake anything yummy that’s a bonus!

  152. I would love just enough snow for all the oohs and ahah from my kids …. but not enough so we have to shovel lol.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  153. We make our presents for my husband’s family – it’s so fun to see what everyone makes each year. And my family is going on a trip together rather than presents – win win!

  154. First of all, Minted is the best! We’ve done our cards there the last 3 years and have ordered a few pieces of photo art. They’re pricy but so worth it!
    My Christmas bucket list is making cookies with my mom, hosting our annual Xmas Eve party, making cinnamon rolls for Cmas morning, watching Christmas specials with my toddler, and catching Polar Express in the theaters (our local theater is doing a free showing.)

  155. We have already crossed several things so far. Get our tree from the national forest, decorate it, “deck the halls” aka put up the garlands and we also went to a historical Christmas event at Fort Nisqually and the kids got to hawk in the yule log and see an awesome Old Saint Nicholas.

    Still to do:wrap gifts before the 23rd!, make gingerbread everything, and find some snow to play in.

    I keep putting off ordering our cards. This surely would get me motivated!

  156. So many fun things to do at Christmas but spending time with my family baking cookies and decorating the tree top the list.  I also love driving around to look at the lights and reading Christmas stories with the kids!

  157. Love going to look at Christmas lights !! Bucket is to hopefully go visit family for Christmas as I live out of town for them and baking,Hot Cocoa, Reading , spending time with my kids when they are on school vacation! And maybe crafting ! 

  158. My Christmas list included baking lots and lots of cookies, making delicious meals for my family, and celebrating the holidays with everyone around me 🙂 

    All I want for Christmas is to feel the love of all my family and friends around me! 

  159. My Christmas bucket list includes baking lots and lots of cookies! I haven’t had the chance to bake in a while because I don’t have any supplies in my dorm, so when I st home for the holidays thats what I’ll be doing.

  160. Make Christmas cookies, drive to look at Christmas lights, participate in random acts of kindness in our valley and read lots of Christmas stories and watch Christmas movies!

  161. I need to make Christmas books of our beach pix!

    and make cookies. and eat cookies. and share cookies. thank you for all the great ideas!!

  162. So many fun things to do at Christmas but baking cookies with my family and decorating the tree top the list.  I also love looking at Christmas lights and reading Christmas stories to the kids.  

  163. As an educator, I enjoy having my students read Christmas and Hanukkah books aloud to me. They love it and it gets us in the spirit of the holiday season! 

  164. I vow to get more into the Christmas spirit this year! Blended families are tough and can take the wind out of my sails since I am so much of a people pleaser it is tough! I’m going to just let things happen and enjoy all of the moments I get to have with my loved ones!

  165. So many fun things to do at Christmas but baking cookies with my family and decorating the tree are at the top of the list.  I also love looking at the lights and reading Christmas stories with the kids.

  166. We love driving around looking at Christmas lights too! I also enjoy making treats and bringing them to work. I’ve never made homemade cinnamon rolls but it’s always been on my food bucket list and this year I’ll have time as we will be staying home so it’s happening!

  167. My Christmas bucket list includesour annual trek to Milwaukee (2 hours away) to see the “Country Christmas” light display – We do a road trip with our friends every year. We pack all kinds of snacks, listen to some Christmas music, and laugh…a lot! It’s so much fun. Always an adventure. We also stop in West Bend, WI to go to the “Enchantment in the Park” light display – We look forward to it every year!

  168. Wow! That’s some list Maria! Mine is very small in comparison. Bake some cookies, hangs some lights, enjoy some nog.

  169. Just made my first purchase from Minted! Thanks for directing me to such a great site!! Looking forward to more purchases-great gifts.

  170. Love Minted–so classy! I like to go to temple square to see the lights and donate at the giving vending machines in the Joseph Smith Bldg!

  171. Get a real tree and get it up – just love the smell! Gifts are finished and mailed. Bake cookies. Hang lights outside the house. Enjoy! Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this giveaway! Have a blessed Christmas!!!

  172. My Christmas bucket list this year is definitely trying to get more baking done, and I really want to get out more to go look at Christmas lights with my family, and do all of the Holiday things we love. Just enjoy all the festivities! Get everyone into the spirit of the Holidays more!

  173. Relaxing. Relaxing is on my Christmas bucket list. I want to unplug and read and do crafts and forget about news and work and responsibilities. Seriously. I want a selfish, pajamas all day, I control the remote Christmas. 

