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Le Creuset Palm Giveaway on twopeasandtheirpod.com

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we have an exciting Le Creuset Giveaway. We are going green with Le Creuset’s NEW Palm Line!

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We are huge Le Creuset fans and when I saw their new Palm line, I instantly fell in love. I am obsessed with everything green, but Le Creuset in green is a dream come true! I feel like they made the Palm line for me..ha! The green is gorgeous and perfect for the peas. It looks so good in our kitchen:)

The new Palm color comes in Le Creuset’s famous French Ovens, Cast Iron Skillets, Stockpots, Casserole Dishes, and much much more! You can shop the entire Palm line here. Beware, you are going to want everything. I do:)


To get your collection started, we are giving away a Le Creuset 5 1/2 qt. Round French Oven AND a Heritage 2 1/2 qt. Rectangular Dish in Palm to one lucky winner!


Aren’t they pretty? To enter to win, use the PromoSimple Widget below. Good luck!

Disclosure-this giveaway is being provided by Le Creuset, but all our opinions are our own.

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  1. Just wanted to say the Palm Le Creuset is beautiful!! So springy and soft, would love this in my kitchen! Have never had any Le Creuset and would love to use this in my daily cooking! A wonderful prize!!!

  2. “Earth Day” isn’t just about a day. We try not to waste things—reusable shopping bags, reusable water bottles, a recycle bin that fills up faster than our garbage can.

  3. Awesome giveaway Peas. I too love, love love green and the LeCreuset is the top of the line. What a wonderful gift you are offering your readers.

    I would be able to cook up more of your fabulous recipes with these beauties at my fingertips.

    Love reading your blogs and trying your recipes. Thanks for the effort you put forth so I can share your deliciousness with my family and friends.

  4. The Le Creuset color is gorgeous! Love it! We have 5 kids that all play sports, so we use big water jugs and reuseable water bottles for their sports. My husband is the recycle king. He would recycle everything if he could. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I have always wanted a set of this cookware – the color is so HAPPY and would compliment my French Country kitchen! Sure hope I win!!!

  6. I’ve heard so many things about Le Creuset’s line of pans and I would love to own some. Palm green looks great to me! Thanks for the give-away!

  7. I have been wanting to cook with these products forever! They always use them on the cooking shows I watch! And the green is amazing!

  8. We recycle everything we can and my tip is to have a compost bin. My bin is just a loop of chicken wire. My family of 4 makes less than a regular size bag of garbage each week.

  9. This is amazing! Green is my favorite color too and the stockpot would look amazing with my kitchen decor!!

  10. I recylce anything that can be recycled and question whether an item can be donated, reused or upcycled to something else before I throw it away.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! Love the shade of green of this cookware. 🙂

  11. I love their products. I had one given to me years ago and I still have it.
    They last forever. They are also very pretty . Great to take to the table or potluck.

  12. Such a pretty, spring color! Would brighten up any kitchen on those cold, dark winter days as well as the spring and summer ones! Thanks for the giveaway! Now if I could just win one for a change….!

  13. Thank you for alerting me to this! Le Creuset has been a cookware staple in my family for generations, and green is my favorite color- alas, NOT their original Kelly Green, but the green of their Palm line! I’m so glad they have finally come out with the color I love!!
    Excellent giveaway.

  14. Love using Le Creuset! and this color is so Springy and so pretty. Would love to add these two pieces to my collection!

  15. The new Palm color will go perfect with my blue Le Creuset Stock pot for having friends over to watch Seahawks games!

  16. The new Palm color will look great with my blue Le Creuset Stockpot for having friends over to watch the Seahawks games next season!

  17. What a great gift drawing! Thank you for putting my name in the hat – I followed the directions in the entry widget too!

  18. I love the green pans/dishes! I’ve always wanted to try Le Creuset because I’ve heard great things about them but haven’t had the chance to buy any yet….would love to win this set to get my obsession started! Thanks for the great giveaway

  19. WOW!! What a beautiful color…..I just love it. This is an awesome giveaway. I do love your blog and I use many of the recipes from it.

  20. LOVE the color of the La Creuset and I love the giveaway!! I always enjoy checking in with your blog and trying your great recipes. I thought I had submitted a comment, but have looked and looked and didn’t see it. If it is there, I didn’t really mean to double up on comments.

