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Our lives have been extremely busy lately. I keep thinking there will be a break, but then something new comes up.  For the past three months, we have been remodeling our house and living in a construction zone. I tried to prepare myself, but there are always surprises when you remodel. It has been a long road. I have also been busy with my job as a wellness consultant, travel, friends and family, and of course the blog.

Luckily, I am a very organized person and the queen of multi-tasking so I have been able to stay on top of most things. I’ll be honest though, it has been hard to keep up with everything while remodeling our house. Normally, I never let the laundry fall behind, I plan out our meals a week in advance, never get behind on emails, etc. But lately, I have let a few things slide, even though my multi-tasking mode has been in overdrive.

Our house is almost completed and it is time for me to re-focus. The holiday season is here and it is time for me to get organized again. I am ready to tackle my to-do lists and conquer my daily tasks with full enthusiasm. I want to stay ahead of the game so I can enjoy the holidays.

I was recently selected by BlogHer and Intel to review the Intel® Core™ i5 processor with Turbo Boost Technology, allowing me to “Get More Done in less time”  and an Intel® Wireless Display (aka WiDi) adaptor. I am hoping my new computer will help me get my life in order-just in time for the holidays! I will be sharing my thoughts on Monday-so stay tuned!

And good news-YOU have a chance to win a $250 gift card to Best Buy! All you need to do is to leave a comment below and tell me how you stay on task during the busy holiday season. And for an extra entry, tweet or blog about this giveaway!

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And come back on Monday to read my review on how I liked the new processor and you will also get another chance to win the $250 Best Buy gift card!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for all of you!

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  1. Lists, lists, lists! It helps me to be able to cross things off a list – even if it is something as mundane as emptying the dishwasher. It keeps me motivated!

  2. I stay on task with massive amounts of notifications on my Blackberry, alarms all over my iTouch, and lists up the wazoo! It’s the only way!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  3. I live for trying to stay organized with 2 teenagers in high school and being involved in everything it is important. I use all the help I can get lol. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  4. I always have my cell phone with me, so it is what I use to put all my calendar events. I love it because I can set a reminder with the event and it will vibrate, reminding me that I need to follow up. Couldn’t live without it!

  5. I, like many others, make lists. Packing lists, to do lists, pet packing lists (they travel too), and timelines. Even if i can’t control the holiday traffic, I like to know that i can still be on top of things i can control in my life during this hectic season.

  6. I use lists and a calendar (Google Calendar that links to my phone). I also try to plan when I am going to do things so I don’t end up with 300 things to do the last night. I’m not saying it always works, but I try!

  7. I make lists and lists and lists… I have the master list, that is on the back of the calendar (which has all of my events listed), and then I create a list for the upcoming week, based off of the calendar, and then I usually make a list for the current days tasks. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time making lists than I do doing the things on them! But if I write it down, I always feel less pressure 🙂

  8. I have a day planner and google calendar. I miss my palm that crashed last year. I can relate to the remodel right now I don’t have a kitchen – it should be ready by Christmas. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. I go between my iPhone calendar- it automatically updates on my computer from entries made on my phone, along with task lists. But you have to plan ahead or lists may not get you very far!

  10. Like most people here, I use lists! Very old-fashioned lists. I actually write them on paper. I also have a little calendar where I can keep track of all hte holiday events.

  11. I look at my list and ask myself what do I need to get done today to feel fulfilled when I go to sleep that night. Depends on my mood.

  12. I don’t feel shy about delegating or asking for help – that’s what family is for, right :-)? And lists, always lists. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I don’t stay on task, period! Which is why I am always running around the night before christmas, or begging my siblings to let me put my name on whatever they’re giving…

  14. So the first thing I thought was, “What a cute iPhone case!” True story.

    As for how I stay on task… lists. Lots and lots of lists. I make lists in Excel and lists on paper. I’m a definite list maker. If I don’t make one my day just kind of drifts by and I get nothing done.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Like some have said already, I go the “to-do” list route, but in order to save paper, I have a little “Post-It” application on my computer’s desktop. Works like a charm, but nothing beats the satisfication of actually crossing something off a list, as opposed to just deleting it the way I do, haha.

  16. I love Microsoft Outlook’s Task function. That helps me stay on track at work. At home it’s lists written on a hundred different pieces of paper. 🙂

  17. Like many others shared already, I stay on task during the busy holiday season by making a to-do list. It’s such a great feeling to cross things off the list one by one!

