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Cinnamon Toffee Oatmeal Cookies

Last week a grocery store had Hershey’s chocolate chips on sale for 70 cents a bag. Sure, you had to buy ten bags but that was not an issue for me. The more chocolate in the house the better! Plus the holidays are coming up and I know I will be baking a ton. I purchased semi-sweet, milk chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon chips. I am stocked!

I decided to open a bag of the cinnamon chips and make a batch of cookies. Cinnamon is the perfect flavor for fall. I started out with my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe. I added a pinch of cinnamon and the chips and then I discovered a couple of Heath bars in the freezer so I chopped those up and threw them in too. The end results…a most excellent cookie! They were crisp but still a little chewy. The toffee melted nicely in between the oatmeal and the cinnamon chips gave them the perfect pop! I will for sure make these again…and again!

Cinnamon Toffee Oatmeal Cookies

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½ c. brown sugar
1/2 c. white sugar
1/2 cup softened butter
1 egg
1 tsp. Vanilla
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Baking powder
1/2 tsp. Baking soda
1 1/4 c. flour
Dash of cinnamon
1 1/4 c. oats
Cinnamon chips- your guess is as good as mine!
2 Heath bars-chopped

Beat butter in mixer until soft. Add in sugars, eggs, and vanilla. In a separate bowl, whisk together the salt, baking powder, soda, flour, and dash of cinnamon. Add to wet ingredients. Mix it up! Add your oats and then your chips and Heath chunks.

Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes! Don’t let them get too done…they are better when they are soft!

I scaled this down so it makes about 2 dozen or so! Feel free to double it for more cookies!

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43 Responses to “Cinnamon Toffee Oatmeal Cookies”

  1. Rosie — October 8, 2008 @ 6:38 am

    WOW Maria these cookies are awesome!! I love all the fall flavours you have here!! Bookmarked for sure – many thanks for sharing with us :)

    Rosie x

  2. VeggieGirl — October 8, 2008 @ 6:53 am

    I’ll take a dozen of those, please!! :0)

  3. ~Priscilla~ — October 8, 2008 @ 6:58 am

    those look delicious and i LOVE soft cookies, much better than hard ones.

  4. Live.Love.Eat — October 8, 2008 @ 7:05 am

    Hi Maria. Your comment was so sweet!! But these cookies look even sweeter!!!! Wow. I love that it’s your own little mix of good stuff.

  5. Kathy Seed — October 8, 2008 @ 8:01 am

    Yum! I can’t wait to make this recipe! I never knew there was such a thing as cinnamon chips! I am now on the hunt and will for sure make this recipe! Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Deborah — October 8, 2008 @ 8:35 am

    I want chocolate chips for 70 cents a bag!! I’ve actually had major cravings for oatmeal cookies lately, but then I made some and my husband and I ate the WHOLE batch. I figured I shouldn’t make them very often or we’d be gain 50 pounds!! But now I wnat these – they sound so good!

  7. Maria — October 8, 2008 @ 8:42 am

    Kathy- I hope you can find cinnamon chips! They are so good! If you can’t we can mail you some:)

    Deborah-We usually eat the whole batch too! oops!! I really should stop baking but I love it!

  8. Maryann — October 8, 2008 @ 8:42 am

    You are so right. Cinnamon is a natural for the Fall. I put it in my coffee while it’s brewing now :)
    I could use a few of those wonderful cookies to dunk.

  9. The Blonde Duck — October 8, 2008 @ 8:51 am

    Oh yum! I need to start stocking up ASAP…..

  10. The Short (dis)Order Cook — October 8, 2008 @ 9:33 am

    You have some willpower! I could never have 10 bags of chips in my house. I’d eat them before I could bake a thing.

  11. Natashya — October 8, 2008 @ 10:09 am

    Wow 70 cents a bag! The Hersheys chocolate chips are $3-$4 here. I definitely would have bought 10, or 20.
    My family likes soft cookies too, so comforting.

  12. Allie — October 8, 2008 @ 10:53 am

    I just bought a bag of cinnamon chips! I hadn’t seen them before, but probably because I wasn’t looking. So excited that now I have a recipe to try them out with.

  13. Adam — October 8, 2008 @ 10:59 am

    That is an awesome deal on chip! Great idea to be stocked for the holidays. Do you believe they’re slowly coming up already?

