Our Best Bites Cookbook Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed! The winner is Emilee K who said, ” Our favorite family recipe is a Raspberry salad made with cook to serve pudding!” Emilee-we will send you an email. Thanks everyone who participated!

Two of our favorite bloggers, Kate and Sara from Our Best Bites, just came out with a cookbook-Our Best Bites-Mormon Moms in the Kitchen. We are so excited for them! We are looking forward to cooking our way through their book. The book is filled with simple recipes that the entire family will enjoy. I love that every recipe includes a beautiful photo. This book is a winner!

On Friday, I attended their cookbook launch in Salt Lake City. Kate and Sara cooked up a storm and talked about their new book. It was fun learning more about their recipes, blog, and cookbook. Plus, we got to sample a few of the recipes that are featured in their book. I am in love with their herb-rosemary focaccia bread. It is fabulous! I can’t wait to make it at home.

We love Our Best Bites cookbook and we think you will too so we are giving away one book.  To enter to win a copy of Our Best Bites leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite family recipe is.

Please make sure you leave an email address. The giveaway will close on Tuesday, March 15th at 10:00 p.m. MST. We will announce the winner on March 16th. Good luck!

Maria Lichty

I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. Our favorite recipe here is my friend Stella’s Cream of Chicken Soup. It’s so yummy. I usually have to double the recipe & even then it’s gone by the next day.

  2. Our favorite Best Bites recipe is their chicken taquitos, but our non-Best Bites favorite is Taco Rice… Something we discovered while living in Okinawa, Japan.

  3. My grandfather is the cook in the family. Our favorite of his is Chicken Coq au Vin. It’s thin, strips of chicken simmered is a white mushroom and wine sauce and deliciously paired with, homemade creamy fettucini alfredo. jalapeno cheese bread brings the meal together. delish!

  4. My family’s favorite (although it’s hard to choose) is pecan raisin pie. It’s requested every year for our daughter’s birthday, plus Christmas, and any other occasion one can think of. Yum!

  5. We have a German Chocolate Cake recipe that my mom makes for everyone’s birthday. Her mom made it for all of her children on their birthdays as well. It makes me smile..

  6. My favorite is German Bread Dough dumpling’s with ham and potatoes. Yummy! This is a family recipe that my grandma taught me and is the best comfort food ever. I have not met anyone who does not enjoy this dish when they try it. Hope to win your cookbook I love twopeas!

  7. Our favorite family recipe is my mom’s blackberry cobbler. Oh I wish she were here – it was one of those that she had in her head and now that she is gone I have never been able to find one like it. She was the best. Recipes are family – they are home.

  8. So far I have not found a favorite family recipe. I am still in the process of learning to make dinner and get my kids to eat it successfully.

  9. Wow, we have so many favorites it’s hard to choose. We love my bolognese, but our new favorite is one I threw together because of something we bought in Seaside/Monterey Bay. We stopped at this little vegetable stand that was selling their own artichoke heart marinara. It was so good I looked at the ingredients and took in one step further and made my own artichoke heart red wine marinara. That’s all my daughter wants now.

  10. We really don’t have family recipes passed down but I do love EVERYTHING that my grandmother makes! She’s planning on making a cookbook for everyone this Christmas with her recipes. I can’t wait!!!

  11. My favorite family recipe is Red Beans & Rice. The recipe was passed down to my mom & dad from an old family friend and now it’s become the foundation of every family gathering we have 🙂 Just the thought of it will ALWAYS warm my heart!

  12. I love any of my moms Chinese food! I don’t think I could pick just one dish. Probably her noodle dish that is sort of like chow mein. 🙂


  13. Choosing a favorite family recipe is ridiculously hard and I’d have an endless list if I could, so I’ll just go with my Mom’s cheesy broccoli and cauliflower soup!!

  14. My dad’s lasagna! Recipe originated out of a Betty Crocker cookbook, but he has altered it over time to be just perfect!