  18. As soon as summer starts I start planning my holiday items. I carry a notebook and prioritize my items and this helped me every year for 3 years now.

  19. I think I’m like most and have lists, but I know that those can sometimes make what needs done 10x worse, so I like to focus on one thing at a time and try and find a way to make the task enjoyable–whether it be music, doing it with someone else, a race, etc.

  20. I was the list queen, but now my new phone has a sticky note feature that I use all the time for lists, reminders, and to keep track of homework. That plus Google Calendar usually keep me on task!

  21. I use a calendar on my computer to keep all the various activities straight. It sends reminders to my email box so that I don’t forget anything. I keep a record each year of the foods I prepare and if we liked or didn’t like them which I refer to when planning for the current year. Otherwise, I do use lists. =)

  22. I keep organized with the oldest of technologies…a pad and pencil! I love lists. Not only adding to them but crossing things off make me feel a sense of accomplishment.

  23. I attempt to stay organized with my ical on my mac for appointments and deadlines. I have a notebook for notes, I have to have paper, I could never get into making notes in my computer, phone, or palm back when those were popular.

  24. I make a spreadsheet with gift ideas and other holiday related activities and deadlines. I love changing the font to the strike through kind to show it’s done! Having everything electronically makes it easily accessible with my laptop or my hubby’s smart phone. Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  25. I would have to say to do lists. I have tons of little scraps of paper in the car, on the kitchen counter, underneath things, and also on my new homemade chalkboard! Happy Holidays to you both!

  26. To stay on task, I need to focus on the people for whom I’m making gifts–and stay off my computer! (Not very good at the latter…)

  27. I am in the middle of a remodel as well. In fact we are ripping out the stairs and gutting the kitchen. I am curious how you went about ripping out your stairs and where you are relocating them. Also what you are doing with your kitchen. As for the question, I stay, or should I say try to stay on top of things by planning in advance. Making freezer meals, homemade soap to give away early on, and then saying no to things I don’t have time for. Good luck with your remodel

    1. Our stairs were in between our kitchen and dining room. We wanted to move them to open up the floor plan. We moved them to our living room. They are now in an L shape and we covered the old stairs with hard wood floors. Good luck with your remodel! It is a lot of work, but worth it. We are almost done with ours. I will be posting pictures soon on the blog!

  28. It’s all about bookmarking the things I need to buy online and utilizing the great task list on my phone. Seems to work quite well. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  29. I always buy gifts whenever I can and not wait until the festival season to go out..this saves a lot of time and money…thanks for this great giveaway…

  30. First and foremost – I have a couple of calendars – one for my daugther and my planner that I carry with me. then I use my lunch hour (I work at home) making meals up and stockpiling the freezer so dinner can be at home (saving money) and I don’t have to “think” what to make. I usually buy a small notebook (fits in my purse) that has a folder size in divider. This notebook holds my shopping lists for both gifts and day to day things, lists for who to buy for, lists for what recipes I want when, basically everything. I keep reciepts for every thing right in the little folder inside the notebook. by keeping the notebook in my purse, I always have it and am less likely to forget something and if I find that I have an extra half-hour I can shop for a person at a particular store, etc…really important for me since we live at least 30 minutes from the nearest town/city. LISTS are the key for me.

  31. A couple of years ago I learned the importance of saying “no” to some things. Of course I can’t always get myself to actually say it and some things you really don’t want to say “no” to! So…I have to make lists. And I rewrite my lists over and over!

  32. It’s about scheduling for every little thing you need. I do better if I take my organization beyond a simple list and decide which things should be down when and in what priority.

  33. I try to stay in an organized state of utter chaos…..i’m not sure what it would feel like to have everything go the way it’s “supposed” to go. I try my best, but usually, utter chaos wins.

  34. I would never be able to keep up with everything if it weren’t for my Blackberry. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

  35. I am a list maker. I have a notebook with gift ideas and people and I try to keep track of everything in there. It gets kind of hairy when I misplace my book!!

  36. I always have a pen and paper wherever I’m at in the house. If I don’t write it down as soon as I think of it, I will never remember it. I go back through all those papers and make lists. I also write down everything on my calendar. I check that calendar multiple times throughout the day to keep me on track!

