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Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes

Yesterday we celebrated Caleb’s first birthday! We still can’t believe our little pea is one. We had a fun day filled with walks, playing with toys, reading, a special dinner, presents, and of course dessert! Everyone has been asking what Caleb’s first birthday cake would be and it took me a long time to decide. I knew the pressure was on:)

I decided to not make a cake at all:) For my birthday, we celebrate with cookies and for Josh’s birthday we celebrate with key lime tart, so cake really isn’t a tradition in our family. I knew Caleb would just make a mess of whatever we made him, so I kept it simple and made Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes. They are super easy to make and perfect for a one year old to destroy!

Icebox cake is a classic dessert, but I switched things up a bit by making Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes, instead of a large cake. This way Caleb could destroy his cupcake and our guests could still enjoy some dessert.

To make the cupcakes, all you do is layer chocolate wafers and whipped cream and let the cupcakes sit overnight in the refrigerator. The chilling time allows the chocolate wafers to soak in some of the whipped cream, creating a soft, pillow like chocolate dessert. The cupcakes remind me of a big soft Oreo, but better! I am not even a whipped cream fan and I love these Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes.

I added sprinkles to the top of the cupcakes for extra birthday fun. These cupcakes seriously are the easiest cupcakes EVER!

We haven’t given Caleb any sugar yet and didn’t really want him to eat his Chocolate Icebox Cupcake, but we sang to him and let him have at it. He stared at it for awhile and then looked at us. We gave him the ok, so he took off the big #1 candle. He licked it and then went in for the kill. He demolished his cute little cupcake. He really didn’t get much of the cupcake in his mouth though. Most of it ended up on the floor, on his face, and in his hands. First birthday success!

I love his Chocolate Icebox Cupcake mustache! What a cutie pie!

I am so glad I made Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes for Caleb’s first birthday. It was the perfect dessert to be destroyed. I didn’t even have to turn on the oven! So maybe I cheated, but I don’t think Caleb noticed:) He loved his cupcake and our guests enjoyed the cupcakes as well. It was a very happy first birthday! And thanks everyone for sending Caleb birthday wishes yesterday. He says thank you! He certainly is a lucky little guy.

Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes

Yield: 10 cupcakes

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes-a twist on the classic icebox cake recipe. The same great dessert, but in mini form. The easiest dessert you will ever make!


2 cups heavy cream
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 (9-ounce) package Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies
Sprinkles, optional


1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, whip the cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla together on high speed until medium peaks form.

2. To assemble the cupcakes, spread about 2 teaspoons of the whipped cream on top of a chocolate wafer. Place another wafer on top of the cream to make a sandwich. Spread more cream over the wafer and add another wafer. Top the final wafer with cream. You want to use four wafers per cupcake and end with cream.

3. Place cupcakes in cupcake liners or on a plate and stick in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight. The cream will soften the wafers making them soft like cake.

4. When ready to serve, remove the cupcakes from the refrigerator and sprinkle with sprinkles, if desired.

Note-you can find Nabisco's Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies in the cookie aisle. I live in Utah and found them at Dan's Market and WinCo.

Inspired by Magnolia Bakery


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  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks — September 28, 2012 @ 3:21 am

    Love a nice no-bake dessert! These are awesome – and so is Caleb. WHAT a CUTIE PIE!!! :)

  2. Kathryn — September 28, 2012 @ 4:19 am

    What a great idea and it definitely looks like Caleb enjoyed it!

  3. Blog is the New BLack — September 28, 2012 @ 5:39 am

    LOVE that you made these into cupcakes!

  4. Theresa — September 28, 2012 @ 7:07 am

    My mom made this cake for our birthdays shaped into our initials growing up – I love your cupcakes though – they are so cute!!!! Your version is so festive and portable and perfect for a 1 year old or any age (I’ll be 45 next week and am thinking I’ll anonymously send this link to our 14 year old who loves to bake . . . ha ha ha)

  5. shelly (cookies and cups) — September 28, 2012 @ 7:09 am

    The picture of him with the candle going into his mouth is the CUTEST EVER!
    I love the idea of the icebox cakes as minis…very clever :)

  6. Ahh he is so cute and the cookies look amazing!!!

  7. sally @ sallys baking addiction — September 28, 2012 @ 7:27 am

    Caleb is ADORABLE Maria! What a cutie pie. And a lucky birthday boy! These ice box cupcakes are too perfect. Love all the sprinkles and those chocolate wafer cookies. :)

  8. Aimee @ ShugarySweets — September 28, 2012 @ 7:34 am

    Awww Happy Birthday Caleb!!! Such a cutie!

