Intel® Core™ i5 processor Review & $250 Best Buy Gift Card Giveaway

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel.

I was recently asked to participate in a program through BlogHer to review the Intel® Core™ i5 processor and Intel® Wireless Display (aka WiDi). The Intel® Core™ i5 processor increases speed as needed for demanding tasks and features four way multi-tasking. My life has been crazy busy lately, so I was very excited to try out the new processor to see if it would speed up my computer tasks.

I have always been a multi-tasker, especially on the computer. I always have multiple tabs open while I work-my blog, documents, Facebook, Twitter, my email, etc. It drives Josh nuts when he watches me work, but I like to jump around from job to job. I love that the Intel® Core™ i5 processor does not slow me down. I can have several programs running at once and still work at a fast pace. The computer doesn’t have to sit and think before letting me do my tasks, I am able to get things done when I want to.

I am also able to listen to music while editing my food photos without being slowed down. The Intel® Core™ i5 processor is able to stream my music and let me edit high resolution photos without freezing up the computer. The only thing that distracts me is my poor singing:) The photos and graphics are also very sharp and rich in color, which really helps when editing photos for the blog.

I really enjoy having the laptop to look up recipes while in the kitchen. I usually run back and forth from the office and kitchen when I need a recipe from our blog. It is nice having the recipes right there, I just set the laptop on the counter. A little flour may get on the computer, but don’t worry, it will brush right off:)

I am getting ready for the holiday season so I have been keeping track of my shopping lists, budgets, baking lists, parties, and my list for Santa on my new laptop. The Intel® Core™ i5 processor allows me to organize all of my holiday lists in a timely, efficient manner.

We watch most of our favorite television shows online. We used to crowd around the laptop to watch our shows, but now we can watch them on our big screen HDTV. The Intel® Wireless Display allows you to view your favorite online shows, movies, games, photos, and more with a simple wireless connection. I thought it would be difficult to set up, but we had it up and running in minutes. The picture and sound are fantastic! We also are able to video chat with our family and friends that live far away. It is nice to see my cute little niece up on the big screen:)

I’ve been very happy with the Intel® Core™ i5 processor and the Intel® Wireless Display. I’ve been able to get “a lot more done in less time!”

And now for a giveaway! Here’s how to enter to win a $250 to Best Buy: (comments from post 1 and 2 will be combined when choosing a winner)

Leave a comment here and tell us, What you would buy with your Gift Card at Best Buy?

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*Disclaimer:  Giftcard is courtesy of BlogHer.  Laptop was given to me by Intel.

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  1. My husband has been talking about wanting a new sound system. While I find pricey sound systems to be completely unnecessary, having this gift card could help me make him happy and buy him what he really wants!

  2. I would put it towards a new TV for my brother. We spent all morning on Black Friday looking for a good deal but he didn’t end up coming home with anything. This gift card would help!

  3. I really haven’t a clue! I think we’d have to put ideas in a hat and pick one. I’m always game for adding to our dvd collection but maybe something camera or computer related.

  4. I would put it towards a laptop for my DH. He needs a small one he can take on trips so those nights he gets stuck in hotel rooms for 6 to 8 hours he isn’t bored silly!.

  5. We’d go for a new laptop. The one we have now (also from Best Buy, coincidentally) has had a good long life, and really ought to retire. My husband would be soooooooo happy to get to go shopping for a new one!

  6. I would give it to my husband and he will figure out how to make our surround sound actually surround. This is super exciting. 😀

  7. I would definitely get a new lens for my DSLR. I haven’t had the funds to get a great lens, so I’m still using the kit lens that I bought with the body… sigh.

  8. After playing it this weekend, I would have to admit it would go toward a Kinect. That or Rock Band 3. It may sound selfish, but those interactive video games are great family time fun.

  9. A new oven would be fantastic! But there’s also the option of a gift card going toward a new washer/dryer set. You know, the red ones? Seriously, I almost don’t care about the brand, the red ones always beckon to me…

  10. I would buy a digital photo printer – there are so many moments stuck on my computer that I would love to hang at my desk at work or send to friends in a frame

  11. I would definitely use it to buy a new laptop! My current one can no longer be unplugged from its power source, so it’s not much of a laptop these days.

