Family Photos 2016 {$400 Minted Giveaway}

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Happy Sunday! Today, we are sharing our family pictures and giving you all a chance to win $400 to Minted. I am currently making our Christmas cards at Minted with our new family photos and I am having way too much fun. There are so many fabulous designs. I can’t decide on one…I have like seven in my cart right now. I need to narrow it down ASAP because the holidays are right around the corner.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post! We will pick a winner on Friday, November 25th at 10:00 p.m. MST. And make sure you visit Minted, they have so much more than cards. Check out the art and home items too. We used a lot of art from Minted in our new house and we love it!

We hope you enjoy our family photos. Our photographer, Trisha from Crooked Pinkie Photography, did an amazing job, like every year. She can always get the boys to smile and look at the camera. They will never pay attention to me:)

Thanks Minted for providing this giveaway. Good luck!














Past Family Photos (our boys are getting too big, make them stop growing!):

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  1. I adore Minted. I just got our cards but I have a stack of art work I am eyeing. Your boys are so cute!

  2. I love how your photos came out! I have 4 month old and 2 year old boys so I referred to your old family photos for inspiration :). Fingers crossed for this giveaway- I LOVE minted!

  3. Oh my goodness! Just beautiful photos! My husband is in grad school so money is SO tight! Would love to win this!

  4. I keep our photo card from every year and hang them up as part of our Christmas decorations. I love seeing them altogether.

  5. Beautiful family and the best lighting for pics! 

    We are printing up our wedding photos and would love to get creative with Minted. 

  6. Having two boys is such a blessing! We have five and three year boys and I know the struggle to get good pictures. These are great!

  7. Great photo shoot! My family just did one and a Minted gift card would be perfect for adding some photos to gifts for the holidays!

  8. I love the bridge picture! We would definetly love to frame some of our recent family pics at Minted! We have a new home too- within the last 2 years anyway, and still don’t have anything up on the walls! Happy holidays!!

  9. Beautiful Family! I have been visiting your site for a few years now…. and I love all of the recipes. One of the many ways you show love to your family is by making them delicious food. 🙂

  10. Loved your sweet family pics and love minted. Taking my family of five shots today. Hope my crew is all smiling too.

  11. Love Minted and love your family pictures! We need holiday cards and a Valentine’s baby announcement in the next couple months

  12. Gorgeous photos! My two boys didn’t cooperate nearly as much as yours did But I would love to order from Minted! Merry Christmas!

  13. The photos are wonderful! I, too, have been browsing and admiring Minted’s holiday card selection and would love to win! Thanks so much!

  14. Your boys are adorable! We also have two boys, and I am looking forward to choosing a Christmas card this year. We love Minted!

  15. Would love the chance to win the Minted gift card! Torn between whether I would use it on Christmas cards or art for our new home. They have the best stuff!

  16. Cutest family ever!!

    My fiancé and I are currently trying to pick templates to use for our wedding invitations — and it’s extra tough since Minted has so many wonderful contenders!!! Good luck 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!


    Ps: The only red chili recipe I ever use these days is yours– “Dad’s Spicy Chili” is the BEST EVER.

  17. Beautiful! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog! It’s my go to any time I need to make something/am in the mood to bake something new and delicious. Its wonderful to put faces to your people!

  18. Can’t get over how beautiful your boy’s eyes are in the portraits. They are adorable, precious pictures indeed!

  19. Such precious memories captured in these photos! We really need to update our family pics! Our 8 children are growing & changing so quickly! Minted has a great selection to choose from!

  20. We just bought a house in Seattle- we looked at 140+ houses over 9 months and got our 10th offer accepted! Wahoo! I would love to send out holiday cards this year, to announce this good news, but it’s definitely ‘not in the budget’! Also, I’m a fellow food photographer/writer/designer self-employed woman. Check out my site:!

  21. Your pictures are beautiful! We did ours a few weeks ago – they were such a blast! Much better than the posed pictures in front of a cheesy background my sister and I had to do each year as kids. 

  22. oh my heart — your family is so beautiful! i took our picture for our family card this year (though we haven’t picked a card yet. just wanted to do it before the weather got too cold). i used  a tripod/timer and with the 200+ pictures we took, 2 were useable :’D hahah. our son is 22 months old (and by next christmas, we will have another baby in the card <3). i honestly have never thought of hiring someone else to do our pictures for us, but i think you may be on to something because i have the hardest time getting my son to smile/not freak out when i try to take his picture!

  23. Family Photo Christmas cards are a wonderfully holiday tradition.  I love to get photos cards from family and friends.

