Rosanna Pedestal and Christmas Mug Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Nicole {sweet peony} who said: “beautiful dishes! i would definitely fill my mug with peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows! yum.” We will contact you! Congrats!*

We are kicking off our holiday giveaways with a fabulous giveaway from Rosanna. I am obsessed with dishes. When Josh remodeled our kitchen, he made sure there was plenty of room for my collection of dishes, but guess what? I am already outgrowing my space. I can’t stop myself. Some of my favorite dishes come from Rosanna. I want them all!

Today we are giving away a small Rosanna White Pedestal, I have this one and LOVE it, and a Christmas Mug set. To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post telling us what you will sip in your Christmas mug if you win. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea?

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Winner will get to choose which Christmas mug set they would like. Please make sure you leave a valid email address when you comment. This giveaway is for U.S. residents only. The giveaway is open until Thursday, December 8th 10:00 p.m. MST. Winners will be chosen randomly. Good luck!

Rosanna is sponsoring this giveaway, but our opinions are our own.Β 

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  1. I am a tea lover by heart but lately I can’t stop my addiction to salted caramel hot chocolate… I just LOVE it! That is definitely what I would be sipping in those cute cute Rosanna Christmas Mugs! Thank you, Maria (and Rosanna) for this wonderful giveaway!

  2. Those mugs are so cute! My son has been asking for a tall Christmas mug for his morning “coffee” and these would be perfect!

  3. Hot chocolate! Last year I made homemade hot chocolate mix for the first time and it was spectacular, I can’t wait to make it again this year for the holidays. The mugs are beautiful, thanks for introducing this company to us.

  4. These are lovely dishes! I have not heard of Rosanna before so thanks for sharing. It would be a real treat to sip hot coco out of one of those pretty mugs!

  5. I would definitely be sipping some of my favorite FTO coffee all day long from one of those lovely mugs.
    Thank you, Maria!

  6. It’s so cold in Denver right now–I’m looking forward to sipping some hot cocoa with a splash of Bailey’s carmel Irish cream. So divine!!!

  7. Pomegranate green tea while my lovely boyfriend sits next to me with hot chocolate sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy πŸ™‚

  8. These are too cute! I, too, have a problem (according to my husband) of having too many dishes. Oh, well! These would be perfect to sip my green tea in the morning, which is supposed to be good for me….well, except for the mornings that I fore go healthy things and have my coffee!

  9. Our family tradition is hot apple cider while we decorate the Christmas Tree (the adults just might add a splash of Tuaca). Love, love, love hot apple cider! Plus it makes the whole house smell like the holidays while it warms on the stove. πŸ™‚

  10. In the morning, definitely sipping coffee… but in the evenings when it is cold, hot chocolate spiked with a little bit of peppermint schnaps. πŸ™‚

  11. I usually fill my mug with coffee…but with the wintery weather, I use it a lot more frequently! Everything from tea to hot chocolate to mulled wine cider…tasty delights that warm up cold days πŸ™‚

  12. We would definitely sip hot cocoa here at our house. I had a really yummy flavor recently that I want to find more of–it was roasted pecan hot cocoa. So good.

  13. Hot Chocolate is my hot beverage of choice! With lots of hazelnut creamer! I would love to sip it out of one of these darling mugs!

  14. Super cute! I would LOVE to drink a hot chai…but my 7 week old doesn’t seem to like it when I do. But I can dream about the day that I can… ;O)

  15. My latest indulgence is a mug of decaf coffee (with cream and sugar, please!) at night after my little one has gone to bed. There’s nothing like sipping a warm beverage while relaxing on the couch with my husband and watching the lights on our Christmas tree twinkle πŸ™‚

  16. oh, that ornaments mug is adorable!
    I think hot chocolate for special times and tea every morning would fill my mug.

    thank you!

  17. Right now, I have a cold so right now I’d be sipping some nice hot herbal tea out of one those adorable Christmas mugs.. but as soon as I start feeling better it’s Mexican Hot Chocolate for me! πŸ™‚

  18. What lovely mugs~! Big and more than just a little liquid to squench your thirst. I would be drinking my coffee with my Coffee Mate French Vanilla cream…Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa

  19. I don’t like coffee, so Christmas morning, my mug is usually filled with hot chocolate, perhaps with a splash of cheer in the form of Bailey’s.

  20. We recently started a new Christmas tradition for my little family using an old family recipe for hot chocolate mix! The ingredients are all dumped and mixed by my children’s little hands in a giant silver bowl. After we divide a…nd share what we have created we save some for ourselves…That is what I will be drinking out of these incredible mugs…Perhaps it could be yet another treasured family tradition:)

  21. I so want to win the pedestal! It is so cute… it might inspire me to bake something. For the mugs, I’d load them up with ice cream! That’s how I roll. The kids and hubby would use them for hot chocolate though.

