Caleb {10 Months Old}

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Caleb turned 10 months old on Friday. We are getting closer to the year mark. I can’t believe it. The past 10 months have flown by, but we have enjoyed every second with our little pea.

Here are a few Caleb highlights from the past month:

  • Caleb loves to go swimming. He is not afraid of the water. He will stick his face right in and kick away. Now, when we give him his baths, he tries to lay on his belly and swim.
  • He loves waving. He will wave at cars, people, dogs, trees, just about everything. He can even say hi now.
  • Caleb also likes to point. Someday we will have to teach him it is not polite to point, but right now it is cute:)
  • Caleb is crawling all over the place…even into the dishwasher.
  • Caleb has tried lots of fruits and veggies now, but he isn’t that interested in eating. He only wants to eat what we are eating and he hates mashed up food. We have to cut his food into tiny pieces for him to even consider it. And he has to be in charge, he wants to feed himself.
  • Caleb does love plums! He would eat them all day long if we let him.
  • Caleb went on his first hike this month. He loves the outdoors.
  • Caleb loves hanging out in his diaper. Clothes are optional during the hot summer months:)
  • Caleb went on his first hike this month. He loves the outdoors.
  • He started drinking out of a sippy cup. Sometimes it is just a toy, but he does drink out of it occasionally:)
  • His favorite saying is “Oh yeah!” He mostly says it when he sees a dog or plum:)

Look at that little angel! We are so blessed to have Caleb in our lives. Happy 10 Months Caleb! We love you!

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  1. Oh yeah, plums! Haha what a precious little cutie pie. Those eyelashes & rosy cheeks are just too much for me to handle!

  2. Cute, beautiful, sweet, oh so many ways to describe your little baby – he is just lovely. Thank you for sharing some recent photos and for sharing his latest milestones and interests – I particularly like the crawling into the dishwasher and the seeing a dog comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you are enjoying being a Mum.

  3. He is a doll! Our little man is about 3.5 montages younger so it is interesting to read what Caleb is up to!

  4. Yay 10 months! I’s been fun to see sweet Caleb growing and developing – he’s such a cutie!

  5. He melts my heart! Kaylin claps for everyone and everything right now…and shes into the pointing too. That cracks me up! Happy 10 month sweet baby

  6. It is so neat to see the changes in Caleb and hard to believe almost a year has passed. You can’t imagine how fast the time will go by. My baby is 35 years old now and not married. He has found someone but she has not said yes.

  7. Awww can’t believe it!!! Happy 10 months, little guy!!

    My fave picture is the one with him eating a plum with his foot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thank you for sharing your little guy with us. My “baby” will soon be 13, so I enjoy looking at Caleb and appreciating his babieess, and being reminded of mine when she was a baby. Your phots (as usual) are wonderful and I can almost smell that baby smell!

  9. Happy 10 month Caleb!!! Seriously the cutest baby in the world! You have a real winner on your hands!

  10. What a cutie,Hi caleb. So much fun at this age their learning so much I love seeing him grow at these different stages remindes me me of mine I loved 13 monthes (even though all mine wanted to do was chew on those popsicles cuz he was cutting one tooth after another.Enjoy caleb and always have the camera ready lol their always doing or getting into something wait till he is walking you’ll love it.

  11. You must tell me the brand of the masacara he uses!
    Or I will turn him into the Eyelash Police for exceeding the legal length!
    Such a sweet, darling boy.

  12. Time flies so fast, enjoy every minute. He is so freakin cute, and you capture such beautiful pictures of him, you will cherish those pictures when he is all grown up. Keep on snapping!

  13. So sweet! I’ve sure enjoyed the monthly updates and can’t believe it’s already been 10 months myself.