  24. Pictures are beautiful. Kids are growing up. Been following you for many years. Love seeing your family. Love the boys. Love the scenery. Great great pictures. Thank you for sharing and keep blogging. Love that too

  25. Great pictures! We just got our family pictures done yesterday, so this would be perfect for those cards and prints! Thanks so much!

  26. Would love to win this prize- we have so many family photos that need printed. Your family is adorable! Merry Christmas! 

  27. I am a Minted Girl… it is the only website I use for my Christmas cards! I get so many compliments….
    I also have about 5 designs in my cart and can’t decide! I love them all….
    Need to order asap and cross off my list of things to do-
    I always do it around Thanksgiving weekend…..
    thanks for the chance!

  28. I love your family pictures. The one where your boys are looking up are adorable. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! Your site is the first site I go to when looking for a new recipe.

  29. You have a beautiful family. May you have a blessed thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas.  Thank you for making our days a little brighter throughout the year with your sharing.  

  30. These turned out so great! I love the boys with each other at this age – so fun to capture the moment!

    I would love to win the giveaway…would help with wedding planning!

  31. Your photos really are adorable.  Thanks for sharing! I’m having my InLaws over for Christmas Eve-all thirty two of them-and would love to take some group family photos and have them framed at Minted! I think each of the six families would love to have a group shot of two, three, and now four  generations together! So hard these days for everyone to get together.  Looking forward to family time!

  32. I love the art at minted.  You have some really pretty pictures.  beautiful family.  Have a happy thanksgiving.

  33. I would love a chance to win $ from as they are one of my favorites for Christmas cards! Thank you for the chance to get in on an awesome give away & love the family pics ❤️

  34. I fell in love with minted while I was planning our wedding this summer. They had so many beautiful designs that we used throughout sour wedding. I have a bunch of Christmas cards in my cart now too as I can’t decide which one I love the most!

  35. Adorable family, UTAH also looks incredibly gorgeous. What a great giveaway, I’m totally in love with their artwork!

  36. I would love to win $400 from minted! We have been in our new home for 18 months and we STILL haven’t put any pictures on the walls!

  37. Great pictures. My favorites are centered more on the seasonal love, joy and peace, family-centered. The solo ones of the boys are marvellous but if it is just to choose pictures for Christmas, the black and white of them both is priceless. My picks from top down on this page are 7 photos which are 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 13 and 14. Such a joy to see these photos.

  38. Beautiful photos! It will seem like the blink of an eye until they are eating enough for four people instead of two and are asking for the car keys! 🙂

  39. Great photos! I love the mountain one! I would love to win of course. My 5 kids have some big ideas for what they want to do for our family card this year:) And for once I might just let them….

  40. I have never purchased anything from Minted, but now that I have a brand new first granddaughter that will have to change. Thank you for sharing your pernicious family photos with us!

  41. I checked out Minted’s website and found a lot of great items. Our home could really use some special touches and Minted has great collections to do the trick!

  42. Wow, Minted has fabulous holiday cards! I would love to shop there.

    You have some very cute pictures to chos=ose from for your Minted cards!

  43. I love Minted and their great variety of holiday cards and many other awesome items to choose from. I have one of their pillows and it’s so beautiful! Good luck picking out a card design…your family pictures are wonderful!

  44. Thanks for sharing your family photos. It warms the heart to see such fun, loving moments.

    Would love to make cards with my personal photography to gift when someone needs a smile.

  45. Beautiful pictures and adorable family !! I am a fan of your blog especially cookie recipes, always refer your recipes. Minted would be perfect for pictures of my kids. Fingers crossed …

  46. Beautiful pictures! Love how happy you all look 🙂 I’m sure whichever Minted card you choose, it will bring holiday cheer to all who receive it.

  47. Your family photos are incredible! We used Minted too and are always pleased with our purchases, I just ordered my holiday cards! Happy thanksgiving and thank you for the great ideas always 🙂

  48. I love all your family photos – they look wonderful! Thank you for hosting a Minted giveaway – love all thei cards, too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  49. I love the very last photo with the mountains in the background. Maybe it would be a good one if you had it in color? You have a beautiful family. It’s always so hard to pick out pictures for cards!

  50. These photos are adorable! And I loved Minted and will never use anyone else because of their awesome designs, customer service and free address printing!

  51. Beautiful pictures, what a nice job the photographer did on capturing your beautiful family. Would love to win this, great way to capture this year with the last time all of them will be home for awhile. I have three headed off to college in the fall. Thanks for sharing and the great giveaway!

