Win the “Trails to Feast” Trip to Oregon {A Culinary Trip of a Lifetime}

We love to travel, especially when good food is involved. Well, next month we are headed to beautiful Oregon to attend Feast Portland, a celebration of food, drink, and Oregon’s bounty.  We are very excited!

And good news Travel Oregon is going to give you and a friend a once in a life time opportunity to visit Oregon and attend Feast Portland too! You can enter to win the “Trails to Feast” trip to Oregon, a culinary trip of a lifetime.

What is the “Trails to Feast” Trip?  An amazing nine day culinary excursion in Oregon from September 20-29, 2012. The trip includes:

  • A round trip flight to Oregon on Alaska Airlines for two
  • 3 days and nights of VIP treatment at the Feast Portland Food Festival
  • Luxurious accommodations in the Willamette Valley, the Oregon Coast and Southern Oregon with lots of eating, drinking and exploring

To enter to win, visit Travel Oregon’s Facebook page and complete the entry form. It’s that simple.

The Sweepstakes start July 24 at 9:00 am PDT and will end at 10:00 pm PDT on August 26, 2012.

Wait, there’s more! Alaska Airlines is providing discounted travel to Feast Portland for ALL sweeps entrants! After entering the sweepstakes, you will receive a 20 percent discount on select fares on Alaska/Horizon flights to Portland. Travel must take place between 9/17/12 and 9/27/12 and be booked by 8/26/12. Valid for travel Monday-Thursday and Saturday.

Now, we need your help. Before we attend Feast Portland we are going to travel our way around Oregon. We are thinking about starting in Bend, working our way to the Oregon coast, and finishing in Portland. What should we do, see, and eat? We are planning our itinerary right now, and would love to hear your Oregon recommendations. From what we’ve researched so far, we can’t go wrong. What a gorgeous state!

We can’t wait for our Oregon adventure! Please share your recommendations in the comments below! Thanks so much!

Now, go enter to win the “Trails to Feast” trip to Oregon! Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Travel Oregon and Alaska Airlines, but our opinions are our own. Photos for this post were also provided by Travel Oregon. 

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  1. Oregon is a must see state. I have never read or heard of a bad review after someone has visited Oregon. I would love to visit the state and take part in the culinary feast! What better way to experience Oregon than through this feast…..the best part would be bragging about the experience to my East coast hometown of Philadelphia:)

  2. If you go to Bend, definitely visit The Deschutes Brewery and go fly fishing on The Deschutes River. Love that place!

  3. Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad those of us without Facebook can’t enter. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you all have a great time in Oregon.

  4. Never turn down an opportunity for travel! Entered! Someplace I’ve never been and there are lots of those. Nothing to suggest and since you probably are more informed perhaps you’ll share where you are going??? Bring it!

  5. I was born and raised in Oregon and love it! The scenery is amazing. Those first two pictures that you shared are views I have seen many times. You will love it and September is the perfect month to go. You have to go to the coast. It is amazing and September should give you pretty good weather. There is so much to do and see. You really need to visit the Columbia Rive Gorge and see Multnomah Falls. The Columbia River Gorge Historic Highway is worth doing. The waterfalls are amazing and it is just east of Portland. Oh, I could go on and on about Oregon. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you have a great trip!

  6. If you get the chance to spend a night in Waldport, OR DO IT! It is this tiny little town right in the middle of everything. A 10 minute drive north and you are at the Oregon Coast Aquariam, a 10 (or so) minute drive south and you are at the Sea Lion caves. I would recommend all three of those things! I LOVE Oregon!

  7. Maria-You are coming to my home. I live in the Willamette Valley, in wine country. If you need help and ideas I have lots and lots of ideas and must sees. I’d be happy to help! Not sure if you drink wine but we’d be happy to host you at our tasting room!

  8. Entering! I hope y’all have a wonderful (and SAFE!) trip to Oregon! My mother-in-law’s best friend lives in Oregon and she says there is no other state like it. It’s beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I hope I get to see you twice in 2 months. Can you imagine? Actually, that would be 3 months. EVO, next week, and in Sept. WE will get our “Caleb” fix! xo

  10. I agree with Urban Housewife! It’s an amazing giveaway, and I would love to be able to enter without being on Facebook. Hope you guys have a great trip- Oregon is so beautiful!

  11. Hey Maria! I follow a blog called She lives in Portland and often reviews fun restaurants and places to eat. I have always wanted to try some places that she has talked about! So you could check out her blog to find some good places to eat! Have fun!

