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1. Caleb is having a blast playing baseball. He is a good little hitter. His team is still working on their outfield skills. They all run for the ball, no matter their position, and it always turns into a big doggy pile. It is pretty hilarious.

2. The NBA playoffs have been exiting so far. We are hoping the Jazz can pull off a big win tomorrow night so the Warriors come to Salt Lake.

3. We added a star rating system to all of our recipes, so if you try a recipe, let us know what you think. When you leave a comment, just choose a star! We love hearing from you.

4. I am building a chicken coop in our backyard. We can’t wait to get our chickens!

5. I hope I can keep little hands off of these.


spring flowers

1. Sweet AND salty.

2. Good news! FashionABLE is have a special sale today through Sunday. 15% off everything AND free shipping. Use the code hiMOM when checking out. It’s the perfect time to do some Mother’s Day shopping! A few of my favorites include: this tote, this necklace, this necklace, and this purse.

3. We haven’t watched 13 reasons why this week because we have been all about the NBA! We need to get back to it. The Warriors are looking good though and that makes me very happy:)

4. This smells so good.

5. It has been raining most of the week and our boys have been itching to get outside. They have major spring fever…and we have watched this movie 100 times. We are all ready for some park action!

Halo Top ice cream

6. I can feel your Halo…as in Halo Top:) What is your favorite flavor? I am currently loving Sea Salt Caramel, Red Velvet, and Peanut Butter Cup. Oh, and S’mores…pretty much all of them. The late night NBA games have me feeling my Halo a lot:)

7. I ordered this for summer. I have a few beach trips coming up and I can’t wait!

8. Such a beauty!

9. Are these items in your fridge?

10. How to stop being late.

11. Cool white tennies.

12. I am excited to plant my herb garden. Love these tips!

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This and That

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  1. obsessed with the fact that you’re doing a chicken coop! i don’t think chickens would fare too well in our cozy minneapolis lot, but i’d LOVE to have fresh eggs at our disposal! keep us updated with it!

    1. The boys are so excited! Josh is allergic to dogs and cats so the chickens will be our pets:)

  2. So glad that Caleb is enjoying baseball – would love to see a video of the puppy pile!……it’s been raining here too but we need it so I am silently suffering through it….though I do hope it’s dry enough for the baseball team to get in their games today (Cardinals) – We are also watching hockey – the Blues lost yesterday

  3. I am so envious of your future chicken coop and chickens. I would love to have chickens but it is just not possible where I live. I bet your boys would love some of the unusual types like Silkies. I believe HGTV has information about good breeds for backyard chickens on  the website. Hopefully, you will post pictures of the chicks when they arrive.

  4. I tried the Halo Peanut Butter Cup, and while I thought it didn’t taste too bad,, I thought the texture was weird. When I spooned It out, it was kind of flaky, rather than creamy. 

  5. The oatmeal cookie halo top is my favorite, which is shocking since I usually go for chocolate flavors.

  6. I have only tried the chocolate Halo Top so far, but it’s better than I expected. If you use Ibotta, there was a $4 rebate on it last week and possibly still this week! (Any flavor)

  7. I love our chickens! There is nothing like your own organic eggs. What kind of hens are you getting? Are you getting a rooster too?
    We just added 10 more chickies to our flock and they are more fun to watch than anything on tv! Make sure you buy some “chick saver” it’s like pedialyte for chicks, great stuff! Good luck!