  15. My husbands family has a tradition of making a custard ball every Easter. I love watching him make it and cannot wait until we have little ones to make even more memories of this with!

  16. Our favorite is made more than any other recipe. It is a crunchy chocolate chip cookie that includes special k cereal, oatmeal and nuts

  17. I have two – my dad’s cornbread stuffing and my Grandpa’s spaghetti sauce. So good – and so much more important to me now that they are both gone.

  18. Aunt Marge’s Dessert if I could only pick one that has many memories. It’s like one of the original dump cake recipes.

  19. my favourite family recipe would either be any of my grandmother’s pies (especially beef and onion!) or bread and butter pudding. Great giveaway! thanks 🙂

  20. I have 3 kids (4 and a half, and twins at 2)… they are still getting accustomed to simple flavors but they absolutely love spaghetti (w/meat sauce) and breadsticks. Also, chinese noodles as well. They are great with vegetables, but the amount of spaghetti and bread they put away amazes me. It always brings me a smile to see them eat so well.

  21. We love Sanpete marinated turkey. It was always special when we’d grill it when I was growing up. (And I would LOVE to have a copy of this cookbook.)

  22. A favorite recipe for my husband and I is a recipe for cajun chicken pasta. It’s a recipe that I got from a friend and it is not very figure friendly, but we love to have it for special occasions and the leftovers are even better the next day!

  23. My favorite family recipe has always been my mom’s “chicken and rice”–bone-in chicken breasts slow cooked in white wine, onions, cream of mushroom, and golden mushroom soup…topped off with some rice (now we use whole grain). Mmmm! That plus her frozen chocolate-peanut butter covered banana slices equals perfection!

  24. I’ve always loved chicken sauce with rice that my grandmother used to make me and my brother when we were little. It’s so simple yet incredibly delicious. (That might have something to do with grandmothers not being afraid of cream and butter..)

  25. It’s so hard to choose a favorite recipe! It all depends on the season and my mood, haha! A go-to favorite is my MIL’s Mexican Chicken Casserole. It’s great for any Sunday and a perfect meal to take to another family! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  26. Our family’s favorite recipe is delicious homemade chicken pillows! it’s about the only thing the whole family will eat and love together. 8)

  27. my favorite family recipe is Double Chocolate Brownies, affectionately known as DCB’s around here. I am 48 years old and I’ve been baking them since I was in Jr. High. They are incredibly delicious and I have yet to find another recipe that I like better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. My mum’s soy sauce & ginger braised chicken- and of course she never measures anything! Thank you for doing this!

  29. My mothers Old Fashioned Potato Salad. So yummy that I make it with a whole sack of potatoes because my family won’t leave it alone until it’s all gone. Then I have seen the grandkids swipe a finger and lick the bowl. It is awesome.

  30. It is so hard to say. We love trying new recipes all the time. I’ve notices we really love pumpkin breakfast recipes. Our newest and instant classic was the pumpkin scones with a maple glaze on top.

  31. My favorite Go To Family meal is taco soup. So easy and fast. The boys love dipping the tortilla chips. I love Our Best Bites.

  32. One on each side of the family – my dad’s mother makes a date cake that all the men in the family on that side love. My mom’s sister makes the best butterfinger dessert that everybody fights over at family gatherings on that side =)

  33. I’d have to say my very favorite is a layered casserole dish that doesn’t even have a name so I’ll just call it sausage casserole. Yum! Might just make that for dinner tonight.

  34. A dish I love to make, and one we will all eat…is a chicken enchilada dish. My kids are now grown at 21 & 23 and they still request this, even on holidays.

  35. WOW-I would LOVE to have this!!!

    Our favorite family recipe/meal is Chicken Ortega…it started with a recipe off of a can many, many years ago and has grown to have a recipe and flavor all it’s own!

    Mmmm, I think I might make some tonight! Thanks for the chance, and good luck!

    [email protected]

  36. We love, love, love the Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze. My boys say it needs to be the only banana bread I make from now on. Great recipes.

