My Dough Girl Bakery

I love cookies, that is no secret. So when I found out there was an all cookie bakery in Salt Lake City, I was beyond excited. We recently visited My Dough Girl, and I was in cookie heaven.

My Dough Girl features gourmet cookies sold fresh or by the frozen dozen. Tami Cromar is the genius behind this bakery. She only uses the finest and freshest ingredients to create her gourmet cookie dough. She features nine cookies that are all named after “fifties” girls. Every month Tami also features a special cookie. I love that every cookie is unique. Sure, there is a chocolate chip cookie, but “Trudy” is not ordinary! She is a traditional chocolate chip treasure!

I consider myself a cookie coniseur. I know a good cookie when I taste one and My Dough Girl has passed my test with flying colors. Thanks to Tami, I have sampled my fair share. They have all been really tasty, but my two favorites are “Ricki” and “Vivianna.”

“Ricki” is a coconut dough with chocolate chips, coconut, and almonds. If you like coconut, this is definitely the cookie for you! The coconut flavor is strong and the chocolate and almonds make it even better!

“Vivianna” is an orange dough with dried mangos and dark chocolate chips. The orange flavor is slight and pairs well with the mangos. You might be thinking, mangos…in a cookie??? It is not weird, it is divine. I promise! And the dark chocolate takes this one over the top. This is Josh’s favorite too.

So who is your “Dough Girl”? You better find out! If you live in Utah, visit the bakery and enjoy a warm, soft cookie.  If not, Tami will be taking online orders in the near future. So be on the look out!

For more information, please visit My Dough Girl.

My Dough Girl, LLC
770 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT  84101
Tel: 801.834.6111