Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

I love being a mom. It is the best job in the world. Sure, it has it’s ups and downs, but the ups make you forget about the downs. Caleb rolled over for the first time this week and we acted like he just won the gold medal. Yes, we are first time parents:) It was so exciting! Our lives are different, but for the better. We still enjoy our time in the kitchen. Our time is often interrupted or rushed, but we still make cooking and baking a priority. The other night Caleb wanted to play during dinner time, so Josh put him in our baby carrier and we all made Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce. It was a fun night in the kitchen.

Pasta is a great meal for any day of the week. It is easy to make, inexpensive, and delicious. We try to mix up our pasta dishes by making different sauces and toppings. We had a few red peppers that needed to be used up so we made a roasted red pepper tomato sauce to go with our pasta. The sauce is simple to make and full of flavor.

We roasted the peppers on our Thermador gas range, but you can also roast them under the broiler or on the grill. Char the peppers until they are completely black. Place the peppers in a brown paper bag and let them sweat for about 5-10 minutes. This will make them easier to peel.

Once the peppers are roasted and peeled, you are ready to make your sauce. We sautéed onion and garlic in olive oil and added in tomatoes and the red peppers. Season with salt, pepper, and fresh basil. You can use an immersion blender or place all of the ingredients in the blender or food processor. Puree until the sauce is smooth, but still has a few chunks. We added the sauce to whole wheat penne pasta, but any pasta would be great with this sauce. The sauce also freezes well, so make a big batch and put some in the freezer for a rainy day.

We garnished our pasta with Parmesan cheese, freshly chopped basil, and served crusty bread on the side. Caleb wasn’t able to eat the meal with us, but just having him in the kitchen made the meal extra special. Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce is a great dish for a casual dinner at home or for entertaining guests. Add this pasta dish to your menu plan-it is a staple in our home.

Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

This easy pasta dish is full of flavor thanks to the roasted red pepper tomato sauce. We used whole wheat penne pasta, but any pasta will work. Garnish with Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and enjoy!


  • 3 large red bell peppers
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 small onion chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup packed fresh basil coarsely chopped
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 pound cooked pasta we used Whole Wheat Penne
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese for serving (optional)
  • Freshly chopped basil for serving (optional)


  • 1. Roast red peppers over gas flame, under the broiler, or on the grill. Roast for about 10 minutes, or until peppers are completely black. Place peppers in a paper bag to allow to sweat. Peel the charred skins from the peppers and remove the seeds. Chop the peppers and set aside.
  • 2. In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add onion and sauté for 2-3 minutes, or until softened. Stir in garlic, red peppers, and diced tomatoes. Cook for 10 minutes over medium-low heat. Add freshly chopped basil and season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  • 3. Purée the sauce using an immersion blender or transfer the sauce to a blender or food processor and puree until smooth with some texture remaining. Taste and add more salt and pepper, if necessary.
  • 4. In a large bowl, combine pasta and sauce. Garnish with Parmesan cheese and fresh basil, if desired.

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  1. I love that Caleb got to be in the kitchen and ‘help’ (as much as he can!), it must make the meal extra special. This sauce looks great – perfect for a busy night when you just want something quick and delicious!

  2. Oh man, what a mama’s little helper. We need to get you to Targét for a countertop bouncy, they saved me when I had Smudge and it was fun to cook with her as she stared and drooled over the food. Literallly. Love roasted peppers. Love this recipe. And I’m pretty sure it smells good 😉

  3. Congrats on the rolling milestone. You are such a cute mom…I had a mom first this week, too. Sending my almost 5 year old off to full day school. Seriously, I was a nervous wreck but she has done great. Always new milestones to check off the list.

    I love roasted red peppers, too!

  4. Haha-i totally know what you mean! Whenever kay has a first, we totally freak! Pasta is delicious, comforting and easy! A great go to! Happy friday

  5. Oh this looks so good, I used to eat pasta all the time, this looks like something I would have loved!

  6. that’s so awesome that he rolled over…and i’m sure nate and i will do the same thing. you know, probably talk about how else could he be anything but a world-class athlete with a feat like that? i mean, i know i can’t roll over right now…he’d be one up on me! 🙂

  7. I could not agree more – being a mom is definitely the best job in the world. It just gets better and better each day.
    And, this pasta looks absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to try it.

  8. Sounds delicious! What kind of baby carrier do you have? Every time I try to cook with my baby in the Moby wrap I’m afraid I’m going to burn his feet! I put an apron over the whole thing once, it was the most ridiculous looking thing you’ve ever seen!

  9. First of all, happy new year to you guys! I’m a little late to the game on that one. Christmas break got the best of me. This pasta looks delish! Now I know what to do with all those extra red peppers. Congrats on Caleb rolling over!