  12. What an awesome giveaway and review you have here. If I won the giveaway I would apply the money towards and macro lens for my new camera OR I would probably buy the complete series of Home Improvement for my husband for Christmas 🙂

    Thank you!

  13. Oh man, I would definitely put that $250 towards a new laptop… I’m graduating this winter (yikes! can’t believe it!) and am headin’ off to grad school. I think I might be crazy with no break in between… haha.

  14. I would put the money towards a laptop for my hubby. He has an iphone and that can’t do everything he needs on the go for his business.

  15. I think that I would buy a new DVD player for my family and then by movies so that we can enjoy more time together watching movies. If I didnt get the DVD’s and Movies, I would get a new iPod!! 🙂

  16. I would buy a external hard drive to safely back up all of my pictures and videos on my computer and the rest would go towards collecting some of my favorite TV shows on DVD

  17. It really depends, if I got the gift card before Christmas, I would run out and buy some extra presents for my partner and our son. Christmas is SUPER tight this year and we (the parents) will only have stocking stuffers while our son is taking a big cut in presents, and most of them are clothes because the kid just won’t stop growing. This would actually REALLY help us out.

  18. I would put the gift card towards the purchase of a DSLR camera. It’s been on my wish list for a while now… fingers crossed!

  19. I would definitely put the money towards a new camera -borrowing (for long periods of time) from my brother just isn’t going to cut it anymore!

  20. A shopping spree at Best Buy whooohooooooo….
    now that would be fun!
    I am not sure what I’d buy……
    I’d probably start at the camera section then move to the cell phones then on over to the laptops…….
    Then eenee meeny minee moe what to buy! 🙂

    Smiles, Dolly

  21. I would use the $250 gift card towards a new laptop. I have been without a laptop for several years now. I have a great desktop computer but I feel so limited and constrained to my home; something lightweight and portable is a must-have item these days!

  22. I would use it towards a new laptop for my daughter. She uses our old desk top for her online homework and it constantly freezes up.

  23. Well I don’t really NEED anything…
    BUT I would buy the Kitchenaid ice cream maker and pasta attachments, or just the Cuisinart elite 12-cup food processor. OR maybe I would take some $$ out of my savings so that I could go in for a Dyson vacuum, and then promptly die of happiness.

  24. I would get a netbook or something similar. It would be used for my nephew whose family has been hit hard in this economic downturn. I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure he goes to college even though his parents can’t afford it anymore. This gift card will come in handy to buy the necessary electronics. God Bless!

    Scott Martin
    [email protected]

  25. What an awesome prize! Thanks! I would use it to buy the Wii games I covet (DDR) but can’t afford along with fun accessories for my newly purchased laptop (a case, a directional wifi antennae…). 🙂

  26. I would be able to use my graphics software! I hate having a slow computer, and since I’m a designer, I have a lot of windows open and alot of applications running. I think the intel would help so much!

  27. Since I dobn’t have an MP3 player yet I would love to go get an Ipod- that what I would do with the great gift card! Thanks for the chance to win and your wonderful review of the new laptop- makes me want to go run out and buy one of these too 🙂

  28. Well, if I went the unselfish route, I’d get a Kindle for my dad (who passed along his obsession with reading to me) and a webcam for my mom (so we could Skype). If I decided to treat myself this Christmas, I’d go for a digital camera or put it towards a laptop.

  29. I would purchase a Netbook with the Best Buy gift card, or put it toward a new laptop. Mine is quite slow, and the i5 processor sounds awesome!

  30. I would get a Wii for my husband. And maybe a little for me too. They look fun. I would also buy Season 1 of Community. Love that show.

  31. Oh I would SOOOOO love to win that gift certificate, my laptop has no sound and is just slow as molasses in January…the sound went out on it a few months ago…drives me crazy for sure…
    Thank you for the WONDERFUl opportunity to win!

  32. i have no ‘u’ key on my laptop. i have to copy and paste each time i need to use it. it’s so annoying. long story short, i’d buy a new laptop. 🙂

  33. I only have a small food processor (two cups, if I’m lucky!), so I’d definitely invest in a slightly larger one. With the leftover, I’d expand my Xbox game collection – older Game of the Year editions are amazing!

