Master Bedroom and Bath Tour

Master Bedroom

We finally have another house update for you. Sorry it has taken us so long, but the holidays happened and we got a little behind. Today, we are going to take you on a little tour of the master bedroom and bathroom. This is our private space, no kids allowed. Ha! Yeah right, the boys love climbing in our big bed every morning to snuggle and watch shows with us. That is fine by us because we will take all of the snuggles we can get!

Master Bedroom Tour

Rug from Wayfair, Bed from Denton Home, Bedding from Restoration Hardware, Pillows from Hayneedle, Nightstands from Wayfair, Lamps from Wayfair, Tree from Cactus & Tropicals

We’ve never had a “real” master bedroom. In our last house, I had to climb over Josh to get to my side of the bed because our room fit our king bed and that was about it. We couldn’t even walk around our bed. I told Josh I finally feel like a grown up because I have a nightstand and a lamp:)

The walls are Repose Gray at 75% by Sherwin-Williams. We tested A LOT of paint and this gray was our favorite. It is neutral and goes well with all of the white.

Master Bedroom Tour

Mirrors from Pottery Barn, Wire Basket from Wayfair, Throw from World Market, Cabinet from Wayfair, Chair from Wayfair (similar), Pouf from World Market, Pillow from Hayneedle 

The gas fireplace makes the room extra cozy. I love turning it on in the morning and before bed.

Master Bedroom Tour

Armoire from Joss & Main, Console Table from Wayfair (similar), Wall Art from Minted, Candle holders from World Market

We can see the Wasatch mountains from our bedroom and the view is incredible!

I love this little sitting area for reading. It is extra nice when the fireplace is turned on!

The floors are white oak stained in weathered oak.

I love, love, love my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Cactus and Tropicals. The green tree fills up the corner space and brightens up the room. It loves the light from the windows. I think it is very happy in our room:)

Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom is connected to the bedroom. We have barn doors in the entrance.

Master Bathroom Tour

Tub from Kohler, Wood stool from Wayfair, Chandelier from Visual Comfort

I have a freestanding bath tub and it is pretty dreamy. I have never been a bath person until now:)

The marble tile design was our builder’s idea and I LOVE it. The tile floors are heated and my toes have never been happier:)

Master Bathroom Tour

Lights from Lighting Design, Mirrors from Restoration Hardware, Cabinetry by Benjamin Blackwelder, Tile is Calacatta Marble, Orchid from Cactus and Tropicals

We wanted to break up the white with light walnut cabinetry and polished nickel finishes.

Master Bathroom Tour

Shower by Kohler

Our shower is a steam shower made with marble and white subway tile.

Master Bathroom Tour

We have a small toilet room next to the shower and our master closet is located at the end of the bathroom. The black door is Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams.

Thanks for going on our tour! You can view more of our home posts here.

Have a great weekend! We will be back with more recipes on Monday!

Thank you to the brands that partnered with us on our home: Sherwin-Williams, Wayfair, Denton Home, Joss & Main, World Market, and Kohler. Some links are affiliate links. 

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  1. Maria…your house is stunning. Wow, there is not a detail spared and you did SUCH an amazing job. I just redid my master bath over the summer and put in carerra marble but I didn’t get it heated and it is SO cold. So cold. I never knew a floor could be that cold…in SoCal! So you made the absolute right decision to get yours heated!

    1. Thanks Averie! Josh talked me into doing heated floors throughout our house and we are loving them!

  2. Wow! Just WOW! So classic and beautiful. I love the vanities and the decor you use. Your master bedroom bed looks stunning. Simple but very elegant! Those old fashion tubs are beautiful! How do you like using that versus a closed in tub?

  3. This is an amazing bedroom and bath! I can tell you that there isn’t much room in my bedroom for anything (like in your previous bedroom) because of my queen sized bed.

    1. We have a closet off of the bathroom:) You can see it at the end, the black door:) Our clothes are in there:)

  4. Your home is so lovely…designed with elegance.
    May I ask about your wood floors? They are the perfect foundation for your palette.

  5. This is just so stunning. I love all of it! What a peaceful bedroom, id have the hardest time leaving it in the morning 😉

  6. It looks great, I especially like the floor color! Would you mind sharing how large your bedroom room is (length x width x height?)

  7. Building a home is a wonderful experience which I’ve gone through, however a number of years back. It’s so nice to be comfy and at home especially when we need to relax, unwind and spend time with growing children. Very nice. I can see how the minimalist feeling would actually in turn shut off the mind and therefore give more room in the brain for the creative process. Otherwise we are so cluttered in life aren’t we! We have so much going on, that we don’t have time to color our lives instead. I haven’t gone to your palette but I have definitely removed and cleaned up out of date furniture with a more modern feel, and a lighter paint in all rooms, except for the one wall, which is a high ceiling wall, and I gave it a soft soft blue beach color to co with a lot of my ocean theme, since I live a flock from the beach.

  8. Iam a fan of white- black-grey colors. Completely in love with this house – subtle colors- floor – color
    Bed looks so comfy that i wont wake up on time.
    Stunning… You have done a great job

  9. What an absolutely gorgeous room. It must be wonderful to fall asleep each night in this room. And your bathroom I don’t think I would ever get out of the tub, sooo pretty.

  10. Loving you on Facebook and daily emails. Bedroom loks great. I really like the gray. I would add a little mroe color for me, but it is perfect for you.

  11. I could live in that bathroom — seriously the stuff that dreams are made of. Your home is gorgeous Maria!! xoxo

  12. You house is just as inspiring as your cooking!!!  

    I tried looking up the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree because I want that for my house, but I couldn’t find it on their website.  Where do I need to go to. 

    1. Do you live in Utah? It is a local store. You can go in and look at all of their trees and plants.

  13. MAria-

    Quick question . Did you buy duvet insert from RH as well or just the duvet cover? We are looking for big fluffy duvet insert and cannot find one that works well for our king bed. Our duvet insert inside duvet cover is very flat and does not keep us warm! Yours looks very fluffy;)


  14. I can see how hard you have worked on your beautiful  home… every detail requires so much thought. Your style  is
    Flawless and  tasteful with room to breathe and seek serenity.
    I am a follower… you are my oasis in the media circus. 
    Well done  you!!!

  15. Love this bedroom! Can you tell me more about the bed? I clicked on the link but I don’t see where I can buy.

    1. The bed is from Denton Home and is a custom bed. If you call the store they can help you. You can tell them you want the bed we have:) You can pick the color, size, etc.

  16. The Repose Gray at 75% looks beautiful! Did you find that it changed the undertones slightly from Repose at full strength? Love it!

  17. This bedroom is really nice! just wondering if your bed is light grey or a beige? It is kind of hard to tell. I have the same paint color in my bedroom and would love to get a bed like this one. thanks!

  18. Hello,
    May I ask if the Repose Gray 75% is lightened 25% by white or is it lightened 75% by white? The color is lovely and I’d like to use the same color in my hallway. Thanks!

  19. Beautiful! We are building a new master bedroom. One wall will face the carport, so we are thinking about using small windows above the bed like yours. What is the size of the smaller windows above the bed?

  20. I was wondering what is your ceiling heights in the master bedroom are. Your home is beautiful I love the scuttle colors

    1. Looks beautiful! I’m having a vanity made as well and wanted drawers about that wide (looks like 15” ish?). How wide is your vanity? Thanks 🙂