Avocado Ice Cream

By Maria Lichty

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Avocado ice cream is rich, smooth, and creamy. This recipe is easy to make and perfect for Cinco deMayo.

Cinco de Mayo is on Thursday and if you are looking for a delicious dessert to serve, try Avocado Ice Cream. Yes, you heard me right, Avocado Ice Cream. You might think avocados don’t belong in ice cream, but let me reassure you, this ice cream is fantastic.

I adore avocados. I love guacamole, avocado sandwiches, adding avocado slices to my favorite Mexican dishes, and I even eat them plain. There is nothing better than slicing into a ripe avocado, sprinkling it with salt, and scooping out the fruit with a spoon. Pure bliss. I knew I would love avocado ice cream. It is rich, smooth, and creamy. Josh was a little skeptical, but after one bite, he was sold.

This avocado ice cream recipe is super simple to make. We put all of the ingredients in our Blendtec blender and blended until smooth. Next, we added the avocado mixture to our ice cream maker and let it do the rest of the work. We really didn’t do any of the work-thank you appliances!

The ice cream is really soft after it is done churning, but so delicious. I love soft ice cream. If you prefer firm ice cream, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving.

If you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo on May 5th-make Avocado Ice Cream. It is the perfect dessert for the occasion!

We used California Avocados Direct avocados for this recipe. They seriously are the BEST avocados I have ever tasted. They are amazing! If you don’t live in CA, don’t worry, neither do we. You can have a box shipped to your house! The avocados are hand picked , hand packed, and delivered straight from the farm. Talk about service! For more information, visit their website.

What Is the Best Ice Cream Maker?

To make sweet, creamy ice cream at home, you NEED an ice cream maker. I use the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker, and all I need to do is remember to chill the freezer bowl in advance for a sweet treat in just 20 minutes. It’s the best ice cream maker I’ve ever used, and you can get it at Amazon.

California Avocados Direct sent us a free box of avocados, but our opinions are our own. We love them!

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Avocado Ice Cream

This ice cream is SO creamy! You have to try it!
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  • Slice open the avocados, remove the pits, and scoop out the flesh. Put the avocados in a blender of food processor. Add the sugar, sour cream, heavy cream, lime juice, and salt. Blend until smooth.
  • Freeze in your ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions. If you like soft ice cream, go ahead and eat. If you like firmer ice cream, store in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving.


Recipe from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. 

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  1. I love this! Just found out I’ll have access to an ice cream maker this summer, I’ll save this recipe for that!

  2. This sounds amazing! I’ve never had avocado ice cream before. I’m positive I’d LOVE this 🙂

  3. YUM! I love avocado. It really adds a special touch to salads. I’ve never had it in dessert form- but have seen some awesome pudding recipes out there. I bet it makes such a creamy ice cream.

  4. I like avocado and I like ice cream, so this is something that I will have to try! Great post!

  5. Yum!! I’ve been wanting to try some more savory ice creams this summer. This one sounds rich and creamy.

  6. Mmmmm…this recipe looks delicious! I may have to try it for my party this coming weekend 🙂

  7. I don’t see how I could NOT love this! Such a pretty color too. Must get an ice cream maker….!

  8. Looks PERFECT!! Smooth and creamy and I bet it tasted great. Love the pretty green color!!

  9. I’d love to try this! I just spent a weekend at Camp Blogaway w/ the CA Avocado Commission & came home with a few to play with.

  10. My husband and I are avocado fans. Wonder, if we’d like this icecream. Certianly we would!

  11. Yum! I love avocados and hope to try this service soon! We all know CA avocados are seriously the best! …now I’ve gotta try that recipe.

  12. I’m a huge avocado fan as well. And I ate them obsessively when I was pregnant! My son as a baby ate avocado everyday and still likes them as a toddler. I’ll have to try this ice cream.

  13. Oooh, LOVE avocado ice cream! It’s such an amazing flavor–so creamy, too! I’m going to have to check out the company you got yours from–we eat so many avocados all year round. And thanks for the shout out! 🙂

  14. Well I know that I ADORE avocados and so I can’t imagine that this ice cream would be any different!

  15. I love avocados and I love ice cream, so this seems like a perfect match for me!

  16. This sounds delicious!! We recently got an ice cream maker so have been ice cream crazy.

  17. I am in love with this. Avocados are one of my favorite foods, and they look like the perfect ice cream. Better than matcha even.