  174. I want to make cookies and give them to our neighbors and friends! Also, I want to go drive around and look at all the lights, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle up with some yummy treats and watch a movie. 😀

  175. Cookie Day coming up with my daughters and grandkids….special memories. I make homemade Christmas cards, so I start those in Nov. Love your recipes!

  176. We added new items to our bucket list on how we can serve our community with our boys! But we love lights and getting hot chocolate!

  177. This Christmas I look forward to decorating a tree( we often go to our children’s homes so don’t have one at home) , time with our family, baking cookies and delivering trays to our friends.

  178. My bucket list includes wrapping all my daughter’s gifts – she has a three year old and one year old twins and has not time and I LOVE to wrap Christmas gifts!!

  179. I’ll be in the hospital having surgery this Christmas, so I won’t be doing a lot, but, I’d like to thank you Maria for your wonderful recipies! When I’m better, their are so many my husband and I would like to try!
    Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!
    Enjoy the MAGIC!

  180. Every year we say we’re going to Cleveland to visit the “Christmas Story” house… I hope this is the year we’ll get there!! Happy Holidays!

  181. My ultimate bucket list would be to take my kids on a polar express ride. We love the movie and it would be so much fun to take them on the exact ride.
    My bucket list as the mom would would be to get professional family pictures taken.

  182. We have gotten present shopping out of the way so now we want to decorate the tree and just enjoy the holiday season festivities!

  183. I’m trying to get everything bought and wrapped so I can do the fun things with the grandkids, like baking, visiting Santa and crafts, during this season.

  184. Bucket list – baking cookies with sister and mom, wrapping all the gifts, ensuring I move the ELF 🙂 , attend Greenfield Village where it’s fully decorated with holiday decor and prep for our Christmas Eve festivity!

  185. This is my favorite season. It’s so festive. I look forward to Advent with our kids and then seeing everyone for Christmas! Lots of good food, family and fun!

  186. A polar express train ride is on our bucket list this year! My son loves trains and he’s at an age where he would really love it! 

  187. This is essentially our first Christmas with my little guy (he was 2 weeks old last year) and I’m looking forward to creating traditions with him and watching all the joy on his sweet little face! He already loves Christmas lights!

  188. My Christmas bucket list:
    Decorate – I haven’t started
    Buy white elephant gift
    Make Christmas cookies
    Order Minnie a red bells collar
    Lots of family time. First Christmas without Mom.
    Deliver Gifts to church for my Christmas family
    And so much more!

  189. My daughter and 3yo grandson recently moved in. This year for the first time we put up a bunched lawn blow up decorations.  I’d like to make oven French toast on Christmas Eve so i can just make Christmas morning. 

  190. Such an amazing giveaway!! For my Christmas bucket list, it’s spending meaningful time with my family, making cookies, and going to see all of the beautiful lights/decorations.

  191. on my Bucket list this year is to finish that Christmas stocking I started 2 years ago, build our Gingerbread creation and get out and see more displays and festive events!

  192. We’ve had a crazy year so I’m looking forward to some much needed family time. Christmas movies, snacks, looking at Christmas lights…lots of love!!

  193. 1. Having all the kids and grandkids here!
    2. Loving on the grandbabies.
    3. Frosting sugar cookies with the 5 year old.
    4. Making a snow fort.
    5. Going to the candelight Christmas Eve service at Church.
    6. Listening to the Polar Express on Christmas Eve.

  194. My Christmas list involves good food, family and skiing with the new snow!! I am planning to order Christmas cards from Minted as well!

  195. My bucket list includes babysitting our new granddaughter, looking for the good in every one, helping a stranger and baking lots of cookies! 

  196. Gathering friends and family together, looking at lights, making cookies, finding ways to make the holidays a little bit brighter for others

  197. Love to go Balboa Island’s (So Cal) Holiday Home Tour and a beautiful garden center near us has a Christmas Decorating class using flowers and greenery etc.  there is also a small theater that does It’s a Wonderful Life play.  These are always on my bucket list and a great tradition!  Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  198. Oh my I have so much baking to do. I give baked goods as gifts. And I bake for the church for fundraising events. I wanted to join or start a birthday cake for children in the foster care system. Personalized Cakes they want, but may not get. Go see the lights of course so many things on my bucket list each Christmas to many to name here. Get my sons gift box in the mail.

  199. Bucket List – HONESTLY, throw it out and go with the flow this year. I typically am OCD and have lists all over the place, but this year, I’ve decided to have a little OCD DETOX 🙂 and just go with it.

