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1. Last November I planted 300 bulbs when Maria was out of town. They are just starting to come up! Maria loves the flowers.


2. We are headed to Disneyland today. Our little buddy could not be more excited. We got him this little backpack that has a leash on it. He has been wearing it all around and packing and repacking the toys he wants to take. Caleb thinks it is funny to try to run from us and hide so we decided a backpack with a leash was a necessity for Disneyland. He sure is cute with it though.

3. It has been a great week for viewing the heavens at night. I made Maria get out of bed to look at Mars. It will continue to be bright in the sky throughout the rest of the week. You should check it out! On April 15th a total lunar eclipse is going to happen. I hope to stay up late enough to see it.


1. I had a check-up appointment this week. I am 23 weeks pregnant and things are looking good. This baby is a bouncer! I am starting to get some lower back pain. I am not sure if it is the baby, my workouts, being on my feet too much…or all of the above. I think a massage needs to happen ASAP!

photo 3 (24)

2. His and Hers pizza. You can’t beat homemade pizza pie!

3. A pizza grilled cheese? YES!

photo 1 (26)

4. I have been smashing it up lately. No, I am not drinking, but I am smashing my berries into my plain Greek yogurt. I love the burst of berries and the berry swirls are pretty too:)

5. Super cute cookies!

photo 2 (26)

6. Book of the week-Angelina’s Bachelors. I read this book in a day! Loved it! What are you reading? Anything good?

7. I am a 90’s girl! I remember all of these!

photo 4 (15)

8. Daffodils make me happy.

9. Glitter Playdough. I don’t know who is going to have more fun with this, me or Caleb?

photo 5 (12)

10. I made chocolate chip cookies for the national championship basketball game. It was a good game, but the cookies were the best part:)

11. Love this look for spring. I don’t think it would look so hot with my big belly though:) I am not wearing maternity clothes yet, but probably soon! Lucky me:)

12. We are going to the happiest place on Earth today! Follow our Disneyland adventures on Instagram. Any Disney suggestions for us? Favorite rides for little kiddos, good eats, etc? Josh and I have been to Disneyland, but it was before Caleb was born. I think it will be even more fun this time around. Caleb is beyond excited and I can’t wait to experience Disney with him!

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