  37. Lists – on paper, on the white board, on my phone. And, when I start to feel overwhelmed, I prioritize them and jettison some “nice to do but not required” items. I also start early — I start making christmas candy in October, I shop for gifts year-round. Once I acquire a gift, I wrap it and tag it. (and put it on a list so that I don’t forget what I got!)

  38. How do I stay organized? Lists, lists, and more lists. I keep a piece of paper & a pen beside my bed so that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can write down ideas and “to-do” items that pop into my head.

  39. I admit I still need the paper lists at crunch time. For the most part spending 30 minutes each morning planning the day does the trick. No surprises and no missed opportunities.

  40. I stay on task by making TONS of lists, and setting reminders on my phone of things I have to get done. Technology keeps me from forgetting absolutely everything!

  41. You’re going to review the processor? Just it, not in a laptop or something?

    I just give up on being on top of things for the weekend. If whatever it is is really important, I’ll remember it 🙂

  42. I stay on point with lists and three calendars of the events going on. One in the kitchen, on on my phone and one on the computer.

  43. Trying to get as much accomplished as soon as possible…presents for my kids are already wrapped and Christmas cards are addressed and almost ready to send!

  44. I try to stay on a schedule but it’s hard to do. I create spreadsheets on my laptop for present ideas and what has been purchased and how much. I also keep my holiday menus and all the Christmas cookie platters & goodies in a spreadsheet too. If my hard drives I’m in trouble.

  45. I have an “awesome list” on my ipod touch which lets me keep track of all my tasks, and cross them off when they’re completed. There’s even an alarm on it that serves as a reminder.

  46. I never seem to find myself too busy for the holiday season, but for sure lists are my number one organizing tool! If I need to have a productive day I just make a list and everything is sure to get done!

  47. I am a list-maker. I make a list of things to do before bed, and I’m constantly revising it throughout the day. For gifts, I pick one day per person to go shopping so that I”m not overwhelmed with getting it all done at once. This also helps to spread the money over a few weeks instead of spending in one heap. I’m from a smaller town so this is possible without having to face the mall every single day. For food, I help my mom with the planning and do as much beforehand as possible.
    The worst part is mailing stuff. I will put it right by the door and then walk right by it and forget to take it to the post office. Definitely still working on that one.
    I love organization and I don’t think that my life would last very long without it. Organized is the way to be and not very difficult to acheive if you just take some time and effort to set yourself up for success. Once again…lists are my best friend!

  48. I have a magnetic board in my kitchen on the laundry room door. Lists go on that door. As something is completed, purchased or taken care of, it is marked off. I love my board there and the lists on it b/c it is a centralized location in the house.

  49. I stay up after everyone else goes to bed, and I get more done in one hour by myself than when every body needs me for something!

  50. I am a list maker! I keep lists on my Black Berry of meals, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, events to go to, groceries to buy… I always have my Black Berry on me so I can always refer to the lists or add to them while I’m out and about.

  51. Unless I have a list, I’m lost. I start with a list of gifts to buy and then check those off as I purchase them. I also have a list of chores to get done before the holiday and another with things to buy to make our part of the dinner.

  52. Have you tried that sticky notes gadget in Windows? I have so many on my desktop categorized by home, school, and work. It helps a lot!

  53. I tend to forget almost everything so I leave lists everywhere – the car, my purse, on my desk, the fridge and yet sometimes I even forget to check the lists that I write. Go figure! lol

  54. I take a spa day. Of course sometimes the “spa day” only consist of some chocolate cupcakes and wine. WHATEVER it takes to calm and slow down in order to adjust the priorities, think straight and function.

  55. I make lots of lists and try as much as possible to focus on one things until it is finished then move onto the next thing…not always easy with 2 little ones:)

  56. I calendar things and use sticky notes to remind me. I try to get things done as quick as I can to ensure I get to have fun.

  57. THe only way for me to get things done is to make a priority list. I make one every day and carry it with me wherever I go. I also put the most important reminders on my cell phone alarm , so I get a little “ring” to help me out.

  58. I stay on task by just not doing a whole lot frankly! I think the holidays get way overblown and while the tradition is important for my kids, we celebrate simply and try to make it a time of giving what we can to others less fortunate.

  59. The threat of looming deadlines and the anticipation of conferences in exotic locales! I prioritize the most important few issues and remind myself of what needs to happen for those few things as I’m falling asleep or waking up. Everything else I take care of a few minutes at a time when it appears in my inbox or my calendar.