  37. Our favorite family recipe is salmon patties. Its such comfort food, reminds me of my grandma who made them all the time.

  38. I love their butternut squash soup! There are so many other ones too, this was just the first one that came to mind.

  39. My family is Greek! My MOST favorite family recipe is Pastichio! It’s so wonder and no matter where I am, it always make me feel like I’m home.

  40. We Love making homemade bbq chicken pizza with our family’s homemade bbq sauce! so yummy! Would Love to Win!!!!

  41. Our favorite family recipe is meat stuffing. It was handed down to us from my grandfather. We use it every Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other special occasion we would have a turkey for. It always provides a story at dinner and a happy memory of our grandfather.

  42. Stuffed roast pork tenderloin with chopped apples, rosemary, onion and garlic. Easy homemade stuffing and yummy 🙂

  43. My step-dad is Swiss so our big ‘family night’ dinner was always fondue. I’d make myself sick every stinking time because it was just so good. One can OD on cheese…

  44. Chicken pot pie! I have already made it twice in the past week and a half! (although the pulled pork sandwiches I made last night are a close second!)

  45. There are actually two family favorites in the house… the kids love my homemade tacos with my special seasoning & bean mixture & hubby and I love crab legs with my spicy butter dipping sauce!

  46. We love homemade lasagna and cheesy french bread. I can even get all three of my kids to eat it (which is pretty amazing)!

  47. We are currently loving bean and beef burritos. I think I got the recipe from afewshortcuts.com. I love chili of all kinds, and a classic in our house is pot roast. We are also currently enjoying not-sagna
    pasta toss from Rachael Ray.

  48. My family loves a cheesy potato soup made with bacon, sour cream, green onions, cheese & potatoes. As the kids left home, they always called for the recipe for a cold winter day.

  49. My favorite family recipe is Pernil al Horno (Puerto Rican roast pork shoulder). This is traditionally served at Christmas, but it’s too good to only eat once a year, so I have to fix it several times a year. : )

  50. I love cookbooks and I know that I would enjoy this one. The recipe I would like to try is the Single Serving Pie. That just sounds so interesting and it would really make good gifts.

  51. We love food so much that it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’d have to narrow it down to anything in the mexican food category! That’s always golden. 🙂

  52. About the only thing everyone in my family can agree on liking is chicken…so I can’t wait to try OBB’s Spicy Honey Chicken!! I’ll have the fattest stars in my eyes if I win this rockin’ cookbook! ;D
    heathersisaac (at) gmail (dot) com

  53. One of our family favorites is shredded pork sandwiches! Everyone loves them! 🙂
    lmackey9466 at comcast dot net

  54. I love Our Best Bites and have been following them for a long time. One of my favorites from them is the Fauxtisserie Chicken. It’s such an easy and delicious way to make chicken and to use for other recipes.

  55. My favorite family recipe is easy chicken enchiladas. My daughter and husband both love it and it’s pretty quick to throw together.

  56. Would love to win one of these books! Love their stuff… my favorite recipe would be my homemade oreos- can’t eat just one!

  57. Our current family fave is roasted root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes) tossed in a olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh rosemary, and lemon juice. Simple and delicious! I’d love to win the book.

  58. I love OBB and would love their cookbook! Our favorite meal(s) would be: Hamburgers and mustard roasted potatoes. . . and omlettes, and spicy honey chicken.

  59. I love OBB! I love their salad dressings. I always get asked for the recipe when I make one of their salads. Our current favorite family dinner is spaghetti. Easy, but my kids eat their entire dinner so I can’t complain!

  60. That is a hard one, too many favorites. I would have to say my grandmothers roll recipe. It is so yummy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Our favorite family dish would have to be baked pork chops that are coated in a buttery cracker crust seasoned with Lawry’s salt. It’s unbelievably simple and it is the only dish that all 4 of us agree on. 🙂

  62. I would have to go with my Grandma’s Chicken Soup coupled with some homemade rolls. It is so delicious that I have become a sort of chicken soup snob- I can not eat it from a can anymore. It is just not good enough!