  18. Can you believe I’ve never had an avocado?? I need to remedy that soon. I love the green color of this ice cream!

  19. Hmmm, at first I thought maybe this was the result of a pregnancy craving, but I think you’ve sold me.

  20. You’re supposed to be eating pickles and ice cream, but this works too 😉 Avocado is so creamy, I bet this was good!

  21. Does it take on the earthy avocado flavor or does it just provide the creamy texture and color?

  22. Avocado is very high in potassium…higher than bananas! As my 90 year old mom recuperates from surgery, ice cream is one of her favorite foods…but avocado ice cream would be the answer to a dietary concern too! Thank you for featuring our avocados, and thank you for this delicious and healthy recipe!

    1. Thank you! We are in love with California Avocados Direct. Best wishes for your mom’s recovery.

  23. This looks beyond divine Maria! One of my favorite treats is an avocado sweetened condensed milk smoothie, so I know I’ll love avocado ice cream!

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog and all I have to say is yum, I am definitely adding you to the RSS feeder thanks to this recipe. So creative and if I had a bounty to use, I’m sure avocado ice cream would be on the list too!

  25. I had to do a double take on this one. Avocado ice cream? But if you say it’s good, I’ll try it! Especially since my appliances are going to do all the work. 🙂

  26. with that gentle green hue and subtle flavor, this is bound to be an outstanding batch of ice cream! it makes me long for an ice cream maker, that’s for sure. 🙂

  27. Bring on the avocados! That looks delicious and I would just want to dive right into it. Smooth and creamy! Yum.

  28. This looks so rich & yummy! I would have loved this during either one of my pregnancies, actually–I was craving & eating an avocado everyday! Gorgeous treat, Maria!

  29. I love avocados. This looks so creamy and delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  30. Why don’t I have an ice cream maker??? I love avocados and this recipe makes me want to run out to buy an ice cream maker today! Looks divine.

  31. What an interesting flavor! Love this ice cream and I’d love to make it if I didn’t make a guacamole out of all the avocados first!

  32. I absolutely adore avocado ice cream and this looks like the perfect way to end a Cinco de Mayo feast.

  33. This ice cream is a great idea for Cinco de Mayor or any warm spring or summer day. So refreshing:)

  34. Oooh what perfect timing. I was wanting to make avocado ice cream after I had a spicy avocado ice cream at dinner the other week. Especially love it for Cinco de Mayo.

  35. This takes me back to my mission in Brazil. I ate lots of avocado ice cream (and corn ice cream too!)

  36. We made this along with your cilantro lime rice last night for Cinco de Mayo and threw together some burrito bowls. Everything was fantastic! No leftovers. Thanks for the great recipes!

  37. Ooh…I want to try this but I’m off sugar. Do you think I could substitute honey for the sugar?

  38. Can I just say WOOW! I love avocado. I cooked soup from it, baked cake from it with chocolate but this ice cream is a new recipe for me. I will definitely try it!

  39. This intrigued me the moment I saw it. I had a bag of frozen avocados in the freezer and used it this morning to make the ice cream. Delicious! Who would have thought? I’m having a Mexican food themed party next week and will serve this for dessert. However, I won’t reveal the secret ingredient until everyone finishes…hee hee… Thanks for the links to other similar recipes, too. Some of them sound mighty tasty.

  40. oh this looks great! i just got an ice cream maker so i’m looking for all sorts of recipes and this is going on the list!!

  41. when i was little, we used to eat avocados (slightly mashed) with milk and sugar. it sounds weird to so many people but it’s really so yummy. avocado ice cream is just awesome!

  42. Thanks for posting this recipe. Avocado ice cream is very popular in the Philippines where my dad is from. I can find it in some Asian grocery stores but I’ve always wanted to make my own. Can’t wait to try it!

  43. Mmmm… avocado. I eat it straight from the skin too! I like a sprinkling of garlic powder with mine though. 🙂 I’m wondering… how hard would it be to make this into chocolate ice cream? Maybe just adding cocoa powder?

