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1. We went to an event at Traeger Grills and had the best meal. They made homemade rolls on the Traeger and they were so good. We loved them so much I decided to make some for Mother’s Day. I also made steak and potatoes on the Traeger. The Traeger does it all and makes everything taste better.

2. We rented this movie and the boys loved it.

3. Maxwell is learning how to ride a bike and never wants to stop. He wore himself out.

4. We are hoping for a Warriors vs. Celtics final.

5. Laurel or Yanny? Ha!


1. Did you celebrate national chocolate chip day? I don’t know who comes up with these days, but I had to celebrate. I am always looking for an excuse to eat more cookies:)

2. New this week, my new favorite chocolate cake and a fun salsa for summer!

3. I want to wear this to the pool!

4. Love this before and after.

5. This is beautiful. Making it this weekend!

6. Do you make a summer bucket list? We are working on ours and the boys are coming up with some fun ideas!

7. Love it.

8. Gorgeous!

9. What are your favorite skin care products? I never broke out as a teenager and thought I was lucky, until now. My face is so mad at me! I would love to hear all of your skin care tips! I am trying a chemical peel next week, I will let you know how that goes.

10. I am so excited for outdoor entertaining and I want it all.

11. The cutest dress!

12. I have been putting this on everything. It’s my favorite!

13. I probably need this top in every color.

Maria Lichty

I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. Hi Maria! Please share your summer bucket list with us when it’s completed! Also, any great skin care tips you receive please! Happy Thursday!

    1. Make sure you read the comments! Lots of tips are coming in:) And we will try to post the summer bucket list!

  2. I never had any acne until I was in my mid-twenties, my skin went crazy! Treating adult acne is different than teenage acne. More than likely it’s hormones, stress or a product causing your breakout. Have you started a new birthcontrol pill? Made any dietary changes? Are you stressed? Have you tried any new skin care products or makeup? I’d do a mental check and eliminate any of the above causes with the exception of the pill as this can be an adjustment period. I use simple hydrating cleaning water to remove make up, cerave hydrating cleanser and cerave pm lotion, SPF during the day (elta md UV clear). For active breakouts, I use Mario badescu drying lotion. If you’re not sensitive, I reccomend drunk elephant aha/bha exfoliation serum. Do not use this if you have roseca or redness. You can also look into using a retinol. Chemical peels do help, but keep them to a minimum. Keep your routine simple. Good luck! 

    1. Thanks for all of your help! I am a little stressed with our cookbook, might be it? I haven’t really made any other changes.

  3. I forgot to say, makeup wise I swear by Almay clear skin foundation and Clinique stay matte powder. I have highly sensitive breakout prone skin and neither of these products have cause me any acne or issues. One time I tried make up forever HD powder and had the worst breakout ever! I think I’m sensitive to silica as that product is 100% silica. I also had issues using bare minerals. I find liquid makeup (oil free) is better for me. 

  4. One last thing! Do not use any benzoyl peroxide products. It’s too harsh for adult skin  and it’s known to accelerate the aging process. Google it! Scary. 

  5. I have “angry skin”, Cetaphil face and body lotion for sensitive skin along with Cetaphil facial cleanser is the dermatologist go to and works amazing for me (you can get it at Target).

    Cerave products also work well on the body. Boscia also makes great acne friendly products with SPF but more expensive, Cetaphil works just as well but has no SPF. I choose to switch between the two and it really helps a lot. These products don’t strip the natural healthy oils, hydration is key. Wash & hydrate once in the morning and before bed. Apply oil free SPF lotion every time you go into the sun.

  6. I have found that sugar is the main culprit for breakouts. My granddaughter started having serious breakouts, and I had her eliminate sweets for a couple of weeks. Bingo!

  7. Oh, dear! I’m sorry. I had ghastly skin right up into my 30’s. It finally dawned on me that my body was reacting to something. I stopped eating dairy and within two weeks my face was fixed. I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy as a baby, but my parents said I outgrew it. Not true, dang it. Is there something (dairy, wheat, peanut butter, etc.) you eat a lot of? It’s possible you’ve developed a sensitivity. It might be worth a try to eliminate one thing at a time and see if that helps. Good luck.

    1. Oh man, I hope I don’t have to give up all of my favorite foods:) I might have to try changing up my diet though. Thanks for the help!

  8. I use all Arbonne products for my skincare, it is the only thing I have been able to use long term and not have any reaction to

  9. I had terrible acne all through high school. I still get an occasional breakout even now in my 40’s but nothing as bad as a teenager! I used Mary Kay for the longest, but then one day decided my skin looked terrible, so I switched to Clinique and have been using it for many years. I also love the Estee Lauder eye cream.

  10. I’ve been using Rodan + Fields for all of my skin care issues and my acne/eczema is pretty much gone (as gone as eczema can be, gone for now!! 🙂 You can check it out on my website if you are interested, I’d be happy to help!

  11. Hi in reference to number 9 I feel your pain!!! It seems like every 6 years I deal with a break out issue and have to change my skin care routine. I am 44 and here we go again!! I just had my first chemical peel and I also went to Ulta to have my makeup line re done. I asked A LOT of questions!!! At Ulta my consultant introduced me to the Skin Food line and I LOVE it!!! She also recommended the NARS makeup line. I is light weight but covers up flaws fabulously! Make sure you are using makeup wipes to remove makeup before cleansing (something I didn’t know, just thought my cleanser would do the trick). Also make sure you are using a primer without silicone. Silicone is like putty. It fills in the pores but enlarges them so when you wash your face it opens up the pores for more dirt and bacteria to enter. So in other words its a temporary fix.

    The chemical peel was awesome, but be prepared for some harsh and not so pretty days after. I did the sal peel to help clean out pores and kill the bacteria. She also used the blue light therapy and created a treatment and follow up plan for my skin issues. I am five days past and my skin is looking so much better already! There is a very dry and peeling stage where your skin will peel and acne will surface and purge its way out of your skin. So far its worth it from what I have seen and from what others have shared of their experience. Good luck on your hunt for great products!! Please share if you find something fabulous!!

    1. Hi Heather-thanks for sharing. Now I am nervous for my chemical peel:) I hope it goes ok! I appreciate your help!

  12. I started to have hormonal acne in my 30s. I am slowly working towards a much more natural skin care routine, I found my skin responds to it much better. Look into oil cleansing, you may be stripping too much oil from your skin. My current favorite line is from Little Barn Apothecary ( I love everything I’ve tried from them!

  13. I’m 36, and I had horrible acne from 13-32. Our son was diagnosed with food allergies at age 1 after many ear infections. We discovered that he is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, and peanuts. Since I was breastfeeding him, I became a nut-free vegan overnight and completely eliminated those things from my diet. Within a week or two, my face was finally clear for the first time since childhood!!! I continue to be a nut-free vegan and will be for life. My skin is clear and I feel great! It’s very rare that I get acne now. Clearly, I have some intolerance to some of/ all those foods that my son is allergic to. Best of luck to you! I would recommend eliminating some common allergens from your diet for a while and see what your skin does. You could gradually add them in one at a time to see what your skin think about each one.

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