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1. Hawaii was awesome, but it is so good to be home. We missed our little buddy. He had a great time with Papa while we were gone and we didn’t think he missed us, but yesterday Maria told Caleb we had to go to a meeting and he said, “Don’t leave me again.” Next time he is coming with us!

2. Hopefully this invention can be used to help all kinds of people.

3. After falling in love with snorkeling and swimming in the ocean I saw this on TED talks. What a great idea!


4. Here is a Throwback Thursday to when I was three. Some say Caleb looks just like me, but I don’t see it. Maybe because I am his Dad.


photo 1 (37)

1. I have a Hawaii hangover. We took the red eye flight home and I am still feeling it. I can never sleep on planes and flying pregnant is a whole new ballgame. Our trip was SO worth the long flights, but I am having a hard time functioning this week. A trip post is coming soon, so stay tuned…I just need to sleep first! ๐Ÿ™‚

2. In Hawaii, I read this book. I enjoyed it. It was an easy beach read. I am starting The Storyteller next.

3. Super cute S’mores!

4. I am 30 weeks pregnant! Only 10 weeks to go! I am feeling…pregnant. Not great, but not horrible. Just tired, my back hurts, and it is getting hot! I am constantly eating ice and I want watermelon for every meal. I am still not wearing maternity pants yet. I am carrying this baby so high that my pants still fit. I think I am done with skinny jeans though, bring on the stretchable pants! If I wear maternity pants then maybe I can eat ice cream for every meal instead of watermelon:)

5. Just Stop!

6. Currently sipping on this lemonade.

7.  We watched Captain Phillips and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on the airplane to Hawaii. They were both good! They helped pass the time on our 6 hour flight. What summer movies are you looking forward to? Anything good in the theaters right now or coming out this summer?

8. Loving this kitchen.

9. We have almost everything we need for our new baby since it is a boy, but we do need a new baby swing. Any recommendations?

10. I think I will eat this salad all summer long…to go with my watermelon and ice cream:)

11. Tell me your favorite chapstick! My lips have been so dry lately and it seems like the more chapstick I use, the drier they get. I am starting to think chapstick brands put a secret ingredient in their chapsticks to make your lips dry out even more so you will have to keep buying chapstick! I have tried several brands and nothing is working for me! Please help!

12. We have six chickens and are always looking for new ways to use up our eggs! Can’t wait to try this recipe! Genius!

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  1. Those waffle iron eggs are so interesting! They look like regular waffles.

  2. AAwwwwwwww- oh my gosh his reaction to you leaving for the meeting <3 <3. Kids are the best. 30 weeks and still no maternity jeans! You're amazing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Not amazing, just very top heavy! I have a hard time breathing sometimes because the little guy is so high up!

  3. “honey bee kissed” lip soother…lips very dry and cracked and this worked a portion goes to Honeybee Research Fund….:-)

  4. I think the same thing about chapstick. I am coming back later to see the comments.

  5. Nivea Lip Butter is AMAZING!! My favorite favors are raspberry rose or vanilla & macadamia! My lips have never been softer!

  6. I use Smith’s Rosebud Salve during the day and Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask at night! Both from Sephora.

  7. Desert Essence Tea Tree Lip Balm is the best. Heals chapped lips after 1-2 uses and keeps lips feeling great. Plus, it’s got no chemical or petroleum in it.

    I just saw Railway Man. It’s definitely not a comedy but was a great movie about life in a Japanese POW camp during WWII.

  8. Josh, Caleb looks like you but with dark hair!

    As far as chapstick, I love Eos for during the day. At night before bed I use traditional Carmex. It doesn’t taste very good but it really helps super dry lips.

  9. I feel like I’ve tried all the lip balms in the world and still go back to Carmex — not sexy but works for me every time.

  10. The best lip balm I’ve ever used is Dior’s Creme de Rose. Yes, it’s really expensive, but I was having such a hard time with my lips over the winter it was totally worth it for me. Just a little in the morning and a little before bed is all I need! 8 months later, I’m not even half done with the pot.

