Sea Salt & Honey Almond Butter

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It’s been a good, but busy week. I am so happy it is Friday! I hope to find time to relax this weekend. You never know with the little pea though, he never runs out of energy:) We’ve been walking three times a day and playing non-stop. Speaking of the little pea, today is his 7 month birthday! Happy birthday to our Caleb. The time sure is going quickly.

Ok, are you ready for an easy recipe? It’s Friday so we all need a little break, right? This Sea Salt and Honey Almond Butter is as easy as they come. I found the recipe on Tasty Kitchen via the fabulous Erin of Naturally Ella. I love making homemade nut butters so when I saw a sweet and salty version, of course I tried it immediately.

There are only three ingredients involved: almonds, honey, and sea salt. I bet you have everything in your pantry right now. You do need a powerful blender or food processor, but that is it. You can have the most delicious nut butter in minutes without doing any work. Plus, it is much cheaper to make at home.

The honey and sea salt compliment the almonds perfectly. This trio is perfection! I love eating the Sea Salt and Almond Butter on toast, apple slices, and crackers. It also makes a killer sandwich. I spread the almond butter on whole wheat bread and add banana slices and an extra drizzle of honey. Oh yum! Store the almond butter in the fridge in a cute little jar or plastic container. And I won’t tell if you take out the jar from the fridge and dig in with a spoon:) It’s good all on it’s own!

For the step-by-step photos and the Sea Salt and Honey Almond Butter recipe, visit the Tasty Kitchen Blog. Treat yourself to some easy homemade almond butter this weekend! It’s the good stuff!

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  1. Holy Moly.! Anything thing with sea salt in the title gets me everytime! Especially if it has sea salt and some sort of nut butter. LOVE it!

  2. This looks divine! 😀 I’ve got a butt-load of nuts in my pantry, just waiting to become nut butters. This looks like a must make. Yum! 😀

  3. So my nut butters never come out quite right. This combo of honey and sea salt is a must try esp since I just got my new 14 cup processor. YUM!

  4. My blender is broken which makes me so incredibly sad…as soon as it’s back up and running I’m making this!

  5. My husband would love this stuff. I always see him coming out of the office with a spoon stuck in his mouth….I know it’s from some sort of nut butter. Your little man is 7 months and mine is 6. I totally understand the busy feeling of each day. Maybe I should start having a spoonful of nut butter in the afternoons to keep me going.

  6. We use almond butter almost every day in our house. What a creative way to change it up a bit. Happy 7 months to your little boy!

  7. This is torture! I ran out of almond butter earlier this week and haven’t made it to the store yet. I need to invest in a big food processor so I can make my own.

  8. Awesome!! I am constantly whipping up nut butter and even after 2 years I still am amazed by how easy it is.

  9. I haven’t homemade nut butter in a while- its so darn good. The honey must really make this. Perfect sweetener. Happy birthday to the little man

  10. This sounds fantastic. I haven’t started making my own nut butters yet; it’s on my to-do list. I will have to start with this one!

  11. Oooh, I so wish that my food processor was bigger. I want to make A LOT of this!! Maybe the Mother’s Day fairy would think about bringing me one. 😉

  12. This is going on my “to make” list for sure! Sea salt, honey… almond butter OH MYYY!!

  13. 7 months! Such an adorable age!

    Ok, I’m loving this almond butter! It looks so so so good! The sea salt and honey combo sounds magical! Can’t wait to give this one a try!

  14. This sounds fantastic! I’ve not tried making my own nut butter at home but I definitely need to, and I love that you added in the honey!

  15. Yum! I could really put this on anything, bread, toast, cereal, granola, yogurt, oatmeal, cookies, pancakes, cupcake filling, dipping sauce… EVERYTHING!

  16. I need to buy a food processor so I can make all these delicious things!! Sounds so yummy…

  17. I’ve done homemade peanut butter but never almond butter – when I do finally break into the almond butters at home I’m DEFINITELY using this recipe!!

  18. Love the sweet and salty twist to this! Sounds perfect for my English Muffin in the morning.

  19. I’ve been realizing lately that storebought flavored nut butters just aren’t doing it for me so I should just make my own. I’m gonna have to start with this!

  20. i love the simplicity of flavors in this recipe and even at it’s simplest, it’s still got so much flavor. i love sea salt in spreads like this..especially since it’s also sweet. looks so good, Maria!

    1. You can try it with your blender, maybe just blend for longer and use a spatula in between mixing.

  21. Nut butters are seriously one of my very favorite foods–I am never without two or three different homemade jars at any one time! Love this recipe. And looking forward to meeting you both next week! 🙂

  22. I love homemade nut butters too…and this sweet/salty pairing would have me hooked! Happy 7 months to your little man 🙂

  23. I love this! I have always thought about making almond butter or cashew butter; I need to do it, and this sounds like the perfect recipe to start with!

  24. I love nut butters and the addition of sea salt and honey seems perfect. Happy (belated) bday to your little one!x

  25. I live in Morocco and this reminds me of something made here that is considered quite special. It is called “amlou” and is made of almonds, honey, and argan oil. Argan trees grow here and the oil is considered to be super healthy – and expensive. The argan nuts look a lot like almonds. I like to keep both the oil and the amlou on hand to serve with breads at tea time.

  26. Thank you for the link to this recipe!! The sandwich you described sounds HEAVENLY! I’ve got to make some of this soon 🙂

  27. Maria! How did I miss this? My favorite nuts are honey roasted peanuts… I love honey nut ANYTHING, especially honey nut chex cereal 🙂 Anyway, combining honey + almonds to make almond butter is such a wonderful idea. I made honey roasted peanut butter recently, but I have a feeling the same flavor idea + some sea salt in almond butter would be delicious.

  28. This recipe looks delicious! I am a vegetarian, and I found this under your vegan listing. Just a sidenote, this recipe shouldn’t be classified as vegan. Honey, of course, is a product from a living organism, and vegan foods are 100% plant based. 🙂 Thanks for posting!