KitchenAid 7-Quart Mixer Giveaway

*Update: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Sherrill (#5190) who said” My favorite holiday cookie is snickerdoodle. Congratulations! We will email you. Thanks to everyone who entered. Merry Christmas!!!*

Today is our final holiday giveaway and we are going out with a big bang! We are giving away KitchenAid’s brand new 7-quart Bowl-Lift Residential Stand Mixer. Yahoo! My KitchenAid Mixer is my best friend. I couldn’t live without it.

The new 7-quart Bowl-Lift Residential Stand Mixer is a dream machine. It has a 1.3 HP Motor with 10 different speeds. It is powerful, long lasting, and efficient. The mixer is quiet and can mix, whip, and knead like no other machine on the market. It can hold over 8 pounds of dough and make 14 dozen cookies! I told you this machine was a dream:) The mixer comes with a dishwasher safe  Powerknead™ Spiral Dough Hook, coated metal Flat Beater, and Stainless Steel 11-Wire Elliptical Whip. The mixer is also backed by a 2 year hassle-free replacement warranty.

For the giveaway:

To enter to win a KitchenAid 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Residential Stand Mixer (in the color of your choice), please leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite holiday cookie is. 

For extra entries:

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The giveaway is open until Friday, December 23rd at 10:00 p.m. MST. The giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Be sure a valid email address is included with your comment(s). Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on this post. We will email the winner and if the winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

This giveaway is sponsored by KitchenAid, but our opinions are our own. 

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  1. My favorite Christmas cookies are sugar cookies and gingerbread men, rolled, cut into holiday shapes and decorated.

  2. My favorite holiday cookie would have to be rolled sugar cookies cut-out with cookie cutters & decorated with royal icing! The possibilities are endless… can be eaten… or hung on Christmas trees… just laid out for Santa or Papa… edible gifts to friends/neighbors… you get the point, right? haha!

  3. Hmmm….my favorite holiday cookie….I think it’s this sour cream cookie that my brother-in-law makes. They are really yummy. They have frosting on them and are really good!

  4. My family’s favorite holiday cookie would be a chocolate chip cookie. Not any chocolate chip cookie but Alton Brown’s chewy chocolate chip cookie. My brother and brother-in-law won’t let me in the house Christmas morning if I don’t have a fresh batch of them with me. πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays to you, Josh and your precious Caleb!

  5. Favorite Christmas cookie? That’s a tough one…date bars rank right up there, as do chocolate biscotti and mint brownies.

    Love your blog! So many great ideas!

  6. my favorite holiday cookies are the decorated sugar cookies we used to make at my friends house. (As I recall, it was more about the amount of frosting/decorations you could cram onto a given cookie than the artistic merit of your decorating)

  7. My favorite holiday cookie is not a cookie at all. Black bottom cupcakes are always a part of our “cookie” baking! πŸ™‚

  8. Wow. Amazing giveway!
    My favorite holiday cookies are the old fashioned gingerbread men my mom used to make with me and my sister every year. When we were young we would help her add red hot candies for the buttons and eyes. Then we weren’t looking, mom would sneak the feet off of a cookie. I love to remember those times.

  9. I love cut out cookies with LOTS of sprinkles! Made a double batch last week an they were gone in 4 days! Time to do it again!

  10. My favorite Christmas cookie is a traditional sugar cookie. And can you believe I don’t have a stand mixer yet?!?

  11. I could not imagine Christmas without my dads chocolate chip cookie. He just uses the recipe off of the back of the bag, but I swear it tastes different than any other cookie ever.

  12. my favorite holiday cookie has got to be plain old chocolate chip cookies πŸ™‚ my mom makes a huge batch of them every year around christmas and i love them!

  13. Toss up between peanut butter blossoms w/ dark chocolate kisses or Ultimate oatmeal cookies w/ brown butter icing

  14. This is a beautiful machine! My favorite holiday cookie would be sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting or the little “snowball” cookies my Mom makes. Of course, any holiday cookie is fine by me!

  15. I’m a sucker for the classics-a good chocolate chip cookie is really the best thing ever, especially during the holidays.

  16. My favorite holiday cookie is similar to a peanut butter blossom, but instead of a chocolate kiss I put a peanut butter cup inside. Great for chocolate-peanut butter fanatics like me!

