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1. Caleb is obsessed with super heroes. He knows all of their super hero names and real names. The other night I went in his room to check on him and he was sleeping with his Captain America shield. He was ready for battle…just in case!

2. Today is the beginning of the Ute Football Season. YESSSS! I can’t wait to watch with my boys. But Caleb has now told me that he likes Nebraska better than the Utes. Sad! Our neighbors and friends are alum and have and a Nebraska N on the door. So much for brainwashing.

3. I always like to look at these long range forecasts in the Old Farmers Almanac. Let’s hope this is wrong. I want a huge snowfall!

4. I have been thinking about getting this ski backpack. Any thoughts or other recommendations? Also, if you are a skier what is your must have ski accessory or apparel? Can you tell I am excited for ski season?


5. We have had a lot of fun making our own toys. Caleb loves his pirate sword!


photo 1 (2)

1. Maxwell is 3 weeks old. The weeks have gone by fast, but some of the days have been long! I love my boys to pieces, but this week has been challenging. Life with a toddler and newborn is a whole new ball game! When I am not nursing or holding Maxwell, I am taking care of Caleb, and when both of the boys are content, I am trying to keep up with the blog, emails, and social media. Oh, and there is the never ending laundry! I forgot how much laundry you have to do with a baby! Plus, there is house work, getting dinner on the table, and doing all of this on little sleep. I did find time to bake. I may have done it with one arm, but the brownies still turned out. Recipe coming soon:) So yeah, I am hanging in there, just trying to adjust to my new life. Life is good, just different:) We are blessed with two beautiful and healthy boys and that makes everything right in the world!

2. My kind of lunch!

photo 5

3. Maxwell’s birth announcements arrived this week from Minted. I absolutely love them!

4. Cute fruit cups!

5. Is it too early for pumpkin? I am torn. I love pumpkin, but I also want summer to last a little bit longer. I don’t know if I should wait to bust out the pumpkin or just embrace it? What do you think?

photo 3 (1)

6. Our basil is out of control! It is taking over our garden box! So we did the obvious and made a huge batch of Spinach Basil Pesto! We used some to make our favorite gnocchi dish and we put some in the freezer!

7. Let’s talk about eBook Readers. I love going to the library and checking out books. I am old school like that, but I am thinking about getting an eBook Reader. I spend a lot of time nursing Maxwell during the day and night and I like to read when I feed. Well, holding a book and baby is kind of difficult so I thought an eBook reader would be easier. Do you have a favorite? I am looking at this one. Any suggestions?

photo 2 (2)

8. Caleb is teaching Maxwell how to do tummy time:)

9. These are going to happen during nap time. And I may eat the whole pan before the boys wake up!

photo 4

10. Millions of peaches, peaches for ME! Our tree has officially exploded. I have been eating at least 2 peaches every day and I made Caleb homemade fruit leather yesterday. I also made a new recipe for the blog, stay tuned! What else should I make? Please share your favorite peach recipes!

11. I want to make one of these holders for Caleb! Perfect for back to school time!

photo (28)

12. I am trying to get back into some kind of exercise routine. I am not supposed to do full on workouts yet, so I have just been walking. It’s better than nothing! I love taking the boys with me! We love our Double BOB stroller!

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  1. Maxwell is so cute. I am super impressed with all you are going done with family and the blog.

  2. Hi, Maria! What a wonderful family! You truly are blessed! Now, peaches! I’ve been roasting them all summer. I just halve them, remove the pits, fill the indentions with a spoonful of honey, give them a little sprinkle of cinnamon and chopped pecans and put them in a 400โ€ข oven for about 30 minutes. The juice from the peaches and the honey turn into a kind of carmelized peach syrup. Yum!
    I haven’t tried it but you could probably make these in the microwave, too.

  3. Hi Maria
    Maxwell is so cute. Congrats!!
    For the peaches I highly recommend Peach Butter.
    I make it every year and my family goes crazy for it.
    It’s delicious on biscuits and stirred in oatmeal and yogurt .
    I used the recipe on Smitten Kitchen to make mine and it came out

  4. So enjoy reading and using your recipes. I’m old enough to be the boy’s grandmother and never thought I’d use an e-reader, but after using the kindle app on my iPad, decided to purchase a Kindle Paperweight. I absolutely love it! It is light weight, the lighting is great, I like being able to change the font size based on where I am reading. I use mine a lot when I’m walking on the treadmill. I am able to borrow books from the library for the Kindle too. Added bonus- at night if you need a flashlight just open the Kindle and you are good to go!

  5. I have the paperwhite e-reader. Love it. I, too, took a long time to switch over. I still read a lot of paper books, though. Anyway, the paperwhite is easy on the eyes, light to hold, compact size, and I love the dictionary feature.

  6. Our basil is out of control, but our mint is even more out of control!! I LOVE those birth announcements ๐Ÿ™‚ So cute!!

  7. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I love it. Don’t get me wrong I’m kinda old school with traditional books too but I’ve been using the paperwhite more often lately. I have a cover for it that’s specifically made for the kindle which I recommend. The kindle turns off when you close the cover. You can also rent books like you would at the library but just download them on the kindle. Use websites like Overdrive or and see what’s available (just make sure the download is available in kindle format). Managing you books and downloads on is a breeze!

