Silpat & Silpain Giveaway {3 Winners}

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! The winners are: Kristan (#2819), Stephany (#643), and Jamie G (#724). Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered! 

I don’t bake cookies without my Silpat Baking Mats. They never leave my baking sheets, well except when I wash them. They are one of my favorite gifts to give. We also love our Silpain mats for baking breads and tarts. I am excited because today we are giving away a Silpat Baking Mat and a Silpain Mat. And guess what, we are picking THREE winners! Yahoo!

Each Winner Will Get:

To enter the Silpat giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling us, “What is your favorite holiday recipe to bake?” 
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Disclosure: This giveaway is being provided by Silpat, but our opinions are our own. Photos courtesy of Demarle. 

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I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. Every holiday – EVERY holiday – is cause for my family to bake Starlight Sugar Crisps. I’m not sure what the original source is, but my dad’s family baked it for holidays when he was little, my family baked it while I was growing up, and now I make them for my husband and me (although really just for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter – my mom throws in my dad’s birthday and the 4th of July!).

    It’s a yeast dough that gets rolled out and sprinkled with vanilla sugar, folded, rolled, sprinkled with sugar, and repeat once more. Cut, twist, bake – Yum! You end up with layers of dough and vanilla sugar (and some of the sugar melts during baking).

  2. Would love to win this!!! I’ve also followed you and Silpat on Facebook, registered for email, and following on Pinterest!

  3. Cheesecakes. Any kind! They are all good!!! I normally just go with something simple though. Cheesecakes are so good without all the extras added to them 🙂

  4. I try something new every year! Ienjoy putting together cookie trays for different people but I even try something new on those too.

  5. That is such a hard question to answer! All cookies are fun to make, but my favorite is probably rosemary butter cookies. It is a Martha Stewart recipe; the cookies are shaped into a log, frozen, and then sliced and baked.

  6. Hmmm…this is tough! I always try to pick a different dessert to make for the holidays. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake is a good one…so are Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  7. I love baking cookies with my kids. We do our usual sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms and chocolate crinkles. We also like to try a few new recipes every year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My favorite thing to bake during the holidays is Spritz cookies. I just tried the recipe from your holiday cookie book yesterday and they turned out beautifully!

  9. My favorite thing to bake over the holidays are world peace cookies and chocolate crunch cinnamon loaf. Marshmallows and peppermint bark are a favorite around here too, but that’s technically candy making 😉

  10. I love baking and this time of year it is cookies!! But, when they stick you feel like you wasted your time and they look ugly! Need these badly!! Thank you!!!!

  11. I am subscribed to get your emails…love them and the recipes! Tonight I’m making a recipe from earlier this year…veg. chili w/quinoa.

  12. It wouldn’t be Christmas without sugar cookies. I love to make them and decorate them. I am not a great baker but I can do these.

  13. My favorite thing to bake (this year) is Caramel Corn. I found the perfect recipe and my daughter & I have devoured numerous “test” batches. Everyone will be receiving a big tin of it this year!

  14. Magic Cookie Bars are a tradition in my family. I have making them for 45 years. They are always a hit with co-workers and neighbors and the first to be gone from a cookie tray.

  15. I love to try new recipes. Usually make cinnamon rolls and Christmas cookies and some kind of fancy nuts. Used to make lots of different kinds of candy but not so much anymore.

  16. My favorite thing to bake is a recipe my family calls “squares”–shortbread crust with a meringue topping. Delicious!!

  17. I am not much of a baker, but I like making dough in my bread machine and baking rolls. They are great straght out of the oven with lots of butter.

  18. I love to make frosted sugar cookies with my mom, a recipe she got from her best friend’s great grandmother! They are the best cookies in the world!

  19. I love to make my favorite sweet potato casserole and a variety of cookies. May I just say, I started baking bread again recently. I hope I get this just to try that Silpain Mat! Thank you.

  20. I bake all kinds of cookies for my husband’s work party, usually 20-25 different kinds. I love to try new ones every year!

  21. Christmas cookies with my nephew! Although last year being a novice baker I tried to make royal icing and well, let’s just say it was a disaster. This year though with all the cool frostings you can buy in tubes etc… I hope it will be much more fun!

  22. My mom and I make Chocolate Crinkles – I don’t know if that’s actually what they’re called, but those are my favorite to make. And for some reason we only really make them around the holidays!

  23. Gotcha, fb, twitter, email, and silpat, also.. No idea about interest yet, but… And I have to say, Caleb is just a doll! What a cutiepie!! Would love to have seen him get his feet in the Pacific for the first time! We do have a beautiful coastline in Oregon.. Love the blogs, and recipes! Happy Yule!!

  24. my favorite recipe to make for christmas dessert is texas sheet cake! It is a family favorite and therefore requested every year!