  34. This year we all agreed to get a PS3. We are not the most up to date family but getting a new game system and having Blu-ray was a great selling point for me anyway. It would be great to be able to spend a gift card on this family present and spend the money I’ve saved on special surprises for everyone. 🙂

  35. a new video camera — ours broke after only a year and a half, and I am missing out on documenting valuable moments with my 18-month old!!

  36. Christmas came early!

    If I had $250 gift card I would use it towards the purchase of a new XBOX for the twins. They are very active with sports and school and enjoy some down time with their old one. It’s only working off and on right now.


  37. Oh it would be so amazing to win something like this. I would definitely buy webcams for all my siblings, since we haven’t all been together in nearly a decade. My two small boys hardly know their cousins who live out of state and our parents are elderly and would be amazed to see their grandkids on the computer.

  38. I would use it to buy a smaller camera that I could keep in the diaper bag. We just had our first baby and I can’t lug the big camera around with us all the time, but I don’t want to miss capturing all of those special little moments.

  39. I would use it toward a new computer. I’d like to be able to edit videos faster, I could produce a lot more if they didn’t take so long to edit! I can’t even view them as I edit them so have to guess at transitions because my computer can’t keep up.

  40. I would put this gift card toward a new TV for our family room! My hubbs has been trying to upgrade for over a year.. and with a $250 gift card I could justify the splurge!

  41. I would use it on something for our house after our major remodel is complete. We’ll need every major appliance as well as a home theater.

  42. I would put this card toward a new computer for my daughter and I. Ours is really old but is a goodie. Has served us well

  43. I’d use the $250 towards a new laptop for my daughter. She’s
    a senior in college making due with a 6 year old desktop.

  44. There are so many great things there. I would probably buy a camera that I could keep in my purse so that I would always have one with me.

  45. I would use the gift card to purchase my son a flat screen TV. His TV was blown out when our house was struck by lighting!!

  46. 1st – a big-girl sized food processor. I made the mistake of getting the little one and I’m in food processor purgatory. Or, I’d buy a surround sound system for my honey. He’d be so excited he’d wet himself.

  47. I’m thinking I would use it toward a new computer if I were to win, but I think it would have to be toward one for my mother. Her computer is even older than mine and doesn’t have much time left.
    chainmail(at) iwon(dot) com

  48. another giveaway? i’ve been wanting an electronic book reader, but can’t seem to spend the money on something so selfish… does BB sell one? 😉

  49. I would use it to buy a small, inexpensive Netbook to keep recipes on for my kitchen. The clutter from all of the recipes I print out bugs me, & I would love to have them all on a little machine & keep in a drawer. Pdf’s of recipes, ability to look up my favorite sites, etc. And the ability to watch a tutorial or even just something entertaining while I work in the kitchen would be fun!

  50. I would definitely buy a new computer. My husband and I have been looking for awhile now. We have an old laptop, but the hard drive is too small for storing all our pictures of our cute son! With baby #2 on the way, it’s definitely time to upgrade to a new desktop.

  51. Looks like a sweet laptop, I’d love one! Thanks for the giveaway, I think I’d put the Giftcard to an iPad or new laptop if I win…

  52. I would get an Xbox Kinect, because my wife was looking at them went they came out and that is a luxury that would have to wait.

  53. I’d buy an iPod Touch or similar small device that I could use to keep myself connected, yet also entertain myself, as and when possible when I’m mobile since WiFi spots are omnipresent these days.

  54. I would use it for the new Xbox system. My son’s birthday is so close to Christmas that I know he gets cheated on birthday presents every year. By the time Christmas is over we don’t have much “gift” money left, so my son’s birthday is rather slim on presents. I would love to buy the new Xbox for him!

  55. I would use it to help purchase a new laptop. The computer I’m using these days is about ten years old and on its last leg.

  56. Our digital camera recently broke and I’d really love to get a new one. Especially with the Holidays upon us, I really need to get one to take photo’s of the kids. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  57. I would use this gift card for my son, to a buy him a new Dean Guitar to play in the school band. What a Great opportunity!