  11. Just tried the waffle iron eggs on Memorial Day – it was a fun way to eat eggs. It could have been our waffle maker..but ours didn’t get golden brown and crispy looking, but it still tasted and look great ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I use Mary Kay because there are two parts to the “system”…the first part removes the dry skin and then moisturizes. Otherwise if you’re just putting chapstick on dry skin it’s not going to last long. (And I’m not even a Mary Kay rep, I just LOVE it!)

  13. Yes. He does look like you. When he smiles. Minus the blond hair. I bet if you put blonde hair on him you would see it. Adorable.

  14. I agree with the people who suggested Carmex- when I lived in Colorado it was the only thing that worked and didn’t make the problem worse. Good luck!!

  15. I picked up a used Mamaroo last night and am very excited to use it with our baby, due mid-July! From what I’ve read baby swings are divisive — some babies love them, others hate them.

  16. Regarding movies, over the Memorial Day weekend my fiance and I went to see Xmen…MOST AWESOME Xmen movie I’ve seen to this day. If you’re a comic book fan, as we are, it’s definitely the best movie out right now.

    As far as lip balm, I have been using Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer with SPF since I don’t know when. Probably 10 years ago. But, unfortunately, the local Walgreens or CVS doesn’t sell it anymore (I can’t find it anywhere), so I’ve been ordering it in bulk from Amazon. I am from Texas, so I grew up NEEDING something for my dry lips. This is the best I have found.

  17. Cocoa Butter Lip Balm handmade by Tammy at EarthWear Face and Body! Why is it so good? Because we live up in Saskatchewan, Canada and we know about chapped and dry skin! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not only that it is made with zero chemicals, zero preservatives, locally sourced ingredients, and every product is handmade.

  18. I love the Neosporin Night time Lip Balm. I use it morning and night and have had great results.

  19. Cococare Lip butter – it’s the only thing I’ve ever found that really works, and I’ve tried more brands than I can count and spent more money than I’d like to think about in the process. I buy mine at Walgreens for 1.29.

  20. try the coconut oil chapstick from Whole Foods – I believe I was addicted to chap stick – I kept one in several rooms, plus my purse and my desk,using it sometimes every 30 minutes some days. When I read that you could actually get addicted to it, I stopped – started using coconut oil but then found the coconut oil chapstick and have significantly reduced the number of times per day – and they feel much better much longer!

  21. Welcome Back from Hawaii! Glad you both enjoyed your vacation break! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just want to say that the Fisher Price Space Saver Swing ‘n Seat-Rainforest Friends is my favorite baby swing. One of the great things about it is that it is easy to take with you and operates on 4 C and 1 D battery. There are a number of places you can get it at yet it sells at Babies R Us for $79.99. A good price for a baby swing. I really liked using the old fashioned hand-cranked baby swings they had in the 80’s when I did day care in my home yet they don’t make those anymore. So this one would be my choice for what is on the market today!
    As for chapsticks I just adore ones with lavendar base….my lips stay soft and smooth the longest with these types of chapsticks. The one I use is from Buellton, CA lavendar fields. You can go to their to order it. It works wonderfully!

    Have a great and awesome day!
    Sweet Sue

  22. I buy all my lip balm from this Etsy store:

    I am 100% OBSESSED and I LOVE the girl who owns the shop. SUPER SWEET. Fast service.

    M most favorites are Banana Pudding, PB Smores, and Coco Pina. TO DIE FOR. I am addicted to lip balm though and I reapply it at least 300x a day. No joke.

  23. I am currently reading The Storyteller and neglecting some life right now because it so engaging! EOS lip balm is awesome and doesn’t melt in a hot car… Looking forward to Zac Braff’s movie Wish I Was Here in July because I loved Garden State… I’m 20 weeks pregnant right now and can’t stop eating watermelon too! I had almost the exact same food interest and aversions as you in my first pregnancy (daughter turns 3 on 10/1) so I found your blog looking for recipes and haven’t stopped following your blog since. Can’t wait to try your salad.