  200. Go to at least 5 out of the myriad of parties there are! Make cookies without consuming them all and just enjoy the holidays.

  201. My Christmas bucket list is of course making cookies, but also cutting down our own Christmas tree!! I’ve always had a fake one growing up, but now that we have our own place, we want to have a real tree!!

  202. 1. Bake a dessert for the first time ever to bring to my husband’s family holiday gathering and crossing fingers they enjoy it. 2. Sit around the fireplace and tree and enjoy Christmas music and 3. Don’t eat TOO much 🙂

  203. caroling at the local nursing home, seeing the lights with the kids, and purchasing gifts for kids at a Mexican orphanage!

  204. Because my 99-year-old father passed away this summer, this will be a difficult holiday season for me. Thankfully, I live close to my brother and have wonderful neighbors, so I plan to host a holiday party.

    And just want to add that several years ago, I put together a MINTED heart-shaped picture ( with my grandkids images from birth to the present. Produced two, one for each teenager and a special one for their mother. Lots of crying going on when unveiled. Huge hit and highly recommend taking the time to do this.

  205. Great list! I needed to use up some of the paper in my recycle bin and snowflakes to decorate my office sounds like a great idea! The fresh cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning also another great idea I may borrow. I have an old and trusted recipe for snickerdoodles, but I may also borrow and add to my baking list your brown butter salted caramel snickerdoodles, oh my those do sound amazing! Thank you for your help in taking a little of the stress out of the hectic holiday season.

  206. My youngest son and daughter have requested that we have a Christmas cookie baking day and begin a new tradition by celebrating our Czechoslovakian heritage. My mother has sent me some old recipes (handed down from previous generations) that have not been used since I was a teenager, so this will be one more item on our “Christmas Bucket List.” I hope my family likes them!

  207. To spend time with friends and family. To make lots of cookies and tarts. To enjoy the lights. To deliver goodies to the transition house. To share and enjoy the happiness and warmth of the season.

  208. My Christmas bucket list this year is very special as I am taking our first born home, to family in India. Hope to have lots of fun, love and laughter! 

  209. My Christmas bucket list is to focus on the reason for the Season, Jesus. I want to be present in the moments with family and friends and not overwhelmed and stressed. I want this to be a joyful and peaceful season.

  210. christmas bucket list is to make a dozen christmas cookies every day until Christmas Eve!  Then share them with neighbors.

  211. I love donating a toy with my 5yr to Toys for Tots. I so enjoy her enthusiasm of giving a toy to another child for Christmas. 

  212. On my bucket list is to spend time with friends and family – thinking of starting a yearly tradition of a soup party a few nights before Christmas!

  213. My Christmas bucket list – sending cards to family, seeing the fun lights all around my city, baking lots of goodies (cookies, homemade Chex Mix & more!), watching all of the football and spending time with my loved ones!

  214. Teach my seven year old granddaughter how to make homemade cookies, and how to decorate them with royal icing and all the pretty cookie decoration.

  215. Important on my list is family memories this yr. My single mom daughter and grandson will be coming over to decorate my tree and make some easy ornaments. A delicious dinner for our Christmas Eve celebration.

  216. Candy making & delivery, watching all The Office Christmas episodes in a row, reading our Jesus Storybook Advent plan & marking the days off on our Christmas poster, girls nights, so many things!

  217. You’ve inspired me with your bucket list.
    Mine includes not being overwhelmed by what I need to do but instead, enjoying each task and add some silly, fun ones.
    Don’t worry so much about the “gifts” but about the Gift!
    I want to be “Mary” & “Martha” this year!

  218. I am finishing up defending my doctoral project and my bucket list consists of trying new cookie recipes, decorating our house for Christmas, and spending time with my family.

  219. Looking forward to simple decorations and baking good, food ( with some sugary goodies thrown in for my family and guests!) while undergoing chemo. Love your recipes. Any chance you will create a low/ no sugar version of any of your treats? 

  220. The only thing in my bucket list is that my soon to be husband gets to come home safe from his deployment in Syria

  221. Add this movie to #6 to watch every year from now on: The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell – he makes the best Santa Claus yet!!!

  222. Love this list!! My fiancé and I won’t be traveling home this year so I’m excited to start new traditions just the two of us! 

  223. It has been a year of illness and surgery and our family is slowly recovering, so our bucket list this year is just to all be together and enjoy meals with our family and friends.