  58. With a $250 gift card, I would probably put it towards a flat screen TV for my husband. Our TV’s remote is so old the volume button doesn’t work, so we have to physically get up and change the volume! We find all sorts of excuses why the other person has to get up to do it!

    kathy dot bruner at hotmail dot com

  59. would buy some wii games for christmas. fighting cancer, treatment last week and in isolation so could really use this
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  60. I would definitely get a laptop with one of the processors (and WiDi) you reviewed, which sounds completely awesome … I’m in desperate need of both a laptop and a new desktop!!!

  61. We need (okay, maybe not NEED…) a small second TV to help avoid squabbles over conflicting programming, so I think I would put this gift card towards that!

  62. We just bought my boyfriend’s dad a netbook from Best Buy for Christmas. I am green with envy and with $250, I would buy one for myself!!

  63. We are trying to put together a new computer to update us from the fossil we are currently using! I would love to purchase loads of ram and finish it up. thank you!

  64. Gosh, I’d be torn. I’m in serious need of a new computer. My laptop is quite old and out of date, 10 years old probably. Needless to say it is quite heavy and slow. And the battery died long ago, so it is reliant on the power cord, which likes to get hung up and pull loose. So much for portability! And I would love to get a new camera, mine is also quite old and in need of updating as well. The question is, which one first? lol…

  65. I am in the market for a new laptop so I would probably use it toward a new laptop and with your good reviews, I would look for one with this new Intel core i5 processor and WiDi features. Or a PS3…

  66. I would put it toward a laptop. But maybe I’ll win one from this contest and won’t have to. Hmmm…..tha’ts a nice thought. Then I’d buy myself something snazzy to go with it. I don’t know what yet, because I’ve never had a laptop so I don’t know about all the possibilities.

    But I’m willing to learn 😉

  67. I could become even more of a multi-task queen! I have a home based business and I always have multi windows open at one time. This makes my current laptop run very sluggishly – so I would love one of the newer, faster Intel processer.

  68. I would get a new camera. Ours is about to bite the dust, and our youngest kid is only 5 months old – need to capture those moments.

  69. The gift card would be sent as a surprise to my darling son and his wife.
    He works in remote areas of Alaska and I’m certain he could find good use for the $250 gift card. If I kept the card for me, I would invest in Bose head phones because I’m hard of hearing or a Kindle. This is so much fun.

  70. If I don’t win the laptop, I think I’d try to either buy one or buy a camera. The camera I’m using is more than 20 years old! I’m a first-time grandma and I need something that I can easily use and share photos. Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. My daughter’s laptop is on it’s last legs so I’d definitely put put the gift card towards a new one!

    ceriehl at gmail dot com

  72. My Best Buy spree would probably include a Roku media player to stream computer stuff onto the tv (just like your laptop does, lol). Thanks.

  73. I would give it to my Dad as a thanks for all the effort he has put into finding me the perfect camera for Christmas!

  74. I would buy a t.v or a ipad,this large family can benefit from technology. The laptop would also be the most awesome thing for us to since we could enjoy movies on the t.v and I could multi-task without a problem. Also mobility,I would work on the laptop,blog,social networking,sweepstakes,receipes…e.t.c It’s a major importance in this house!

  75. Id put the gift card towards a digital camera/camcorder. I miss many of my kids events due to health issues, and have to ask others to “be the mom’ for me sometimes. My teen daughter recorded her 13 year old brother’s amazing hail Mary touchdown pass this fall on her low quality cam, and although I am grateful I get to see it, the quality is poor and the shake is pretty bad. I am stuck in the 90’s yet with my non digital film camera and is WAY too expensive for us to be developing film. Last films sent in was almost $70 and THAT is a big bite out of our grocery bill. You HAVE to have photo or film of your family’s brightest or funniest moments. Honestly, until you miss out on these wonderful events, you don’t know how precious these momentos really are.

  76. There are so many thing I would want to spend this $250 on. I guess I would spread it out a bit and buy some of the tv series dvds I have been wanting, and possibly some small home appliances. It’s so hard to choose!

  77. I’d love to upgrade to a better camera! I’m a teacher and I love to share photos of “my” kids with their families. A better camera would make a big difference! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  78. I’d buy a new ps3 for my ultra supportive boyfriend of 2 years. He’s been with me through good and bad..mostly bad and supports me all the way 🙂

  79. First I’d go to Best Buy and see what new tech equipment I need, like something that is a booster for my cell phone so it can reach the basement and not cut out mid-conversation.
    Then I’d see if the Geek Squad offers classes to explain more about equipment I already have and the directions are lost or too complicated.

