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By Maria Lichty

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We recently shared our new kitchen with you and now it is time to go on a little pantry tour. Our new pantry is probably my favorite room in the entire house. Yes, we have a room for our pantry. I cook, bake, and eat for a living so I need a big pantry. It is pretty much my office. The pantry is located right by the kitchen so I can access everything really easily.

Are you ready for a tour? Let’s step inside!


I designed the entire pantry around this wall. When I told our builder, Tom from The Fox Group, that I needed shelves to hold my KitchenAid collection, I think he thought I was crazy, but he made it happen. Tom is awesome like that. He took my “crazy” idea and made it better than ever!

My dream came true! I LOVE this wall! I get giddy every time I walk by our pantry. The colors are bright, fun, and cheery.

Pantry Tour

I have the following KitchenAid mixer colors: Crystal Blue, French Blue, GrapeRaspberry Ice, Tangerine, Green Apple, and Buttercup. I also keep my new Mini Red KitchenAid Mixer on the marble countertop. It is adorable and I like having it ready to go at all times.

The Perfect Pantry

Glass Jars from World Market, Candy from Nuts.comFloral Recipe Box from Rifle, Tray from World Market,  Plant is from Cactus & Tropicals

The extra cabinet storage in the pantry is so nice. I keep all of our extra baking pans, mixing bowls, and utensils in the pantry. Everything has a place and I love being so organized.

I also keep our KitchenAid toaster, blender, and extra knives on the countertop in the pantry so our kitchen isn’t cluttered. I make our toast right in the pantry!

The glass jars filled with colorful candy are SO fun! Note, they are on the top shelf so the boys can’t reach them:) They are for decoration and for an occasional sweet fix.


I keep my every day spices in the kitchen, but all of the extras have a home in my pantry spice drawer.


We also have secret undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawers. Again, the extra storage is so nice!

Dream Pantry

Shelf brackets from Rejuvenation

I often get asked, do I use my mixers? We have over 200 cookie recipes on our blog. Of course, I use my mixers:) They all get a turn and sometimes we have a couple mixers going at the same time. I also like to “mix things up” during the holidays. I will be using my orange mixer for Halloween soon!

Kitchen Pantry

The other side of our pantry is all open shelving with shiplap. Tom suggested the shiplap and I am so glad! It’s a nice little detail to the open shelves. The paint color is Extra White by Sherwin-Williams, my favorite white.

I love being able to see everything. It makes me stay organized and I can easily tell what we need from the store.

The Perfect Pantry

I keep my colorful dishes out in the open!

Two Peas and Their Pod Pantry

We are huge pasta fans, so I keep a big bin of DeLallo pasta on hand at all times.

The Perfect Pantry

And San Pellegrino is a must. Plus, the bottles are pretty:) The boys like to go “bowling” with them. Good thing I buy the plastic bottles:)

Pantry Tour

We are cereal fanatics so we have a shelf an entire cereal shelf.

The Perfect Pantry

I also have two shelves devoted to my favorite chocolate. Again, notice how the chocolate is up high so the boys can’t reach. That is mommy’s stash:)

I love my bar cart from World Market. It is nice to have a place for odds and ends and I can wheel it into the kitchen when we are entertaining.

I also keep my aprons hanging in the pantry on a rustic chalkboard from Wayfair.

Two Peas and Their Pod Pantry

All you need is love and cookies. True story!

Cookbook Corner

Right outside of our pantry, I have a little cookbook corner. This isn’t even half of my collection…oops!

Two Peas and Their Pod Pantry

Schoolhouse light from Rejuvenation, Barn door paint color is Tricorn Black from Sherwin-Williams

Thanks for taking a tour of our pantry! Who wants to come bake with me? 🙂

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Disclosure-this post contains some affiliate links. Thank you to the brands that partnered with us on our pantry: KitchenAid, Sherwin-Williams, World Market,, Rejuvenation, and Wayfair.

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  1. Your new pantry is my fantasy!  It looks bigger than my entire kitchen.  Love your Kitchen Aids all lined up like little soldiers ready for (cookie) battle.  Don’t feel bad about your collection of cookbooks.  As someone who has literally a few thousand, those are just a drop in my bucket.   Enjoy your wonderful new space!

