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By Maria Lichty

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1. Maxwell is loving watermelon!

2. Good info for summer. Do you know your sunscreens?

3. How about vacationing with these guys?

4. Interesting information about hydration and your health.

5. Congratulations to Andrew Bogut, a former Ute, and the rest of the Golden State Warriors. What a year it has been for the Bay Area. First, the Giants win the World Series and now Golden State wins a championship. And congrats to the Blackhawks! It was a good week for sports!



1. We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary on the 14th! We actually left the boys at home and went on a date. Don’t worry, we got a babysitter:) We went to our favorite taqueria and Trader Joe’s because we are fancy like that:)

2. Josh bought me my favorite candle…I needed a new one. He also got me the room spray and diffuser. Our house is going to be smelling good!

3. My dream cake.

4. So, I am getting into snapchat (twopeasandpod). I actually like it. It is fun to share the behind the scenes, everyday, imperfect, random stuff. I have a problem though, every time I talk in my videos I want to sing. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I can’t seem to talk normal. So sorry if I am annoying you with my sing songy voice. I am annoying myself too. I will try to talk normal:)

5. Pie perfection.

6. Currently loving these cookies.

7. Break the routine. YES!


8. Cherries. I am still eating them by the handful!

9. I hate swimsuit shopping, but I actually found a suit I love this year! I bought the North Shore suit from Albion Fit. I am ready to hit the pool! Oh, we took Maxwell swimming for the first time and he loved it. He kicked, splashed, and smiled the entire time…except for when it was time to get out. He wanted to swim all day!

10. Fun pizza for summertime!

11. Sprinkle heaven! I want them all!

12. Just curious, are you enjoying our Weekly Meal Plans? Are they helpful? Are you using them? Did you even know we post Weekly Meal Plans on Saturday? 🙂

13. I enjoyed watching the NBA Finals with Josh, but the games interrupted our Bloodline time. The show is getting good and I can’t stand the suspense. I am happy the Warriors won so we can go on a Bloodline binge:)

14. Fancy s’mores!

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  1. Love the weekly meal plans! I need ALL of those sprinkles! For dessert this weekend I was planning on trying the cast iron skillet s’mores (have you seen those?) but now I might need to make the apricot raspberry pie. Or throw caution to the wind and make both!

  2. #4—-I had surgery and at the hospital they gave me a paper on how your supposed to drink your water by dividing your weight in half the only problem is my weight is up there so my number was 130 oz. a day. I do feel better and let less when I drink that much.

  3. Ooh, good one with the sunscreen. I’ve used it pretty religiously for years, but I need to find a new one I can use over my face moisturizer every day. The SPF 15 in most moisturizers is super lame. Off to Amazon to look around!

  4. Maxwell is getting so big! And he looks so happy too. I love the pie and peanut butter cookie recipes you highlighted this week and will definitely give them a shot…they look delish. I do look at your weekly menu’s but haven’t tried anything yet and I’m not that organized…lol

  5. I always enjoy reading your This and That! I have 2 kids also 3 1/2 and 11 months! I have made so many recipes from your Weekly Meal Plans! They help me organize my grocery list and menu for the week and are always delicious! I had actually never grilled an avocado before seeing your grilled avocado and veggie taco recipe, it was delicious! Thanks for helping to make feeding my family easier!