  60. It is so hard to stay on track through the holidays with being a wife, mom, employee, etc… But I do it by my planner! I don’t do the phone calendar thing, or ipod thing. It is pencil and paper, the old fashion way.

  61. I try to stick with the Less is More philosophy. I want to actually enjoy my time during the holidays so I try to keep things as simple as possible! I’ve started doing donation gifts for my parents and grandparents- they really don’t need much (besides the updated school photos of my kids!) and finding a charity that has meaning to them shows as much thoughfulness as any gift I could give!

  62. My therory is to take a sprial notebook and write my to dos,thoughts and lists .I check and cross out when I have finished.I know it sounds old fashioned but it keeps me in line and focus on what I have to get done.

  63. Lists are my saving grace. If I know there’s a bunch of stuff to do, especially cooking/kitchen wise I have a chalkboard on the wall that I write everything down on and cross it off as I go. That way I cannot escape the list, it’s always staring me in the face!

  64. I keep a timeline of all that I need to do and update it everyday with things accomplished. I had one for “turkey day” which I followed pretty much but I did get off track, just a little. 🙂

  65. stayingfocuses on the right things during the holidays can be difficult, I like to remember why I feel like I suddenly have so much more to do in the day which is doing things for others. the thought of being more than myself reminds me that I have more resources than others (including a planner!) and I can do it! 🙂

  66. While the holidays are busy it’s most important to enjoy them. That may mean putting things on hold and it’s ok. The items that cannot be pushed back I try to do in advance – like assemble Christmas cards in September so they’re ready to pop in the mail. Creating online accounts for automatic bill-pay. Also, most aspects of the Thanksgiving and Christmas feast I make at least one time before the big day so there are no surprises.

  67. I really don’t shop and the best thing is I take 1 day at a time. I would be crazy out of my mind if I didn’t.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  68. I’m in school, so I have all the holiday task and some. I use the heck out of my computer and phone. Google Calendar, and task list….plus I have sticky note pads and pens all over the house! It’s been working pretty well so far.

  69. Thank you for a great blog….I visit often. Happy Thanksgiving, and hope your holidays are merry. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway.

    The only way I feel organized, and get the most done incidentally, is to write a to-do list every night for the next day. I do this every single night! Sure, I don’t always complete everything on my list, and that’s okay. But seeing in writing the things that need to be done really keeps me on task. Also, I use a nice black sharpie to cross off the items as they’re completed. This creates a great feeling of accomplishment, even if the task was just to sweep the kitchen floor.

  70. How nice that your remodel is almost done. Yea!
    I definitely stay on top of things with to do lists. I have a huge tendency to get side tracked – start doing one chore, see something else and start working on it… My to do list helps me stay focused and know see what I’ve got accomplished in the day.
    That, and a calendar which I keep synced on my iphone and computer.

  71. I get by with my calendar book and to-do lists, but when I come home for the holidays all productivity more or less goes out the window!

  72. Ha! The less I stress about it the more organized I become. Of course this probably means I am missing deadlines, not planning anything, and falling more behind but at least I don’t worry about it.

  73. As a single Mom to two teens, and working two jobs (one of them from home), I can absolutely put this computer to good use by doing more in less time! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!
    lisaarant at aol dot com

  74. Amazing giveaway! I’m keeping focused this season by thinking more about my two amazing boys – playing together, cooking together and shopping too. Because truthfully I feel like this is what I should be focused on: Family.

  75. I am a manic list maker, so I constantly make to-dos and timelines to keep myself in line. Most importantly, though, I remember that I must must MUST get myself to yoga a few times a week to keep myself nice and sane 🙂

  76. To stay on task, I have 4 planners that work together…A day-by-day planner for lists, a purse size monthly for quick appointments on the go – A monthly planner for my work desk AND the best… a post it weekly calendar on the fridge where I can schedule out everyone in the house. Besides planning, I make sure to schedule down-time – and just kick back and breathe. It’s amazing what a little oxygen can do!

  77. Wow, this is an awesome giveaway…

    Okay *deep breath*, the way I stay focused is by depending on sticky notes!!! They seem to be posted everywhere, but they work great for me! And it always feels great when I can cross something off the list 🙂

  78. I make sure to have my iTouch with me at all times. Not only can I keep a running grocery list, I can jot down any other errands I might remember when I’m not at my desk or in list-writing mode!