  8. I have the Kindle App on my Ipad, so generally read from that, but I do have an old-school Kindle (pre-Ipad) that I take with me to the pool or beach, or just outside reading. It’s so much easier to read and I do have the light on the cover, which helps with nighttime reading. I never thought I’d go from old-fashioned paper books, but I love always having my “book” with me with a reader.

  9. Hang in there! Rest when both boys are napping, or resting. Take one day at a time. “This to shall pass” is what my MIL always told me! Enjoy these fleeting days of infancy even though some days are a blur, they do pass quickly! A sortable boys!

  10. I picked berries, baked, cooked, and home-canned a lot when my Kate was a newborn. Most of it was done while wearing her in a baby Bjorn. I miss nursing. It was a great time to catch up on a book! I do less reading now that Kate is a toddler!

  11. yall seem like the best parents – LOVE! I bet having a baby and a toddler is pure craziness (good crazy, but crazy). Great job on starting the walks. The first few weeks of restricted exercise can drive a person nuts. Can’t wait for the brownie recipe!

  12. Ha, I love Caleb’s sword!!! Too cute. And cheers to pumpkin! I have already broken mine out, although I don’t want summer to end. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Those Minted baby announcements are beautiful! (Made extra so by a beautiful little boy!)

  13. I have the Paperwite Kindle and absolutely love it. There is no better reading experience. I have an ipad and reading on it is definitely not as good as the kindle. It is just the right size, isn’t heavy, doesn’t hurt your eyes. Downloading books is super easy too. You will love the kindle.
    I love, love your blog and reading about your adorable kids. Thank you for sharing your recipes, kids, life, etc.

  14. I have the Paperwhite and love it as well. It’s super lightweight, love the soft backlight, battery lasts forever and I also love that it’s just for reading – no games or checking websites or anything. I have an iPad too but it’s so heavy and the light makes it impossible to read if you’re outside. I love it for travel too because then you can basically bring a dozen books with you without having to lug them around!

  15. I have had a couple different versions of the B&N nook and have loved them all! And I love that you can still get library books on most e-readers. I’m noticing more and more e-books available from my library and they are newer books too. I still read regular books too but it is so great having the e-reader so I can read in bed and still have the bedroom light off so my hubby can sleep.

  16. Love your Minted baby announcements! As for peaches, besides the obvious peach milkshake, my favorite peach “treat” is from Pioneer Woman. Its called Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce. Something happens when the creamy maple syrup sauce gets spooned over the baked peach goodness . . . and well . . . its magical. Enjoy!

  17. Kindle Paperwhite! Multiple women in my book club recommended it and I got it just before my second was born in February. It’s PERFECT for nursing and reading at night. I love it and find myself reading more since it’s so easy to throw in the diaper bag and always has my spot saved etc.

  18. Maria your boys are SO cute, makes me remember back to when my two boys were little, it crazy how tired you can get but you can’t ever get enough of them! I remember it took about 6 weeks to feel like I got my groove back, we have some great peaches this yr too, I made a peach cobbler with peaches, cake mix, melted butter and chopped nuts…. So delish, everyone want the receipe but I feel embarresed to tell them it’s so simple, lol!
    Enjoy your boys everyday, it goes by so fast!

  19. Beautiful Family!!!
    Any I try to avoid criticism on blogs……but WHY are you feeling the need to sacrifice baby time with Social Media Time. Your readers will still be here even after you take some “time off”!!!
    Enjoy your babies, and give your body some time to rest and heal and recover.

  20. Love my Paperwhite – I never buy books for it, instead I download from my public library’s Library to Go. I still read “traditional” books, but the Paperwhite is a great option!

  21. Love the pictures and also the baby announcement. It is very cute. As for peaches I love peach pie only I make it with brown sugar instead of white sugar. Just smelling it baking makes my mouth water. I still am a hard book fan but have a kindle, you would probably like it.

  22. I have an old first made Kindle Fire. What I like the most is Kindle has an email everyday with about 6 or 7 books that I can get for either 99 cents or free. You pick the catagory you like. Some of them have been excellent. Try it. You’ll love it and want to get so many ebooks that you can’t keep up with them.

  23. Your sons are adorable!
    I love peach season and that means peach ahortcake. I’ve tried being more creative, but always come back to peach shortcake…..served warm with vanilla ice cream. Just can’t beat the simplicity of it!

  24. I have the Kindle Paperwhite and love it–It took me a little while to get used to not reading books in traditional paper format–but love the ease and especially good when travelling.

  25. I can’t get over how ADORABLE Maxwell is!! I have a Max, so I might be partial ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love Caleb’s age right now.. so much personality!

    Also, paperwhite ATW

  26. Thanks for sharing pictures of your boys. They are so cute. I have a paperwhite and love it! You can read in bright sunlight and dark rooms without the light. I think I have 150+ books on mine and they are all free. I subscribe to a free service You tell them what Genre’s you like and they will find the free/cheap books from amazon. I don’t know if your library has overdrive but my sister gets free books from her library using that service. It is like checking out a book. You get it for two weeks and then you return it. Hope this information helps.

  27. Definitely get the kindle. The only e reader both my husband and I use and love.
    Amazon is also great if something happens to it. My hubs is on his second kindle because it cracked (his fault) and it was replaced immediately for free.

    Also, congrats on Max’s birth. You have a beautiful family!!

  28. I have a paperwhite and I love it. There’s a new kindle out that is supposed to have (even) easier page turns, so you might want to check it out.