  52. We are ready to do our family holiday photos and this would definitely help with getting those greetings out to everyone. Thank you for the chance mama!

  53. I would love to make a canvas gallery wall of moments I have captured of my family for the past five years with this Minted gift card. I love photography and capturing the simple moments in my children’s life so this would be awesome to win!

  54. Such beautiful family photos; great job Maria! I love Minted as well! Their paper quality is outstanding and beautiful designs too! Good luck on your choice, I hope you post a photo of the winner. Happy Thanksgiving!

  55. These kids are precious! I love the one of them clinging to your leg. You have such a beautiful family!

  56. Your photographer did a fantastic job – I’d have a difficult time picking a picture much less a card to go with them. Thanks for sharing!

  57. I love these photos. Such a gorgeous family. I’m a huge fan of Minted. The $400 would make for some amazing Christmas gifts

  58. Beautiful photos. Your lil guys smiles are perfect. Minted’s products are top notch. Would love to use them for Christmas cards. Happy Thanksgiving!

  59. Oh my goodness! All of your family pictures are amazing. The one with your boys running down the road is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Amazing!

  60. Love these pictures, so cute! I adore Minted, every card makes me want to have a party or something to celebrate. Love that it supports local artists too

  61. Beautiful pictures! The one of Josh and your son walking in the fall reminds me of a picture we took of my daughter and husband when she was young. She’s now 26. Time flies. Enjoy the journey.

  62. Minted would be perfect for our Christnas cards! It’s our first Christmas as a family of 4! We had twin boys this past March .

  63. WOW, I love them all! How will you ever decide? You sure can’t go wrong with whatever you decide.
    I absolutely love the b&w kiss on the cheek, the closeup of the boys in the leaves and the 4 of you on the bridge.
    What a nice looking family! Happy Holidays!

  64. I love Minted! We use them every year for holiday cards, and are going to use them for our upcoming wedding invitations and save the dates!

  65. Omg your family pictures came out so good I’m jelly I can’t wait I take pictures with my family this year my sister always takes our pictures so I’m lucky that part is free. I love choosing holiday pictures it’s really is hard to narrow it down to just one the perfect holiday card.

  66. Love your pictures. Your family is beautiful and adorable. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I would love to get some holiday cards and prints from Minted!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  67. OH such beautiful pictures. Such cuties those boys! Love following you on Instagram and cooking your delicious recipes❤️

  68. I haven’t sent Christmas cards in years, but winning this minted give-away would be just the push I need. My family would love to see pics of my two kids (five and two). My birthday is 11/25 too!! Best gift ever would be Minted!

  69. Loved your photos. Will make great Christmas cards. Ordered my daughters wedding invitations from Minted and added a photo of them on the back. Love there work.

  70. Wow, adorable pictures. Your family is beautiful, I know how hard it is to get kids to smile, when you want the, too. Our daughter is getting married in May, I would give her the prize, for her save the date pictures. 

  71. I know what you mean about wanting to make your kiddos stop growing.  I have 3 boys (7yr, 5yr, and 2yr).  We sat down today and looked over our family photos and videos for a school project for my oldest and I wanted to cry! They grow too quickly .  Absolutely love the last 2 pictures!  Thanks for sharing.  Happy holidays!  

  72. What an adorable family you have! Just came across your yummy blog. I have only used Shutterfly for pics. You’ve made me curious enough to check out Minted. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  73. Oh boy I was wanting to use Minted for Christmas cards this year anyway! Winning the giveaway would rock my world!!

  74. Awe, your kids are adorable! I love that we get so many pics from family and friends especially at Christmas that have been professionally done,…we have a little 9 year old adopted from Vietnam, and have NEVER had professional shots taken! My husband is a professional magician, and he gets tired of all the photos he has taken, so that is why we’ve not done it! But I would LOVE some photos of us professionally done, just once!

  75. That picture of your boys with their gorgeous eyes <3 I'd love to order some things from Minted for Christmas too!

  76. These are amazing family photos! You all look so great and the boys are just too handsome! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  77. We have used Minted for our holiday cards in the past and have been so pleased! I’d certainly put a $400 credit to good use 😉 Pick me!

  78. Aww, Lovely Photos; A Treasure To Behold! In Honour Of My Daughter, I Would Greatfully Share Minted Graduation Announcments With Family & Friends!:) ~Blessings

  79. Aww, Lovely Photos; A Treasure To Behold! In Honour Of My Daughter, I Would Greatfully Share Minted Graduation Announcments With Family & Friends!:) ~Blessings & Holiday Cheer

  80. Your sons are so cute! One with blue eyes and one with brown. Minted did a wonderful job capturing your family. My daughter has a young family in DC and she could really use a photo shoot.