  12. Yay, Oregon! My husband and I moved here from CA 5 years ago this week and we love it!

    We just went to Bend for the first time last month and I have to recommend 10 Barrel. My whole family ate out twice while we were there and we went to 10 Barrel both times – it was that good! Other than that, you can do anything in Bend and it’s pretty awesome. Float down the river, check out the shops downtown, taste coffee and beer, go to quilt shops if you’re my mom (best quilt shops I have ever seen), bicycle riding, lava tubes… The list goes on and on! It’s a great place for families, too.

    For Portland there’s the beer, wine, and coffee again – we seem to love our beverages in Oregon. :o) Lots of fabulous restaurants, too. I like the Deschutes Brewery herein the Pearl better than the one in Bend – it’s fancy pub grub. I have not been to Farm, Laurelhurst Market, or the Firehouse, but I hear they all have amazing food and they’re on my list of places to go.

    The Pearl is fun for walking around and window shopping – make sure you take the little one to Jameson Square if it’s warm – great water feature for the kids. There are also fun neighborhoods on the East Side – Hawthorn and Mississippi are two.

    The coast, wine country, Multnomah Falls, and Mt. Hood are all great places to go. Most people end up in Cannon Beach at the coast. It has a good beach (Haystack Rock for the Goonies fans!) and the downtown is adorable. Multnomah falls is an easy drive from Portland and is just beautiful.

    So glad you get to visit our great state. Hope you have a fabulous time!

    1. Glad you are enjoying OR! We can’t wait to come visit! Thanks for all of your suggestions!

  13. Oh wow that is amazing! I am in Portland right now! We have some family who just moved here and we are hoping to make it home too! I didnt even know about this festival! Definitely going to try and stay for it! I have heard that Oregon is a food bloggers paradise! So many locally grown ingredients and great breweries and coffee shops. I have also heard the Gorge is definitely a place to be! Just found out that on the coast in Cannon Beach and Astoria is where “The Goonies” was filmed. We went there last week and it was beautiful. You should definitely go there if you can! I hope we can cross paths if we are still in Oregon in September! I hope you guys have tons of fun though! Sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun!!!

  14. Our favorite coastal town was Cannon Beach, OR. We stayed right on the beach at the Ocean Lodge and loved it. Be sure to ask for a downstairs room facing the ocean. They have great views of Haystack Rock and you can walk right out onto the beach. Plus, the town is just beautiful.

    For our drive through the Willamette River valley, we stayed in McMinville (close to wineries) at MeMenamins Hotel Oregon. Small but quaint hotel in downtown, just around the corner from a weekly farmer’s market and when we were there, there was a restored movie theater across the street that was a special treat.

    If you can swing it, don’t miss Crater Lake (south) and the Columbia River Valley. The drive around Mt. Hood is called “the fruit loop” because of all the orchards. Definitely worth a day-long drive to see it all.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! We absolutely loved Oregon.

  15. I adore Oregon. One of my favorite places to travel is the Columbia River Gorge. So many trails and beautiful waterfalls. A great place to stay is on the south side of Mount Hood at Timberline Lodge. I had a great pork loin with lingonberry sauce there once. Coast wise I love Oceanside and the Three Arch Rock Natural Reserve. From there my husband and I went up the coast to Cannon Beach (touristy little town) and hit the road back to Portland. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  16. I have been to parts of Oregon, but I would love to go again and see some of the areas I have not been to.

  17. I just recently went back to Oregon for a visit and the first thing I did in Portland was go to the 16th and Hawthorne food carts. Potato Champion and the crepes cannot be missed! St. Cupcake is a good stop too. Have fun!

  18. Bend is great. We use to go to SunRiver for many summers and absolutely loved it. It’s still one of my favorite vacation spots. There’s an ice cream place called “Goodies” that we would go to every night. And I’ve been to the Oregan Coast more than any other coast. Cannon Beach is really neat. One of my favorites. You’ve got to go and get clam chowder at Duggers or Moe’s. It will be fun!

  19. I grew up in the NW and Oregon is amazing!! You guys will love it. Bend is so much fun and a great place to start. I agree with readers who said a stop at the coast is a must. Our favorites by far are Cannon Beach and Lincoln City. Go get some clam chowder at Mo’s in Cannon Beach for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Gorge is also a must. We drove what’s called The Mt. Hood Loop every year and it’s a gorgeous drive in the fall. Tons of orchards and lots of family fun stops. Exploring around Mt. Hood is beautiful of course. Eat at Timberline Lodge for some fancy dining and great food. While you’re exploring fun and funky Portland some of my favorite eats are The Rheinlander (great German food and incredible ambiance!), we loved to go to Jake’s for good seafood, Papa Haydn’s on NW 23rd St is fun. Oh and the Rose Gardens are amazing if you just want to go someplace beautiful. I could go on and on but I’ll stop now. Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I’ve been gone a few years so hopefully all these places are still as good as I remember!)