    I have heard fabulous things about this cookbook, I hope you pick me!!

  63. My husbands grandfather served in Hawaii for awhile. He has a recipe that is delicious!! It’s called Hula Ham Hawaiian, and it is divine!!

  64. I have a recipe for some delicious cookies that I created by combining 3 of my favorite cookie recipes. They have a little bit of a lot of things, but not too overwhelming. Everyone in the family loves them.

  65. Sweet and Sour Chicken is a favorite of ours. My daughter is getting married in a few weeks and I would love to win this cookbook to give to her, to get her off to a great start cooking. Thanks!

  66. I love no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies…because they have put smiles on the faces of my children for many years!

  67. this cookbook sounds fabulous! no kids to cook for yet, but my husband LOVES when i make asian lettuce wraps (made with ground turkey) with brown rice and edamame on the side.

  68. Mormon Enchiladas. Very unique and oh so good. Ask me about them. I will share the recipe. I would like to know if they are your families favorite too.

  69. My mothers (may she rest in peace) made a fabulous Zucchini Bread, soo moist and tender. I grow Zucchini every year so I can make it and give them away to bless others and it puts a smile on my face as if Mommy was in the kitchen cooking with me! :0)

  70. My favorite recipe of all time, or of theirs?? Of all time…Well, anything with chicken! From their website? Their flour chocolate frosting with the doctored up white cake mix, YUM!!!

  71. The fam loves it when I make baked chicken and yet it is so easy! Just spread some mayo on top of the chicken and add Lawry’s seasoning salt. Bake in the oven and you’re done. Tastes heavenly. The chicken comes out soooo moist.

  72. Our family favorite is Italian spaghetti sauce. Recipe can from my Uncle Vern! It’s been a family favorite for 2 generations now.

  73. My grandma’s Breakfast Corned Beef Hash! Always after a big dinner of Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes! Mmmmmmm!

  74. Our best family recipe would have to be out tortelots. Similar to tortellini, but bigger. We make them with a bolognese sauce and a ricotta and swiss chard or spinach filling.

  75. Anything my mum makes I love..
    Fave recipe for my own home is.. either cottage pie, or chorizo & bacon soup.. so hearty and warming through the long UK Winter!

  76. I LOVE Easter, because it’s the ONE time of year that we get Phosnox (sp?) which are German Yeast Donuts. Actually, the family’s always called them “Mrs. Meyer’s Donuts” (the old neighbor who gave grandma the recipe) until Dad, foodie for us all, gave us the “real” name. SO delicious!!

  77. My favorite recipe would be my mother’s Strawberry Banana Bread. She created the recipe when I was a little girl and it has remained my favorite recipe of all!

  78. My favorite family recipe is Swedish meatballs, something we have every Christmas but also throughout the year. It always reminds me of my grandma and great aunt.

  79. My family’s favorite recipe is probably pizza. Or macaroni and cheese. Or brownies. Or ice cream. So many to choose from; it’s hard to pick just one!

  80. My favorite family recipe is what I call “Portuguese beef stew” but really it’s just a stew of meat and potatoes. It is to DIE for!! The meat is so tender and the potatoes just melt in your mouth. My mother would make it for me whenever I came home from college because she knew I loved it!

    Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  81. My favorite family recipe is one that goes back many generations to Belgium. It requires a special waffle iron, takes much time to make, but I look forward every Christmas to having those Belgian Waffle Cookies!

  82. I love my moms homemade rolls.. there is nothing better than going home to eat hot rolls for dinner. I love Our Best Bites.. Hope I win their cookbook

  83. My favorite from growing up is probably my mom’s bread topped hamburger casserole. My favorite newer one she started are her cinnamon rolls/rolls. She makes them every time she comes and the kids call her the roll grandma.

