Our Wedding Day

We got our wedding pictures back from our talented photographer, Christy, last night. She did a wonderful job! She took so many great shots! We have several favorites…we will try to share as many as we can with you! ENJOY!!!

The Salt Lake City Temple

Coming out of the temple!

Don’t worry we kept it G Rated:)

Mr. and Mrs. Lichty

Greeting family and friends. Matt and Josh, brotherly love!

The Adamska’s, Whitney’s parents.
We are so glad they made the trip from CA!

Me and Nicole

Josh and his Mom

Me and my Dad

Marsh, Rach, Gracie, Lucy, Me, and Josh

Me and Kelley

My bouquet and our bling bling!

Group Photo! All of our family and friends.
Thanks for coming everyone!

The Dixon side of the Family

Josh’s family! Everyone got a turn:)

Me and the Lichty Boys!

Josh, Me, Suzi, and Sean Kelly! Love these guys!

Just Married!

Ok, that is enough pictures for now. I will be posting other wedding pictures in the near future! Be on the look out. It really was the perfect day!

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  1. holy cow. you’re beautiful! and josh ain’t so bad looking himself. 🙂 how did i miss the part about getting a place. weird. gotta go back and read that better.

  2. Congratulations….Beautiful pics guys.

    Can I make an observation…

    Josh goes off on the Border wall….I pointed out the irony that the previous blog entry in entitled “Unwanted Visitors”

    Beautiful wedding pics the begining of a marriage a life together wonderful….

    The previous blog entry entitled “The Never Ending Hike”

    Its a long hill maria but hey you married him.

    Love you guys.

  3. I read your whole blog today. After reading the first page I wondered if you and your husband were LDS. And after reading all of your post’s I was right. You and your husband are a very cute couple. I admire your dedication to your site. And your recipe’s are fabulous. I look forward to following your blog. Jeanne

  4. Hi. My name is Allen Parker and I was a missionary in the Sacramento California mission a long time ago and got to know the Adamska family when I was there. I was trying to find an email address etc to reconnect. Is there any chance that you happen to have one for them?