  79. I stay on task with multiple lists…a master gift list, then weekly to-do lists, and on the weekends, I have daily to-do lists.

  80. How fun is this? I am ALL about the lists! I have my to do list (general) and then a shopping list for gifts. Couldn’t be without them.

  81. I stay on task by keeping a running list on my Iphone, and then I will make a daily to do list for each category, food, gifts etc! I also rely on my my mom to call and remind me of things I may have forgotten!

  82. I am a list maker and use them to keep me on track! I also use the pocket calendar in my purse constantly. I think I would even forget my own childrens’ birthdays if I didn’t have them written down. LOL!

  83. I make lists on pretty post-it notes of different shapes and colors. Lists get me through the holidays every year, and I swear, I would never have finished my PhD if it weren’t for my lists (my lab books are riddled with lists written on purple teddy bear or heart-shaped post-its!). I tried to go digital with my lists a few months ago. It didn’t work so well because I kept forgetting about the file, and therefore never consulting it. It was funny. I think I’m not quite ready to go completely digital with my lists 🙂

  84. I keep my planner nearby at all times – i’m not kidding. I take the thing with me everywhere. I also make daily lists in the planner. This way I can see what i’m supposed to do in the future and what i have accomplished in the past. It is my brain’s external hard drive!

  85. I am always making lists. I have them everywhere. I will also try and make lists in my phone to ensure that I dont loose the paper I wrote my many lists on! 🙂

  86. I stay on task during the holidays by making lists and prioritizing. Really, it’s the same way I stay on task throughout the year.

  87. Lists, lists and more lists! I’ve been using my iPod to make lists so that I don’t lose all those scraps of paper…now I just have to remember to keep my iPod charged! 😉

  88. This may not make sense to most people, but I’m a complete advocate of not being chained to lists unless it’s for groceries. Certain thing always need to be done, so they get done — especially if a deadline is involved. I “get done” during busy times of the year because I take time to relax. it works!

  89. I stay on task by picking one major task a day (ie. baking, holiday shopping, etc.) and to do my everyday stuff in the morning before I tackle the major things.

  90. I’m a little old school when it comes to this – I have a desk size calendar on my fridge – I make weekly schedules – which include meal plans and cleanign schedules – I alos LOVE post it notes 🙂

  91. Thanks for the chance to win! I make lists in Excel and Word, keep my online calendar updated, have a fridge calendar that I keep updated, and for dinner parties, I make timelines with tasks for each day so that I can prepare at least one week in advance. Thanks again!

  92. I rely on my online calendar to keep me on task with multiple reminders and alarms every day. I also have a notebook for written to-do lists that I check off as I complete things.

  93. SWEET! That’s so awesome that they sent you a laptop! Very cool 🙂

    Anyway, I stay on task by writing lots and lots of lists. They’ve become one of my most favorite things!

  94. I use a to-do list and check things off as I get them done. I also you stickies on my desktop to remind me of things I need to do.

  95. To stay on track, I make sure that I put every appointment, meet up, dinner, and work event that I need to be at in my blackberry. By keeping it in my blackberry I am always reminded of when I need to be somewhere!! 🙂

  96. I am a list maker also. I have a master list that I carry from day to day then each night I plan the next days list of to-do items. I also have a master list of recipes to try, projects to do, future things I want to start as well as an ongoing list of things to buy, price or check out. Life is very busy and continually gets busier.

  97. I keep a list for each store/errand setting on my blackberry, and add needs to the lists as I have time to do so. Then, when I find myself in one of those stores, I check my list.

  98. Staying on task during the holiday season is hard for me! I think is year I will look at the entire month and THEN day by day!

  99. I keep a list of all the people I neeed to shop for and also an envelope in my purse to keep all those receipts together in one place

  100. I keep my list pretty simple to begin with, not too extravagant. Then have lists on my phone for each person I have to shop for. I also try and manage my familiies schedule so that we don’t lose the meaning of the season.

  101. I wish I DID stay on task more. Poorly hand-written lists seem to be my go-to method. Although I could definitely use a more organized, convenient method!

  102. I try to get the time consuming projects out of the way first. I like to have my Christmas cards ordered early and do much of my Christmas shopping online. That leaves lots of free time for baking and doing lots of fun Christmas activities.