  84. I love my mom’s lasagna! She always substituted cottage cheese for the ricotta and that’s how I have always made it 🙂

  85. A favourite recipe… we can only pick one! 🙂 I would say it’s apple crisp with fresh fall apples….. or is it fruit crisp, with fresh rhubarb and berries! I can’t pick just one… Have a wonderful day, and I love your blog!

  86. I LOVE the OBB blog! Their recipe for Smokey Ham and Bean soup really helped my family get through this awful Midwest winter we’ve had. It has become one of my family’s favorite recipes.

  87. I love Our best bites blog so I’m sure their cookbook is AMAZING. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite family recipe is my Grandpa’s fluffy waffles. SO tasty!

  88. My favorite family recipe is my moms hamburger vegetable soup. It’s a little bit different every time she makes it depending on what she has on hand but it’s awesome every time.

  89. My favorite family recipe is homemade mac and cheese (the kind with the breadcrumbs on top). YUMMY! I might have to make this for dinner tonight 🙂

  90. My love it when my mother makes reservations! She really was not a good cook and when she did, we usually ended up ordering pizza. I’m trying to break the cycle and cook and bake more. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. Humm.. I have a memory of the sweet cinnamon smell floating though the air, my mom’s cinnamon rolls NEVER were finished soon enough… now I have taken a recipe & tweaked in myself.. yum!!

  92. My favorite family recipe is my grandmothers chocolate gravy. Oh my mouth is already watering. I’m going home for a visit soon and can’t wait to sop it up with warm biscuits.

  93. My favorite recipe is my mother-in-laws sugar cookie recipe. These are so yummy with sprinkles on the ends, my husband and I can’t stop eating them! Thanks for a great giveaway, I LOVE Our Best Bites and this cookbook is on my wish list.

  94. Our favorite family recipe would have to be our bread recipe. With just a few tweaks, it can be dinner rolls, a couple loaves of cracked wheat bread, or cinnamon rolls. Yum!

  95. Our favorite recipe right now is roasted veggies & sausages. It’s so easy too which I’m sure helps it taste that much better. 🙂

  96. I might have just stubbled upon my family’s new favorite recipe!!! It’s Baked Ziti!!!Yes, it’s very simple but when I made this for the first time last month……THE WHOLE DISH WAS GONE!!!! And having somewhat picky eaters, that’s says A LOT!!!! They like it soo much that I now make it about every other week!!!

  97. My favorite family recipe is my great grandma’s sour cream sugar cookies. They are very fluffy and sprinkled with a bit of sugar Cinnamon. An all time favorite of mine!

  98. our favorite family recipe has got to be either thai chicken w/ peanut sauce or fudgy oatmeal bars…both are staples here 🙂 (but you can’t go wrong with simple brownies either!)

  99. It is such a simple recipe, but as one I grew up with, my favorite family recipe it beef stroganoff. It is made with some store bought and some homemade ingredients, and it is a dish I will always love!

  100. It’s a cliché – but my mum’s apple pie. The recipe’s nothing special but none of us siblings can replicate it.

  101. My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s chicken soup recipe. Can’t be a good Jewish mother without the ability to make great chicken soup!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. My Nana makes a cake, the only cake i can remember ever liking, so this is my favorite familiy recipe. It’s incredibly moist with a near fudge like frosting. I recently found the recipe, written out by her (she died when i was nine) ! My aunt got in the spirit and attempted the cake. My cousins both had different memories of the cake… so now it’s my turn to try…it’s what I’m to bring to Thanksgiving next year so I best get at perfecting it!

  103. My favorite family recipe is my great grandmother’s pumpkin pie. It’s the best, I really won’t eat any other pumpkin pie.

  104. I love my mother-n-laws recipe for Potato Casserole..it is ALWAYS my “go to” when i need something that everyone will enjoy and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands!

  105. My very favorite family recipe is a toss up between my Mom’s Pizza soup and my grandmothers datenut roll she made every Christmas. One warms my tummy and the other warms my heart.

