This and That


1. This is a picture from my mountain bike ride on Saturday morning. I love riding.

2. Saturday we made salads for the masses. They were too big for any refrigerator so we did the next best thing, we put the salads in our bathtub that we filled with ice. Don’t worry I cleaned it first.

3. I saw this made up word this week: Askhole-a person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.  Do you ever feel like you are communicating with this type of person? Kind of funny.


1. We’ve been glued to the TV this week watching the Olympics. I am kind of obsessed. The gymnastics and swimming are my favorite events. And I love watching all of the coverage, those cheesy feel good stories get me every time:) The only problem is I have been staying up WAY too late. I usually go to bed between 9-10, but not while the Olympics are on. I am living the night life with Bob Costas.

2. This Summer Veggie Slaw is calling my name. So colorful and a great recipe for using up the garden veggies.

3. Caleb tried Chobani for the first time this week. Great news-he loves it! He is a Chobani Champion!!

4. Tacos for dinner anyone? Count me in!

5. Do you ever mix cereals or am I just odd? Lately, I have been mixing my cereals. I can’t decide on which cereal to have, so I have two. Wheaties with Kashi, Cheerios with Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Life with Chex..just a few of my latest cereal combos. I wonder what I will mix up next in my cereal mug. Yes, I eat cereal in a mug, no bowl for me.

6. Love these fun cutting boards.

7. Another reason why I love brown bananas!

8. And did you hear? We are giving away a Thermador Built-In Wall Oven! No biggie!

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