  103. Keep it simple. Less it better- always elegant and tasteful! And of course, keep a list with you at all times- I like sticky notes too!

  104. I keep lists of what needs to get done and try to look around online for the best deals before heading out and driving from store to store.

  105. Luckily we don’t host any big holidays at our place, so staying on task is not such a big deal. But I always use google calendar to stay on task on a weekly basis.

  106. I write down a list of things with the most important thing to do first the night before. I try to accomplish at least 5 things on my list. Always put the least important stuff on the bottom so if you don’t get it done, you can bump it up for the list on the next day. I also use Sunday as my planning day to plan out the week and look ahead.

  107. oh, I had to laugh when I was thinking how I would respond to “How I stay on task…” so funny, because I’m not sure that I do! Actually, as middle-age approached, I began to start making a list–that has proved invaluable to me because I find that I don’t remember everything quite the way I did when I was younger.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. Staying organized is so hard especially this time of year – I also am coming out of home remodeling that took MUCH longer than it should have. My saving grace is my husband who loves to do the holiday shopping for gifts. He takes the girls which allows me to stay home and get things done. Since I despise shopping it is the perfect solution!

  109. How do I stay on task?? Two things that have changed my life (more important during the holidays, but helpful all year round). 1) Google Calendars. I can add events, get e-mails to remind me about things coming up, and access it from anywhere. I even gave my mother access so she knows whne we are/ are not available. 2) I plan dinners a month in advance. I print a blank calendar and have the whole family pitch in ideas. It helps me plan ahead and cook “for the freezer”. Plus, when I’m running late the rest of the family knows what to get started. In fact- I was planning for December when I found this web site!

  110. I am a list user. I make lists of what needs to be done each day and list it in order of priority. Then start at the top and work my way down. If it is a task I can delagate to one of my girls I do, and my wonderful husband is willing to jump in and help with aot of different things. He has even started to help with some of the cooking. He makes an incredible lemon merique pie, and did his first pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

  111. I am bad bad bad at keeping up with everything I need to. I start early, keep plugging along, then start crossing things off of the list that I’ll never get to. Someday I’ll really be able to get through that list…

  112. I have a Christmas Planning Binder, full of lists, gift ideas, recipes–all the things I refer to during the holidays. I have to hide it from nosy kids because that’s where I write the things I’ve purchased for each of them.

  113. I have lots of lists–but it’s easy to loose the lists 🙂 so I’m hoping you have some good advice for us on the Intel. Hopefully it worked for you. Sometimes it seems like more work to put everything in a computer versus scratching out a quick list by hand. Thanks for the giveaway, hope I win!! The gift my husband has his eye on for Christmas is at Best Buy.

  114. Lists and more lists–and of course my every handy can’t live without calendar! I am a very organized person and avoid clutter–that really helps things to stay on task during the holidays and year round! 🙂

  115. Stay on task? Hmm, that’s a tough one. I tend to live putting out one fire after another! But it’s fun and I’m never bored. I can’t live without my day runner, that would be the way I stay in the right place at the right time.

  116. I’m a list maker….I’ve got a to do list, a have to buy list, and an appointment list all on my phone. I’m always checking it, adding to it, and even crossing off what’s accomplished. I’d be lost without it.

  117. I also keep a list, but have a system of putting things I need to take with me near the front door. tHat way, I won;t be running an errand and forget to bring a necessary item with me!

  118. Staying on task is a commitment! I use lists as much as possible and pray I remember to take the list with me. I recently started carrying around the same journal size notebook, it seems to help.

  119. I keep notes on my BlackBerry, as well sync my work and personal calendars. I put reminders in my phone calendar, as well, so that I am reminded to take care of important tasks.

  120. I stay on task during the busy season by using sites like and to help remind me of what I’ve done and still need to get done. I also LOVE the app for my droid phone — it’s great for on-the-go notes and shopping lists.

  121. I am constantly sending emails to myself so I’ll remember whatever it was I was thinking about at that moment. I also make lists. I have a never ending to- do list.

  122. I feel like I am duplicating Margaret’s post. But I am a total list person. I have chore lists(note the “s”), menu lists, shopping lists, list for each grandkid, just list after list. the best part my list are on my computer.

