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Josh here!

Most of you don’t know that in 2004, I was the lucky recipient of fractured vertebrae in my neck. I wish I had an exciting story for you, like how I was jumping motorcycles or dropping cliffs on my snowboard, but I don’t. The crazy part of the story is that all I was doing was walking out of a mall and KABOOM! The steal header of the door fell off and hit me in the head. It messed me up pretty good. I was in physical therapy for 18 months and my neck still isn’t the same.

We were recently contacted by Sleep Number to try out their i8 bed. I was ecstatic. A good bed is so important, especially since I’ve had a broken neck. Sleep Number Beds have DualAir Technology that allows you to set each side of the bed to the ideal firmness and comfort for each person.  I like a firmer bed and Maria could sleep on a bed of feathers and be just fine, so this feature had me really excited.

The Sleep Number Bed is made of air filled chambers that help distribute your weight more evenly removing the pressure points that often cause discomfort on an innerspring mattress. Because of these features Sleep Number Beds have been clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality.

Before we got our bed, we went into the Sleep Number store to be evaluated. They had us each lay on the bed with a computer that determined our perfect “sleep number.”  My magic number is 45 and Maria’s is a 30.

Sleep Number delivered our bed and set it up, talk about service! All we had to do was make the bed. We each have our own remote so we can control our sleep numbers.

Since we have received our Sleep Number i8 bed we have slept like hibernating bears, because most of us know babies are not the best at sleeping. We are both very happy with our new bed.  And Caleb loves it too, especially the remotes.

Thanks Sleep Number for helping us get good zzzzz’s!

Disclosure: We received a free Sleep Number bed to review from Sleep Number for this post, but of course our opinions are our own. 

Maria Lichty

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  1. My husband and I have a sleep number and love it! I also have a previous fracture of my spine (mid-back) and noticed an amazing improvement in my quality of sleep once sleeping on the sleep number bed. However, to me…the biggest benefit to a sleep number bed is that it adjusts to changing needs. For instance, in 2008 I was pregnant with twins. Lets just say that with the weight gain and HUGE belly…it was wonderful to be able to have my bed instantly accommodate. Many pregnant women and even the average person struggling with weight just suffer and stay uncomfortable on a standard mattress because it cannot change when ther needs change.

    These beds are amazing !

  2. My husband and I got ours about 5 years ago. It’s made everything else I’ve slept on seem like rocks! We still love it!

  3. Hi Josh,

    Beds have become a major issue at our home. My husband has a herniated disc in his neck along with a bad back. Although you’d never know it from the amount of exercising he does. However in the past 10 years we’ve had 4 different mattresses. I could sleep on anything but be can’t.

    We currently have the tempurpedic mattress and that’s killing his neck. We spent hours looking at the sleep number bed and were ready to purchase it but the salesman got so pushy and annoying calling us constantly that we decided to forget it. I wish we hadn’t.

    My only concern and I wonder if you know the answer – is with the tubing. I’d read that mold has a tendency to grow in the tubes. I’m highly allergic to mold and this was my concern of which we never got an answer for. Would you know or have experience with that?

    It looks like a new bed will be in our future again. Ugh!

    Hope your neck gets better. You’re lucky it could have been so much worse!

  4. A good bed makes all the difference in the world – so happy for you! My husband is relocating to Texas at the end of the month, while I stay behind in Mississippi for no more than 6 months to sell our house. He’ll be taking our “good” bed, which does not seem fair to me since I’m the one who had the broken back some years ago. I’m wondering if maybe I should check into a sleep number, because I know the bed in our guest room is not good for my back. Thank you for the info – I am going to check the site now.

  5. We’ve had one for close to 8 years and it has been blessing. Not only is it a dream to sleep on, it is very easy to move which is critical for a family that has moved half way around the world and back. We didn’t realize that it would be an advantage when we bought it, but the fact that it breaks down into small components so easily made our moves much easier.

