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We are finally sharing a house update! I know it’s been awhile, but I didn’t think you would be interested in seeing a bunch of boring dry wall pictures. Well, things are moving along and our house is really taking shape! The finish work is mostly done and we are in LOVE!! I seriously get butterflies every time we go up to our house. It still feels unreal. I can’t believe we are really building our dream house!

We have been enjoying the process. Several people told us that building a house would ruin our marriage and cause a ton of stress, but we have had so much fun. It’s been an exciting journey. Our builder, Fox Group Construction, is amazing! We have loved working with Tom and his crew! I told Josh I am starting to get sad that our house is almost finished because I don’t want it to end. Sure, I am excited to move in, but I have loved the entire process.

Today, we are sharing some photos from the inside of our new house! Let’s go on a little tour!


I love the fireplace in our great room! It turned out better than we were expecting. I love the detail! The big white space is for Josh’s dream TV. He told me it HAD to be that big or it wouldn’t look right on the fireplace. It’s a big fireplace and a small TV would look awkward, but I think it was his way of getting his dream TV:)


We love natural light so we put in a lot of Pella windows. The great room windows are our favorite because they collapse and open up to our outdoor patio. We will demonstrate them once the patio is done. They are SO cool and will be perfect for entertaining!


Our builder got a little shiplap happy and we are SO glad because we LOVE it! It’s not even painted yet and it already makes the main area so pretty!


The shiplap goes up the entire staircase! It will be painted white soon!


This is our future kitchen. It doesn’t look like much now, but you just wait. We have some grand plans for this area of the house!


Our back door is a Dutch door from Rejuvenation. One of my requirements for our new house was a Dutch door because I love them! I think the door is so cute and will look even better once it is painted black!


We did a fun black and white Cement Tile in the guest bathroom. Classy and fun!


In the master bathroom, we are putting in calacatta gold marble tile from Contempo Tile. It is so pretty!


That little corner of the master bathroom will be the home of my freestanding tub! I can’t wait!


This is my half of the master closet. I have never had a “real” closet before so I am super excited. I might have to buy more shoes:)


Our cabinets are being built right now by Benjamin Blackwelder Cabinetry. Benjamin does AMAZING work and we are so so so excited for our cabinets! We visited his shop in Alpine, Utah to see the process and we were both blown away! Josh was drooling over the neat equipment.


This is the start of our boy’s vanity for their bathroom. I am in love already!


We are working with Pottery Barn Kids to design the boy’s bedrooms. They boys are excited and so are we! Their rooms are going to be super fun!

The next step is paint! We will share another update soon! Thanks for going on a house tour with us! Have a great weekend!

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  1. It is looking amazing so far! I would love to build a custom house one day, but I think the stress would kill me! Glad you guys are having fun though 🙂

  2. LOVE seeing the house come to life, Maria! I love that guest bathroom tile! We just bought a new house and are moving in the spring. 🙂

  3. I LOVE everything about this new house!! So much open space and the LIGHT!! I can’t wait until you guys move in and have all the appliances in so we can see it all together 🙂 it’ll be so much fun!

  4. I just squealed when I saw what this post was! I am a total design-o-phile and I am so excited for you- looking great!

  5. WOW!  your house looks spectacular.  Congratulations.  Thanks for sharing.  It’s nice to hear that everything is going well and that you are enjoying the process.  Too often all you hear are the horror stories so its nice to hear a good one for a change.  I love your recipes they are delicious and everyone thinks I’m a GREAT cook and I owe it all to your recipes.  I also love reading  your blog and getting to know your beautiful family.  You are truly blessed.

  6. Omg LOVE your front door! Can’t wait to show my husband . This would be a great add on to the new front porch were planning.  If he blocks me from your site because of yet ANOTHER add-on to a project  I’ll re-sign up LOL! Love the ship lap too-trying to work some in somewhere as we speak!

  7. Wow! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what you do in your bedroom when it’s done and what you do in the boys room. Definitely a dream come true.

  8. Gorgeous!! I’m drooling over all the shiplap!! We will be building our dream house next spring, so I love hearing about your build!!

  9. Can’t wait to see how you paint/decorate the boys’ rooms. I am looking for some ideas for our boys’ rooms, as we just moved into our dream home last May. 

  10. Love looking at your new house pics, absolutely fabulous, especially that Dutch door, yummo! Yes it’s a very exciting time, sure building is stressful, but so worth it in the end.

    We built our first house in 1981 and I remember saying at the time ‘Never again’. Twenty three yrs later, we sold the house in order  to downsize and think about where we wanted to live.
    After 5 yrs living in a semi shack on a large block of land I decided to build another house on that site and have been in this new place for 6 yrs and I am loving my smaller, modern open plan house with just the two of us here. On both occasions I have handled everything about the building, from choosing the design, dealing with contractors and thankfully other half just leaves it all to me (and is more than happy to do so)

    I did say recently that perhaps there might be one more build (somewhere coastal ) left in me before the kids want to ship me off to ‘Shady Pines’ Nursing Home! That raised a few eyebrows!

