Let It Snow

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This adventure was proudly made possible by Subaru. Find yours today.

I have been snowboarding since I started attending the University of Utah. We are lucky we live so close to such beautiful mountains and the perfect powder. Utah snow really is the best on Earth. We get this incredibly light, fluffy, air filled snow here.


This summer Caleb and I rode the Tram at Snowbird several times in anticipation of ski season. Winter is probably my favorite season and it looks like Caleb takes after his daddy on this one. He has been saying since last year, “Daddy, I want to ski right now.” I set out my skis and boots for him in our house and he pretends he is skiing. I can’t wait until he is old enough to go with me.


Snowbird has always been one of my favorite resorts. Snowbird is known for their steep terrain and deep snow. I am confident tackling Snowbird on my snowboard, but I just started skiing last year. I took a few ski lessons that helped me pick up the basics and become comfortable on skis. This year I want to be more than comfortable.

photo (2)

I am looking forward to conquering Snowbird on skis. Subaru reached out to us to participate in their “Adventure Roulette” program. I was excited because our Subaru is the car I rely on to get me to the slopes. Subaru is challenging me to push my boundaries and learn to ski the steep terrain and deep powder Snowbird has to offer.

This year I will be transitioning to a new wider ski , a pair of Wubanger custom skis. I am really stoked to test these skis out. I will be taking a lesson at Snowbird to help me get adjusted to my skis and the mountain. I am excited to join Subaru in this “Adventure Roulette.”


Caleb and I have been doing our daily snow dance because we want more snow! We received some last week, but we want more. I hope we get a HUGE snow storm soon! I am anxious to go skiing!

Stay tuned, I will be sharing a video of my “Adventure Roulette” ski challenge. Until then, here is a great video of Snowbird in the powder. Hopefully, someday I can ski through the powder like this.

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This adventure was proudly made possible by Subaru. Find yours today.

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  1. When we lived in Salt Lake, we drove a Subaru and loved it! It was great in the snow. We would take it up Emigration Canyon to have breakfast at Ruth’s Diner, Mill Creek Canyon for snow shoeing and hiking and Big Cottonwood for skiing. Miss the slopes!

    1. Having a Subaru in Utah is a must! We love Ruth’s Diner-they have the best biscuits:) You will have to come back and hit the slopes!

  2. What a fun challenge! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. Snowbird looks like the best place to ski! I can’t wait to see your video. Have fun!

  3. Last weekend was my first time skiing and I was so glad it was in UTAH!! My husband and I just bought our first Subaru (Impreza Wagon) and I am in love with it. I don’t know what took us so long. I know I”m turning into a ski bunny after one trip, and I know i’ll need some serious power and stability to get me up to the mountain and then down the slopes. I think my Hubbie the Subbie and I can tackle it! Happy skiing!

  4. I grew up in a little ski town where I both boarded and skied. I know what it it like to wish for more snow! That is awesome that you are willing to take up a new sport! Hope you have a lovely season.

  5. Let it snow indeed! I’m hoping for a snow day over here! Thanks for sharing the Subaru and Snowbird info., – I’m inspired!

  6. I have only been snowboarding once, in the Austrian Alps. I was really fun. Watching these photos and the other article with the video makes me want to return to the Alps and go skiing or snowboarding!

  7. Hey Josh! Looks like some good fun on your adventure!
    However, you know me, my good idea of a ski adventure has to do with being in the lodge having cocoa. Sure is beautiful if you don’t have to drive and walk in the stuff.

    I actually have a Subaru story…I was at a Halloween dance at a barn kind of far from civilization. It started snowing hard that night and I was concerned about the drive home. A friend of mine addressing my concern, said don’t worry I own a Subaru, all their models are all wheel drive. Mine is the safest car here and we will have no problems with the roads. We did not! Let It Snow!

  8. Hey, is that the Lincoln I think it is? I could go for some cocoa in the lodge with our old friend. Also, you’re all making me want a Subaru.