  6. I too have a sleep number bed. I have the p5. My sleep number is 85. I would say, 4 years ago now, I fractured rings in my lower back doing weight loss yoga.. (Yeah, I know.. yoga. ) I am so happy with my bed. I’ve never been so comfy in a bed. I would reccomend a sleep number to anyone. I’ve had mine since my divorce, for a year now. Love it, LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  7. We have had one for about 10 years and love it. It seemed like the regular mattresses just didn’t feel good for my husband for long. He tried the firmer one and thought that might help. Imagine his surprise when we bought the sleep number and got it set to his number. It is lower than mine. I like it about 65 and he sleeps at 35 or so. My daughter needed surgery and had to move back home for a few months. We picked up a twin one on the classified ads for $50 and it has been great for when any of my other children have stayed overnight.

  8. Whoa! What I wouldn’t do to be able to test drive a Sleep Number bed and then get to keep it because of my blog! We have been wanting one of these beds for years! It is on our agenda to get one this year I hope. My back will thank me.. 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  9. We have had our Sleep Number bed for about 10 years and we absolutely love it! My husband has a herniated disc, arthritis in his back and other issues. We tried many beds before settling on the Sleep Number, which is expensive, but well worth the cost. Before we got our Sleep Number bed, he was in constant pain and I would wake up every morning with a sore, stiff back. I am happy to say I no longer wake up stiff and sore. He always will have pain in his back, but it is NOTHING compared to how it was before we got our Sleep Number bed. And Vicki Bensinger, we’ve not had a problem with mold in the tubes. We did have to replace his air mattress once, but got the replacement at a pro-rated cost. I cannot imagine not having a Sleep Number bed. I wish motels had them. Whenever we spend the night in a motel, once home, it takes a night or two to get our backs feeling better again. Though ours is old, it still works great. Knock on wood!

  10. I’m glad you like it. My husband and I were thinking about buying one, but we didn’t know anybody that had actually had one. Thanks for the review 🙂

  11. I was excited to see this pop up in my Google Reader- we’ve been looking at Sleep Number beds. My husband’s back hurts every morning when we get up- we have a pillow top (nice) mattress that’s about 8 years old.

    Thanks for your review and to everyone’s comments!!

    One question- I’ve seen a few complaints about the middle of the bed being uncomfortable- between the two “sides”. Has anyone found that to be an issue? We tend to snuggle for a few minutes before relocating to our own sides. :<)

  12. The bed really looks very comfortable. It is quite something compared to other beds I have seen. I would like to try it personally and hope that I can avail of the 30-day trial that they are giving out to lucky winners.

  13. This is the most amazing bed that I have slept on. My uncle has it and he has been inviting me for so long that I got so irritated by his constant bragging. I went to his house one day and the bed was the first thing he showed me. At first, I thought that there is nothing special about the bed but when I tried to relax on it, an overwhelming feeling swept over me. It is one with satisfaction and joy. Got to have my own soon. 🙂

  14. I have the P5 series and also have back problems and after getting the bed I never slept so soundly like I do now. Excellent service and support after the sale as well. Would love the I10 but waiting for them to go on sale. Well worth the investment. 20 year warranty as well. Even better than Tempurpedic hands down!!!!

  15. Accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately, you were caught up in it too. Glad you found a bed that can provide comfort and good night’s sleep. It can really help people get through the stresses of everyday living.

  16. Glad you found out the right bed for you considering your condition. It isn’t easy to be to have that condition because you have to make lots of adjustments with you’re everyday activities. The bed though has been known to relieve people’s aches and pains in the morning when they wake up.

  17. Thank you for a very nice article! This is very helpful for me for I am still deciding whether to buy or not a sleep number bed. But because of these posts, I have decided now. Thank you again.

