Biscoff Pretzel Bites with White Chocolate

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Biscoff is back, back again! This time I used Biscoff Spread to create a fun and easy treat! These Biscoff Pretzel Bites with White Chocolate are too cool for school! I make these pretzel bites all of the time with peanut butter and milk chocolate, but I decided it would be fun to switch things up by using Biscoff Spread and white chocolate. I am glad I did because the combination is definitely a winner!

These pretzel bites are super easy to make. You don’t even have to turn on your oven. Yay for no-bake treats! The filling is made with Biscoff Spread, brown sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. The filling gets sandwiched between two pretzels. You do have to freeze the pretzels for about 30 minutes before you dip them into chocolate, so plan accordingly.

I dipped the pretzels into white chocolate and added rainbow sprinkles for fun. Sprinkles make everything better! I love how bright and cheery they turned out:) These pretzels are a hit with the kiddos and adults. If you are looking for a fun and easy treat, give these Biscoff Pretzel Bites with White Chocolate a go. They are a great sweet treat for parties, game day, movie night, or every day snacking.

Biscoff Pretzel Bites with White Chocolate

Pretzels sandwiched with a sweet, creamy Biscoff filing and dipped in white chocolate. Finish them off with rainbow sprinkles for a fun, easy, dazzling treat!
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  • 1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the Biscoff Spread and butter together until smooth and creamy. Beat in the powdered sugar, light brown sugar, and vanilla extract until combined. If the filling doesn't roll easily into balls without sticking to your hands, add a little more brown sugar and powdered sugar and mix again. (I only used ½ cup powdered sugar and ¾ cup brown sugar and it came together just fine.)
  • 2. Roll teaspoons of the Biscoff mixture into balls. Sandwich between two pretzels and put on a plate or cookie sheet. Freeze the pretzel sandwiches for 30 minutes.
  • 3. Melt the white chocolate chips, using the microwave (30 second intervals) or a double boiler. Dip half of each pretzel sandwich into the white chocolate. Sprinkle pretzel bites with sprinkles, if using. Return the tray to the freezer and chill until the chocolate sets. Store the Biscoff Pretzel Bites in the refrigerator until serving time.
  • Note-look for Biscoff Spread next to the peanut butter at the grocery store. You can also order it online from Amazon. You can also use Trader Joe's Speculoo's Spread.

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  1. Maria these are gorgeous! I love Biscoff and I’ve seen the recipes like this on Pinterest, Food Gawker but with PB..using Biscoff (and adding sprinkles!) is great thinking. YUM!

  2. Sounds soo good. Biscoff and white chocolate go together like peanut butter and milk chocolate…and salty pretzels go with everything:-).

  3. I love food that looks adorable and tastes great, too. I cannot wait to make these cute little sweet treat snacks for the littles.

  4. Oh so dangerous!! I’ve had something similar to these but they were pretzels with peanut butter dipped into chocolate. Must make soon!

  5. These almost look like little bunny ears. I’ll have to make these next Easter πŸ™‚ They sound tasty too! Have a good week friend.

  6. where do you find biscoff? i can’t say i’ve looked all that hard for it, but it has yet to jump off the shelf and bite me at our favorite stores here!

    1. Look for Biscoff Spread next to the peanut butter. Most grocery stores are carrying it now. I know World Market has it too. Trader Joe’s Speculoo’s Srpead will also work!

  7. Biscoff is my Nutella; that’s all I’m saying…well, except I can imagine it’s divine with some crunchy, salty pretzels.

  8. These are so much fun! Plus, I can think of a million different variations on these – perfect party food.

  9. Thanks for the Biscoff link love. I can’t control myself around this stuff! And gosh are your little pretzel bites the cutests or what?! Totally munchable and dangerous

  10. Maria! These are adorable! I love the cute little sprinkles that you added. And Biscoff spread? With pretzels? Amaaaazing!!! πŸ™‚

  11. These look fantastic. I don’t usually make dessert things, but it might be fun to make these since portion control is a little easier! (Or is it harder because you’ll want to eat the whole plate πŸ™‚

  12. SO brilliant, Maria! I love the combo of Biscoff spread + white chocolate. I bet the pretzels are an absolute perfect addition!

  13. These look incredible! The white chocolate with sprinkles reminds me of the frosted animal cookies. Definitely adding this to my list of things to make!

  14. Maria, I make these with peanut butter and dipped in chocolate and each time i bring them somewhere, people RAVE about them. I’ve been trying to think of fun ways to change up the recipe a bit, so THANK YOU! I cannot wait to make these next time. Everything is better with sprinkles!

  15. I’m new to the world of Biscoff but I am SOOOOOO on the bandwagon now that our local grocery store has started carrying the spread. Woohoo! Bookmarking this so we can totally try it soon. I just bought my first jar today!

  16. Some days, a recipe that doesn’t require an oven is a real treat! These look amazing! (Then again, anything made with Biscoff spread is amazing!)

  17. I have no doubt that once I’d start eating these, I wouldn’t be able to stop. They look completely addictive!

  18. These are adorable! I have to admit that I haven’t had biscoff spread yet. I know. What the heck? Need to get some A.S.A.P.!

  19. Unfortunately, I can’t buy this delish cookie spread where I live. Could it be substituted for peanut butter or another nut butter? These treats look yummy!

  20. I love Biscoff spread! Always looking for new recipes using it.. These look so good!

  21. My full on obsession/addiction/love-affair with Biscoff knows no bounds – and these quite possibly have overtaken my go-to PMS food of chocolate covered pretzels… Biscoff wins. Every time.

  22. I just picked up some Biscoff spread for the first time. Now you’ve given me a reason to use it besides eating it straight from the jar… πŸ˜‰

  23. These are too cute, Maria! They remind me of little bunnies. Evan just saw me looking at these and was admiring your choice in sprinkles! πŸ™‚

  24. Any treat I don’t have to turn my oven on for is more than welcome in my kitchen this spring and summer! These look fabulous and SO festive! Love the sprinkles.

  25. I FINALLY got my first jar of Biscoff spread! These will be a nice, easy, tasty treat to make first. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Maria!

  26. These are so cute, Maria! Caleb is going to be one lucky boy when he’s old enough to start eating your treats.

  27. These are WAY too adorbs and WAY too cool for me! Well, maybe not – I’m going to make these for my daughter’s next sleepover. Her friends will like me even more. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  28. Adorable Maria. They remember me of sweet little bunny ears. I have been wanting to make pretzels; we are more savory pretzel eaters though. Maybe make the same cutest but with a mustard dipping sauce? Have you made savory ones?

  29. How yummy is this? The perfect snack!

    Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill

  30. I’m afraid to buy the TJ’s cookie butter because I think I will eat the entire jar with a spoon. Glad to know that I can make a tasty treat to share with it!

  31. Whoa, these are just so pretty! And I recently tried cookie butter and cant even handle it’s goodness. Oh yum!