  106. A favorite family recipe is tough when you’ve got some picky eaters. Just finding something that everyone will eat is a feat in itself. The first thing that comes to mind is breakfast. The favorite here is pancakes from scratch with homemade syrup, and not even the homemade syrup is a favorite for all, but definitely for 3 out of 6 of us 🙂

  107. We love to eat in our family and love pasta, mexican and ice cream. Love OBB’s Baked Creamy Chicken toquitos. 🙂

  108. My family favorite recipe is for Homemade Perogies passed down on my dad’s side. Haven’t tasted one better than these babies anywhere!

  109. Our family’s favorite is definitely spaghetti – my mom made up a fantastic recipe for meat sauce while she was in college and it’s been a hit ever since! I grew up on it and now it’s my hubby and kids’ favorite too. 🙂

  110. My favorite family recipe has got to be lasagna. When I got married, hubby and I combied my mom’s and his mom’s recipes and the result is awesome!!

  111. Our favorite is Malagasi Chicken (spicy honey chicken), a recipe I got from my friend from Madagascar. It is so yummy!!!

  112. I would have to say my homemade pasta sauce. The recipe was given to me many years ago from a family friend. I modified it a bit throughout the years and my husband loves it so much that he wants me to market it….maybe someday.

  113. Ours is pizza. We make stuffed crust sometimes and love it! It is healthier to make it at home too since we don’t drench it in grease! LOVE IT!

  114. My favorite family recipe is for Navajo Tacos. We make the frybread and chili beans from scratch, and top them with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and olive. It is time consuming, because we start with dried beans, but the outcome is so worth it.

  115. My favorite family recipe is called Davy Crocket Bars… Yummy!! It’s a mix between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie.

  116. Our favorite Family Dinner is Stuffed Cabbage! I have an unbelievable recipe that makes the best Stuffed Cabbage ever! My family would take this meal anytime!

  117. I love their website , I always get compliments on their recipes. Would adore a cookbook. Thanks
    Cinnabon caramel popcorn….to die for!!!
    Audubon, New Jersey

  118. I think my favorite family recipe is for Coconut Green Curry or Morrocan Chicken – really anything yummy that my four kids will eat and still tastes like grown up food 🙂

  119. My mom’s version of Creamy Tuna Noodle Casserole. It’s delicious and the whole family loves it, including my picky 2 year old. =D

  120. Our favorite family recipe is…hmmm…hard to choose just one and please all 7 of us at the same time…but probably, homemade pizza with a whole wheat crust. We also enjoy OBB’s sugar cookies.

  121. My families favorite food is chicken alfredo with my homemade pasta. Mmmm, that sounds really good right now actually.

  122. My favorite family recipe is when I make my Grandmother’s Famous Chili Sauce every fall; usually about 60 pint bottles, some to enjoy and others to give away.

  123. My favorite recipe is my great grandmother’s pot roast. We had it every Sunday for our “Sunday Dinner”. What a wonderful tradition and memory for me!

  124. our favorite family recipe is texas sheet cake… it just gets perfected over the years and is always amaaaaaazing

  125. My favorite family recipe is my mother’s homemade manicotti. The pasta is razor thin and melts in your mouth! Yum!

  126. My favorite family recipe is my homemade chocolate chip cookies. I follow the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chip package except I add one teaspoon of baking soda (in addition to the baking powder) and instead of two sticks of butter, I use one stick of butter and 1/4 cup of butter-flavored Crisco. Delicious!

  127. My favorite recipe would have to be my mothers homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Its one of the only things my mother could cook and was the first meal I learned to make myself when I became an adult. I have fond memories of my mother and me in the kitchen rolling meatballs, now my daughter and I do the same thing! 🙂

  128. Our favorite family recipe is Broccoli Beef. My kids love it and I love that they’ll actually eat the broccoli!

  129. OBB creamy chicken taquitoes are one of our family faves. Just tried their banana bread recipe too, delish! Much better than the recipe I used to use.

