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Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake

Recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod

Servings: 10 shortcakes


Strawberry Topping:

For the shortcakes:

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons orange zest
  • 5 tablespoons unsalted butter cut into small pieces and chilled
  • 1 cup chopped rhubarb
  • 1 large egg
  • 3/4 cup cold heavy cream plus extra cream to brush the tops
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Turbinado sugar for sprinkling on top of shortcakes
  • Whipped cream for serving


  • 1. In a medium bowl, add the strawberries and sugar. Stir until strawberries are coated. Refrigerate strawberries until serving time. Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment or a silicone mat.
  • 2. Whisk the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and orange zest together in a large bowl. Drop in the butter and, using your fingers, toss to coat the pieces of butter with flour. Use your fingers or a pastry blender, cut and rub the butter into the dry ingredients. You will have some small pea size pieces of butter and that is fine. Stir in the chopped rhubarb.
  • 3. In a small glass measuring cup or bowl, whisk together the egg, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. Pour mixture over the dry ingredients and stir with a spatula just until the dough comes together. The dough will be sticky. Still in the bowl, gently knead the dough by hand, just until the dough comes together.
  • 4. Lightly dust a work surface with flour and turn out the dough. Pat the dough into a circle. Gently roll out the dough. You want the dough to be about an inch thick. Cut the dough into shortcakes using a cookie cutter, biscuit cutter or glass bottom. Place the shortcakes on the prepared baking sheet, about 2 inches apart.
  • 5. Brush the shortcakes with cream and sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Bake for 12-14 minutes, or until golden brown. Transfer shortcakes to a rack and cool to cool to room temperature.
  • 6. Serve shortcakes with strawberries and whipped cream.