  17. My favorite holiday cookie is by far the sugar cookie wreaths my mom makes, that was my great grandmas recipe. Delicious, festive, and heart warming.

  18. My favorite cookies to make are spritz cookies because I used to make them with my grandma and mom all the time. My favorite to eat are any with chocolate and peppermint!

  19. I made Citrus Butter Cookies for my cookie exchange and they were so good I almost didn’t give them away….well I did keep a couple extra for home.

  20. My favorite holiday cookie’s are Zimmstern (Cinnamon Stars), a wonderful German cookie…my grandmother always made these at Christmas-time and I have continued the tradition. All the family look forward to them each year!!!!!

  21. My favorite cookie has to be the crackly spice cookies ( a recipe from Dancing Deer), but your roasted cinnamon nuts are my other Christmas fave!

  22. My favorite holiday cookies are Spritz cookies. I just love the versatility of that dough. Make it butter flavor, dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, tint the batter have holiday cookies. You can just add colored sugar or go all out and decorate with frosting. Plus its a snap to whip up a batch of dough. Also dough freezes well

  23. Wow, what a giveaway!! My fav Christmas cookie?? All of them!! Helloooo Is my chocolate covered cherry fudge a cookie?? How about ginger cookies!

  24. I LOVE Two Peas and Their Pod! I have made every cookie that you have posted over the last two months! And also the Pumpkin Nutella Bread and the delicious Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes! You are my absoulte favorite food blog! I’d LOVE a Kitchen-Aid mixer! And I just don’t “Like” you on Facebook, I LOVE you on Facebook!!!! πŸ™‚

  25. Oh man, it’s hard to pick a favorite…but I probably love fudge the most. Is that a cookie? Probably not. In that case, I guess I’ll have to go with frosted sugar cookies…mmm. πŸ™‚

  26. definitely chocolate mint snowcaps!
    (also, the only cookie i never mess up!)
    thank you for the WONDERFUL give-away! merry christmas!

  27. My fav holiday cookie is sugar cookies because I love decorating them with my kids. Thanks for the chance!

  28. My favorite holiday cookies are called Candy Cane cookies. My Mom makes them every year for xmas. They are a shortbread cookie with crushed candy canes in them. Last year my son was 2 and he got to help make them. He crushed the candy canes with a hammer and those are now some of my favorite pictures of him!

  29. It’s hard to narrow down a favorite cookie, but peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses hold a special place in my heart. When my daughters were little, they loved pushing the kisses into the warm cookies. Great memories.

  30. Favorite (holiday) cookie, until seeing the recipes you have here, that I WILL BE trying, is Cranberry Hootycreeks!

  31. Ohhh, so many choices!! I would have to say thumb prints are my favorite!! But only if they have a Herseys Kiss in them! πŸ™‚

  32. My favourite holiday cookies are definitely linzer cookies – my Oma used to make them for us every year with homemade raspberry jam!

  33. Our new holiday favorite cookie is your white chocolate gingersnap cookie!! They have been a huge hit with my friends and family!! I have also shared your recipe! We just love them. I need to make another batch this week!! Thanks!

  34. My favorite holiday cookies so far are chocolate crinkles and the molasses sugar cookies my aunt makes every year, but we’ll see if some of the ones I make this year rival them!

  35. Took your suggestion, and am now a fan/friend of KitchenAid on FB….love my current KA stand mixer, but wow, this 7-quart one would make it so much easier to make large batches of cookies for all the post-game college lacrosse team tailgates!

  36. I’m waiting for my cookie try from my friend. She has some awesome cranberry bars on the tray. It is almost a cookie!

  37. Dutch cookies are our favorite – we make them in a large pot and it takes two people to do the mixing. It is a recipe that has been in our family for 3 generations.

  38. My grandmother’s sugar cookies. Every time I make them for the holidays it brings fond memories of eating them every Christmas around her kitchen table. I miss her very much!

  39. Hi! My favorite Christmas cookie is my grandmother’s chocolate chip bar – which has a cookie base, chocolate chips, walnuts and TONS of coconut – we make it snow!! I would LOVE to win this mixer – my grandmother has been using these since before I was around, that’s for sure!