  25. I bake cookies, and also make a fudgelike candy, pudding candy.. Mom said she got it eons ago from hello, they have no idea… ? Its fabulous,though!

  26. I love making candies! They are so easy to to do ahead of time and everyone thinks you are amazing. (I’m in it for the perks… people love bakers!)

  27. I always make my husband’s favorite mocha mousse torte. The recipe is from an old Bon Appetit magazine. I’ve made the recipe at least 20 times!!

  28. I like to make at least one new cookie recipe every year (I’ve been picking among yours for this year’s!) but alwaysalways the classic gingerbread men!

  29. My favorite holiday treat to bake are gingerbread cut out cookies. I make a couple batches each year to give away to friends and family and I would love to see how the cookies turn out using the silpat baking sheet.

  30. I love pulling out frozen, pre-portioned ziplocks of grated zucchini and making zucchini bread. Although it makes me yearn for summer and my garden, it makes a healthy gift for the holidays!

  31. My mother’s shortbread cookies. I bake them with our now adult kids. We do this on Christmas Eve and they become cookies for Santa ! I subscribe to emails

  32. My grandmother always made me her famous cut out sugar cookies, but now I carry on that tradition. They are the most AMAZING delicate buttery cookies and I have a blast picking out shapes and sprinkle colors.

  33. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without my grandmother’s Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies and what we call Lady Fingers but others refer to as Italian Wedding Cookies.

  34. every holiday I make a Chex white chocolate mix! It has chex cereal, cheerios, nuts, m&ms and pretzels and then I melt white chocolate all over and wait for it to dry. I give it as gifts, its amazing!!!

  35. I love making my great grandmothers Cherry wink cookies: the unexpected combination of dates, pecans, cornflake crumbs and cherry! Even my 5 yr old loves these cookies.

  36. I try new cookie recipes every year. The only thing that I make every year is a german chocolate cake for my husbands birthday on December 30th. I just love trying new cookie recipes and packaging them up!

  37. My favorite holiday recipe is a cream cheese sugar cookie recipe I discovered many years ago. I have been making it every year since then. Everyone in my family loves it, and I truly enjoy making and decorating the cookies. Yum!

  38. Mom’s Butter Spritz Cookies are my favorite holiday treat. We tint the dough green and press them into tree shapes. From there, you can decorate with sprinkles or “flock” with powdered sugar. Always a hit!

  39. I’m currently dreaming about making the white chocolate gingersnap cookies from your site! Made them for the first time last year and they are now my favorite holiday cookie 🙂

  40. Every year my dad make pizzelles. I think this year I’m going to make them for my kid’s teachers and start making them every year too.

  41. Hungarian Kifli…I remember barely being able to see over the kitchen table and my Grandmother (MomMom) teaching me how to make these. There is no recipe…some flour, pinch of this, handful of that etc. They are time consuming but worth every minute of it!!!

  42. I love baking plain old cookies from the roll of cookie dough for all my friends here at college. If I had these, though, I might try an actual recipe! 🙂

  43. So many holiday favorites to choose from but my favorite are apple cinnamon pies, cheesecake & of course gingerbread for the kids to decorate. Would love to try the Silpat mats this year!

  44. I would love these!! I love making any holiday cookies. My favorite right now are the low fat meringue cookies!!! I also like making biscuits-any kind.

  45. My fave holiday item to make is kolach. I use my mom’s recipe and every year I get a little closer to hers. I still can’t figure out how she makes it so perfect. =)

  46. Hi – I would have to say that I love to bake, especially this time of year so it’s a hard choice, but I’m going to say that my favorite thing to bake is Cranberry Oatmeal cookies. Of course there are tons of other cookies that I end up baking each year, but this is one of my favs! Thanks for doing the giveaway – I’m excited to see who the winners are!

    Tracy Lawson

  47. My anytime of the year but especially with parties this time of the year is lemon squares but special for this time of the year is eggnog bread.

  48. It’s probably the little peanut butter tarts I make with a peanut butter cup in the middle. Everyone loves them and asks for them every Christmas. It’s our version of the classic peanut blossoms that everyone makes.

  49. My favorite holiday recipe(s) to make are cookies! Decorated cut-outs for my husband, friends & family and gingerbread cookies for me.

  50. I have been having a hankering for ginger cookies. Haven’t made them in years but called up Mom yesterday to get the “old family recipe” and will make them today!

  51. Ooh, we love making homemade sugar cookies to hand out to friends and neighbors. We switch off flavoring them with either almond extract or lemon — both are so good!

  52. I love to bake bread at the holidays. My mother has sourdough starter that is over 115 years old and has been passed down through her family, so I bake sourdough bread with it. Yum!

  53. I’m just starting to get into baking. When you have a baby that sleeps better on your back in a baby carrier than in her crib, you need something to do and baking helps, haha! I have fond memories of making sugar cookies with my mom when I was little though. I’m excited to start that tradition with my daughter!