  22. Ooh! I love it! So fun. In my new, cheery, darling Rosanna mugs I’ll be sippin’ (and serving) CIDER~ home-made spiced-caramel apple cider, that is;), &/OR salted caramel (or mint!) hot chocolate! The possibilities are endless:) Alongside will be your delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake recipe (on the small, white, pretty pedestal). Happy Holidays & CHEERS to Two Peas & your {little} pod~*

  23. Ooh! I love it! So fun. In my new, cheery, darling Rosanna mugs I’ll be sippin’ (and serving) CIDER~ home-made spiced-caramel apple cider, that is;), &/OR salted caramel (or mint!) hot chocolate! The possibilities are endless:) Alongside will be your delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake recipe (on the small, white, pretty pedestal). Happy Holidays & CHEERS to Two Peas & your {little} pod~*

    *I’m hoping this comment works~ as I couldn’t see my original:( and saw that a few others were having some issues w/posting. So, I do apologize if it’s a duplicate! Maybe doubling the odds of winning? πŸ˜‰

  24. I would sip my green tea on the days I feel like being “healthy” and coffee on the days that I don’t care. Love this stuff!!

  25. hot chocolate or my version of Starbuck’s caramel apple spice! :9
    (sorry if this is a duplicate – didn’t seem to post on my first attempt!)

  26. hot chocolate or my version of Starbuck’s caramel apple spice! :9
    (sorry if this is a duplicate – didn’t seem to post on my first two attempts!)

  27. How did you know I have obsession, ahem, I mean Collect pedestals and coffeemugs! I would serve some of our favorite Holiday Chai Tea in those gorgeous mugs!

  28. HOT CHOCOLATE!!! I drink hot chocolate all year round but three times as much in the winter, which means I am always washing mugs to refill them. More mugs (especially festive ones) would be FABulous! Plus check out that cake stand, hubba hubba!

  29. Oh wow, I’ve been looking for a nice cake pedestal and always love new mugs! I would definitely fill the mug with this cafe-au-lait-meets-hot-chocolate drink that I’m in love with right now. It’s so good!

  30. I will fill the mug with hot malted milk while enjoying an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie from the cake pedestal. been following Rosanna on twitter and Facebook for a while now. Love love love everything Rosanna.

  31. I love cake stands. I also love those mugs. How cute are they?!?! If I won, I’d be filling my cup with hot chocolate in the evenings and hot cinnamon tea during the day. The best of both worlds. Truth be told, I’d probably share a mug with a loved one, too. They’re too cute not to!

  32. I think I might have a problem with hot drinks, as I’d be more than happy to drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm cider, lattes, etc. out of those mugs. I like it all!!!

  33. I am so excited! I think since I am constantly trying to eat healthy, I would splurge on a cup of rich, milk chocolate cocoa with lots of whipped cream. Yum!

  34. I just “liked” Rosanna! I love the mugs! So retro!! I guess I’d start out with coffee, move to tea in the afternoon, and finish up with hot chocolate in the evening! Yum!

  35. I will be sipping chai tea with a little milk , cinnamom and sugar. I love having a special cup to sip my special tea. This is what keeps me warm in the winter.

  36. Lovely mugs. I would warm up on my couch with a book while listening to Christmas music and drinking Vanilla Rooibos loose leaf tea from Market Spice at the Pike Place Market – my favorite place to purchase loose leaf tea. Happy Holidays!

  37. I would be sipping my favorite coffee drink–coffee, irish whiskey, creme de cacao, irish creme & whipped topping. Yum!!

  38. Hi what a great giveaway I would sip hot chocolate with marshmallows in my mug thanks I hope this is for the dish too thanks

  39. We used to drink eggnog with Butterschnops every Christmas. It was so tasty. I need to bring that back into my life.

  40. I love to drink hot cocoa on cold days and I always add peppermint and whip cream. This mugs would be perfect for my hot cocoa or my favorite tea.

  41. I have a new holiday drink…I buy chai tea and instead of milk I use egg nog. I heat it in the microwave. YUM!!!

  42. I would put Christmas cookies and goodies on the platter and drink everything from chai, hot chocolate, tea and of course the morning coffee. This set is adorable!

  43. I would be sipping on my favorite Harry and David peanut butter Moose Munch coffee! It is my all time favorite and I’m sure it would taste even better out of a Rosanna Christmas mug!

  44. I drink two cups of wonderful, dark roast coffee per day. And then usually some herbal tea throughout the afternoon. My kids will use the mugs for hot chocolate! These mugs are adorable!!!

  45. I would drink everything out of the mugs! they are just adorable! Can just imagine sitting by the tree with a hot cup of tea! (or hot chocolate, or hot apple cider, or…)

  46. My husband and I will sip hot chocolate with whipped cream on top on Christmas Eve. We are celebrating our first Christmas together and are eager to start our own traditions. Drinking hot chocolate out of these cute mugs every christmas eve and reading a Night Before Christmas sounds like it will be a great tradition! Thanks! Amanda

  47. On a cold snowy day I would enjoy hot chocolate with whip cream topped with caramel sauce. On the warmer days I would enjoy water or juice. It would become my new every day cup.

  48. On a cold snowy day I would enjoy hot chocolate with whip cream topped with caramel sauce. On a warm day I would enjoy water or juice. It will become my new go to cup.