    1. I haven’t tried chocolate, but adding cocoa powder should work! I will have to try it!

  44. Never would’ve thought to make ice cream flavored by avocados and sour cream. This sounds really good though. I was wondering if adding some vanilla extract to this would be a good or bad choice? I don’t want to ruin my first batch if you think it wouldn’t be good. Any thoughts?

  45. This is amazing! I’ve just made my first batch, and we’re hooked. Rich avocado flavor, just a hint of sweetness, and that glorious color. This recipe is going straight into my “favorites” cookbook. Thanks for posting it. I would have NEVER come up with avocado ice cream on my own, but as long as I can get my hands on ripe avocados this will be in my freezer!

  46. WOW! Definitely going to make this!! Thanks so much for the recipe – and the avocado recommendation!!

  47. I make Avocado ice cream often. Throw a scoop of it on a bowl of Gazpacho and it will put you over the edge!

  48. Dear friends and ice cream lovers
    I’m from Brazil and over there avocado is a desert fruit. We eat them with sugar and drops of lemon juice, ice creams and milk shake as well. Interesting was to find in Canada, where my family and I live for more than a decade, that people eat it in salads! I’m very glad that you liked the ice cream, it reminds me my childhood.Thank you for sharing it!

  49. In the Philippines, we eat avocados in a sweet, not savory way (in puddings, smoothies, ice cream, etc.), so when we moved to the U.S. and I saw guacamole for the first time, I went, “Eww, why would anyone ever eat avocado like THAT??” In time, I learned to love avocado in savory foods too, but eating it in sweets like this just takes me back to my childhood in a straight shot :).

  50. I made this for my mother-in-law as a Mother’s Day gift. She loves avocado, and she loved this ice cream. I added about 2 tbsp. water to the blender to help it purée better.

  51. So, I didn’t have all the ingredients, and I don’t have an ice cream maker… and I live alone. I took one avocado, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup whole milk, a dash of salt and lime juice, and two ice cubes. I put everything in my Blendtec and hit the “icew cream” button. I ended up with a soft, fluffy, smooth avocado…. pudding, perhaps? It was really delicious!

  52. I’m Brazilian and we usually eat avocado in sweet recipes, like smoothies and ice cream….. i grew up eating this stuff.. climbing trees to get them. Anyways, ,my favorite way to eat is just slice open and that little cup that it makes, just put some sugar and lime juice and eat it like that…. SOOOOO YUMMY……
    Also, try avocado, orange, banana, apple…. milk, little bit of sugar and a little bit of lime juice….. blend it all in the blender….. DELICIOUS!!!!!

  53. Just made some. My ice-cream maker isn’t great so I won’t comment on how it froze up, but omg was it delicious. I just kept licking my spatula. It actually tasted like sweetened avocado and the use of sour cream was excellent.

    I’d suggest using some honey instead of all sugar though!

  54. I’m a cook for 25 years I used condence milk every time i make any ice cream taste a lot better, not unless ur in a diet.

  55. Just wanted to come here to comment that we have made this so many times and it is my favorite ice cream! I absolutely love it!

  56. Hi, Maria! I am very sure that Josh did like this simple dish of yours. Very healthy and I can’t wait to try this at home.

  57. Looking for. Recipe to satisfy craVing.  Grew up in Phil where we have this both commercial and homemade.  Excited to try this.


  59. Thanks for reminding me to store the ice cream mixture in the freezer for at least two hours if I want firmer ice cream. Since summer is near, I want to make uniquely flavored snacks for my children. Avocado ice cream sounds like a delightful idea so I’ll be looking for avocado powder for this recipe this weekend. https://cheesepowder.com/avocado-powder.php

  60. Okay ladies and gentleman, if you like avocado just a little this recipe is excellent.
    Try it you will not be disappointed.

    It’s healthy.

  61. I love Florida avocados as ice cream or simply eaten right in its shell with a little lemon and sugar. I can’t stomach salt, pepper, onion, hot sauce on such amazing fruit! Perfect dessert.

  62. 5 stars
    Loved it…got 5 avocado trees and always making lots of things with avocados….this recipe is a keeper. Had 1 full cup before freezing it. Also licked the blender and spatula thank you