Kitchen Remodel-Part Two

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We are well into our kitchen remodel.  We have gotten a lot done, but it still seems like it is taking forever:) I know the end result will be worth it so I am trying to be patient, but patience has never been my strong point..ha! Luckily, Josh is an extremely hard worker and is doing everything in his power to get the job done.

Here are some photos of our progress.

The new stairs are in!

Josh and my dad ripped out the old cabinets

They also ripped up the old tile. I can’t wait until the hard wood floors are in. What a mess!

The new French doors and window are in! I love the added light already.

All of our belongings are locked up for awhile:(

So we are coming along. Next, we have to finish the electrical work. Then we can sheet rock, paint, and put in the hard wood floors. Eating meals at our house will get very interesting. There is nothing left to our kitchen, so I guess it is cereal or eating out from now on:( We will try to grill but we don’t have anywhere to even prep our food. Oh, I hope this month goes quickly!

You probably noticed Two Peas and Their Pod has a new look. I guess we are in the remodeling mood…house, blog, what will be next? A BIG thank you to TCDawson Designs. Thomas did a fantastic job with our site.

Let me take a moment to point out a few features:

  • You can find all of our recipes on the navigation bar, at the top of the blog. All recipes are divided into categories and now include a thumbnail photo, well most of them do. I still have to update the older posts, but soon they will ALL have photos:)
  • Meet the “cooking couple” by visiting the About page. We also have a FAQ page that we will update as questions come in.
  • We now have a contact form. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the form and we will get back to you. You can also email us, we just wanted to give you another option for contacting us.
  • Check out the Blog Roll on the navigation bar to view a few of our favorite food blogs.
  • The Press section includes all of our media coverage, awards, etc.
  • There is a Giveaway page on the navigation bar. When we have giveaways on our blog, they will be here. We will let you know when so you can enter!
  • You can shop our Amazon store by visiting the Shop page on the navigation bar. Check out our favorite cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and other products.
  • There is a search button on the top right hand corner. If you are looking for a particular recipe, search away!
  • On the side bar, there is a box that highlights recent posts, Two Peas favorites, and popular posts.
  • We have added a retweet button to each post, if you like the post, feel free to share it with your twitter friends.
  • There is also a Facebook thumbs up option, if you like the post, let us know by giving it a thumbs up!
  • At the end of each post there is now a reminder to subscribe to Two Peas and Their Pod by email, RSS, and to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • We added a new Share and Enjoy bar at the end of each post. If you like the post you can Stumble it, Digg it, save it to, etc.
  • At the bottom of the blog, we added a bar that lists all of the places to Follow Us-we would love to see you around more often!

So how do you like the new look? We still have a few tweaks to make, but we are almost there. Thank you for being patient during the transition. Please let us know your feedback! Thanks friends!

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Kitchen Remodel

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  1. I really love the new site design, and I can’t wait to see the new kitchen when it’s finished. Just the little descriptions of what will be in it sound beautiful.

  2. Great new look Maria! Love the cute new profile photo. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out. Re-models are sooo stressful, but definitely worth it in the end.

  3. Renovating the kitchen and the blog hmm? Looks like its coming along nicely- but I would be totally frustrated without my kitchen too!

  4. Congrats on both remodels – the blog looks terrific! Looking forward to seeing your fabulous new kitchen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love the new look. Your patience with remodeling will pay off, it’s just a little trying in the mean time.

  6. It will be so worth it!! When we did ours, we put the fridge in the hallway and the toaster oven and microwave in the living room. We ate out or had frozen meals from May to September to the point of my daughter whining that all she wanted for dinner was “something we make at hooooome”.

  7. The new look is great. What a cute pictures. The remodel looks like it is going quickly. Love the new windows.

  8. i am SO EXCITED to see it all come together! it sounds like it’s going fairly well…i know my parents’ kitchen remodel was a nightmare!

  9. Your new site looks great and I really like all the new tabs. Hope your remodel is done soon – I’m excited to see the results ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. i love the look of the new blog! the colors are awesome! your french doors look amazing as well…..when it’s all done, you will be so excited! hang in there!!!!

  11. Wow – you’ve done a lot and I know you have more to do – but it’s looking really good so far!
    Look forward to seeing your new kitchen soon x

  12. Hey Elder Lichty and Maria,
    Your project is really looking great!!!I know you will be happy after completion wish you were here and I could make you dinner.Sean leaves the Mtc aug 18th he is ready to hit the field running..Hope he does well..Thanks again for all you have done for him..see you soon… tinamarie condie

  13. Well it’s coming along! I love the addition of the french doors- I want to bust out our window in our master and do the same. All the new light is so lovely!

    I hope you survive over the next month ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Just keep your focus on the end product! I can’t wait to see how it looks!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And your blog looks fabulous!

  15. I just stumbled across your site and so glad I did! You two are terrific together and Caleb is a doll. Wish you could be my neighbor. Most of the comments I’ve read seem to have been from several years ago. I hope you are still in business. Got to read more at your site. Love cooking and searching for new things to cook (which I have to modify for my low-fat, low-cholesterol diet). I was so impressed with your kitchen makeover. It is absolutely gorgeous and you deserve to be proud! Wish I could get Thermadour to provide me some new appliances. I would love that big frig and I see a warming drawer, I believe. My hat is off to you for managing this great site. It takes much time and energy. Looking forward to searching through your recipes now. Keep up the good work! I hail from SC! Glad to meet you!

  16. That was a master piece article, I hope we can see many more articles about kitchens.
    Thanks a lot.

  17. I’m really loving the new blog, and the kitchen renovation is looking really promising too. Did you ever post the end result?