  224. My family is volunteering at a new charity for foster children  called Threads of Change.  That fills my bucket!

  225. Sounds like my list! Have already checked a lot off the list, but tons of baking coming up. The only things not on the list this year due to my recent move to FL are playing in the snow and sitting by the fireplace. I do miss the fireplace, but I could substitute an outdoors fire

  226. I would like my husbands chemo and radiation treatments to be a success. He finishes tomorrow. We have been apart for 2 months while he has had treatment. We have never been apart more than 2 weeks in 35 years of marriage. Everything else pales. I would give the winnings to our kids, they would love it.

  227. Ooo, so many items on your bucket list are on our family’s list….except now we do a lot of them with the “grands”. 
    Make cookies together,.
    Trim the tree, decorate the house.
    Attend some type of musical Christmas production..
    Watch “The Grinch”…..over & over with our 22 month grand. He LOVES it.
    Host Christmas Day with a traditional Italian meal for 36 relatives….lots of chaos & LOTS OF LOVE. 

  228. I am so behind! I still need to buy some gifts for my family and wrap the ones that I already have. I also want to go see Christmas lights with my kids and bake and decorate cookies with them!

  229. Hot cocoa, take out pizza, and a Christmas movie just a couple nights before Christmas. Cozy and falling asleep on the couch.

  230. We travel south for the winter, so we love decorating our travel trailer with Christmas lights and a tiny tree. We look forward to “visiting” with our family on Facetime during Christmas day.

  231. Getting all my presents in the mail on time, making cookies, enjoying friends, and Christmaseve church celebration.

  232. I love having super cozy Christmas movie nights with movie themed food with my kids! They get such a kick out of sipping Grinch Punch while watching the Grinch!

  233. I just saw a commercial on Minted for the first time today and went to their website, it would be awesome to win a gift card. My bucket list consists of spending time with family, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, making cookies, making lots of food for Christmas Eve and spoiling my two little grand fur babies who are coming to visit from out of state. 

  234. Funny Christmas PJs party with girlfriends , Garden Glow with millions of lights, making cookies, and quiet time in front of the fire with family!

  235. The main thing on my bucket list is to spend time with my four sons and their families. Nothing means as much to me!

  236. We are starting the process of building a home so our list is short. We have finally been able to relocate near our kids & grandkids so I am beyond happy, I printed the recipes yesterday for your Mexican Wedding Cookies & Chocolate kisses in addition to old favorites for cookie platters for them all 😉

  237. Wrapping presents, baking cookies, and spending time with my family are at the top of my list! Good luck, everyone!

  238. Totally not Christmas related  but it is on my bucket list this month to finally set a wedding date and hopefully, get save the dates sent out as Christmas cards.

  239. My bucket list is to enjoy being with my family in our home. We were out of our home for two Christmas’ so we are so thankful to be home and I want to bake all  of our favorite Christmas goodies! Love Minted!

  240. Such an awesome giveaway and just in time for the holidays! My Christmas bucket list is quite long too. 1, bake lots of cookies, just like you. I will make biscotti, snow balls, Shortbread, etc. 2. Share homemade cookies with teachers and school staffs. 3. Still have a few more gifts to get for my family. 4. Send out Christmas cards. 5. Plan for family gathering. 6. Organize and clean the house. 7. Put away donation items and donate them before year ends. Phew…that’s all, I think.

  241. The biggest things on my Christmas bucket list this year are: bake cookies with the kids (and hand out a portion to our neighbors), watch new Christmas movies together, send out Christmas cards, buy a holiday outfit and pj’s, get hot cocoa and go drive around looking at the lights. I love Minted!

  242. My Christmas list this year includes not stressing! I’ll be out of town until right before Christmas so my goal is to keep it simple and make some special memories.

  243. We live in the same county as the wildfires in northern California. Our family adopted a family who lost their home. It has been exciting to find the things on their wish list! We would like to make this an on-going tradition.

  244. My kids and I always make Christmas cookies with my mom. We couldn’t do it for a few years because her business was too busy but this year are able to again and my heart is so full because of it!

  245. I just made Mexican Wedding Cakes for my brother’s birthday, using roasted hazelnuts, which we both love. But next time, I’m going to try your half-candied pecans idea!

  246. Baking cookies, making gifts for people who have helped me out this year, mailing cards, finish decorating, finish Christmas menu and plans, taking some time to watch an old Christmas movie, listen to Christmas music, volunteer where I can locally and too many other things to mention. It’s definitely a busy time of year! Hope everyone has a joyful and merry Christmas!