    I’ll def try this recipe, as soon as I find cinnamon chips. I’ll probably like them more than their chocolate counterparts

  14. Rosa's Yummy Yums — October 8, 2008 @ 11:00 am

    Those cookies look really tempting! I love toffee, cinnamon and oatmeal…



  15. Happy cook — October 8, 2008 @ 11:42 am

    Here we don’t get all these digferent kind of chips.
    We have light , dark and white chocolate and that is it.
    When my hubby went to my sister and her family for a week, she send me lots of this like butterscotch etc….
    I would love to have few of these delicious cookie with my coffee

  16. Leslie — October 8, 2008 @ 11:47 am

    I seem to always miss the good sales! Your cookies look and sound wonderful!

  17. Mary — October 8, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

    Maria, how do you stay so tiny? That being said, your cookies look absolutely delicious.

  18. Beth — October 8, 2008 @ 12:31 pm

    We can’t get cinnamon chips in the UK – or at least where I live – which to be honest is in the middle of nowhere!

    These look delicious

  19. Usha — October 8, 2008 @ 2:38 pm

    Wow just looking at these pictures is making me crave these cookies…

  20. Jessica — October 8, 2008 @ 5:42 pm

    chocolate chips for 70 cents!?! That would be a serious danger zone for me. Those cookies look great!

  21. Mary Ann — October 8, 2008 @ 6:06 pm

    These cookies look fabulous, especially with those flavors and add-ins! I am going to try your risotto because I made risotto last night for the first time and it was a cinch, plus your veggie version looks fantastic! Keep the great recipes coming!

  22. Jacque — October 8, 2008 @ 6:22 pm

    Wow, 70 cents a bag… I am jealous! These look delish, I like how they’re crackly looking.

  23. Mindy — October 8, 2008 @ 7:05 pm

    Oh wow,yum! I wish that sale was going on here. What a great combination of flavors.

  24. Pam — October 8, 2008 @ 11:23 pm

    These cookies are calling my name. I need to look for cinnamon chips – I’ve never seen them in the stores here.

  25. mikky — October 9, 2008 @ 1:16 am

    can i take a bite now?… they look delicious!!! :)

  26. Dee — October 9, 2008 @ 1:45 am

    Oh wow, I can almost taste them from here! Bet your house smelled amazing after.

    All we have here are choc chips; I even had to buy my PB chips while away on holiday. Poor Dee.

  27. Emiline — October 9, 2008 @ 2:14 am

    Oooh! They’re so crackly…

    Where do you live?! Our chips are
    $3 a bag. Phht.

  28. Debbie — October 9, 2008 @ 3:59 am

    The cookies look soo good! We would all love those in my house!!!

  29. Prudy — October 9, 2008 @ 5:26 am

    Cookies are my favorite dessert-way better than cake in my book. What a great deal on the chips and then a great cookie to use them up.

  30. Katherine Aucoin — October 9, 2008 @ 5:38 am

    Great deal on chips, I’ll have to stock up. Your cookies look wonderful.

  31. Grace — October 9, 2008 @ 7:50 am

    i hoard cinnamon chips when i see them on the grocery store shelf. obviously, this is my kind of cookie. :)

  32. Katy — October 9, 2008 @ 8:04 am

    oh my gosh, what an awesome idea!!! my fiance would love these — yum!

  33. April — October 9, 2008 @ 8:45 am

    So the hubby has been on me to make his favorite cookies, oatmeal. I think this will be the one to make!

  34. Cathy — October 9, 2008 @ 10:47 am

    Wow, what a score on the chips! And these cookies look so wonderful, and my non-chocolate eating hubs would enjoy them, so they’re officially on the list!

  35. Veronica — October 9, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

    I just love those cinnamon chips…I’ll bet they are just perfect in an oatmeal cookie.

  36. chou — October 9, 2008 @ 3:37 pm

    I like the toffee addition, very nice.

  37. Bridgett — October 9, 2008 @ 4:35 pm

    The toffee addition sounds delicious. What a treat those would be and would make great little gifts.

  38. ~Priscilla~ — October 9, 2008 @ 6:02 pm

    i bought toffee chips and am looking forward to making these tomorrow! they look delicious.

  39. Maggie — October 9, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

    I love Heath and Score bars! These cookies sound fantastic.

  40. Aggie — October 9, 2008 @ 7:41 pm

    I just love toffee!! and cinnamon and oatmeal! And it’s all in one cookie here! Looks D-Lish!!

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