  123. Well I try to stay focused and only do what I think I will get done, I dont set expectations that I know are impossible to achieve, my husband & I recently started a to-do list of things we really need to work on in our house, the first thing was the basement and throwing out junk that has been piling up for years, we actually accomplished it over Thanksgiving week, he took the week off for vac and we decided to do at least one task per day, that way we didnt get burned out and we did get everything done during that week, by breaking it up into smaller projects the entire job wasnt overwhelming and my basement is now junk free and organized. He is an engineer and looks at things differently that I do so he applied the same principals he uses at work to our basement clutter and we worked together and the job was finished and now we are going to be working on the garage over the next few weekends to get it organized and cleaned out, Thanks for the great giveaway

  124. I am obsessed with making lists. Once one starts to get a little messy, I’ll re-write it and add more items. I make to-do lists on the computer, my phone but the only one I ever used is written on a piece of paper 🙂

  125. I don’t really stay on task during the holiday season. December is the time for me to be a bad kid- I eat too many cookies, sleep too late, spend a little too much money, and pay for it all in January. I justify it all by saying it’s TRADITION.

  126. Wow! I’m thinking maybe I’m missing the ‘Make a List’ boat!! It looks like it’s so successful for everyone–maybe I’ll give it a try! Trying to stay on task with 7 children is a challenge! I just try to have fun with them while I can! (which isn’t always very productive…)

  127. I create new to do lists each week. I use this for my college classes, I create a new one each week even if I haven’t finished the old one, I just add that stuff to the new list. I love looking back at my list and seeing what I crossed off =] makes me happy I got something done.

  128. I make lists, but I also let some things slide. Holidays are a time to create memories with my kids, so if something gets left undone, it is alright because my kids and I did something else fun.

  129. I love pen and paper for everything. The hard part is remembering where it was left last and getting it mixed into the kids pens and papers.

  130. I’m a list-maker. If it’s not on the list – and there isn’t a deadline associated with it – it doesn’t usually get done.

  131. I stay on task by making tons of lists, and using reminders on my phone. I’d be lost without my phone telling me to do things.

  132. Two main things keep me on task: One, the huge family calendar in our kitchen. With all that we have to do, all that the kids have scheduled, December fills up quicker than any other month, but when I see it on the calendar, I can plan ahead and know it’s coming. Two, and this may sound simple, but counting down until The Big Day; if I tend to say, “No, I’ll do that another day,” I remind myself that we only have X number of days left, so let’s get it done already!

  133. Lists and lists…then I plan how long I need to do everything and tack on an extra hour or 2 because I know I’ll need it! It helps that I LOVE the business of the holidays, so I don’t hate what I’m doing. 🙂

    1. That would be delegate,delegate,delegate…One shouldn’t comment when eyes are tired and contacts are blurry! Need to delegate more so as to get in bed on time!

  134. lists!!! most importantly I keep a Word notebook on my computer each year for the Xmas holiday. Gift lists, menus, plans, etc. all in one place and then I can look back at previous years to see what we have done in the past!

  135. I always make a fresh list each day and I even put things on it that I completed that weren’t on the previous list. Then I can start the day crossing off done items. =)

  136. Usually just hand-written lists and keeping track of things in my planner. We mostly make travel plans, do a little shopping, and whatever baking I can!

  137. See Chris above…that is exactly what I do. I have a little notebook FULL of lists. It’s fun to look back on them though. And they can make you feel like you REALLY accomplished something.

  138. I don’t have a fancy phone but its usually the only thing I have on me at any given time. It took me a while to realize I could send myself messages, since my ‘Drafts’ were already full. Now when I’m on the go and think of groceries I need or see a good gift idea in a passing store I just send myself a text. I get them a few minutes later and store them up in my inbox until the end of the day!

  139. There is something about being able to mark off an accomplished task on a list that makes you feel great. 🙂 I want to keep going so I can mark off everything!

  140. I have a list separated by each person and then one separate list for my fiancee. I give myself the goal of finding the best price for the products I want to buy which gives piece of mind to some on my list as well.

  141. This would make a great gift for my daughters who enjoy making scrap books and other forms of art work. Also following on Twitter, @ChicgoStyleInfo .

  142. I do lists in the morning when I am fresh to follow throughout the day to keep me on track. I keep things simple and as close to my everyday schedule as I can. I don’t plan elaborate meals just good comfort food for the holidays that I know everyone will enjoy. I do plan meals in advance so the added pie or a few side items can be cooked ahead so I am not a slave to the kitchen and can enjoy whatever we have going in the living room or out doors. I am a quick, efficient and neat cook so I can stay on task even when I am cooking large meals.