  18. It is not what you think! Cannot be rotated, so one side wears out and the other does not. Living alone, I have the bed to myself; and the middle is AWFUL, it’s like a board in the center. Imagine getting together with someone in the middle? It’s not happening, you will end up simply sharing a small twin bed – unless someone draws the short straw and gets the center. The remote is another issue, it is not under warranty and mine broke 3 times in 4 years. To be replaced at $65 each. When a friend came to stay for a weekend, she was anxious to try the bed. Nope, I said nothing; but it changed her mind! Very nice when new, but after 1 year, I had regrets. My next move will be to purchase a more reasonably priced mattress, and just change it every 3-4 years, or when it wears. This is way too expensive to get a poor fit, poor quality, and not the comfort I expected.

  19. We bought our first Sleep Number in 1996 on the advice of my doctor, never had a problem of any kind. We moved several times but made sure the bed was packed as noted in the instructions, never a problem. Just this June we decided to up grade with the I10 Dual King, yes it’s expensive but any bed that will last 18 years is well worth the money. Our granddaughter so loved our first Sleep Number we gave it to her, it was moved 800 miles and still works perfectly, she’s crazy about it! We went to the I10 for many reasons but I can promise you the Zero G setting is pure heaven when my fibro is raging. We never had any type of breakdown on the sides or lumps in the middle, my hubby is a big guy but the bed never changed with his weight. I can’t say enough good things about these beds, we also have a queen in our guest room, never had a complaint. Take care of it and it will take care of you!

  20. Ok all I have a question from Sleep Number owners, we ordered an i8, split king, I have a few concerns, I keep reading more and more reviews saying after 8-9 years the air chamber starts making noise or breaking down is this true? Also that the warranty is horrible, and if you plan to have sex on it, thats bad and it will break??? Can anyone please let me know if this is correct? I am very concerned about the bed I have purchased. Thanks so much!

  21. SORRY I PURCHASED A SLEEP NUMBER! We’ve had a sleep number bed for a little over a month and have experienced one problem after another. The issues are with the split adjustable base. Firstly I was misinformed by both the store and customer service on the height of the bed. My husband said it was like sleeping on a camp cot because the bed was so low and I then had to order taller legs and have customer service out again to install them. During that process they unscrewed the existing legs to install the new legs but the ‘insert’ on one side of the bed wouldn’t allow one of the legs to be properly installed. They ordered a new base (frame) for just the one side rather than both, and I am concerned that it is a design flaw and when we move or unscrew the legs on the other side of the bed we will have the same issue. They can’t answer the question of how that would be handled. I have to speak with someone else – sounds like another company, which holds the warranty and I’m not optimistic. A total of $5,700 just spent, now awaiting customer service for the third time, and I’m left with concerns about the structure of the bed.