  247. I want to send out Christmas cards this year! No excuses! Each year I feel so overwhelmed and I never get around to doing it and I always feel regret afterwards. Plus, I’m sure everyone that sends one would like to receive one as well.

    Another thing is to do Christmas BIG this year and really enjoy it with my husband and three young kids.

    Ice skating in Pershing Square and then lunch at Bodega Louie afterwards in Downtown, LA

    Making cookies, cherry pie and rib roast and gifts for the neighbors.

  248. I just encourage my family to be even more loving and kind to everyone they meet and carry this through the New Year, and enjoy this beautiful season with all the joy it brings…

  249. My favorite blog for sure. Maria always has the best ideas and her recipes are the best. So nice that she has hooked up with MINTED!

  250. Making cookies with 13 grandchildren. We will try some of these cookie recipes this year. We take the kids to see Christmas lights. Love the holidays. 

  251. My bucket list is for three Grandpas in our family battling cancer to be healed.  Big wish but it’s the most important one.  

  252. Watch Christmas movies!
    Bake lots of cookies and delivery to friends and family!
    Go ice skating
    Make paper snowflakes
    Attend a Christmas party

  253. Bake cookies, watch Christmas movies, decorate the tree, and see the lights are some of my favorite things to do!

  254. So this year I want to try something different, meaning I didn’t even know it existed! So evidently there is a senior citizen angel tree at a local grocery store. Just like there are usually the angel trees for children, except for senior citizens. I just thought that was an awesome idea. A friend of mine did it and I think it would be a great opportunity to take my son to go buy the presents.

  255. So many things! Cookies, candies, driving around to look at lights while drinking hot chocolate, a Santa event at our church, and lots of family memories <3 My favorite time of year for sure!

  256. We will be purchasing things that are needed (like toiletries) for kids who don’t have access to those things at home during the Christmas break. We are also buying new toys/things for Toys for Tots and donating this Saturday. We love this time of year which gives us more of a spirit of giving and hope to carry that spirit through the upcoming year by doing a service once a month (or more)

  257. Take one day for each person on my Christmas list and really think about what they love and what they mean to me and try to find a gift that reflects this! (And baking lots of cookies)

  258. We so rarely go to the movies now, I think I would like to do that this holiday… on a frigid evening night when even a theater will feel warm!

  259. Our family now looks forward to your Dad’s cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning—they are the best!,  On our bucket list is taking all the grandchildren to see the new Mary Poppins movie!

  260. Announce our marriage that took place on December 1st, after 13 years together. Our family is sure to be surprised and overjoyed!

  261. We’ve crossed some off already, like cutting down our tree & decorating the house but still plan to bake & decorate sugar cookies, make several kinds of Christmas candy & make ornaments for gifts!! Oh & constantly watching Hallmark Christmas movies while I do all of the above!!

  262. My bucket list has been greatly reduced since my kids are grown, but I enjoy Christmas music, a few decorations, baking is probably my top thing to do, cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, and latkes for Hanukkah. My husband and I have spent the last 6 years traveling and spending christmas away from our home. We spent it in Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA, a couple of times, my hometown in Aiken, and last year Lido Beach, NY because our daughter flew in from CA. My cinnamon rolls are a given no matter where I spend the holidays though.

  263. They have a North Pole Express out here in PA. We say we are going to do it every year. I am hoping to make it happen this year.

  264. 1. Bake Cookies, 2. Drive around look at lights 3. Watch a movie series
    Everything else is a bonus.  I try not to have too many expectations as my kids grow. Just to enjoy them and the laughs.

  265. I have a horse drawn sleigh ride with my family on my bucket list this year! Dashing through the snow…..!

  266. Merry Christmas!  Our bucket list this year is to finish putting up outdoor decorations, watch as May Christmas movies as time allows, drink lots of hit chocolate, and spending time with family cooking and baking.  And an added bonus this year…SLEDING!  It’s been a while since we have had snow!  Thank you for this opportunity!  

  267. Bucket List is to be with my family! I miss them so much and look forward to visiting with them every year. Plus baking lots and lots of yummy things!

  268. I just got married this year and I can’t wait to spend our first Christmas morning together as Newlyweds! Eating cinnamons rolls and opening gifts are on the agenda :).

  269. My bucket list is short this year – make Christmas cookies with my five year old and enjoy our first Christmas as a family of 4!

  270. Ugly Christmas sweater party. Bake cookies with kids. See Christmas lights. Take kids to see santa. Watch Christmas movies. Go see the new grinch movie! Make Christmas crafts with kids.