  81. I love reading your blog, especially your clips on family (This & That, house posts etc)! Beautiful family photos!

  82. I love your pics too! I just checked out Minted’s site and can see why you can choose; they’re all great. I also had no idea they sold more than cards. I found some whale fabric that I’d love to use to re-cover some seat cushions.

  83. Those are great family pics! We used minted last year and if I win your contest, I think we’d use it again! I love their stuff!

  84. Well, I must live under a stone, because this is the first I have seen/heard of Minted…
    Your family photos are wonderful…kudos to great genes and Trisha for their fabulous outcome!
    I would love the opportunity to share Minted with our growing family…our son and soon to be
    daughter in law became engaged on July 13th…with showers and parties in our future a Minted
    “gift” would be appreciated and put to good use!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  85. Oh my goodness!!  Your boys are adorable and your photos came out beautifully.  So happy for the 4 of you!  Thanks for sharing.

  86. My Favorite Photos are the Black and whites, finishing with the whole family. Your photographer did a great job. Happy Holidays from Hawaii.

  87. We just had our family pictures taken today.  I would love to win this contest and order my Christmas cards from Minted.

  88. Im doing family photos soon and absolutely love yours!! Great pictures thank you for giving me some ideas on poses! Thank you for the awesome giveaway

  89. Beautiful photos and beautiful family.  I have enjoyed following y’all and seeing your boys grow up. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. We have used minted before and they are fantastic! The quality is superb and it’s so easy to design a good card on there. I would love to make some Christmas cards to send the family this year and some for my daughter to give to her friends.

  91. Your family photos are stunning! I absolutely love Minted! Thanks for the chance to win this! I want to make some special gifts!


  92. Your family is beautiful, and the cards are as well. I enjoy your recipes routinely. I have 3 kids. There were no leftovers of the Squash, Kale, Sausage Gnocchi:) Thank you for sharing.

  93. Love Minted, great quality prints for my past Xmas cards. Great photos by the way, cute fam bam! #loveminted #loveyourrecipes

  94. We finally have a great photo of our family of four that’s made up of my husband and I, our grandson, and our exchange student from China. I’m excited to use it for our Christmas cards this year!

  95. Your photographs are incredible! Your photographer is a real artist–the light she captured! And you all look great. Wow!

  96. These photos are adorable! Minted is amazing. We made our save the date invitations using photos on Minted! They turned out amazing and everyone loved them!

  97. Despite having followed you on Pinterest for years, and making countless recipes of yours, I think these are the first ever photos ive seen of your kids. And for some reason I thought they were so much older! So stinkin’ ca-uuute!

  98. Wow. These are amazing photos. I would love to win this. I have never used minted but have heard great things about it.

  99. What beautiful photos!! I’m currently working on designing our Christmas card myself like usual, but it would be an awesome time-saver to have a gift card for Minted and have that work done! 🙂

  100. What beautiful photos!! I’m currently working on designing our Christmas card myself like usual, but it would be an awesome time-saver to have a gift card to Minted and have the work done for me! Love their stuff! 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  101. I would love this giveaway!! I’ve been unsuccessful at convincing my family to take pics, this would give me the edge I need! 🙂

  102. Stop! I can’t handle the cuteness! Minted is the BEST! Good luck picking between all these adorable pictures for your card 🙂

  103. I loved Minted’s selection for card layouts – they’re so cute! Your pictures came out amazing, I love the one of the boys looking up into the camera! Adorable!

  104. Oh how I would love love to win this! I LOVE Minted, they have such beautiful products! Thanks for the chance to win something from them! Love your family pics!

  105. Oh my goodness…what cutie pies! Gorgeous photos. I suppose I should try to get a pic of my family for a card sometime soon. Never got around to baby announcements with child #2, so should probably have a picture of us on our Christmas card. Maybe I’ll try to get a pic snapped on on Thanksgiving when we’re a little dressed up…but before we eat 😉

  106. Beautiful photos! I love the one of the boys running ahead and the two of you in the background… such a realistic and natural shot!

  107. Such a beautiful family! It will be hard to choose a photo for your Christmas cards as well I imagine… they are all so adorable! Holiday cards from Minted are the best – I would love to win this!

  108. These photos are stunning! You have a beautiful family. I love Minted’s home and art collection just as much as I do their cards selection! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. Happy Thanksgiving!

