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1. This is our 100th This and That post. Crazy! Thanks for reading along!

2. Would you do this? I am pretty daring, but I don’t think I could do this.


3. We are getting ready for our new baby and got out the car seat so it is ready to go to the hospital. It got really quiet and this is what we found. What a kid!

4. This sounds great!


5. You here us talk about Deer Valley often, but there is good reason. This place is a little piece of heaven. Look at this view, it is the Empire area of Deer Valley. We are lucky we live so close. No matter where you live, put Deer Valley on your list of places to visit.


photo (26)

1. We drove up to Park City to have lunch at Deer Valley. It was nice to get out of the heat! We love dining at Royal Street Cafe. I enjoyed a summer melon salad, veggie burger, and chocolate chip ice cream sandwich dipped in hot fudge for dessert. It was a fun and tasty lunch date with my boys!

photo 1 (54)

2. The views at Deer Valley were outstanding! Utah is a beautiful place!

3. I want to stuff this burger in my face!

4. Currently reading this book! I am enjoying it so far!

photo 2 (53)

5. We went to the aquarium with Caleb. He loves watching the penguins, sharks, and fishies swim! He also likes to make mommy look at the big snakes. Boys!

6. Adorable pops!

7. I am 37.5 weeks pregnant and we still don’t have a name for our little guy! It is starting to stress me out. We decided on Caleb’s name soon after we found out we were having a boy. I didn’t think we would have this much trouble the second time around. This baby needs a name! I really don’t think seeing him will make a name suddenly appear in my brain, especially after giving birth. So we need to come up with a few solid names to take to the hospital. The pressure is on!

photo 4 (39)

8. I can’t stop eating watermelon. I am starting to wonder if I have a watermelon or a baby in my belly:)

9. Can’t wait for this cookbook to come out!

10. The perfect pantry.

11. We watched five episodes of Mad Men and gave up. We just couldn’t get into it! We are now watching White Collar. So far so good!

12. Pick up the June/July issue of Taste of Home Magazine! You might see some familiar faces:)

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  1. We had a tough time naming our second, too. Well, I guess we had a tough time naming our first as well. Both were named the day after they were born! Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you settle on a few names you like; it’s definitely easier if you at least have a few in mind when you go into labor. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

  2. I had a similar baby naming issue – first one was named when I was 2 months pregnant, but we couldn’t decide/agree on one for the second. Are you looking for another “C” name? Cade or Cain?

  3. We have a little boy in my summer pre-k class named Finnegan, and we have all fell in love with the name ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Well, 30 years ago yesterday, one of my daughters was born, we have 3 girls and 3 boys. We didn’t know what the baby would be and you had to pick a boy and girl name.
    so my little girl was born and I knew that the name we had picked just wasn’t her. So if you don’t come up with a name ahead of time don’t stress. You might just have to meet this new little guy and look into his eyes to know what his name should be, Best of all to you and your family.

  5. My husband suggested our little guys name before we knew what we were having – and I HATED it…. 2 months later I was taking to a patient at work witht that name and really liked it all of a sudden! I wrote out all 3 of our names as if I were signing a card & it sold it to me!

    LOVE White Collar! Can’t get into Mad Men though husband likes it, I tried Orange is the New Black and gave it 7 episodes but honestly can’t see what the big fuss is about. Loved The Good Wife & watching Friday Night Lights right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. We still didn’t have a name for our baby boy a week before he was born. I was sitting in the doctor’s office and my girlfriend texted me asking if we had a name yet. I said no and asked if she had any suggestions. She said ‘what about Andrew and call him Drew. Drew’s a hot guy’s name.’ I completely forgot about the name Drew and have always loved it! My boys are Ethan and Andrew (Drew). That’s exactly what we did, so keep asking people for ideas!

  7. I know I’ve told you this, but we picked Kaylin’s name out the night before she was born :). We just could NOT decide. Deer Valley looks gorgeous (and that food!)>

  8. Excited for your baby boy to get here. I like the name Cole or Cohen…I like siblings names to start with the same letter.

  9. Thank you for the link love, sweet Maria! I hope everything goes well with the birth of your new baby boy. Thinking of you. Also, I was on Pinterest last night and stumbled upon your zucchini cookies (remember they are my favorite!). I can’t wait to make them again soon. Not sure if Tony will approve as he’s picky, but that just means I get more to myself. xoxo

  10. We don’t have kids and we’re unsure whether or not we want kids, but regarding names I have like 5 girls names I LOVE and 0 boys names. If we have kids I’ll probably end up with all boys and due to not wanting to find out gender I’d probably struggle majorly to come up with 1 of each.

  11. Funny about your comment regarding Mad Men. My hubby and I tried to watch it, too, and gave up! I think we only made it for 2 episodes. Our new favorite show is Longmire. There are two seasons on Netflix, and the third is happening now on A&E.

    I’m sure you will come up with a name! Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby. Best wishes!

  12. I love baby names so much! Good luck with your hunt!

    Personally, I think Caleb and Jared would be cute. Both biblical sounding. But whatever you choose I’m sure it will be perfect! If you need ideas, go to a cemetery. It sounds weird, but there is a good variety of names there, maybe it will help you brainstorm. And if nothing else it makes for a good name-choosing story. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m so excited for you!

  13. Hi Maria, First off I love love love your blog. I have made many of your recipes, and they are always a huge success!

    I have three children with an 8 year gap between number 2 and 3. Both of the older kids name begin with a C and end with an N (Caitlin and Christian). When I found out we were having a third we went back and forth about whether or not to do the C/N thing. So when our third arrived we went with a name I had discovered and fell in love with. Our son, Sawyer is now 22 years old, and I still love his name.

    Also, I was wondering if you have ever tried making the brownie pops you took on your recent picnic?

    Blessings to you and your family and soon to be new addition. Enjoy every second…they grow up way too fast!

  14. How about……Dylan, Dillon, Christian, Drew’s nice!……Matthew?? (Call him Matt?)…..Ethan?…..Noah?…..thinking…..thinking…….Cole, Braeden, or Brayden……I really like Collin…..Colton is cute too…..Shane??

    Hope this helps a wee little, probably not(lol) but I tried!!!! Lololololol!! Oxox best to you guys!! ; )

  15. Our second boy was actually named the car on the way to the hospital. We didn’t know we were having a boy, but we’d had a girl’s name for weeks & hadn’t hit on a boy’s name yet, so I just knew it’d be a boy! He fits his name, too.

  16. Love your blog and you look gorgeous pregnant!

    How about Jonah for a name? It goes nicely with Caleb which I absolutely LOVE! Here are a few more just for the fun of it…


  17. Yay, you’re watching White Collar. I love it! I’m almost finished with season 4 and not tired of it at all yet.

  18. Goodness me Caleb is adorable! My senses are telling me the new munchin should be named Michael. Caleb & Michael! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know whatever name you decide on will be just right and best of luck!

  19. We had 3 girls, and had trouble naming them; but for the second one, if she had been a boy, she would have been Chad. I immediately thought of Chad when you said you still were looking for a name, then saw that you were open to “C” names. So decided I’d send this along.