  10. How neat! Our baby is six months and still won’t roll over much more than to her side. She hates her stomach. She’s so funny. What a great recipe! How have you gone a whole week without cookies though??

  11. Kids sure do make life interesting. 🙂 I’ve never made my own sauce but I should try it sometime.

  12. The recipe looks delicious; thanks for sharing. As Caleb gets bigger & no longer fits in the baby carrier, he’ll probably still want to be around as you’re cooking dinner. My mom gave me a great tip that works wonders for keeping my toddler entertained but near as I’m cooking, so I thought I’d pass it along. Just put some dried beans in a cake pan & give him measuring cups & spoons to use to play with them — hours of fun!

  13. I adore roasted red peppers, so there’s not a doubt in my mind that I’d love this pasta dish! Super yum.

  14. You guys are just the cutest things ever!! I love that you love being a mom so much. Children are a miracle.

    Love the pasta, it looks FABULOUS!!

  15. YAY to Caleb!! One of many exciting milestones!

    This pasta looks like a total winner… can’t wait to try it.

    Happy Friday! 🙂

  16. I will have a gas range in less than a month and this very well may be the first recipe that I make. Looks mouthwatering. You deserve to be proud parents, Caleb is a DOLL!

  17. YUM! I need to jump on the red pepper bandwagon!!! & your little muchkin is one CUTIE! I love all the Instagram pics!! 🙂

  18. Your little pea is so adorable. You can tell how happy you are from the way you gush about him in your posts 🙂

  19. Being a parent is an amazing responsibility and also an amazing joy!! I totally remember those milestone of rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing and walking. You are in for such a wild ride. Enjoy it! Great pasta BTW. Glad I stopped by.

  20. Parenting definitely puts a different spin on cooking and family time – and it’s all so worth it. This pasta looks like a great quick meal to throw together for the family any night.

  21. Love how fresh and light this Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce is, I can see how it would become a staple in any home.

  22. Congrats to Caleb – so exciting! We’re taking an Iron Chef approach on our group blog and this month our “secret ingredient” is penne pasta – so this recipe is perfect timing. It looks delicious!

  23. You are raising a good healthy eater. People are always amazed at what my kids will eat. I’ve learned that they will eat about anything they help to create! I cannot believe Caleb is already rolling over!!! That flew by!

  24. What a perfect bowl of pasta! I love how you roasted the peppers right on your gas stove.. thats what I do! Congrats on “the roll”… yay!!

  25. He’ll be cooking around the kitchen with you guys before you know it! And I know he’ll love your cooking. How could he not? This sauce sounds delicious!

  26. Wow this looks amazing! I love roasted peppers, probably one of my favorite foods! This recipe looks great! I can’t wait to make it!

  27. This looks like a fabulous meal. Being a parent is really the best thing in the world, enjoy every second!

  28. Oh my! Love this sauce, good thing dad has a new gas range. I’ll be playing with this recipe at his house and scooting him out of the kitchen ;D

  29. I love roasted red peppers and this pasta looks so comforting and delicious! I love pasta and I just got the pasta attachment for my mixer for Christmas and now I have a new sauce to make with homemade noodles!

  30. My baby girl is 10 months now and she loves food! Just wait until Caleb can grab food – it’s funny (and scary!) watching them try to stuff everything they can into their mouths!! I am trying hard to introduce Izzy to as many unusual flavours as I can, so when Caleb starts eating solids I’d be interested to see any recipes you make for him.

  31. I wish I had an open flame stove top, I love the flavor of roasted bell peppers! Beautiful dish, my dear!

  32. Do you & Josh have any Ellie Krieger cookbooks? I feel like she cooks healthy (mainly vegetarian) meals that you two would like 🙂

    I can only imagine what a chef Caleb is gonna be someday! 🙂

  33. I love roasted red pepper sauce! It brings to pasta such a different dimension from tomatoes and is absolutely delicious. Congratulations on being first time parents!

  34. I just love pasta….almost any kind. And this one looks AMAZING!!!!!! I’ve never had anything with roasted pepper before so I should try this. Thanks <3

  35. I just tried this recipe and it was AMAZING!!! I was inspired to roast my own peppers, so easy!! I made a few slight changes….I used a can of fire roasted tomatoes and added goat cheese to mine. The goat cheese made it so creamy! The sauce was delicious by itself and I was thinking it might make a good topper to grilled chicken later this week! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  36. I made this for dinner last night using bottled roasted red peppers. It was fantastic! I will definitely be adding it to my regular rotation.

  37. this looks so so good Maria. Love the photos too! I use my grill for roasting the peppers … haven’t done it in a couple months! Need to!

  38. This sauce is delicious!  I roasted the peppers in a 500 degree oven on a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil for 30-40 min, rotating the peppers until charred all over.  Then steamed them 10 minutes in a brown paper bag with top folded over and paper clipped.  Then followed rest of recipe.  Yummy!!