    May your new house bring you a lifetime of wonderful memories! Dying to see the house when it’s finished and you have added your decorating touches to it. Good Luck.

    1. I am super excited for our Dutch door! Thank you so much! We are excited for our home, especially to share it with family and friends!

  11. Love this update!! We just finished a small living room makeover, and added shiplap to our main fireplace wall. It’s such a fun detail, and adds so much character to a room. I can’t wait to see the dutch door painted and everything else come together. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Your house is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing all the pictures! 🙂 We moved into a brand new house last year around this time, and I am still always looking for decor and style ideas. I also want to thank you for all the hard work that you put into creating and sharing your recipes. I am a huge fan! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks Genelle! I hope I can do the house justice. I am not the best decorator, but I am going to try:)

  13. Oh, yay! I’m glad you guys are having a good time! I was prepared for a fist fight when my husb and I went house shopping a few years ago, but we ended up finding it on our first day and agreeing completely that it was the one. Yours is going to be a beauty when it’s done.

  14. Wow Maria – the house looks awesome.  I am so excited and happy for you two.  I don’t think I could do it but I’d love someone else to do it for me.  I can not wait to see your dream kitchen finished.  And I love those Pella doors in your great room!  Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful new home.  Best of luck!

  15. LOVE all you’ve shown, Maria!!  Can’t wait to see more as you go!  You all will be so happy there, I’m sure!

  16. Congrats!  I’ve loved watching your family grow and am excited for you to be building your dream house!  Thanks for sharing it…. I love watching the building process!  Keep the pictures coming!

  17. I canNOT wait to see the after pictures once it is done! It is already stunning – can I move in? HA! 

  18. I’m so happy to have pictures to share now instead of just describing every area. It’s sooo fun to watch it take shape and become a reality!!!

  19. Maria,
    I was so stressed when we built our house eons ago but I’m glad you’re having a good time with it. I’m sure you’ll love it when it’s finished.

  20. Well, OK, Maria, love your house tour, totally get why you’re excited!!!  Also love the pic of Josh, the kids & you; so fun hanging out with you on the slopes today.

  21. Maria! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see how the ship lapping looks once it is painted. And my fiance would make the same request as Josh – big TVs must be a man thing 🙂 
    I can’t wait to see your amazing kitchen too! Happy building!

  22. I love seeing the house progress. Thanks for sharing. When I saw the shiplap, all I could thing of was Joanna Gaines on HGTV”s Fixer Upper. She adores shiplap and what she and her husband Chip do in their rennovations is outstanding. I live in N.E. and  shiplap is not a material used inhouses but I think it should be.
    I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen and baths…actualy the finished everything! 
    Again, thanks for sharing with your readers.

  23. Oh my goodness, it looks AMAZING!! I love all the shiplap! Can’t wait to see it finished. So excited for you! 

  24. OMW! What a gorgeous house! If we were to ever design our own home, which I swear we’ll never do as I’d go mad, I will ask you to do it for us. Your taste is incredible. There’s nothing here I don’t like! I know what I like but have no clue how to pull it all together.

  25. WOW! How much fun you will have in your custom home and I LOVE the shiplap. I wish my kitchen were as big as yours is going to be. Making a home can be trying at times but, living in your new home make memories and sharing life makes it all worth it. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  26. It is looking amazing! It is definitely going to need some family pics on those gorgeous walls!! Can’t wait to see it in person!

    1. We already have some great ones, but we will have to take some new ones too! Come see it soon!

  27. Oh my GOSH. Can I move in? I love to iron! And I’ll do laundry 😉 And help with the adorable boys!

    Seriously beautiful, Maria and Josh. You could leave all that beautiful woodwork unpainted and I would still think it is perfect.

  28. OK, talk about my dream house. Everything looks amazing! That guest bath tile is my favorite. And those huge windows!

  29. I love the doors and windows you selected and hope to replace our Pella windows soon as well. We’re kindred spirits – we recently added tongue and groove cedar, much like your shiplap and are getting ready to replace our front door with a dutch door as well! I cannot wait to see your completed home. It’s absolutely beautiful so far! Congratulations!

    1. Julie-thanks so much! That means a lot coming from you because I LOVE your style!

  30. Thanks so much for sharing your new house, soon to become your new home, with us. Charlie and I will be out to visit as soon as we get invited. God bless you all!

  31. The bones of your new house look wonderful! Personally, I think it was huge fun building a house, and being able to do what YOU want makes it even more exciting! Glad to see you’re putting in plenty of outlets, too! You can never have enough electrical outlets, lol!


  32. Wow! I just happened to run upon your site and was visually enamored with it! Your house must be done by now, it looks gorgeous already! Thank you for sharing. I was trying to sign up but it wasn’t allowing me to do so and wandered, glad I did 🙂

  33. You choose black and white Cement Tile in the guest bathroom is very nice. I love this . The closet is master.

  34. Wow. Looks like you have spared no expense! And workmanship looks top quality!

    Good luck and Cheers