Kitchen Sneak Peek: Thermador Star Burners

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Here is a little sneak peek at our kitchen. We have a new Thermador Gas Range that has six Star Burners. They light up our kitchen sky with beautiful blue flames. The Star Burners deliver fast and even heat. There is also an extra low simmer setting, which is great for keeping food warm or simmering sauces. The burners are also easy to clean-which is so nice since we tend to make a mess while cooking:)

We are going to have so much fun cooking up a storm with our blue stars! They are the coolest!

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    1. I have this stove and I hate it. The cooking is not even, one side of a pot of water is boiling while the other is not. I can’t make a frittata any longer as I need the flame to surround the edges of the pan to cook it evenly. I do not like the broiler either. It’s touted to be the best but you can’t lower the flame and everything burns.
      Not self cleaning. The worst part are the grates. They weigh a ton! Especially beware if you have a bad back or a shoulder ailment. Can’t get them clean, they look like I have the stove 20 years and I clean them after each use. The area under them doesn’t clean well and the black paint is all stained. My husband cleans it as I do not have the strength.
      Be forewarned. It costs much more than the standard stoves and isn’t anything special in fact it is inferior to my old Kenmore stove!

  1. Those are awesome! I am in definitely need of super-slow simmering. I can never get it low enough without the flame going out 😉

  2. i am so jealous…i’ve been wanting a gas range FOREVER! i can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  3. Way cool! What brand of gas range is this? I’ve never heard of these before! I bet your getting so excited for that new kitchen!1

  4. Well, the burners may be easy to clean, but the stainless steel pan beneath the burners isn’t. The star indentations under the star burner get filthy, and are extremely difficult to clean. Oven cleaner works somewhat, but a better solution would have been to make the base under the star circular instead of star shaped. Also, the star shaped burners bring the flames out too far under the base of pots and pans, and are not an improvement over circular burners at all.