  109. Gorgeous Pictures!  Love the post and really love Minted.  Your backdrop is perfect, too.  I am currently looking through our photographs to see if I can find any that would work with cards this year, otherwise I may have to set up a photo shoot before Thanksgiving!  Thanks for the giveaway.  

  110. Such a lovely family! My first grandson is going to be 8 months old, and this would be a fabulous way for our daughter and son-in-law to share Christmas photos of him! I would love to win!

  111. Beautiful family! I love your blog and your recipes as well. Always finding something new to try out, my husband thanks you!

  112. Awesome photos! Everyone looked they were having a blast! We have family photos this weekend with a family of 8 – hope they turn out as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  113. We just got our family shots done too! Looking forward to sharing them with friends and family over the holidays!

  114. These photos of your family are just stunning, Maria! I love Minted and use them for our Christmas cards every year — with a new house and another baby on the way, I would love the chance to get them for free this year. 🙂

  115. What a beautiful family, great pictures, one of my daughters in law is a professional photographer. she also loves to do outdoor photos. such a nice memory

  116. Beautiful family and gorgeous pictures.  I am do a hallway in my home with picture of the family to include a memorial wall with family members who have passed on.    Minted has some awesome items to choose from.

  117. Great photos! With such wonderful photos and so many beautiful card options at Minted; no wonder you’ve having such a hard time making a decision.

  118. Happy Thanksgiving:) enjoyed the photos! Boys are getting so big! I am going to make the ginger snaps this weekend….I need a good swift kick in to the holiday season!

  119. Such beautiful photos of such a beautiful family! As I anxiously await my engagement photo proofs, I’m imaging the gorgeous wedding invitations I could afford with this giveaway prize

  120. Beautiful family pictures! I’ve been looking at minted for our wedding invitations! You’re right, there are too many choices!

  121. Yes! I have Minted art all over my house and use them for my Holiday cards, birth announcements, you name it! I still haven’t sent out my announcements for my 4 month old (poor 3rd child). I’d love to win!

    Awesome pics, beautiful family! 🙂

  122. Beautiful family pictures!! Thanks for the chance to win, we just had family pictures done & haven’t printed them yet, so winning this would be perfect!!

  123. My kids are all in their twenties now, but we still do the holiday pictures. You have a beautiful family. They grow up too fast!

  124. I’ve always wanted to send out cards to family and friends but never get my act together in time. I’ve looked at options at Minted and am so overwhelmed by all the beautiful options. Maybe this year!!

  125. We finally have some sun and are having our holiday family photos shot today.  Wish us luck!  I’d so love to win as I love the quality of a Minted card!

  126. We haven’t decided whether we’re doing Christmas cards or not this year. But if we won, we will definitely do it!

  127. Your photos are wonderful. 
    Minted does have some really awesome stuff. I really like the gold foil maps that they have.

  128. Fabulous pictures! I would love to get some of the prints from Minted for my house…I’m sick of looking at empty white walls!

  129. I would have a hard time picking just one design too! All of your photos look awesome, they would make great cards. Happy holidays!

  130. Beautiful photos! Minted has an awesome selection of cards, we always order my son’s birthday invitations from there!

  131. Hey there! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    I just wanted to say how PHENOMENAL those family pictures are. I especially love pictures that show action and personality. They bring back many memeories of the person when I know them. In your case, I can just glimpse the personality of the moment and it brings a smile to my face still, even though I dont know those in the picture.
    So, my favorite pictures of your family are
    the one with the older vrother kissing his younger brother (you can see his playful smile while he is doing it) or the one of the two boys sitting in the grass together, the boys clinging on your leg, all your boys having a hug/tickle time, and even though not an action shot too much, the black and white shot of your family gathered infront of the mountain.
    Many are too lovely-I would get them ALL regardless! HA HA!

  132. Maxwell’s clothing blends in so much to the fall scenery! Great family photos- it’s difficult to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time and smiling- kudos to you!

  133. Every year we question whether to continue the Christmas card tradition, but family and friends appreciate it so much!

  134. They are all wonderful!  I don’t know how you will pick.  My sailor son and his wife just did a gender reveal yesterday. It’s a girl!  I’d love to win for them ❤️

  135. I love Hark the Herald Angels Sing card, but there are SO many good ones and you have lots of gorgeous photos to fill them with!

  136. Beautiful pictures and love both sites! Our granddaughter is turning one on new years eve, we just moved and are looking forward to filling walls with gorgeous pics. Happy holidays!!!

  137. Wow – these photos are SO GOOD! 
    I love Minted for cards & invites, and just recently discovered all of their amazing art. I’ve started quite an art piece wishlist on Minted now!