  54. my favorite holiday recipe to make is FRUITCAKE. I know. my mom has an amazing recipe that we’ve made for years, and ever since I was a little kid, I loved to help. it’s so fun to mix everything with your hands, it smells SO good while baking, and it tastes delicious. full of history, love, and rum! 🙂

  55. I love making “bolacha de nata” (milk cookies – Brazilian recipe). I can make it all year round but it is special in the holidays because its when my grandma used to bake it for us. Miss her and her awesome cookies!

  56. I love making all kinds of Christmas cookies especially pecan tartlets, they are like little pecan pie cookies … everyone loves them!

  57. I love to bake all the traditional christmas cookies that I grew up on at my mom’s house with her. Its such a great tradition and I always LOVE the cookies!

  58. I’ve always wanted to try one of those baking mats! My favorite thing to bake is a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips, yum.

  59. I have to make a batch of “Reindeer Chow” for my adult kids – it is the Muddy Buddy recipe on the square rice cereal box. But I love making breads – date, banana, nut, and cranberry for gifting during the holidays.

  60. Our holiday would not be complete without our old family recipe of Cherry Chip Cookies. They are kind of like a shortbread cookie with the addition of crushed corn flakes for crunch and cherry chips for a festive color and unexpected fruity flavor. Yum!

  61. I LOVE baking gingerbread cookies! I bake and decorate a ton of them every year.

    One year as secret santa gifts I decorated one gingerbread man to look like the recipient, and then gave them a few blank cookies with icing supplies to decorate the rest themselves! They’re a hit 🙂

  62. I also follow you via email. and another one of my favorite things to bake during the holidays is pumpkin cream cheese cookies. Yum!

  63. I love baking cookies during the holiday’s, especially anything with molasses and ginger in them. They make the house smells so festive!!!!

  64. Pumpkin baking continues at my house through Christmas so from October 1st to Christmas I make over 150 small pumpkin bread loaves for friends and family! It’s very easy to eat the entire loaf in one sitting. Just tried your pumpkin oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and cranberries and they were wonderful! Have made four batches in a week – this giveaway would sure help with those!

  65. My absolute favorite thing to bake for the holidays are Monster cookies – I wait all year to make them so that they are special for my family – recipe from my good friend Victoria’s southern grandma!

  66. My favorite thing to bake are pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream, I tried them last year and they will definitely be returning every year!

  67. I always make mint fudge brownies and I found a new favorite last year- “snowballs” they are like homemade pecan sandies. SO good. I always try a new recipe or 2 every year

  68. I love to bake my Dad’s Chocolate Chip Candy Cane cookies! He always baked them when I was younger and I glad to carry on the tradition. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without these cookies!

  69. I always enjoy making my moms M&M cookie bars… Its a fun recipe, brings back memories of being a kid and helping mom in the kitchen, and they taste amazing!

  70. My favorite holiday recipe would probably have to be Peanut Blossoms. I’ve been in love with them since childhood and would always bake a batch and then have my mom bake a second. The only annoying part was unwrapping all of those kisses! They need to start selling naked kissed solely for that purpose!

  71. My favorite holiday recipes to make are cookies. Ginger snaps and shortbread would be my favorites, since I only make them around the holidays.

  72. Hands down it’s sour cream cheesecake! My family’s favorite for years now and it has to be served or there’s trouble in the household! But I also have to add to that the decorated sugar cookies….those without a doubt have to be made as well!

  73. My favorite thing to bake during the holidays are lots of gooey cookies. I have always wanted to have multiple Silpats because while baking my holiday goodies, I use 4 large cookie sheets at a time. Having a Silpat or four would come in very handy.

    Thank you for the chance.
    vburr at charter dot net

  74. Santa cookies and sourdough Bread. The house smells so yummy and my husband said it smells like Christmas. That’s what it’s all about, good smells, family and friends. A great celebration.

  75. I love love love your blog! At Christmas time I love to bake everything!! My favorite is probably fudge- all different kinds to give as gifts.

  76. My favorite holiday recipe is my husband’s great grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe. We make these huge cookies every year. My MIL didn’t want to share the recipe and finally did, I love that I can make these and my hubby has fond memories of his great grandmother.

  77. I found a triple chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe many many years ago in a magazine, and it doesn’t feel like the holidays until those come out of the oven.

  78. My favorite holiday recipe to create is Peanut Butter Blossoms! They’re so simple but they bring back so many good memories! And honestly, can anyone resist the peanut butter and chocolate combo?!

  79. Caramel corn – my grandma used to make this every year. I tried it for the first time last year and baked it a little too long, but it was still yummy.

  80. Favorite recipe is probably Southern Living’s Fruitcake biscotti, but the LA Times Chocolate Sparkle Cookie is fairly addictive as well 🙂