  49. I would be sipping some very decadent hot chocolate with lots and lots of whipped cream with some chocolate sprinkles on top! I can see myself now, sitting in front of a warm fire…Heaven!

  50. Oooh beautiful stand and mug set! What a generous giveaway! πŸ™‚ I would definately be sipping some hot chocolate out of those mugs!

  51. I am OBSESSED with tea, so my mug will never feel lonely. πŸ™‚
    These are lovely little pieces that I’d love to own, thank you!

  52. Hmm it’s tough to pick just one yummy thing I would enjoy but I think I’m going to go with some Chai tea πŸ™‚

  53. Nothing is better than a cup of chia tea to warm up. I am into green chia tea this year and it is so good and healthy too! Hope you enjoy your holiday’s with your new little bundle!

  54. I will drink Christmas Tea in my mug!! It’s the best and I love it when Christmas comes so I can drink it (and stock up for the rest of the year). πŸ™‚

  55. In December, the holiday season brings out the traditionalist in me: hot chocolate–made with real milk, mind you, no package concoction for me–stirred by a peppermint stick. Ahh, that chocolate milk mixture is so frothy, creamy, and absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious.

  56. If I win, I will drink straight-up virgin eggnog all day, every day. Just say yes. I will weigh 1,000,000 pounds, and will not care, because I will be drinking eggnog from a beautiful mug.

  57. I love any and all tea. Recently, though, I took a trip to New Orleans and discovered the coffee and chicory blend at Cafe du Monde. I bought a can to take home, and can’t stop drinking it!

  58. I will buy my favorite amaretto coffee – which is a rare treat for me. I would use these during tax season for coffee to remind myself of the joy of Christmas!!

  59. Coffee with a splash of eggnog for some holiday fest or even peppermint hot chocolate – tough decision but oh so stylish in one of these mugs!

  60. Every Christmas we drink a warm cocktail that is called a Tom and Jerry. It’s a drink made of eggs, sugar, rum, brandy and milk. It’s served warm with nutmeg sprinkled on top. It’s a holiday tradition in our home!

  61. I’ve started collecting cake plates, and would love this little one. Some spiked apple cider would be in my Christmas mug.

  62. I would sip some chocolate peppermint soymilk! Heated with some soywhip cream on top. Ahhhhh I can picture it now! So cozy!

  63. Following Rosanna on Facebook. Thanks for introducing her… daughter is getting married October 13, 2012….instead of a standard wedding cake, she is having multiple bundt cakes and homemade pies….all atop vintage-like cake pedestals. Rosanna has such, but winning one would be an awesome beginning!

  64. I would make cinnamon coffee just to put in those mugs. Hot coffee with a hint of cinnamon on a cold winter day…….YUM!!!!! The pedestal and the mugs are gorgeous by the way!!!!

  65. I have been a follower of Rosanna on Facebook for a while as well- she and I have actually spoken regarding her beautiful dishes! I completely understand your predicament with running out of space Maria!! πŸ™‚

  66. If I had a Rosanna Christmas mug, I would sip egg nog and also Chai tea on Christmas morning, watching my kids open their presents!

  67. Oh I some delicious and beautiful cakes that would look lovelly on the Rosana cake pedastals! I have alway wanted one of those! The Christmas mugs would so pretty and yummy mexican hot chocolate!

    Thank you for this great Christmas giveraway!

  68. I have a recipe for hot buttered rum hot chocolate that I would like to try and use this cup. As for the dish collection, I understand completely. I too added onto my house a bigger kitchen and the cabinets are full. I can’t stop.

  69. This adorable mug would be absolutely perfect for coffee with a touch of Peppermint Mocha Kahlua and Baileys! Yuuuummmmmy!

  70. Hot Chocolate of a morning, then Hot Spiced Tea in the evening! Both along with a small slice of a nice coffe or spiced cake or scones. A few of the t hings to make you feel warm and cozy and help get through the cold days ahead.

  71. OH, i LOVE the pedestal! it would come in so handy for me. if i won i would be sipping coffee(black) mostly. but also an assortment of smoothies and hot chocolate too!

  72. I may use it for several things. We use mugs for hot chocolate, coffee, soup and ice cream! All four of these will taste great in the fun mugs! I hope I win!

  73. Hot apple cider with cinnamon! I know that’s more of an Autumn drink, but it’s sweet and spicy and fantastic on a chilly day πŸ˜€

  74. Since moving to South Florida we’ve been introduced to Cuban hot chocolate, which is extremely rich and decadent. I think that’s what my mug would be filled with (especially since a whole mug of Cuban coffee would be way too much caffiene!!)

  75. I would def. be sipping my steaming hot coffee with agave nectar. Those are so cute I don’t think that I could put it away when the holidays are over!!!

  76. These are way too cute. I have a serious obsession with mugs too – great giveaway! I think I’d probably use them for homemade lattes in my pretty hand-me-down espresso machine. I haven’t used it since I inherited it, so this would be a great excuse.

  77. TOO. CUTE. I would most certainly share mugs of hot chocolate made with POWDER not syrup like in a lot of chain cafΓ©s. Ick. Oh. And marshmallows, oooobviously. πŸ™‚

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