  271. We are moving 10 days before Christmas this year, so my bucket list is very different than in years past. I want to get my tree up in our new home and have a special Christmas morning breakfast!

  272. My Christmas bucket list includes finding a family to sponsor for the holidays, watching ALL the Christmas movies, and baking a ton of cookies!

  273. waterpic is what I want for Holidays. a good dinner, a new computer, carhartt ensemble. & nu civvies, the one hidded talent, ‘stashed a-way in a piece of “The Cloth.”

  274. On our Christmas bucket is to visit Walt Disney World for a week during the holidays, make cookies with my hubby, drive around and look at Christmas decorations and to decorate gingerbread houses with my nieces. My favorite Minted card is the Lush Winter Foliage, such a great card.

  275. Drive around and see Christmas lights with family – this involves NY, NJ, VA & CA. Amazing to see the differences based on location. Want to go visit the light display at the Bronx Zoo. Unpack the holiday ceramic collection my mom made through our first 25 years of marriage. Of course, bake lots of cookies and share, shop and wrap presents, donate to Toys for Tots and local food pantries, spend time with grandchildren who are growing too fast and new extended family because of a wedding this year. Always so much to do and never enough time.

  276. Taking my family to the Great Escape Indoor Waterpark & Lodge is totally on my Christmas bucket list. We haven’t been there since my kids were babies, and the place just felt warm and cozy…just like the North Pole!

  277. We added a new item to our Christmas bucket list this year: making salt dough ornaments with the kids to give to some favorite friends and cousins.

  278. What is on my bucket list? To get presents done and shipped to 18 grandchildren by Christmas! It will be a Christmas Miracle!!

  279. Attending The Nutcracker ballet is this year’s bucket list must. Last year my daughter and I had tickets, but she was hospitalized with pneumonia on the day of the performance and we couldn’t attend:(

  280. Oh I loved Minted products but have not yet purchased. Bucket list is time with family, both near & (not too) far.

  281. The most basic of Christmas bucket list items – decorating our tree! The three of us did it last night. Every year, unwrapping the ornaments is like meeting an old friend. 🙂

  282. My bucket list literally just consists of making approximately 50,716,983 cookies. Ok that’s an exaggeration but I make way more than I should and love every minute of it (well, except the dishes 🙂 )

  283. Send Christmas cards, finish decorating, finish baking, plan Christmas dinner, go to doctor appointments, volunteer, and too many more things to count. I guess that’s why it’s called the busiest time of the year.

  284. On my bucket list is to make Chrtistmas cookies and deliver them to friends and neighbors and to make a gingerbread house!!! 

  285. As the grandkids get older, their presents are not a surprise so I wrap each one in a specif paper, but put no name tags.

    This year I bought white paper and got different color of netting to put on each person’s packages.

  286. I love listening to Christmas music, reading Christmas themed books, and watching Christmas movies. Thank you for the giveaway!

  287. Christmas bucket list always has to have decorate the tree with hot chocolate and Elvis Christmas records playing!

  288. Taking my youngest daughter to see Santa for the first time and going to see the Christmas Lights at Shore Acres on the Oregon Coast- its a must if you ever find yourself here during the holidays! 🙂

  289. Our bucket list includes building a gingerbread house, baking Christmas cookies, and driving around to look at Christmas lights!

  290. The biggest thing on my bucket list is to get my Christmas decorations up before Christmas Eve. I also want to make Light the World meaningful for my kids this year .

  291. Well this year my daughter turns 18, graduates High School, and then leaves for Marine boot camp. So our family is going all out on celebrations. We are so proud of her.

  292. It has been too many years, but, I love meeting family, from far and near, and staying at Little America in Salt Lake City, Utah around the holidays!! The Hotel remida me of the movie, “Elouise at Christmas Time!?’ It is elegant and beautifully decorated. The homemade rolls are wonderful, as well as sipping hot chocolate near the Big lobby fireplace!! I love bunding up, jumping on the Trolley, and walking around Temple Square to see all the Christmas lights and Nativities. Christmas shopping at City Creek Center and Gateway Plaza, eating at Kneaders, and catching a Christmas movie!! My granddaughter and I have wonderful memories of those precious times, but life moves on, she has grown up, work gets in the way, and it has become difficult to make the journey from California to Utah. My wish is to make one more memory with my granddaughter and my family at Little America.

  293. Paris for Christmas! I love France, I love the holidays,  arts and I love lights and that is a city that puts it all together.