  130. My mother’s potato salad is our favorite family recipe. A close second is her cole slaw.

    jane1 at cp-tel dot net

  131. My family loves sweet pork tacos. My boys are getting bigger so I may have to start doubling this. It doesn’t last long at our house.

  132. My favorite recipe is my sister-in-laws pasta salad. She makes it with lemon juice, Accent and Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and lets it marinate for 24 hours, or longer and then adds in bell peppers, red onion and olives. What a yummy summer dish.

  133. OMG the Streusel-Topped Blueberry Muffins are amazing really loved them and you can substitute the blueberries for other fruits. Delicious muffins I can eat them every day!!!!

  134. My families favorite? It depends who you ask. Me? I like everything, mostly, not sure about eggplant. Tonight I am making pork chops.

  135. Our family’s favorite would have to be my homemade chicken soup…well homemade except for the boxed broth. The key is chicken baked with lemon slices under the skin and a piece of lemon zest simmered in the soup.

  136. I’m going to have to go either with my grandma’s red velvet cake or her rhubarb pie – both are staples at family get-togethers.
    nd (dot) farrell (at) yahoo (dot) com

  137. Well, seriously, just as yummy as “all” of Best Bites recipies are, we just love food period, hum, maybe the question should be what food don’t you like. BB pumkin strusal is “outta sight”, seriously! And tried their carmel cider, makes you just wanna scream with goodness! Keep um coming gals, you are truly gifted from above~

  138. One of our favorite recipes is pork tacos. They are so yummy!!! I’m getting hungry just thinking about them! 🙂

  139. One of my fave family recipes is my mom’s homemade version of a calzone….for rustic, old fashioned sicilian style….yummy!

  140. My favorite, and the most mysterious, family recipe is my dad’s BBQ sauce. There is no written recipe, nor are there any measurements. He does it all by looks and taste. What I wouldn’t do for some of that sauce!!

  141. My favorite recipe has to be my Grandmothers homemade noodles. Now that she is gone they are more special. I can’t wait to teach the recipe to my grandson & granddaughter.

  142. My mother always made banana bread for Christmas. So that is a favorite family recipe! As is my mother’s peanut butter cookies!

  143. Definitely our Moms homemade bread and goulash, that I’ve never been able to get just right. It was hamburger, macaroni noodles, tomatoes, onions and? I never seen the recipe for just ground beef. Would so love to be able to replicate it! Have a blast baking through the cookbook! xo

  144. I would love to win this cookbook! I love to cook and eat all kinds of food! Tonight we are having lasagna. Yum! Yum!

  145. I’m a huge fan of theres. Follow their blog & fan on facebook!
    Favortie dish- so far anyways is strussel-topped blueberry muffins for dessert 🙂 & ham and cheese soffle roll! or Southwestern Beef Wraps

  146. One of our family favorites is My husbands amazing Grilled Chicken Tacos. We’ll eat it almost weekly when the warmer months roll around. During the colder seasons, my family likes Shepard’s Pie. In fact, my 6 yr old requested it for this week 🙂

  147. My favorite family recipe are my Grama’s chocolate chip cookies. She used half crisco and half butter so they were flaky yet soft and she used the chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips. Chunk of chocolate trump chips for sure. They are a reminder of her warm and welcoming house. I miss her, but know that she is watching over me when I bake these cookies, for my dad especially.

  148. My boys love meat loaf and potato salad, which I HATE to make since they are two of the few things I make without following recipes !!!!

  149. Our favorite family recipe is…..hmmmm…..that’s really hard to pick one. I make most often and everyone seems to love my chocolate chip cookes. Boring? No–LOVE. 😉
    I grew up “famous” in my family for rolls at Thanksgiving. The family all call them “fish rolls”–long story.

  150. our favorite family recipe right now is a toss up – coconutty cupcakes, or chocolate protien cake…both a absolutely delicious!