  80. I would actually use the gift card to buy a desktop computer with the Intel Core i5 processor. It’s funny (in a sad way) but my computer’s hard drive crashed last week and now I have to buy a new one. My IT guy at work recommended that I buy one with the Core i5 or i7 processor so that’s what I’ve been looking at. This gift card wouls be SO helpful!

  81. I’m jealous of those of you who have the point and shoot coolpix cameras that fit in your pocket. I can’t justify spending the money on one as I do “share” my husband’s big cannon; however, if I was lucky enough to win, that is DEFINITELY, #1 on my list. Of course, if I ended up at best buy there is a much longer and more expensive list: I would like an HD video camera and a backup fridge. Hmn…. I need to win more than one gift card. 🙂

  82. i would give this to my husband. i haven’t gotten him anything for christmas yet…he cant decide what he wants and for this man i dont do surprises haha. he’s very hard to please technologically so i just give him the money towards the techie stuff he wants.

  83. wow I;d like to appy it to a laptopt, just lost my job after 24years~budgets!
    anyway i need a laptop extremely bad.
    Enjoyed your blob!

  84. I would buy a new digital camera. Mine is getting old, and the new ones have much better features. With any leftover money I would put it towards a new printer to print out photos from the camera I would buy.

  85. I’d buy a few external and internal hard drives for building a machine with the new i5 processor I’ll buy in the near future, and for making backups to rotate offsite so I don’t lose my data in a fire or other emergency.

  86. I’d put the gift card towards another laptop. My husband seems to want to be on mine all the time while his desktop sits unused. I’d love to have my lapton back!

  87. Both of my kids need good graphing calculators for school, and a $250 Best Buy card would take care of them nicely. Any money left over? We might invest in some fun family DVDs we all can enjoy.

    Thanks for a generous giveaway!

  88. I’d like more processing power for my computer science projects so I can get back to maths and checking blogs!

    parthgalen (at) gmail (dot) com

  89. School supplies! I’ll be going back to college after a 10 year break and could certainly use a TON of stuff!

  90. I would most definitely put it toward a laptop. My computer is so old I have to go do something else while I wait for it to complete whatever task I’ve given it.

  91. I definitely need this laptop!!! I start my masters program in January and will need the super speediness of this laptop to help me!! Plus, it can store all my fashion faves and I can read my favorite blogs in a lot less time 🙂

  92. If I were to win I would head to Best Buy and get myself some sort of Ipod. Yes, I am the last gal alive without an Ipod. Such a fun giveaway – thank you for the chance to win!

  93. I could really use a new laptop. Mine was ruined by a guy who was stalking me and put a nasty little thing on it to track everything I did (including passwords)

  94. My vision impaired son requires his school books to be transferred to enlarged print and read aloud to him. I would use it to get him his own laptop so he could carry it with him at school.

  95. I would put it towards a new camera…mine is on the fritz and I have 2 little girls to take pictures of every day!!! I feel as though I’m missing out on memories. 🙁

  96. I would use it to buy the things needed for streaming video to my TV…Redbox just isn’t cutting it and all the Blockbusters are closing…it’d be nice to take advantage of this.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  97. This is a great laptop. I could really use it for schoolwork. I also love the idea of being able to stream shows from the internet to my tv. So cool. If I won the gift card, I’d use it towards buying a new laptop!

  98. WWWOOOWWWEEE!!Yes I am that excited about the Intel® Core™ i5 processor!!!! The Intel® Turbo Boost Technology feature seems great to me. That means I would be able to go from simple tasks like producing documents in word to watching my favorite shows on the computer and probably not even notice speed was increased to handle the job! Whoo hoo!!

  99. I would get a Roxio or something similar so that I could watch Netflix instant view in my bedroom. I have several things that I could think of to get.

