Grilled Pizza

We are still loving life on the beach. Our resort is really nice. Our room has a full kitchen, living area, bedroom with a king bed and jacuzzi tub! There are also four pools, hot tubs, a great fitness center, and great access to the ocean. We are having fun with Josh’s brother, Ben, and his wife, Whitney. We don’t leave until Thursday! It’s nice not having a schedule. I think I could get used to this beach bum thing, ha!

Florida is very hot and humid though. I grew up in Illinois, but I have been living in Utah for nine years. I forgot what the humidity is like. Let’s just say I haven’t missed it. It is pretty brutal! At least we can cool off in the pool or ocean!

I haven’t done any cooking or baking. I am on vacation:) We have made sandwiches, cut watermelon, poured bowls of cereal, and Josh grilled out last night, but that is it. I thought I would share with you the grilled pizza we made before we left.

We used the pizza dough recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day. Instead of cooking it in the oven, we grilled it! It was very tasty. I loved the grill marks on the bottom of the pizza, it had great flavor. Of course, we loaded our pizza with tons of veggies, but you can use whatever toppings you like.

If you haven’t grilled a pizza before, I hope you will this summer. It is so easy and fun! The flavor is great and there is no clean up! Why heat up the house when you can make an amazing pizza outside?

Grilled Pizza

Pizza dough-we used ABin5 dough for our crust, buy the book for the recipe:)



1. Roll out your pizza dough. Homemade is best, but you can use store bought. We love our ABin5 dough or our whole wheat pizza crust.
2. Prepare your pizza with sauce, toppings, and cheese.

3. We preheated our pizza stone on our grill. I don’t think you need the stone though, you can oil the grill and place the dough right on the grill. I will try that next time. It was really good on the stone though. Either way will work. If you do use a stone, make sure it is really hot.

4. Grill pizza until crust is done and cheese has melted. If you are using a stone, take the pizza off about 5 minutes before it is done and place it directly on the grill. This will give it the great grill flavor and grill marks.

5. Enjoy!!

Pizza Vegetarian