  151. My favorite is my Mom’s Apple Dumplings that she would make for my birthday and as a surprise sometimes when I would come home from college for the weekend. She is gone now and mine just don’t taste the same.

  152. My favorite recipe is spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts, even my toddlers love it and I can’t get them to eat spinach any other way.

  153. Mine is the chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs my mom makes every Easter. Even though she gave me the recipe, they just taste so much better when she makes them!

  154. Mom’s Potato Salad & her Cheesecake, just had it yesterday – we made it for her for her birthday. We learned from the best!

  155. My family’s favorite recipe is my Aunt Alice’s Pink Stuff! We make it at every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and not enough times in between 🙂

  156. My favorite recipe is a flourless chocolate cake – the chocolate cloud cake. It is rich and super chocolatey and when topped with whipped cream and peaches, it’s to die for!

  157. I <3 this cookbook!! It's so cute!! My husband just said that his favorite family recipe is my cheesy smashed potatoes. But I think it's my chicken kabobs! Super easy to make ahead & freeze until you want to use them. They defrost in minutes and can be baked or grilled 🙂 YUM!!

  158. one of our faves is a chicken and spinach risotto with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese! The kids just gobble it up and my my picky hubby likes it too!

  159. One of my family’s favorite recipes is chocolate mint brownies. I would love to win this cookbook and add some new favorites to our list!

  160. Mom’s crock pot beef stroganoff. I always ask for that for my birthday dinner. served over rice or noodles – sometimes both! YUM

  161. I LOVE the Best Bites website! I have made some delicious recipes from this website. I would have to say our families favorite recipe is Shrimp Jambalya. We do family meal night with another family each Monday. It seems both families…all members of both families request this meal the most. 🙂 Would love to share it with anyone if they want it. Recipes are meant to be shared…there is NOTHING like seeing smiling faces and ohhss and ahhss uttered while they are eating what I prepare for them. 🙂

  162. In order to have favorite family recipe, someone would have to write it down. 🙂 I do love my Mom’s tacos, but I’d have to watch and learn.

  163. I’m so excited for this cookbook too!! My favorite family recipe is for my dad’s salmon cakes and chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. And my mom’s Boston cream pie 🙂

  164. Our favorite recipe, especially in Spring, is Lemon Bars. I received the recipe from an old family friend and it never fails to WOW.

  165. ************** My favorite family recipe is my grandmothers tomato ‘sunday’ sauce & her fluffy good focaccia!!!!!!!! ******************

  166. My favorite family recipe is my great great grandma’s homemade graham cracker pie. I have lots of fond memories from my childhood, pulling up a chair to stand on to help my mom stir the filling.

  167. Too many family favorites to choose from, but I would have to say “Pinwheel Cookies” from my “Aunt Donna.” You start with These are peanut butter cookie dough, roll out into a rectangle, spread a layer of melted chocolate on it, let it set, then roll up like a jelly-roll, starting with the long side. Let chocolate harden. Slice into one inch slices and bake. YUM! What is better than a little chocolate and peanut butter combination?

  168. My favorite family recipe is known as ‘Green Salad’! Cottage cheese, pineapple, green jello mix and cool whip!

  169. Our favorite family recipe is a whole wheat flax seed banana bread. Of course to offset the healthy… We usually add chocolate chips! Mmmmm!

  170. My favorite family recipe is my mom’s baked beans. Everyone who tastes them LOVES them. It’s a recipe that you don’t measure…she adds this & that & when it looks right & the consistency is right, it tastes very right!

  171. That’s a toughie…either Chicken & Rice Bake or BBQ Pork Steaks. Both are recipes are from my mom 🙂 We’re having the Chicken & Rice Bake tonight, as a matter of fact <3

  172. Favorite family recipe is one for manicotti with homemade noodles made in small crepe pan to enclose and roll up the cheese filling before adding sauce and baking.

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