  100. We bought a laptop for my daughter’s 11th birthday (she’s an aspiring writer) and a month ago, the screen went haywire. After consulting the GEEK Squad, we found out that monitors are NOT covered under the basic warranty and (gulp) mom forgot/was too cheap to buy the extra insurance. The cost to fix this is over $200, which we do not have. I’d definately use this gift card to get my daughter’s monitor fixed so she can start writing again!!!!!

  101. I’d love to buy something for myself, but would probably spend it on the kids. Christmas is gonna be a tad disappointing this year. Hopefully next year will be better for us all!

  102. I’ve been coveting a Zune HD mp3 player for a couple years now, so if I were lucky enough to win, I may just splurge and get one, along with an external hard drive to back up all the music I’d start downloading. Thanks!

  103. I love the sound of the speed on the core I5 processor, this is what I need as like you I have 6 things happening right now and we are also streaming video to the television… which means since I am doing this post now on my computer the tv is not playing video to speedily. GOIN’ For INTEL CORE i5 for SURE!

  104. I would buy a brand new BluRay dvd player with surround sound! We were forced by a nasty lightning storm to get a new t.v. (our 1st flat screen ever) so now I want to watch movies better on my new big t.v.

  105. I drive a 94 Honda Civic and the radio broke over the summer, it’s been impossible to find a’d be surprised how much you miss having music while you’re driving! I would get a nice car stereo with an mp3 input and have my tunes back!

  106. What you would buy with your Gift Card at Best Buy? As every other person would say phone, laptop or tv… etc.. I would say Microsoft office and if possible a eBook reader for school. If anything a eBook reader with the gift card would be awesome.. who knows maybe I might win? Thanks you for the chance and take care.

  107. I would use it towards a new tv. Mine is still old school and I’ve wanted a nice new one for a long time, so this would pay for a big chunk of it. Thanks!

  108. If my kids had their say, it would be video games, however, I’m in real need of a microwave, so unfortunately for the munchkins, practicality would win 🙁

  109. I would probably put the $250 toward a new desktop. Mine is getting older and its speed isn’t nearly as fast as the newer ones. I much prefer working at my desktop when it’s moving along at a good pace.

  110. It would be great to win a gift certificate to apply toward a netbook. Would love to have an electronic device that’s portable. Thanks for this giveaway.

  111. We need a new digital camera badly.I borrowed one for Christmas to get pics of my 4 kids getting their new bikes.Thanks!

  112. This would go toward the purchase of an iPad for my hubby (who keeps calling his Touch iPod an iPad – subtle hint!).

  113. I would buy a game system for my nephew. He really wants one but right now his family is not in a position to be able to get one. I would love to be able to help.

  114. I have two items on my Best Buy “wish list” and it’s a toss-up which one I’d get: a Kindle or an iPod Touch. (No doubt DH would prefer I choose the Kindle and let him buy a new toy also.) mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

  115. I would put the Best Buy gift card towards a new computer. We are a family of 6 all using this old desktop and having an extra computer would give everyone much more time.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  116. I would Buy an Intel Core i5 For the motherboard I have for it! If I had not been laid off, I would have already purchased this great item, thus the smiles of fun at Best Buy would have been even more limitless!

  117. I would spend it on my husband to get him a better computer. Our son and I both have fairy new ones and he kept the older one than keeps threatening to die. I know he would love it 🙂

  118. As much as I would love to have one of these great items for myself, I would use the $250 gift card to buy windows 7 and a computer tech for my moms computer that currently runs Vista. She has nothing but problems with it and gets so frustrated! The computer is the only way mom has to talk to my brother over in Thailand. And when she has trouble getting on line she gets so mad! i try to help out but cant seem to do a thing for it.

  119. I would use it towards a new stove. Mine is shot. I’ve been baking in a countertop roaster for months now! *sigh* I need a stove!!

  120. I’d love to have a laptop to use in my kitchen while cooking. I always have to print out the recipes and now have a 2 inch. stack of unsorted computer paper with recipes in my kitchen.

  121. I would purchase a mini laptop to have to carry with me to work or just as a extra at home when I’m ready for bed but I just still wanna surf the web. Happy New Year!

  122. What would I do with a $250 gift card? Well, I buy itunes cards, headphones for my hubby, some Xbox 360 games for my nephews, protection case for my phone, some blu ray movies to watch during the holidays and kitchen blender. Thank you so much!

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