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1.ย I am not one for motivational stuff, but I saw this post and thought they were wise words to live by.

2.ย I usually snowboard every winter, but this year I started skiing. I have really enjoyed my switch. I know ski season is almost over, but I’m starting to look for a good pair of powder skis. Any suggestions? There are so many choices, I don’t know where to start.


3.ย I had to run out to the car to get something and put on the closest jacket and shoes I could find. Maria has major issues when I dress like this. It is always just for a short period of time when I need to get something done fast. Granted that could include running to the store, post office, etc. I just don’t understand why it is an issue. I get stuff done!


1. So let’s talk about Netflix. We have had it for about a month and I’m kind of addicted. How did we survive with out it? We don’t sit and watch TV all day, somedays I am tempted, but when we do want to relax in front of the tube there is always something “on.” We already finished House of Cards-so maybe we’ve been watching a little more than our fair share of TV, but House of Cards sucked us in! Such a great show! Netflix-your trial month worked on us. We are hooked! And I know we are behind the times. Netflix is SO last year…or maybe even the year before that:)

2. This is the coolest cake ever! So perfect for the peas:)


3. I am loving the Food Network’s scented wax melts! Our house smells like Sunday Morning Pancakes this week. And thanks to the pancake aroma, we’ve made these pancakes for dinner. I was craving them:) I am afraid to use the brownie one!

4. And while we are on the subject of pancakes for dinner, have you seen the new Breakfast for Dinner cookbook by Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth? If you are a breakfast for dinner fan, like us, you will love this book! So many great recipes!

5. Blueberry, oatmeal, and bread…all in one! Sign me up!

6. Ladies-let’s talk mascara. I’ve used and loved Avon’s wash-off waterproof mascara since my college days. Yes, I just admitted to loving Avon. Does that make me old? I don’t care. This mascara makes my lashes look like a million bucks..and it washes off so easily. I just ordered 3 new tubes this week! I’m ready to bat my lashes:) What is your favorite mascara?

7. Angel food cake for breakfast! Love this French toast!

8. All of the peas got hair cuts this week! We were all looking a little shaggy. Caleb didn’t want to sit still this time so his new do is a little crooked in the front. He’s still super cute! Maybe he will start a new trend. Move over Bieber!

9. I’ve only read one book since Caleb was born. He’s 17 months old and I miss getting lost in a book. I am out of the book world loop, so tell me what’s good! I need a fun and easy read to get me back into my reading routine! Share your suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

10. Today is National Cereal Day. You better believe we are eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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