  2. Hi! I really like your recipes and have tried many and always enjoyed it. What I do not understand is why are you buying Italian bottled water? The ecological footprint is a disaster. There must be some American water that does not have to travel thousands of miles.

  3. I am new to your site & loving it! I’ve especially loved touring your kitchen & pantry this morning ;). I see you have marble in the pantry & Ceasarstone in kitchen. I have gone back & forth on putting marble (my favorite) in my kitchen, but worry about the impracticality of spilled spaghetti sauce or lemon juice. How did you make your decisions on countertops?

  4. I love it! Instead of mixers all lined up I would have to have all the sets of dishes. Hummm,mixers take up less space! I agree, it is very colorful and you have done a beautiful job of decorating. Love the doors too! Great job Maria! 

  5. Absolutely beautiful job, Maria and Josh! I don’t know how you get anything done – I’d just stand in there all day and smile. If you ever need anyone to just clean it, I’ll gladly come to Utah! 🙂

  6. Beautiful pantry! Can you tell me where you got the sliding door from? I am looking to do the same thing in my laundry room.
    Thank you

  7. It’s stunning!! Seriously. Wow. I was just wondering if the Stark White color without a contrast is just too much white in person. Like I love love love the White cabinet with the Wood shelf. That breaks up the white for me. We are remodeling too and I’m just wondering about the all white look. Husband loves white.

    It really is just stunning though. Best of luck with your new home!!

  8. May I ask where the pink canister with the scalloped lid that you have in the cookbook corner is from?  So cute!  This pantry is beyond fabulous!

  9. I wasn’t going to comment but I can’t help it. I think the fact that you have a “collection” of mixers is just a tad ostentatious. They’re $200-$300 a pop. Most people can’t afford one. You have seven because you think they look pretty.

    1. Hey Scott,

      So I wasn’t going to comment because it seems like this was forever ago. But let’s assume for a second all 7 aren’t necessary. Do you own anything that other people can’t afford? Perhaps a vehicle that’s more expensive that needed to get you from point a to point b? Or perhaps more than one pair of shoes?

      I think it’s a personal choice what people invest their emotions and money into. Maria has 200 cookie recipes which to me says she takes great joy in her time in the kitchen, baking with her family and friends. Perhaps they have community baking parties where many people come over. It’s hard to know since it’s her private life, but judging her for it publicly kind of seems cruel.

      Plus, you left the message on her site, which I can only assume is to hurt her. I don’t know this just doesn’t sit well with me.

    2. Hi Scott,

      I wasn’t going to comment but I couldn’t help it. I think what people choose to spend their money on is their own business. The fact that Maria’s business and hobby has turned into a means of living for her allows her to splurge on items that bring her joy and she happened to share that with us. I’m sure that you also spend your money on things that also bring you joy that others who are less fortunate than you cannot afford. However, I doubt that you have shared those things in a public way so that judgemental people such as yourself could scrutinize you and leave messages that are meant to be hurtful to you. So next time, before you “can’t help” but comment, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you judge them publicly on their own forum.

  10. Clean, simple storage lines, nicely emphasised by the bright white paint, must look lovely in the natural light from the window. Also, easy to replicate as it’s basically plain shelves and the colour and interest comes from what’s on the shelves. I must admit I’d want to add glass doors to at least some of the shelf sections, to protect certain goods from dust at the very least. Thanks for letting me look at your pantry.

  11. I own only one KitchenAid Artisan mixer 🙂 (it’s Almond Cream colour, so that’s another colour for you to collect!) I recommend the KitchenAid glass mixing bowl that you can buy as an accessory. It’s made life easier, or at least feel easier, because I can see all the contents all at once without having to peer over the top of the bowl, and can tell what state the mixture has got to if I happen to be some steps away.

  12. Oh my goodness. I’m so jealous of this amazing space.  It’s so amazing and bright.  The idea of having extra freezer and fridge space in the drawers is so genious.  

  13. You guys your home is wonderful! I love it! You have decorated it top notch! I can’t believe I live right down the street from you. You have such good ideas, for everything.

  14. Absolutely beautiful! I love looking at your kitchen & pantry pics. Gives me some inspiration! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

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