  143. i make lists and lists and lists! i like to organize huge grocery shopping lists into categorizes based on areas of the store to make shopping easier – much less carting everything back and forth because you forgot something in a far away isle. i like to designate a little notebook for a specific upcoming event, like i’ve got my Lisa Frank neon kitten notebook for this Christmas!

  144. i just found your blog from a link on Amanda&Kevin’s blog… LOVE to see all your great cooking ideas, and i’m going to try those thumbprint jammies!

    and, what a cool giveaway too! if i didn’t keep a master list, there’s no way i’d get half the stuff done that i want to for the holidays. my list ends up being pages long – but it works for me 🙂

  145. I’m my *old age* of 34, I swear I already suffer from short term memory loss…sooooo, I make multiple lists and hang them in busy spots around the house, write tasks on my calendar in the kitchen, and PRAY! I want perfection, but perfection doesn’t always equal happiness. The main thing to remember is that family, friends, and God matter. Not how well you decorate or how well the casserole is. Certainly not who bought the best gift. When you return to simplicity, you return to real happiness.

  146. I need lists! I can get so distracted that I forget things, so I have lists at work and at home to help me keep on top of things.

  147. I love writing lists but in my aupair year here in the usa is everything different and I just have to make things different than in germany

  148. I would love to get this type of laptop for my husband. He needs something at his office — but he could also bring it home so we can watch internet videos on our HDTV! So I’d use the $250 gift card to help pay for a new laptop for him.

  149. I make lists of everything that needs to get done, so I don’t lose track of anything. I also do online shopping as much as I can – I save a ton of time and money that way.

  150. I make myself a check list and usually the easiest things get checked off first! I promise myself a reward if I get everything done. I am also hooked to on-line shopping and get most of my gifts done and I don’t even have to beat the crowds!

  151. how you stay on task during the busy holiday season? –> I don’t. I’m always a mess, doing things at the last minute, no matter how hard I try!!

  152. I use a variety of cloud apps so I can stay connected and productive on my netbook, smartphone, and main PC so I can keep up with my lists wherever I am.

  153. I’ve sort of lost my knack for staying on task due to issues beyond my control, but THAT is just IT…I have had to relinquish some of the control and delegate to the 6 kids and hubby…and TRY really hard not to let the small stuff get to me. If the presents are not wrapped perfectly, the cookies not frosted like a pro, or the tree decorated like it belongs in a magazine…I am OK with that now. Life is really too short…we are finding that out in our family.

  154. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off seems to be my typical holiday season mode. I’m a To-Do List queen, often waking up in the middle of the night and scribbling notes. We’re in constant motion and always in need of new electronics. A gift card to Best Buy would certainly keep us on our toes. Here’s my tweet too – Thanks!!!

  155. I Stay on Task on the sometimes Hectic weeks by keeping a level head and breathing smoothly as I realize technology such as Intel, has been getting better and better meaning our lives are touched so much we shouldn’t take for granted we Will Be Fine!

  156. This is going to be my first holiday season feeling truly organized since I will have my first iPhone to keep organized via my calendar, notepad reminders and Facebook synced app that reminds me of important dates and events. This

  157. I am the Post-It girl during the holidays. I make lists and post them throughout the house to remember what I need to get done, buy, or clean before the Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  158. I try to be intentional about any downtime that I have with a one year old and a two year old running around. Love your blog! 🙂

  159. Get enough sleep & stay healthy…..otherwise I get sick and then NOTHING gets done. Learn to cut loose what you can do without and to say NO…’s not so hard once you start & you don’t end up over-committed and stressed!

  160. I already have a travel checklist made and all my shopping is already done. I get things done early so the holidays dont stress me out!

  161. My iPhone keeps me organized. I use it for notes, calendar features, etc. And I also rely on good old-fashioned post-its and a mini-notebook I keep in my purse.


  163. I stay organized by going over my endless lists each morning to recenter and make sure I am doing everything I should be doing. This Christmas will be a bit more hectic as we have been doing some remodeling as well and still have several of the projects ongoing. But my lists will come through for me.

  164. Listmaming AND crossing off. Delegating tasks. I have one daughter that has taken over pie making so I have less to do.

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