  24. Hi Maria! I always love your This and That posts! They are so much fun and I discover something new and inspiring every time. I have a lip balm suggestion for you: I use Aquaphor and it works like a dream. It’s technically not lip balm, but it can be used on the lips. I tend to get chapped lips often and Aquaphor has been the only thing to work extremely well for me. It comes in the big tub but also in a medium size tube and travel size tubes. It’s on the pricier side but worth every penny. Miss you, friend! Hope we can see each other soon. XO

  25. I absolutely love Ava Anderson lip balm! It leaves my lips so smooth and I don’t need to use it *all* the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I live in the desert area (rancho mirage, california) so im very familiar with dry skin/lips, unfortunatley. One of my Go-To lip treatments is by FRESH, it’s called Sugar lip treatment, and they have a few different ones; some with a hint of color/tint (very light) and one with SPF, etc etc…. Anyway, they are very, very good and keep your lips extremely moisturized and soft, without being sticky and icky on your lips/mouth (I hate that!). I use it at night too. I just love it. Another REALLY great one which I have at all times in my purse and that I adore is by Chantecaille, and it’s called ‘Lip Screen’,and it is amazzzzzzing!! Omg, love! It’s THE BEST! Worth every penny. Both of these two suggestions aren’t cheap, but I find that when I spend a little extra for something important like that, it’s worth it in the grand scheme of things because the products are just “better” and last much longer because of the quality. You’re not having to go through tube after tube due to lack of efficiency. I buy both of these from Neiman Marcus, but you could probably find them also at Nordies, or Bloomies, Saks….etc…or even on line I’m sure. Hope this helps.

  27. I love your this and that posts! For anyone ever looking for a recommendation for chapstick, I always tell them to get Dr. Dan’s. My dermatologist recommended it to me. I had to have my pharmacy special order it, but it is AWESOME!

  28. Drink. More water, that will help your lips become less dry. Also, when my lips feel super dry, I like aquaphor for lips, it doesn’t sting like a lot of other chopsticks can do Shen your lips are dry.

  29. I have been in that kitchen. It’s even more fabulous in person and has great views of the Columbia River.

  30. I have chapstick addiction! I just use simple Chapstick brand, but the dark blue label that says moisturizer. Only about $1/tube. worth a try! And it has spf 15 to boot ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Danged chapstick! I know exactly what you mean and, in fact, you’re kind of right about the secret ingredient. Many of them contain alcohol. My lips got so bad this past winter I started putting some of my face moisturizer on the corners of my mouth just to stop them cracking and bleeding. But for real lip stuff I love all the Burt’s Bees.

  32. Una biologicals has great lip balm. I recently discovered them and love their products. I would go through so much chapstick it was crazy. I find myself having use it much less often and my lips never feel dry! They are on etsy and they have their own website as well.

  33. I use Burt Bee’s Pomegranate. I’ve used it for years and it keeps your lips moisterized all day. I take it everywhere. From Cali to Florida even Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  34. Can’t wait to see your Hawaii post ๐Ÿ™‚ And I have a cousin that makes homemade lip balm from my uncle’s beeswax! How cool is that. I just bought a bunch to sell at my farmer’s market stand. I’ll totally mail you some! Get some sleep girl and enjoy that watermelon!

  35. I use SoftLips during the day and put vaseline on my lips before I go to sleep. That works great for me. Hope you can find something that works for you!

  36. The mini jar of Vaseline Lip Therapy is great~ I use it at night, and also once in the morning after I’ve washed up. Philosophy Kiss Me is also really emollient. For a little more color, I love the Fresh tinted lip treatments.

  37. I use the Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment too. It’s awesome. Aquaphor is also a great for dry lips, I used this exclusively when I was a medication for my skin that made my lips severely dry. Doctor recommended. You can get little tubes at Target.

  38. I really like the ChapStick Hydration Lock. It work great and the vanilla cream scent smells so good.

  39. Can’t wait to see the pics from your trip! Loved following you guys on IG…such a great getaway!

  40. I love Sara Happ lip scrub (they have it at Nordstrom and in a bunch of flavors). It helps get flakes off and smooth your lips and is moisturizing itself, and she also has have a lip gloss/balm pot called The Lip Slip that is really nice for during the day. At night I always use regular Burt’s Bees.

  41. Put vaseline on lips at night! Super easy, and it works every time I have seriously painful chapped lips.

  42. I couldn’t find my favorite lip balm anywhere, but it turned out OK because I found this:
    Blister Silk & Shine! It’s my favorite EVER, & that’s a lot because I’m way older than you!