  22. I bought a sleep number bed with an adjustable base at the end of November 2013 from the Sleep Number Bed Store in Columbus, GA. That hasn’t been that long ago. At first, when I’d press the buttons, I wondered if I was just not sure how to use it because the left-hand side of the bed did not always seem to be in step with the right-hand side of the bed and we had a full king…not the split king kind. Anyway, it’s problematic if one side rises and the other side does not follow as it can damage the mattress. Since this function seemed to only malfunction once in a while, it was confusing to a new customer and at first I really thought maybe it was a user error as each time I pressed the button a second time, it would work properly. Anyway, after Christmas, I knew something was amiss and I began to take notice when the bed did not function properly. It was at this point, I got out of bed and actually took photos of the malfunction and later on I called the store I purchased the mattress from and requested assistance. They were quick to tell me not to use the remote until it was sorted as it could damage the mattress. They were also quick to point out that they were not the manufactures of the base and I had to contact a different company to handle the malfunctioning base (Leggett and Platt). I eventually got in touch with the base company and they said my problem was a defective remote. They sent me a new remote via the mail service. I replaced the original remote with the new one and it did not work. So, once again I called the company and they told me that I would have to sync the new remote. Not a word about needing to sync the new remote was included in the packaging. So, I had to be walked through the process over the phone. Then, about a week later, the bed malfunctioned again. 🙁 Once again, I had to call the base company “Legget and Platt” to have them sort the issue. This time, they said they would need to order a part and have a technician come to my home to repair the defective base. Well, as it turns out, their technician does his repair work on Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays only because he has a second job and he did not live remotely close to me. So, we had to wait a while before our weekend schedules meshed. He came, replaced the bed’s motor and everything seemed well when he left. However, within a day or so, the whole bed stopped working. It no longer worked at all. You could not do anything. So, once again, I called the company. This time, they had me crawling up under the bed trying to sync the remote again…as I had done early on. However, that did nothing to resolve the issue and they once again said they would need to order parts and have the technician come repair the bed. So, once again, the technician came and the same night he left, I tried to lower the bed from an upright position and the bed only went half way down. I pressed the button several times before it went flat again. However, both sides were in alignment. So, I wondered if it was just a fluke thing since that had never happened before. Then tonight, when I tried to lift the bed into the zero gravity position, only one side went up and once again the other side was flat and we seem to be back to square one. I’ll call the leggett and platt company in the morning to report the failure. However, at this point, I would NOT recommend buying this EXPENSIVE bed unless you want to pay loads of money to have something taking up space that is broken more often than it’s fixed. While I know my issues have been with the base company, I am offended that Sleep Number company was quick to talk about their wonderful bases when selling us the bed but when it went south, they developed a VERY hands off approach to this issue and if you buy an adjustable base, you seem to be on your own. I can’t recommend anything from them as this problem is still ongoing and while the bed is OK, I think I would have been just as comfortable in a different kind of bed with a FUNCTIONING base. I most certainly wish I had made my bed purchase in my hometown as we don’t have a Sleep Number store in my small town and I made a 3 hour trip to purchase the bed. I think if I had purchased it locally, the people in the store would have an interest in helping me sort the issue. That does not seem to be the case if you don’t live near the Sleep Number store.

  23. My wife and I have owned a sleep number bed for just over one year.
    We are COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED with every aspect of this bed!
    – The quality of the mattress, frame, and motor are exceptionally poor.
    – Unbeknownst to my wife and I, and despite being connected to a surge protector, IF there is any type of power outage, the motor to the bed will become damaged (as per the technicians) and must be replaced.
    – Moreover, do not believe the FALSE ADVERTISEMENT that this product can be easily returned. This is false as there is a clause that only allows for a return after 100 SLEEP DAYS. This was never noted in the warranty OR mentioned to my wife and I, BUT there is a 25 YEAR WARRANTY, BUT you must contact a separate company that has to order the motor for the bed, then make an appointment.
    How is this possible? We are in the process of having our motor replaced and we are unable to return this bed, despite only owning it for slightly over one year, and used barely 3 times a month by my father who weighs barely 162 pounds.


  24. This bed was the biggest disappointment of my life. The model in the store was so comfortable and ordered the M7 to realize it was a huge waste of money and the memory foam was just a 2 or 3 inch insert like you can by at sams for about $120. So then things got even worse we tried to return it and get our money back. Well first of all you then have to pay for all the original shipping that got free when purchased it then had to pay another $180 or so to have it picked up. Then they told us they would call to arrange a pick up date. A month later they called to schedule a pick up date 3 more weeks later. The day finally came for the pick up and had delivery driver call us in the morning to say he had no idea what was going on that he didn’t have a mattress for us and wasn’t sure why our name was on list. So we informed him it was to come pick up our mattress and then he basically said he couldn’t do it today and that they would call and reschedule and when I tried to call him back since my wife was one who answered and spoke with him he just ignored call twice and wont answer. So now were going on two months of trying to get this bed picked up with no luck. My basic review of the m7 is that could go to store and buy a large air mattress for $100 and throw on a $120 3 inch memory foam insert and now you have the $4000 sleep number M7 and that exactly what it feels like. It the biggest waste of money ever and then they make it damn near impossible to return this god forsaken mattress.

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