  20. Yes, just let me know. I’d love to host a blogger dinner party if you are up for it. I am in McMinnville, about 50 miles South of Portland. We live out in the country. it would be fun but only if you are up for it and have time of course. It would be fun to Sandy up here, she is a bit far away though. Anyway…just a thought.

  21. I don’t need the airfare as I live in Portland but would love to go to the festival!

    For an amazing brunch or dinner try Tasty N Sons in Portland, Toro Bravo (same owner) also does delicious tapas My other favorite food places in Portland are Tin Shed for breakfast, Urban Hopworks for beer and good pub food, Salt and Straw for the best ice cream ever, Lovelys for gourmet pizza and also awesome ice cream and there are also tons of food carts scattered all over downtown and inner Portland that are great (especially ethnic ones). NE Alberta and N Mississippi are fun blocks to walk around with funky shops and good restaurants. Same goes with Hawthorne and Belmont in SE Portland.

    Bend is a fun city, lots of nice hikes and beautiful outdoor areas. Rafting in the Deschutes is lots of fun. Sunriver is great if you like bike riding, tons of trails and more of a resort feel. Cannon Beach is my favorite beach town and Haystack Rock is really pretty (Ecola Park in that area is also great). If you can make it to the Tillamook Cheese Factory that’s always fun for getting cheese samples and ice cream.

    I love the Gorge, it’s incredibly beautiful. Multnomah Falls is nice but crazy crowded in the summer, there’s some other nice falls that aren’t so crowded (you can do a search for Gorge hikes and find a ton). Hood River is a great town in the Gorge to hang out and do some wine tasting or get some good food. There’s lots of local farm stands, fresh fruit, etc. Silver Falls, further south is also really pretty. Finally, Oregon pinot is some of the best in the world, I love wine tasting in the Willamette Valley.

  22. You are going my home state!! I have an entire email with different sites posted on it… that I can forward to you… but are you looking to go all around or just to certain parts of Oregon? Aghh you will love it up there!!

    Probably my favorite place that you could do with Calab all day or even just a part day if you are looking to get away and do something that not a lot of people know about is

    I’ll forward you an email with some different things I made for some other people ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you make it out to the country, they have some of the most awesome u pick berry patches, but don’t pay money for the blackberries, you can pick all you want at my parents house for free!!


  23. I have lived in Oregon all but three years of my life and all the good things your hearin about our state are true!! It is truly beautiful country. I don’t know if you will get the chance to further south or not but there are wonderful things to see and do down this way as well. There is the not to be missed Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States. There is the Natural Bridge (made out of old lava flow) in Union Creek right over by Crater Lake. The Oregon caves in Cave junction and the Oregon vortex and house of mystery. Way up north on the coast you have to visit Astoria, where the classic movie The Goonies was filmed as well as Kindergarten Cop and Free Willy 1&2. Your going to have to make another trip out this way just to see everything!! If I had to pick the top two places you really can NOT miss I would say the Oregon Coast and Crater Lake. You can’t go wrong on those two. Enjoy and be safe. Happy travels.

  24. Rereading all the comments and I can’t help but want to go on a road trip now around my home state!! How are you gonna do it all? ๐Ÿ™‚ I seriously cannot believe more people haven’t mentioned Crater Lake!! Only one other person mentions this landmark and briefly at that!! I know it’s further south but its worth the trip and you won’t regret it!!

  25. My favorite winery in Dundee is Winderlea Winery. They’re small but have such a cute winery and beautiful land. There are so many awesome places to eat in Portland that it’s hard to list them all. I would suggest using Yelp as your guide and eat the places with 4+ stars an 100+ reviews. My favorite place to go for happy hour is Portland City Grill on the 30th floor of a building in downtown with some awesome views. If you go, go before 4pm so you can get a table right by the window and enjoy the views. Here’s the menu. It’s awesome if you go on a clear day. You will be happy you made the trip!

  26. Fifth generation Oregonian here! Just west of Bend is the cute town of Sisters, check out the Sisters Bakery, right on main street (highway)–my favorite is the marionberry scone, but everything is absolutely divine. The Tillamook factory is a must. And Bagels by the Sea in Seaside is another favorite. If you need some “fast food” ha ha, check out Burgerville (various locations) they use pacific northwest produced ingredients and have some great seasonal flavors and vegetarian options. The gorge is beautiful, don’t miss Multnomah falls and check out the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway and the Vista House. Hood River will probably have more great fruit coming from the orchards then too–yummy pears and apples. Enjoy your visit!