  21. Love Le Creuset and the color is beautiful. We use cloth diapers to go green (wasn’t sure if I was supposed to enter this comment here too or just in the survey window :)).

  22. Awesome color what a joy to have in any kitchen, I think my cooking style just jumped 100%
    Thank you for picking this great giveaway!

  23. I try to recycle as much as I can. (I would love to try composting eventually!) I’d like to try and switch to reusable sandwich bags/flour sack towels as much as possible.

  24. I really want to own a piece of Le Crueset but haven’t made the plunge yet – this would be a great start to a collection! Green is shouting Spring!

  25. When I saw this set I fell in love with it! Green is my favorite color. I enjoy your blog, so many great ideas for recipes. I have done several and they always come out great.

  26. Such a beautiful color. Green just happens to be my favorite too! We try to recycle as much as we can and are always looking for eco-friendly packaging. On Earth Day, we always plant a new tree.

  27. I have dreamed of owning a Le Creuset!! The green makes my dream even better!! I have a bread recipe that I have been wanting to make but need one of these to do it.

  28. LeCreuset has always had an excellent reputation for top quality and great looks. This color happens to be outstanding. Thank you for this opportunity

  29. The Palm series is Rockin’ with the Happy Color! Thank you and I love this product line… They cook like mom.

  30. I treat each day like its Earth day!! It is so important to take care of the earth and teach the next generation to do the same!!

  31. wish it was the whole set i bought a le crueset pot years ago at a yard sale for .25 but unfortunately it was stolen by a roommate it was an awesome pot.just can not afford to buy them new,if i could they would be all i use.

  32. Just found out that I have health issues that need to be addressed by preparing food and eating it in healthy ways. These Le Creuset pieces would be HUGE motivators!

  33. I am in love with this new color and these pans. It has been on my dream list since the came out! I am in sore need of some great pans and would love to have these! Thanks for the chance.

  34. I know the feeling – I’m also in love 🙂 . But I’m from Scandinavia and can’t join the Giveaway 🙁 🙁

  35. Fabulous giveaway, I love that color! Afraid we don’t do a whole lot. Do take my own bags to the store, and have reusable water bottles. Don’t want all those plastic bottles in my trash, not to mention the cost of buying the water.

  36. Brillant,eye catching,and memorable. Excellent gathering of a versible set of cook/bakeware, like it very much and sure I would love it if I had it. Great giveawsy thanks for the expectation and excitement!

  37. This would thrill me to DEATH to get these pieces! The colors are gorgeous and I have been wanting Le Creuset forEVER!!! this would be Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary all wrapped into one FANTABULOUS gift! My fingers, toes and eyes are CROSSED! 🙂 (If I could, I would cross my nostrils!)



  39. What a GREAT giveaway – I love the color and absolutely love Le Creuset but as a senior I don’t have the money to purchase it. This would be a dream come true. Can see myself making soup and stews in the pot and roasting just about anything in the pan.

  40. I was so thrilled to see the new Palm color! I love this green. If I were to ever own a piece of the Le Creuset brand I would love to have this color to match my kitchen! Thank you for sharing this giveaway!

  41. LOVE love love this color, woohoo! best cast iron on the market. I own a guest house and do a lot of cooking, would love this set!!!!!

  42. I would love this set of pots. Cooking for my family of six would be something that I really looked forward to every day if I had these!

  43. I love this color. never saw it before but I am in love. not sure if this is where I enter but nothing else is showing up above. hope to win one of these some day

  44. I have been following your user friendly website since before your little one was born. I enjoy looking at the yummy finished projects, and reading those up to date recipes.
    I don’t own any pieces of Le Creuset at this time, even though my husband is an amazing cook – my 15 year old son is following in his footsteps (he’s looking at culinary school for his career), and I love to bake. I can only imagine how it would fit well into our kitchen tools & supplies.
    Here’s to wishing…..

  45. Just bought a new house and we’re planning a kitchen remodel, getting ideas, choosing colors. These are inspiring!

  46. Le Creuset will be in my dreams tonight. I have not been able to purchase any yet myself but this would be a great way to start out a collection. There simply isn’t anything that compares to the enjoyment of using this cookware and I’m lucky to have friends that I occasionally borrow from.

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