First Trimester Facts


I survived the first trimester of my pregnancy! Here is a little update!

* First of all, let’s talk about my floral leggings. I think pregnancy has made me crazy. I would normally never wear anything this bold, but they are SO comfortable I can’t take them off.

* Do you see my little baby bump? It’s there!

* Cravings: bagels, grapefruit, gnocchi, PB&J, sweet potatoes, pancakes, grilled cheese, Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran, sparkling water, berries, and Mexican food.

*Aversions: mint everything-mint gum makes me gag, pretty much every vegetable, most desserts, and yogurt.

* My first trimester has been rough, but I am finally starting to feel like a normal human being. I am taking Zofran to help take the edge off. It has been my lifesaver.

* My workouts have been very sad, but I am finally back on the elliptical on most days. I am also doing push-ups and hand weights.

* I’ve gained about 3-4 pounds. All of my clothes still fit. Thank goodness for floral leggings:) I did have to go bra shopping. The joy of pregnancy:)

* I haven’t been sleeping very well. I usually wake up at 1 or 3 in the morning. I try to fall back to sleep, but if I can’t, I go downstairs and watch Netflix.

* Having a 2 year old has made this pregnancy a little more difficult. I can’t stay in bed all day, I have to get up to take care of Caleb. Luckily, he has been pretty easy going.  He is super excited there is a baby in mommy’s tummy! And Josh has been a great hubby…even when he was on crutches he was waiting on me!

* Cooking for the blog has been interesting. At first, I couldn’t even step foot into the kitchen. Josh had to make all of the recipes. I would get off the couch to take pictures and write the posts on my laptop, but that was it. I am finally getting a little of my kitchen mojo back. I’ve made a few recipes that I’ve loved, but I am a little hesitant to post them because I can’t tell if my pregnancy cravings are making me crazy. I can’t tell if a recipe is good or if I am just craving it. Most of them have passed the Josh and Caleb test so I will probably post them. But if you start seeing some weird recipes, please forgive me!

* We have been eating at Whole Foods A LOT! Food never sounds good so when Josh asks what I want to eat, I can never decide. So we usually end up at Whole Foods. I love all of the options! I can always find something to eat!

* This is super embarrassing, but I’ve been snuggling with one of Caleb’s stuffed animals at night. I can’t believe I just told you that. I never had a pregnancy pillow with Caleb and thought about getting one this time, but for now Caleb’s doggy is doing the trick:)

* I am using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to prevent stretch marks. It worked with Caleb so I hope it does this time around! My fingers are crossed!

I am entering the 2nd trimester tomorrow! Yay! I really hope the nausea goes away and stays away!

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  1. Congrats again, Maria! You look awesome. I love your leggings and your kitchen, counters, range…so pretty! I want all of the above ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you start feeling better and more normal soon and the sickness passes. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I think you will have a girl – spicy food – girl!
    Either way, I pray you have a healthy baby growing in there! Isn’t it crazy what I bodies do when we are “with child”.
    Love it – please keep us updated!

  3. I like the leggings! Regardless of how you might look comfort is always key. I hope you start sleeping more.

  4. Those leggings are so cute!!! I didn’t have food problems with my son, but about 5-6 months in, i needed salt, crunch, sweet, and creamy, all together.. I had Wheat Thins, i devour them, and found a tub of dark chocolate fudge frosting, add a big glass of icy cold milk, and oh, my gosh, did it do!! Caprese salad, fried grits, which is a major comfort food for me, i was good! Hope you can actually eat again soon.. Thankfully, i had no nausea..

  5. I had the mint aversion too! It was no problem to avoid chewing gum and food, but a girl’s gotta brush her teeth! My dear husband surprised me with Tom’s if Maine strawberry banana toothpaste. Sounds silly, but it helped. Hang in there, hopefully the aversions will pass. I think I felt much better around 15 weeks or so.

  6. I’m 22 weeks and I have a 13-month-old, so I definitely know what you mean about pregnancy being different when you have someone to take care of aside from yourself! The cravings and aversions can be so funny. Until week 14 or 15, practically all I could stomach were potatoes. It gets better!

  7. I am glad to hear you are feeling more normal, and congratulations! But I’m pretty sure I had the same leggings about 20 years ago. With stir-ups. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can pull them off though!

