Recipe for Buttermilk Biscuits

By Maria Lichty

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I am not a Southern gal, I grew up in Illinois and now live in Utah, but I do enjoy a good biscuit…and by good I mean tender, flaky, buttery, hot, melt in your mouth good! I love my biscuits with honey or homemade jam. My mouth is watering right now:)

I recently tried a recipe from Pinch My Salt. She really did her research on how to make the perfect buttermilk biscuit. I suggest you read this post! It was extremely helpful in my biscuit making adventure.

I followed all of the tips and tricks…used really cold butter, used some cake flour, didn’t twist when cutting, etc. I am glad I did because my biscuits were everything I wanted them to be..and then some!! If you are a biscuit lover, do your research and then get in the kitchen! You are going to love these!

You can find the recipe and tips here! ENJOY!

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I'm Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. I have never made scones, i have always wanted to make them. But till now not done it.
    So can you send me few ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think my list of to makes from your blog is almost a mile long so I’ll just throw this on top of the pile ๐Ÿ˜‰ SO yummy! A biscuit is such a wonderful treat every now and again!

  3. they look great! I’ve never tried making biscuits myself, this seems to be a good one to try! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I grew up on biscuits – we had them for all three meals (or more!) of the day. They are my family’s choice for dinner instead of your typical rolls. They are now my husband’s favorite too (he didn’t even know what a biscuit was when we first met!!). Now we will just have to get you some sausage gravy and you will be saying ya’ll with the rest of us!

  5. I am salivating here.. drool.. drool… I miss biscuits.. These remind me of Bojangles? Sp?

    Gosh they look absolutely amazing!!!

  6. Your biscuits did turn out perfect. I love the height. I am going to have to read the post and try these. My hubby is a Southerner and he loves a good biscuit.

  7. Erica- I don’t make biscuits too often, but they are a nice treat:)
    I enjoyed this recipe!

    Dawn- Honey is the best on biscuits!

    Katerine- Let me know if you try these! I hope they live up to your Southern likings:)

    Kat- yes, try the cake flour, these were excellent!

    Culinarywannabe- I can’t believe your husband didn’t know what a biscuit was. I am glad you have shown him the way!

    Girl Japan- I have never heard of Bojangles!

    Mary Ann- I hope your hubby approves! They are tasty!

  8. Jenny- they are light and flaky! I hope you like them!

    Kara-Pinch My Salt really did her research!! I loved this recipe!

  9. Dorie got me in the habit of using really cold butter for scones and pastry. I even freeze it if I am going to use the food processor.
    I love buttermilk biscuits – yours sound divine!

  10. Pam-homemade biscuits are the only way to go! I don’t do the canned ones!

    Natashya-Dorie is full of wisdom! I love her recipes, especially her scones!

  11. I love love LOVE biscuits. There is nothing better than a warm buttermilk biscuit with jam. Yours look perfect! These will be showing up for Sunday breakfast SOON!

    Your lemon cookies from yesterday sound amazing, too!

  12. Oh yay for your. I love biscuits.

    I have yet to get the hang of biscuits. I’ve tried a few recipes, but none ever come out quite right. I will keep trying. I have nothing against biscuits in a can (and I see a bunch of culinary purists gasping in shock, putting their hands over their hearts, or wringing their hands) but I’d like to say I can do my own.

  13. do you wish you were southern? ๐Ÿ™‚ i think that with these biscuits, we can name you an honorary southern gal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Maria –
    Your bisquicks look so yummy! I can’t wait until i make this recipe. I will let you know if I had any success. I am not very talented in the kitchen, so we will have to see how i do with these.
    Love and miss you, love ya, Momma Kathy

  15. Those biscuits sound and look deliciously perfect! I love a good biscuit–make it savory or sweet, doesn’t matter…in fact, your biscuits look so good, I’m pretty sure I could eat a few savory and sweet combos in just one sitting!

  16. Those biscuits look fantastic! I was just in Birmingham last week and have been craving more biscuits ever since… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Oh my gosh… I am pregnant and your recipes are making my mouth water even though I just had 2 dinners! I am a Southern girl (Texan)and biscuits are one of my favorite things… I am sooooo hungry!!!!

  18. Fluffy buttermilk biscuits are the best straight out of the oven and yours look delicious with the golden brown tops. Ah, now I am craving one!