Dried Apricots

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I have always been fond of apricots. My grandpa has a farm in Idaho and we used to go almost every summer when I was a kid. We loved exploring the farm, riding horses, chasing peacocks, milking cows, and picking apricots. There’s nothing better than a fresh, juicy, ripe apricot on a hot summer day.


We were out walking the other night and bumped into our neighbors who have an apricot tree. They said they weren’t going to use them this year so we could pick what we wanted. I of course ran home and got a bag, I wasn’t going to let those apricots go to waste.


I decided to dry most of them. I washed the apricots, cut them in half and placed them in our food dehydrator. When I woke up the next morning the apricots were dried and ready to be bagged. They aren’t the prettiest things, but they are a great healthy snack!


I also made apricot sorbet and will be sharing that recipe soon! Stay tuned, it’s a winner!

Penny Pinching Pantry Raid Update

I went to Sunflower Market this week to stock up on produce. I was running low and I can’t live without my fruits and veggies. Josh’s mom is also visiting this weekend so I wanted to make sure we had fresh produce for our special guest.


Wednesday is double ad day at Sunflower-everything from the week before and the new week is on sale. I got some great deals:


1 bunch of cilantro-50 cents

1 eggplant -55 cents

4 white peaches-$1.31

4 yellow peaches-84 cents

5 apples-$1.77

1 green pepper-50 cents

1 cantaloupe-50 cents

7 Roma tomatoes-$1.18

5 plums-$1.34

2 zucchini-59 cents

1 cucumber-50 cents

Head of Romaine lettuce-99 cents

3 lemons-$1.00

1 garlic clove-34 cents



So far we have spent $23.34 on food this month. I think we are going to make it. Our friends from CO stayed with us last night and Josh’s mom is visiting all weekend. Don’t worry we are not starving our guests:) Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I actually thinking they're beautiful and you did a great job photographing them. I wish my neighbors would give away fresh fruit 😉 What a deal! Enjoy them. Hope you two have a fabulous weekend 🙂 Any big cooking planned?

  2. My grandpa had apricot trees too and now my parents do. Homemade dried fruit is the best.
    Great picture- they look beautiful and I know they are soo good.
    the apricot sorbet sounds really yummy too. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Hey Maria – I feel so out of touch with everyone lately. Your peaches are beautiful and those pretzel cookies look fabulous! Hope you are having a great summer.

  4. I am so impressed with all of the fantastic produce you managed to purchase for under $13! I just recently discovered that I love apricots after many years of avoiding them. Your dried apricots look beautiful.

  5. OMG I LOVE DRIED FRUIT!!! Dried Mangoes are my fav…

    p.s. I made your cherry crisp last night – so fabulous!

  6. sad-but-true fact: i've never had fresh apricot. i like the dried ones though, and i love the preserves. i'm looking forward to that sorbet!

  7. I really have to get one of those machines! I usually buy them allreay dried, they're great in cookies!

  8. You know, I need to really dig out my dehydrator!!!! How wonderful to make your own dried apricots! I've never seen a tree before.

    Great produce deals too, wow!!

  9. Store the dried apricots in an airtight container after they have cooled. Dried food can still give off some moisture after coming out of the dehydrator. You don't want to trap that moisture in the container. Some other dehydrator tips are here


  10. Wow aren't you real lucky! I've never even picked a ripe apricot before, so I'm glad you took full advantage of that sunshine goodness 🙂

    Nice job on the sales. Those peaches and zucchini deals are awesome.

  11. I grew up with a prolific apricot tree in the back yard. I miss the apricots, but can't bear to actually pay money for them.

    Good job on the dried apricots. What a great way to save summer's bounty for year round enjoyment.

  12. Yummy! That is a beautiful photo. How lucky for you that they weren't using the apricots this year!

  13. oooh!! make preserves and can them for the winter! so yummy thrown on as a glaze for chicken! and on biscuits for bkfst…southern style.

  14. Sounds like a great summer when you were young. Kind of reminds me when I would go to my grandparents in Idaho in the summer. But they didnt have peacocks! 😉
    Love the apricots. I must buy a dehydrator someday.
    I cant believe the prices you paid for your produce. I just bought 12 peaches and it cost me $5.00 You are quite the smart shopper. You go girl! 🙂

  15. The apricots look great! I've just recently started enjoying them dried. They would be tasty baked into all kinds of holiday cookies and cakes too. 🙂

  16. Love 'em dried Marie, & am envious of your dehydrator! WOW…I would have raced home for a bag too!! LOL! U are doing so well on the $$$! Fabulous!

  17. we love dried apricots (and apricots in general). sadly this year our apricot tree's blossoms was damaged by the late spring frost, and we only got about 20 apricots (which the bugs and birds ate).