  8. Congrats! I am currently pregnant with our 4th child and I am in the home stretch. I can sympathizes with how this pregnancy has been with chasing a 16 month old and keeping up with the school activites for a 7 and 5 1/2 year olds and working in a day care to top it off. I have been lucky that this pregnancy has been a breeze until recently. I didn’t have the any morning sickness and only experienced a few episodes of heart burn, just the physical demands have been difficult.

  9. Congratulations! How excitingโ€ฆyou look great! Especially in those floral leggings ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited to see these new pregnancy craving inspired recipes!

  10. You look wonderful Maria! Thank you for sharing. I hope the second trimester treats you much better. Can’t wait for more!!

  11. This is so exciting. Seriously the leggings are cute! Hoping the next trimester gets better!

  12. I’m due August 1st and entered 13 weeks on Friday! Glad things are starting to get back to normal for you, too-wish my clothes still fit though!

  13. So exciting! I love hearing all these little tidbits! Hope this trimester is a bit easier on you (it likely will be!). Hey, even if your food posts are a bit weird (which I doubt!), maybe you’ll start a new niche for pregnant ladies! =)

  14. You are totally adorable in those leggings! Can’t wait to see what you have been cooking up! Feel better and rest as much as possible!

  15. Congrats Maria! I’m entering 3rd trimester and I’m hungry… Can’t wait for you to share those pregnancy craving recipes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I’m just a week and 1 day ahead if you if you are counting 13 weeks as first tri! (Or one day if 14 weeks is first tri). Glad you’re starting to feel better. I’ve also recently stopped vomiting, small victories! Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love reading the details in this post! Yay for 2nd trimester…it’s always such a relief to slowly start feeling better– I’m glad you have some zofran – it IS a lifesaver!
    Keep the updates coming!

  18. Oh man, I feel you Maria! I’m at 17 weeks now and the nausea is just beginning to ease up. Zofran and the Whole Foods prepared section were also my saviors!! Feel better soon and big congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Congrats! I just had my 6th on Thursday. Zofran was my lifesaver for 5 of 6 of them. Glad you are over the first tri yucks. Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

  20. I have craved mexican my while pregnancy. I am 39 weeks and just waiting for my baby girl to get here. But she seems to be comfortable where she is at. Hopefully the nausea subsides, that was the worst for me too.

  21. Love the leggings! Glad you’re feeling better!
    I enjoyed reading your cravings and aversions. Mint anything always makes me gag and I’m not even pregnant lol.

  22. Yay for comfy floral leggings and hubbys who help with blogs! Your looking great. Hopefully things start to get easier. My husbands been helping with cooking and photos since Julyโ™ฅ Definitely feel blessed to have help!

  23. So happy it’s all going well. You look super cute, as usual! Reading your update brought back memories of my crazy food cravings (and aversions) when I was pregnant. I can’t even imagine trying to blog certain foods while pregnant!!

  24. You look great Maria, I am so happy you are starting to feel better and getting back to some normalcy. You are certainly rocking those leggings and I bet the recipes are awesome.

  25. Yeah congrats! You seriously look great, barely a baby bump. The first trimester is the worst, once you get past that your in the clear. Well, until you have to push the baby out that is. ๐Ÿ™‚ But even then, I did it natural and it really wasnt that bad. Its all mental. Don’t believe all the bad stuff people tell you, every body likes to share you their horror story delivery. Like that gets you excited… come on people! If you ever need someone encouraging come talk to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad your back in the kitchen again.

  26. Hi, I’ve been an avid fan of yours since I followed your blog. I am amazed with all the stories you told and I love reading them. I can’t help but comment today since I missed a few of your posts lately. I’m done with my first trimester too, and almost with my second. I’m expecting my third baby soon this coming May or June. You are beautiful with that bump. I hope you’ll get a girl this time. Enjoy your pregnancy!

  27. First trimester is the WORST. That and the last month. My least favorite!! On a good note, you look ADORABLE!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. you’re beyond darling and those leggings are precious!
    Zofran saved my life during my 2nd pregnancy. I vomited for 12 straight weeks – it was hell.

    Glad you’re doing better!!! Kisses to Caleb and y’all

  29. Thanks for sharing this! I love your blog – it’s a somewhat new discovery for me. I am currently in my first trimester and actually perusing your recipes during the couple of hours midday that I don’t feel horribly nauseous! Ha ha! Can’t wait for tri two and more of an appetite! Pinning lots of your yummy recipes for when I want to be in the kitchen again! ๐Ÿ™‚