Mudroom and Laundry Room

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Pillows from World Market, Bag from fashionABLE, Scarf from fashionABLE

Hello, hello and happy Sunday! I am popping in today to share a few more photos of our house. Thank you for all of your kind comments on our house tour so far. I am glad you are enjoying the sneak peek into our home. We wish we could have you all over for a big dinner party…maybe someday:)

Today, we are sharing a look into our mudroom and laundry room. I told Josh our new house HAD to have a mudroom. It was on the 100% MUST list. The mudroom is right off of our garage. Everyone has their own locker. I told the boys I don’t care how messy their lockers are, but all of their STUFF has to go in their locker. I don’t want to see piles of shoes, school bags, coats, gloves, balls, etc. on the floor. So far, so good! I won’t show you the inside because they are messy, but again, I told them I don’t care. It looks clean from the outside and that is the important part:)


Our family motto is work hard and be nice so when I saw this print at Minted I had to buy it for the house. It hangs on the wall in the mudroom so we can see it when we walk out the back door. The boys love yelling, “work hard and be nice.” It’s a good reminder every day.

Laundry Room

Wallpaper from Hygge & West, Sink from Kohler, Faucet from Kohler, Basket from World Market, Countertops by Caesarstone

Our mudroom and laundry room are connected, but I wanted the rooms to feel separate so I did a fun birdie wallpaper in the laundry room. The wallpaper is by Hygge & West and I love it. It makes me so happy. I never thought a laundry room could make me this happy:)

House Tour

Drinking fountain from Kohler, Art from Minted, Door from Rejuvenation 

By our back door, outside the laundry room, we have a drinking fountain for the boys and a Dutch door. I love Dutch doors and it was another MUST on my list:) The door color is Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams, my favorite black. All of our interior and exterior doors are this color. I am SO glad we went with black inside and out! All of the white paint is Extra White by Sherwin-Williams.

Guest Bathroom

Sink from Kohler, Mirror from Joss & Main, Tile from Cement Tile Shop, Towel from World Market

It might be a little weird to show you our bathroom, but we are all friends here. I have nothing to hide:) I love how our guest bathroom turned out. The black and white tile from Cement Tile Shop is my favorite and I love the brass accents with the black.

That’s it for today friends! Thanks for going on another tour with us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

You can view our complete house tour here.

House built by The Fox Group. Thank you to the following brands who partnered with us on our house: Kohler, World Market, Minted, Sherwin-Williams, and Hygge & West. This post contains some affiliate links! 

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  1. I want that laundry room!! My daughter had a very similar floor tile in her previous home…looks really nice.
    Your whole house is beyond beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. Have a fantastic Sunday!

  2.’s official…I would kill for your mud room and laundry room Such a great idea with the lockers for everyone…so much neater than the freaking shelf with coat hangers that we have.  You and Josh have done such a great job designing your house! It truly is functional, comfortable and beautiful.

  3. Everyone having their own locker is possibly the best idea ever. And the drinking fountain is so neat! It’s not something you’d normally think of in a house, but with kids, it makes perfect sense.

    1. The lockers make my life so much easier and the boys love getting drinks from the fountain. I love it when kids come over because we don’t have a million cups out:)

  4. I must get my hands on some of that wallpaper, I love it! I bet your house is super cool from top to bottom.

  5. Thank you for showing your home. I just love it. I believe those Dutch doors are becoming very popular once again, would really like to have one! The first time I saw a dutch door was on a TV show I used to watch called Mr. Ed, loved that show and I am telling my age! Who cares, right? Can you please tell me if the bathroom vanity is painted in Tricorn? Thanks.

    1. We are loving our Dutch door. Yes, the vanity is Tricorn black too! It is my favorite black paint!

  6. Love all your ideas! I am planning our retirement home so getting any ideas I can. I notice you don’t have rugs in your bathroom. Do you miss them? I am considering ditching mine. Tired of washing them all the time!

  7. I would love to see your floor plan. Will you share? I love how well thought out everything is. It is beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It is so nice to have, especially when a bunch of kids are over. No cups and markers needed:)

  8. Beautiful :), love the idea of mudroom that is something I have to think about too. And the wall papers are really cool!

  9. As a mom who has five kids 11 and under I have to say a mudroom is a must. Most of the time the kids still throw their stuff on the ground but it’s super easy to turn them around and have them place things neatly in their cubby when it gets too messy! Also the bubbler (a water fountain to most of the world) is genius…pure genius. Now we have a water bottle system that seems to only work half the time…I am SO jealous. The laundry room is beautiful!

  10. Oh my goodness, I haven’t visited in awhile and I just sat and looked at all of your house tour posts… my heart is literally beating fast… lol!!!  You’re home is gorgeous!  I just love how it’s perfect and customized for YOUR family!  It is a beautiful but functional space and I’m so happy for you!  I just popped by for some dinner ideas but spent all my time looking at your house.  My grocery list still isn’t done but it was worth it:)

    I am curious about your kitchen.  How do you use the double islands?  Do you tend to always work on one or do certain things on each?  I’ve seen that before and have always been curious!

  11. I love your home, you guys did a wonderful job with the design. We are building a new home next spring, we are in the middle of looking at house plans, would you mind sharing your floor plan?

  12. I am seriously in love with this laundry room/ mudroom over! What a smart idea with the drinking fountain and I love the dutch door.

  13. I know you are a food blogger but I find your house very inspiring. Would you consider posting more room tours of your house such as you patio area, bathrooms, etc?

    Thank you!