  40. My favorite christmas cookie is my grandmas Ice Box cookie. It’s a little untraditional, but it is incredibly delicious holiday treat!

  41. My favorite holiday cookie is one from Martha Stewart…it’s a Rosemary Butter Cookie! It’s so pretty when you sprinkle it with sugar and such a surprise to find a hint of rosemary in the crisp butter cookie!

  42. Have friended you on FB, am following you on Twitter, and have subscribed to your blog…..GREAT recipes, thanks so much for sharing!

  43. I like you and KitchenAid on Facebook and Twitter. My birthday is on Christmas Day and I would LOVE this mixer. I used mine all weekend and the upgrade would be wonderful. Happy Holidays!

  44. My absolute favorite holiday cookie? hmmm, I don’t know that I have one! But I do plan to make the red velvet cheesecake cookies for this holiday! yummo!

  45. I love a lemon cookie my family has been making for years.
    liked, you, liked kitchenaide, follow you by subscription,

  46. LOVE my KITCHENAID!!! My husbandgot it for me for Christmas last year, and I use it all the time! He said he should have gotten it for me a long time ago! It is one of those “I told you so”

  47. I love Zimtsterne! They’re a German cinnamon cookie, usually shaped as a star (though I’m too lazy to roll out dough, so I make a log and slice circles).


  49. I Love Chocolate Chip Cookies with a peppermint white chocolate drizzle on top. It’s kindof a Peppermint Bark Cookie actually. Yummy!!!

  50. My husband’s grandma’s molasses cookies. She made them as a young girl and they’re a wonderful family tradition. She passed away this year at age 97 so the recipe has definately lasted the test of time!

    I also tweeted the giveaway and liked/followed on Twitter!

  51. My favorite holiday cookies are some citrus shortbread cookies my mom has made for several years. They look like circular orange, lemon, and lime slices. She decorates them with orange, yellow, and green sanding sugar and uses a citrus flavored icing to outline and draw segments on them. So cute and delicious!

  52. My grandma makes these molasses spice honey cookies that her mother made before her and the recipe has been passed down. They are different than other cookies I have had, but surprisingly really good. They are my favorite during the Christmas season!

  53. I love oatmeal raisin cookies, but I often will “mix it up” by adding craisins and white chocolate chips instead. Love your blog! I also like your page on Facebook.

  54. I Love Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Peppermint White Chocolate Drizzle. They’re kindof a Peppermint Bark Cookie actually. So Yummy!!

    **Repost from a minute ago cause I realized I oopsed & put the wrong email in lol**

  55. I baked the snickerdoodle biscoff cookies with my boyfriend (really…he watched while I baked, but he was very active in the eating) this weekend. It is officially become my new favorite holiday cookie!

  56. I subscribe to you and follow you on FB as well! Enjoy your recipes!! Sugar cookies, another family favorite πŸ™‚

  57. My sister makes these wonderful cream cookies…a buttery sugar cookie filled with a yummy creamy filling…they melt in your mouth!

  58. Oh, so hard to choose one favorite! I would say my mom’s thumbprints filled with homemade strawberry jam… followed closely by iced sugar cookies!

  59. My favorite holiday cookie is something I can’t find anymore, they used to be called NOEL cookies and were anise flavored. I’ve tried re-creating them too with no success so far. I’ll get there someday!

  60. I am Canadian and don’t qualify for the give away but I just had to pop in and give a shout out for Brown Eyed Susans. This was my Grama’s signature cookie at the holidays and we loved them…FROZEN! The holidays can be tortourous for kids and Grama’s house was no exception with platters of good food within reach but my mom guarding it carefully and doling one goodie at a time. Well, that worked for a few years, until I was old enough to be sent to the deep freeze to replenish the goodies and to my great surprise finding containers upon containers of frozen Brown Eyed Susans. From that Christmas on I had as many cookies as I wanted – frozen cookies. I am a grown up now and can eat what I want, when I want to but I still find myself sneaking down to the deep freeze for one of those frozen cookies.

  61. Russian tea cookies. I grew up having them stored in powder sugar in a Tupperware container! Sweet memories sifting through the sugar trying to find a cookie!

  62. I love peanut butter — but with chocolate chips. They remind me of my Grandma, who passed away at Christmas time in ’04. My daughter is named after her.