  9. marla — September 28, 2012 @ 7:35 am

    Yay!! Happy birthday Caleb ~ LOVE these cute cakes :)

  10. Lauren at Keep It Sweet — September 28, 2012 @ 7:35 am

    Looks like Caleb was a very happy birthday boy… I can see why!

  11. sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more — September 28, 2012 @ 7:37 am

    I cannot believe he is so big already, and these sound so good, never seen them before.

  12. icakepops — September 28, 2012 @ 7:47 am

    Adorable icebox cupcakes and even more adorable birthday boy!

  13. Cara — September 28, 2012 @ 7:56 am

    I can’t believe he is already 1! Seems like his birth announcement was yesterday! My husband’s family goes gaga for icebox cake (his grandma always makes it at Thanksgiving) so they would surely get a kick out of these individual treats :)

  14. Naomi — September 28, 2012 @ 8:28 am

    Love those pics. That last one is the best. It’s sorta like “yeah, I did it. What about it?” happy birthday to Caleb!

  15. Rachel Cooks — September 28, 2012 @ 8:40 am

    So fun! Looks like he loved them! Great pictures.

  16. Tesei — September 28, 2012 @ 9:05 am

    Congratulations to the birthday boy AND the proud parents! He looks so big now, no longer a baby, time does fly with our little ones!!!

  17. Living The Sweet Life — September 28, 2012 @ 9:26 am

    Yumm!! I think this would be a great treat for anyone at any age :) I can’t get over how cute, your little pea is <3 The three peas, make quite the cute family.

  18. Natalie @ Free Range Human — September 28, 2012 @ 9:33 am

    He’s adorable! Happy Birthday, Caleb!

  19. Ashley — September 28, 2012 @ 9:39 am

    CUTE. Delicious. Can’t handle it!

  20. Meagan @ A Zesty Bite — September 28, 2012 @ 9:48 am

    I’m so glad that he had a great 1st birthday! These little cupcakes are the cutest and so easy to make.

  21. Cindy Ferguson — September 28, 2012 @ 9:49 am


  22. Absolutely adorable–the cupcakes and Caleb!

  23. What a fun idea! I have never made an icebox cake before, but i am love with this cupcake idea.

  24. Jessica @ Portuguese Girl Cooks — September 28, 2012 @ 10:01 am

    Happy Birthday to Caleb! Too cute! Ilove this idea.

  25. Kristy — September 28, 2012 @ 10:15 am

    Love these cupcakes, perfect for a little one!

  26. Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony — September 28, 2012 @ 10:19 am

    Those look sooo yummy! Happy birthday to your little boy!

  27. Ashley — September 28, 2012 @ 10:34 am

    What a creative/cute idea! The pictures are just priceless!

  28. Cookbook Queen — September 28, 2012 @ 10:55 am

    This is seriously the cutest thing ever.

    Happy Birthday Caleb!!

  29. Denise — September 28, 2012 @ 10:56 am

    I cannot believe Caleb is already one; time flew by! Love icebox cake and this twist is not only adorable but even better. My nephew had the same reaction when he turned one. He had never had sugar and was not sure what to do with the cupcake. Had to finally put a taste in his mouth, then he went crazy for it! Adorable!

  30. Julie @ Table for Two — September 28, 2012 @ 11:04 am

    he is just too cute!!! i love the pictures! thanks for sharing his 1st bday with us :) happy first, Caleb! xo

  31. Jill — September 28, 2012 @ 11:06 am

    Yum! I love the idea of making them into cupcakes. So cute!

  32. Julie @ NaClKitchen — September 28, 2012 @ 11:07 am

    Happy birthday, Cutie!

    What a great twist on icebox cake and perfect for a 1st birthday!

  33. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar — September 28, 2012 @ 11:38 am

    These are so cute!!

  34. Linda — September 28, 2012 @ 11:48 am

    Looks like Caleb enjoyed his candle and cupcake..

  35. Linda — September 28, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

    What a handsome little man you have there! My first grandchild will be a year old on Nov. 4 and I think we’ll definitely have chocolate icebox cupcakes for her birthday! Happy Birthday, Caleb!

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  37. Jayme — September 28, 2012 @ 12:36 pm

    These look delightful! And so ridiculously easy.

  38. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes — September 28, 2012 @ 12:38 pm

    Wow, this idea is genius! I just made my first icebox cake about a month ago…I’ll have to try a cupcakes version!

  39. Whitney @ The Newlywed Chefs — September 28, 2012 @ 12:48 pm

    Whew! He is getting so big! What a delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Erica — September 28, 2012 @ 1:27 pm

    What a great treat! And how cute is he! So awesome that he smashed it all up! I’m not a cake girl at all. I prefer a basket of tortilla chips :)

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