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1. We got some snow this week so I took Caleb sledding. He loved it!

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2. Caleb and I were at the store and I was going to buy a soda and Caleb looked up at me and said, “Daddy we don’t drink soda because it is unhealthy for us.” Ha! He thinks this is healthy though:) He loves his donuts!

3. We have been having dance parties almost every night before bed and the boys absolutely love it. I never thought I would be one to enjoy dance parties, but the smiles and giggles from the boys make it worth it. I love our sweet family.

4. It’s March and I am excited for Ute basketball!




1. This little cutie is 7 months old today! He is rolling over, sitting up, babbling, loving avocados, and sleeping through the night-YAY! He also loves playing with his big brother. Every time Caleb walks in the room he gets a big smile and belly laughs at whatever he does. It is the cutest!

2. I want to make one of these for Caleb. I’m not crafty at ALL so on second thought, anyone want to come over and help me craft? I will bake you cookies๐Ÿ™‚

3. I am in love.

4. House of Cards…we have only watched three episodes because it’s hard to sneak away from the kiddos to watch. I am kind of glad we are taking it slow this time around because that means we have more to watch! We watched the last season in one weekend:) I am loving Claire’s wardrobe. Super classy! Her dress in episode 3 is STUNNING! That is the dress everyone should be talking about not gold/white or blue/black:)


5. Impromptu pasta nights are the best…especially when Caleb approves! ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Genius!

7. Kids aren’t expensive. Loved this post!

8. I want them all!

9. Gotta make this for Josh! He is a lover of lime!

10. Dessert for breakfast? YES!

11. Quote of the week.

12. Girl Scout cookie time makes me want to watch this movie! A classic:)

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  1. Hi Maria, Josh, Caleb and Max! I sooooo look forward to your “This & Thats!!” They are fantastic! Keep up the great work!! Your family is adorable, and just reading your blog, one can immediately sense the closeness and love you all have for each other! It is always so positive, wonderful, delightful, and just a breath of fresh air! Thank you for that!

  2. SO fun!! LOL I love that picture of Caleb and the doughnut … hahaha and family dance parties are the best!!

    Maria, those million dollar bars Mmmmmm … in fact I’m loving all of the recipes you included in today’s post!!

  3. The soda comment is priceless! And I love those stools. I don’t think I would be much help though. I am not crafty either!!

  4. Happy Thursday! Your This and That posts always bring a smile to my face. I am sad I live so far away as I would help you with the craft project for Caleb. Next time you come to Pittsburgh for a DeLallo event we can craft ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Your boys are adorable!! Enjoy this time cause they grow up way too fast!
    Enjoy your family pics and your “this and that” posts.

  6. me and my hubby just started watching house of cards too!!!! love it!!! we are on the 2nd season… we try to watch between our kids too….

  7. love your little guys sweatshirt and outfit, where did you find it? I have a 8 month old son! Love your recipes, they are wonderful for a mom with 2 boys under 2!