This and That


1. I listen to a few NPR podcasts-This American Life, Freakonomics and will occasionally listen to a news story. Recently NPR broadcasted a short story about who we will be in 10 years, it is pretty interesting, give it a listen.

2. Some of you may have seen another article that has been floating around the web. I want to be more like the man in this video in ten years. He is a CNN hero but he is my inspiration.

3. Our little duder got his third haircut this week. He’s growing up too fast!


1. So I did it, I bought the boots! I am loving them!

2. I also did some shopping at Koo De Ker this week to get ready for Alt  Summit. I am fashion challenged, but Kyong, the owner, helped me pick out some great tops for Alt. She is my fashion idol:) If you live in Utah, make sure you visit Koo De Ker for all of your fashion needs! And if you don’t, don’t worry, everything can be shipped:)

3. This soup looks souperlicious!

4. I went to lunch at Taqueria 27 in Salt Lake City with some friends. I’m in love! The atmosphere is great, the guacamole is spot on, and the tacos are tasty! I inhaled the grilled veggie tacos. I will be back…and soon!

5. Caleb wanted to do some baking before his nightly bath. Cookies before bed, always a good idea. Such a smart boy!

6. I want a big plate of these fries. And I’m not sharing!

7. I am in love with Tim Riggins. I mean, I am in love with my new t-shirt. Ok, I am in love with both! Texas Forever. Tim Riggins Forever!

8. We will be in Maui next week, but don’t worry, we’ve got you taken care of. We made recipes in advance so you won’t miss out on any deliciousness! We wish we could stuff you all in our suitcases, but traveling with Caleb takes up all of our room. Diapers, stroller, car seat, toys, clothes…how am I going to fit all of my shoes? 🙂 I guess all I need are flip flops! Oooh-I better make time for a pedicure! Adding that to my to do list now! Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all of our travel updates. ALOHA!

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